tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersFuta World 03: Research/Developments

Futa World 03: Research/Developments


WARNING! Unrealistic penis sizes ahead! Read at the risk of your own sanity!

Copyright 2015 Lara Longstaff

All Rights Reserved


Chapter 3: Research and Developments

"I can't believe you let this situation get so out of control, Sheila," the wizened old professor poked a bony finger in the air. "Wentford University no longer requires your services, needless to say. After the size of the settlements we've had to pay to the families of the young women you have affected, and the hell I've personally gone through to keep the media out of this mess, I really have no choice!" The old man's voice shook with rage.

"But Doctor Mulligan," Sheila tried to protest. The president of her university cut her off with a hiss and an abrupt slashing motion of his hand.

"The matter is not open for discussion. Gather your personal effects from your office. All your research and equipment, of course, belong to the University. We'll mail you the required papers to your home address. Good day!" he sat down, adjusting his waistcoat with a loud snort.

"Well, I..." Sheila let out a heavy sigh of defeat. It was no use. Her rush to get her drug discovered had proved to be one giant cock-up. She almost giggled as she turned and walked from her boss's office. He was wrong about a few things. None of the girls who'd participated in the trial two months ago were unhappy. It was their families who had sued, often over the very girls' protests. Just as importantly, she'd filed a new patent application under her own name, no mention of Wentford. Her original concept was for the stimulation of the female libido. Her new claim was for "cosmetic genetic enhancements."

She took a moment to collect herself as she shut the president's door behind her. She'd dressed her best for this meeting, in a long, conservative maxi skirt, a dark blouse with a high neck and long sleeves, and even sensible flats. Her dark brown hair was pulled into a tight bun at the nape of her neck, and she shook it free into a loose ponytail. She'd need to go home and change; Her clothes weren't exactly summer wear.

She pulled her cell phone from her purse and dialed her girlfriend. It still made her blush to think of Melinda Taylor, her young redheaded lab assistant, as her girlfriend, but it was so. Once word had spread around campus, the tiny graduate student's boyfriend, a big testoserone-laden jock, had put two and two together. It turns out he didn't like the idea of sharing Melinda with another woman, at least, not with another woman who happened to have a penis nearly three times the size of his own! Melinda had once gushed about how great a guy Josh was, but she hardly seemed affected by the break up. She even joked about not having to worry about "faking it" anymore. In a week Sheila had invited her to move in.

"Hey Boss, what's up?" the ever-cheerful girl said as she answered.

"Yeah, it happened, I got fired," Sheila confirmed as she walked briskly through the nearly deserted building.

"Aw, that sucks, Sheila! What's our next move, then?" Melinda was ever optimistic. It made Sheila smile.

"First, I'm meeting with that reporter from New York. Wentford wants to keep this story under its hat, but I think our drug has real potential, and the public needs to know about it. After that, I'm calling James," she said decisively as she got into her compact little car.

"James, huh? Your old boyfriend?" Melinda asked carefully. Even through the phone, Sheila could tell the girl was wary. She could understand the feeling. Until Sheila had taken the mutagen that altered her DNA and caused her to grow a truly stupendous set of male genitalia, both women had been more or less completely straight. Sheila herself had fretted that Melinda's affection to her boyfriend Josh would interfere with their growing relationship. Until the boy dumped her anyway.

"Yes, that's the one," Sheila started her car, holding the phone tucked between her shoulder and ear. "Don't worry, honey. I love you and nothing is going to change that. But James and I go way back and he's Big Pharma now. I need someone like him if we're going to get this drug into production! You do still want to get rich, don't you?"

"Yeah, totally! And don't forget, people need this drug. Think of all the horny unsatisfied women out there who haven't experienced a cock like yours!" Melinda giggled through the phone, and Sheila could almost see the tiny, pixie-like girl grinning wickedly.

"You're damn right, my sweet!" Sheila laughed. "I'm on my way home, see you soon!"

"Okay, Sheila, I trust you," Melinda said. "And I love you too, you great big sexy nerd!" the girl ended the call with a giggle. The curvaceous brunette couldn't feel disappointed, despite just losing her position and all hope of returning to academia. She was young, a long way from forty, was sitting on a medical breakthrough that could revolutionize human sexuality, and she had the cutest, sweetest, sexiest girlfriend a well-hung dyke could ever hope for!


