Fiona's e-mailed instructions had me burning with curiosity, and I arrived right on time at the specified address still without any clue about what awaited me. It was some kind of commercial scientific institute on the outskirts of Cambridge, but clearly affiliated with the university. A large building of concrete, steel and tinted glass, security cameras watching everywhere. And although it was a cool Saturday morning, the temperature dropped as I threaded my way through the revolving doors and made my way tentatively to the reception.

"Hi," I said to the receptionist, a cute, blonde lassie with perfect skin and a dark suit that accentuated her slender frame. (I've reached an age now when all receptionists are younger and prettier than I am.) "I'm Ali X-"

She nodded. "Please take a seat, Miss X-" she said, and as I did, she picked up the phone and spoke quietly to someone.

Having had no idea what this was about - I still didn't - I had dressed with some formality in a button-up shirt and a dark grey skirt with matching jacket. And my favourite pair of platform stilettos, black non-patent leather, that were simultaneously serious and slutty. I selected a chair that faced the receptionist, and as I sat I gave her a glimpse of what was - and what wasn't - beneath my skirt as I crossed my legs. She blushed as she realised I'd seen her look.

A young man, about thirty, not unattractive but definitely an academic by his manner and grooming, emerged from a door and strode over to me. With a grin somewhere between shy and embarrassed he held out his hand for me to shake. "Miss X-? I'm Dr Evans. Thank you for coming. I didn't think we'd be able to get any volunteers."

"What exactly have I been volunteered for?" I asked.

The look of shock on his face was priceless. "Did -" he started. His face was turning bright red, and he ran a hand through his hair anxiously. "Didn't Fiona explain? She said she told you everything."

"She gave me a time and a place. Here and now. Nothing else."

"Ah. Oh." He was clearly at a complete loss.

I took pity on him. "Why don't you explain it to me? If I know Fiona, and I do, this is a sex thing."

His sigh of relief was profound. Laughing nervously, he said, "Yes." Suddenly aware that the receptionist was watching us closely, and quite overtly too, his voice dropped to a whisper. "Perhaps I should just show you."

"Mmm..." I said, as if he had just said something deeply erotic. "I'd like that." I winked at the receptionist. She flinched away, pretending to be busy with something but blushing furiously.

Dr Evans led me through a maze of corridors and down a flight of narrow stairs to the basement level, all the while explaining about the institute's research and its state-of-the-art facilities, most of which was about sensors, computing and robotics, stuff I know little about and have less interest in. Half the words he used meant absolutely nothing to me.

He paused outside a double door and looked at me sternly. "You don't have to do anything you don't want," he said. "You can leave at any time. You can stop at any time - just say 'stop'. But I need your word that you won't talk about what you see and do here."

"Not even with Fiona?"

"Fiona is allowed, but no one else."

"My lips are sealed. My word on it."

He nodded after a moment, then unlocked and opened the door. "Welcome to my parlour, Miss X-."

"Please just call me 'Ali'."

I stepped through the doors into a workshop full of computers and tools and other equipment that I have no names for. Cables snaked everywhere, most gathering dust. Fans and electricity hummed away oppressively. There was no window, but there were two doors opposite the entrance.

So far I had yet to see anything that seemed even remotely sexual, not even a calendar of topless girls. Increasingly I had the feeling that a mad scientist was leading me deeper and deeper into his lair. Unable to find a woman to satisfy him, he had taken to luring them into these hellish depths to keep for his experiments and perverted pleasure...

When he opened the door on the left, these fears seemed all too prescient, for a naked woman sat on a chair at the far end of the room beyond, pale-skinned and motionless, the expression on her face frozen in -

I had no idea. It didn't seem quite real. She didn't seem quite real. She was certainly very pretty, her long, dark hair falling down about her shoulders and her full, beautiful, gravity-defying breasts, the wide areolae and thick, succulent nipples vivid against her pale flesh.

It was a doll. The most lifelike I had ever seen. For the first time in my life I understood why anyone might want a sex doll. I wondered whether Dr Evans had ever fucked it. Whether he had slipped his cock into its mouth, pounded away at its synthetic vagina, filled its ass with his cum.