"So that's what really happened? It wasn't just an internet hoax?" Karen Olenka's green eyes went wide as Sheila studied the pretty blonde's face. She was the reporter old Doctor Mulligan had mentioned the night before. Sent all the way from New York to investigate crazy internet rumors about a gender-bending experiment gone wrong in the Midwest. She was about Sheila's own age and height, with a lean, athletic body and a thick mane of golden blonde hair. She was quite pretty, and like Sheila and Melinda, had dressed in a light top and shorts that left her shapely legs bare. The summer was stiflingly hot, and Sheila had a hard time controlling her dark eyes. They wanted to roam all over the woman's body and take in every graceful line and curve.

Sheila looked to her side, where sexy little Melinda sat curled on her chair with her bare feet tucked up under her tiny bottom. It was a casual meeting in the reporter's hotel suite, and the three of them sat around a small round table. They'd taken their time, explaining the experiment, the science behind the drug, and its astounding side effects in great detail. Karen was attentive, sharp, and professional, but her questions always probed deeper for details. Sheila found herself liking the forthright young blonde for more than her pretty face and sensuous body. Sheila's deep brown eyes met her lover's sparkling blues. "It was no hoax, Miss Olenka," Sheila confirmed.

"Nope," Melinda shook her head and winked. "You can totally see why the crusty old dudes at the University would try to keep it all hush hush. I mean, when a hundred girls just suddenly sprout big-ol lady-pleasers!"

"Wentford gave them a hundred thousand dollars each, but they had to sign a strict non-disclosure clause," Sheila explained. "To protect their dignity, of all things."

"The gag order would explain why no one will talk with me. That's not unusual when cases get settled out of court like this. But still, the rumors I've heard have been pretty hard to swallow!" Karen frowned.

"You aren't kidding!" Melinda tittered. Sheila had to laugh at her girlfriend's youthful sense of humor. She was only twenty-four after all. She felt a pang of regret. The girl was extremely bright, despite her silliness. She'd had a promising future before joining her fortunes with Sheila. Still, she knew lots of ways to make it up to her!

"Look, the story is intriguing. It would mean a lot to the transgender community if a more satisfactory way to transition women into men were developed. I can't just take your word for it though. I mean, you make pretty bold claims!" Karen said.

"I understand. You need proof, better proof than hazy pictures online and a few tweets. That's simple enough, I can show you." Sheila stood and took a step back from the table.

"What, like right here?" Karen leaned back in her chair, surprised.

"That's my cue!" Melinda jumped to her feet as well, slipping her tiny toes back into her flip flops. "Give me a call when you're ready for me to pick you up, Boss!" Sheila bent to kiss the much smaller woman deeply, lifting her off her feet as she cradled her in her arms.

"I'll miss you, baby," she said. "And you don't have to keep calling me Boss, you know!" She carried the girl to the door of the hotel room, wanting to say her goodbyes with some privacy.

"I know, but I like to. It's sexy!" Melinda laughed and wiggled free. She leaned close before leaving and whispered. "Look, if things happen, I understand! Go for it."

"What, really?" Sheila was surprised. "You got funny when I talked to James..."

"It's different. He has something I don't have."

"Ah, well I assure you, what he has is of no interest to me, not anymore!" Sheila chuckled and kissed Mel's button nose. "I love you honey, and I'll see you soon. Well, soonish anyway!" Both women watched the tiny redhead wave and saunter out of the hotel room.

"You two make a cute couple," Karen said. She seemed to relax a bit, after that display of affection. "If it's not too personal a question, may I ask if you two were lovers before the experiment as well?"

"No, actually. Both of us were very straight." Sheila grinned. It seemed so long ago, now! How could she have missed how wonderfully sexy other women were? She must have been half blind before taking her mutagen! Now, even the thought of giving head to a man made her shiver in disgust, even though she'd once loved it. She must have been nuts!

"Wait, I thought you said you used only yourself as a guinea pig. Did Melinda try the mutagen too?" Karen asked, her delicate eyebrows furrowing over her big smoky eyes.

"No, she's still a normal woman. That doesn't mean she doesn't blame me for making her gay," she shrugged and winked. "Not that she really minds."

"Okay," Karen shook her head. "Either you guys are pulling one over my eyes or this is something I just have to see!"

"No time like the present," Sheila nodded and quickly wiggled out of her baggy cargo shorts. She had to wear loose fitting shorts and pants now. Tall and fit, her tanned body was lushly curved. Her heavy breasts filled out her white tank top. Her hips flared out below her slim waist and her legs tapered smoothly down to her delicate ankles and feet. She'd taken to wearing panties three sizes too large now, and stitching the waistband tighter. She needed more room up front. Her blue bikini panties swelled out before her, hanging down between her thighs in a massive pendulous bulge.

"That's ridiculous!" Karen whispered, her green eyes bulging.

"Just wait," Sheila laughed and slipped her panties down to her ankles. Her cock flopped free as she stepped out of them, swaying back and forth. She could feel the weight of it, and of her apple-sized balls, pulling at her torso. She'd measured her flaccid size too, for science of course! Twenty-nine centimeters, or eleven inches, of soft cock was bigger than the erections of all but a handful of men in the world, and the veiny, pink-tipped organ certainly made quite an impression on the young reporter.

"That grew overnight?" the blonde asked incredulously. She stood up and took a tentative step toward the dark-haired scientist. Sheila watched her closely, her nostrils flared slightly as she sucked in deeper breaths. Her pupils began to dilate. Her creamy skin flushed slightly, especially around her neck. Her nipples stood out under her shirt. Girls from all over campus had reported a similar reaction when confronted by female penises. Sheila had thought pheromones might be involved, but the response was clearly from visual stimuli. Perhaps it was an ancient, instinctive response, buried deep in human DNA. She'd have to investigate more. In the mean time, she had a beautiful blonde gazing lustily at her cock, and it started to respond.

"I like to think of myself, and the test participants as members of a new gender. Phallic women. Melinda likes to call me a dickgirl," she laughed. "But that sounds so unscientific." She reached down and stroked her mammoth girl-cock to life. She planted her feet wider on the hotel room's carpets as blood rushed to fill her rampant sex. At a full seventeen inches, Sheila was extremely proud of it. It was, after all, longer and thicker than any human's cock had ever been until she developed her mutagenic drug.

"You aren't thinking of marketing this to transmen, are you? I mean if you find a drug company willing to bring it in to production?" Karen inquired. Sheila could tell how turned on the woman was now, she was staring and licking her lips. Even so, her penetrating mind had questions! She liked that about the girl.

"No, actually. I'm thinking there might be a market among lesbian and bisexual women looking for a new way to improve their sex lives. And their chances with straight women," Sheila smirked and took a step forward. Her dark pink cockhead, throbbing with need, was mere inches from Karen's face now as the blonde reporter had bent to look closer.

"Why would a straight woman be interested?" Karen asked, her voice low and hushed. Sheila could see her hands twitching at her side. She was fighting the urge to get a feel of her, all she needed was a little nudge.

"Are you straight, Miss Olenka?" Sheila asked. "I'm sorry if the question is personal, but you did ask the same of me and Melinda. Turn about is fair play, don't you think?" She pushed her hips out slightly as the fingers of both her hands made a tight ring just below her cockhead. It took both hands to encircle her she-beast!

"Yes, I'm engaged, actually," the blonde blushed and looked up at the scientist hastily.

"We'll see," Sheila said softly. She guided the knob of her cock to the young woman's mouth, dragging the silky smooth flesh across her lips, leaving them sticky with precum. She should really stop right there, and she knew it. The woman had a fiance who loved her, after all! But she was so pretty, and the brunette was convinced she could give this young woman the best fuck of her life!

"What the hell?" Karen gasped, standing up straight. She licked her lips. "You, you shouldn't...wow you taste pretty good!" she blushed.

Sheila tossed her glasses on the table and swooped in. The blonde was hesitant at first, but as the lusty scientist kissed her, her tongue sliding over her lips softly before slipping inside, the young woman moaned and began to kiss back. Their hands roamed all over each others bodies as Sheila's massive cock throbbed against Karen's stomach. Sheila yanked the blonde's shirt over her head and dove down to lick and suck at her nipples. Her breasts were fair sized, larger than Melinda's but smaller than her own. Her nipples were long, and so pale they nearly matched the soft skin of her body.

"You should really stop, I'm going to be married in a month!" Karen whined. She didn't pull away though. In fact, her hands found the top of Sheila's head, pushing her lower.