I wondered what it would be like to be the doll, helpless as Dr Evans used it again and again. And perhaps not just Dr Evans. No doubt there were lots of frustrated male scientists queuing up to use it, or perhaps all together in one glorious gangbang. How wonderful in a way to be fucked by an endless stream of men, filled with cock, covered in cum, and not have to worry about diseases or pregnancy or any of that.

Me and my filthy imagination... I still had no idea why I was there, but suddenly I was incredibly horny. And I was wrong. As I approached the doll, determined to see just how realistic it was, I discovered that it wasn't anatomically female. Nestling between its thighs was a limp cock that promised to be quite substantial when erect.

And something else. A cable, as thick as my pinky, was plugged into the base of her skull from behind. "This is Sal," Dr Evans said. "She's the latest generation of sexbot. Or futabot, if you like. We were looking for someone to give her a thorough test drive."

I had to laugh. Of course Fiona would put me in this position. I was just surprised she wasn't here herself. "Okay," I said.

"Everything will be recorded." He pointed out all the cameras and other sensors that lined the room. Even the soft, rubber floor had pressure sensors embedded in it. "And there are more sensors inside her. Please don't be shy. Everything here is completely confidential. And don't worry about damaging her - if you do, better that it happens here than in a customer's home."

"Okay," I said again.

"Okay," he echoed, and smiled. "Well, ah, have fun." With that, he slipped out of the room, closing the door behind him.

Alone, I undressed and placed my clothes neatly in one corner. It was daunting to be naked within a ring of cameras, being watched by who-knows in the future. For all I knew, this was being livestreamed on the internet, or uploaded for millions to watch. And while my body was in good shape, I was no pornstar or supermodel. Something of an exhibitionist, perhaps, but I preferred to be in control.

I put my trust in an absent Fiona and pushed aside my concerns. I would put on a performance I could be proud of. I would embrace my inner slut.

I knelt before the lifeless, unaroused futabot, and feeling self-conscious and more than a little foolish, I introduced myself. "Hello, Sal. My name is Ali."

There was no response. No movement. I kissed her on her lips, slipped my tongue between them. They were soft, and warm, but passive and tasted of nothing, although there was a subtle perfume about her. Something expensive.

I took a nipple between my teeth and sucked gently as I teased it with my tongue. It felt exactly like a nipple should. All that was missing was a gentle moan of pleasure received. But there was not even a sigh, not even a flicker of lust across her blank expression.

I wondered how I was supposed to have fun with a lifeless doll. At least if her cock had been erect I could have fucked myself with it, but the whole point of sex is giving pleasure to another.

Pushing her knees wide apart, I bent and wrapped my lips about the limp, circumcised cock, working the bulbous head with enthusiasm, my tongue circling the shaft and teasing the hole at the tip. My fingers searched for balls, but found only pussy, the delicate folds of her labia dry to the touch.

Frustrated, I was on the verge of giving up, when the doll awoke suddenly, her insides whining and vibrating gently, a gasp of surprise. I pulled away to look at her - or I tried to. Her arm had moved, her hand positioned behind my head, preventing my escape as her cock hardened and lengthened in my mouth.

I peered up at her face, and her cold, blue eyes looked down into mine. "Suck it, slut," she said in an even, emotionless voice. "Suck my futa cock."

Not that I had a choice. My mouth was full of her cock, my jaw open as wide as I could get it. Even if I'd wanted to scream, "Stop!" I could have done no more than mumble unintelligibly. But synthetic or not, the cock in my mouth felt like a real cock, hot and urgent, long and thick, and it reignited the cooling fire of my lust.

It tasted like one too. The familiar salty taste of precum filled my mouth, and as my fingers returned to explore her pussy, they found her labia soaked with warm, smooth lubricant that I swirled about a thick, prominent clit that had not been there before. The futabot was most definitely aroused, her nipples hard and swollen and jutting out magnificently.

It was a true futa-cock. Even with the head nudging against my throat, most of the shaft was exposed. I worked it with my spare hand, the other continuing its exploration of the futabot's very realistic pussy. "I'm going to cum in your mouth," she said calmly, and promptly did. Her cock swelled and hardened even further, then jerked roughly between my lips for a good, long minute, while thick, creamy cum flooded my mouth, squeezing out through my stretched lips and running down my chin.