"We'll see," Sheila repeated as she dropped to her knees. She quickly unbuttoned the woman's shorts and pulled them, and her lacy white thong, down in one smooth motion. Her brown eyes widened as she got her first look at Karen's sex. The woman didn't trim or shave at all, but the hair between her legs was so fine and pale it seemed almost white! Her cock lurched, spurting a heavy wad of precum onto the carpets between their legs. She had no interest in cock these days, but pussy was another matter! She pushed her pretty face between the woman's slim thighs, her tongue and lips burrowing into her delicate pink folds.

"Oh God!" Karen shuddered, leaning back on the table and spreading her legs wider for the lusty brunette. Her soft hairs tickled Sheila's nose, but that pussy was dripping. She scooped out her copious juices before opening her wet lips and circling her tiny clit furiously with her tongue. She cupped the reporter's firm little ass as she licked away. The moans and whimpers of pleasure she caused filled her with lust. She loved giving women pleasure, she'd discovered, and she was better equipped to do just that than any man ever born!

"Cumming, cumming, OH!" Karen screamed. She gripped the edge of the table so hard her knuckles turned white. Sheila pressed on, licking even faster, her tongue flat against the little fleshy hood and sliding up and down as she pressed her face as firmly as she could. The blonde jerked under her ministrations, her orgasm seeming to stretch on and on as her sweet tangy juices coated Sheila's chin and neck.

"You have a wonderful pussy, Miss Olenka," she smirked as she rocked back on her heels, looking up at the slinky blonde. Her round breasts heaved as she panted, her pretty face was flushed and her smoky eyes glassy from the pleasure the brunette had given her.

"I can't believe I just let another woman eat me out," Karen said, shaking her head. She smiled ruefully down at the brunette. "But what about your big girl-cock?" she asked playfully, rubbing a small bare foot against the side of the throbbing column of flesh.

"Climb onto the bed and spread your legs, Miss Olenka, and find out!" Sheila winked. She stood up, slapping her heavy truncheon of a cock against the woman's flat stomach.

"I really shouldn't," Karen said, but belied her words by laying back on the huge hotel bed and spreading her long, glorious legs wide. "I mean, what if you break something?" she giggled nervously.

"Melinda is five-foot-one, and she can handle it all! I have faith!" Sheila grinned as she slid onto the bed between Karen's legs. She pulled off her tank top and bra, letting her big, bouncy breasts sway free. She sighed as she caressed them for just a moment before getting down to business. She lined her cock up with the woman's wet pussy. Her rosy cockhead pushed through the platinum hair before burrowing lower, finding her sodden folds. Karen propped herself up on her elbows, watching as Sheila as she prepared to fill her.

"This is insane. I can't believe I'm about to do this," the blonde moaned. She rotated her hips upward ever so slightly, helping the brown-haired scientist get into position.

"Actually, it's not insane at all. Highly rational!" she winked down at the reporter and began to push. It had been a while since she'd first fucked her assistant, but she remembered the day well. Gentle, steady pressure should do the trick! She took her time, easing her massive cock past those lips and up into Karen's incredibly tight canal. Her cock was thicker than her own fist, but the young woman seemed to be taking her well.

"I can feel you stretching me," she gasped. She reached down between her legs, rubbing her golden mound with long, delicate fingers. She shivered as she touched her clit.

Sheila took the woman's hand and placed it on her breast. "No no, leave your clit alone, honey," she urged. "It'll just distract you!" She only had the head inside, and a sharp little twitch of her wide hips drove another three or four inches right behind it, likely filling the woman deeper than she'd ever had.

"Fuck!" Karen screamed as she saw her flat belly swell obscenely from the girth of her monstrously thick tool. "My pussy! I can feel it opening up!" she panted. She moved her other hand to Sheila's breasts too, caressing them as she watched her body inflate.

"Uh huh, lots more to go, Miss Olenka!" Sheila smirked. She pulled back, relishing the sensation of that sopping wet pussy sucking at her cock. She sank back in again, bottoming out with only half her stupendous shaft filling her tight snatch. She ground her hips into the girl, forcing her enormous cockhead into the back of her pussy.

"Oh my GAWD!" Karen bucked on the bed, her toes making little fists in the soft comforter. She stared down at the dark-haired dickgirl working her pussy as if hypnotized, yelping as small, shocking little orgasms emanated from deep within.

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