There was far too much to even try to swallow. More and more pulsed into my mouth, only to leak out and drip onto my breasts. I was surprised by how much it tasted like real cum. When she released my head at last, I pulled away and massaged my aching jaw, but the sight of her still-hard cock wet with cum and still dribbling more, I returned my attention to it and carefully licked it clean.

All the while she studied me dispassionately. "Get down on your hands and knees," she said, pointing to the middle of the floor.

I did as instructed, bemused by my own willingness to obey a machine. In this position, with my breasts hanging down, I could feel all the cum there oozing down towards my nipples; cum on my thighs too, making its way down to my knees. Never in my life had I felt like such a dirty cumslut, but I loved it.

Behind me, Sal stood up slowly, then just as slowly lowered herself to her knees behind me, lining up her huge cock with my pussy. I was no stranger to huge cocks - I'd known a few - but the knowledge that that futa-cock would be in me was cause for some concern. Not that I had any wish to escape it, but what if the machine lost control? What if it entered me too fast? What if it pounded me so hard it broke me?

But as that soft head pushed between my labia, I pushed back, determined to drive that monster into me. I was desperate to be fucked. I wanted the machine to claim me and use me thoroughly until there was nothing left of me but a puddle of sated pleasure. But hungry and horny though I was, it was a struggle to take that wonderful cock all the way into me, with each thrust another inch stretching my vagina painfully.

And deliciously. I was lost in a world of sensation, thrusting needfully onto that hard invader, each thrust a little easier, a little smoother, no less intense but answering an aching, building need for more and ever more; my mechanical lover gradually increasing the speed and depth of her assault; strings of glistening cum dancing beneath my jiggling breasts.

I was in heaven, but I needed more. I was tense with the need for climax, but orgasm eluded me. Balancing my weight on one arm, I reached for my clit, determined to push myself to the edge.

Sal pulled out of me abruptly, the sudden emptiness a shock that made me cry out in complaint. Her strong hands grabbed my hips and she twisted me around and onto my back. "Hey!" I said, and tried to slow her down, but she positioned herself between my legs, lined her cock up carefully for entry, and thrust back into me.

She resumed fucking me, holding herself up on one hand while the thumb of the other caressed my clit in a steady, familiar pattern. I looked up, startled, at the cold, expressionless face. There was no sign of intelligence in those eyes. No sense of the human. And yet the futabot's mastery of me far exceeded what a machine was capable of. Surely.

The clitoral stimulation was proving very effective. I surrendered to my body's need to fuck, to my mind's need to stop thinking. I grabbed onto the futabot's huge, beautiful breasts, squeezing her thick nipples, and concentrated on fucking the cock that pounded me with such rhythmic perfection.

No human lover had ever served me with such tireless dedication. I wrapped my legs about the futabot for extra purchase as we slammed against each other, each thrust driving me closer and closer to the point of climax. "I'm close," I cried. "Come with me. Fill me with your cum."

As if on command, but without slowing its deep, regular thrusting, the indefatigable cock stiffened within me, and pulsed rhythmically as it shot jet after jet of creamy cum into me. "Yes!" I screamed as I climaxed, convulsing helplessly about the cock that pounded my cum-soaked cunt. Barely had I recovered from the first when a second orgasm swept me away. "Fuck!" I cried. "Enough! Please, enough!"

My lover relented at last, pulling her cock from me, cum spurting out from my ravished pussy in its wake. My thighs were slick with the stuff, and I could feel it pooling around my bum. I was too exhausted to move, however, and my body quivered with aftershocks of orgasmic pleasure.

Sal wasn't finished with me. She stood and walked round until she straddled my head, then squatted over my face, so that her clit was in my mouth. "Suck it, bitch," she said in her calm, indifferent voice. "Suck my clit."

I did as instructed, wrapping my lips about her engorged clit and sucking gently. Bobbing her ass with an easy grace that would make a professional pornstar sick with envy, she proceeded to fuck my mouth with her clit. "Fuck that's good," she said. "Use your tongue, slut. Make me come."

I was happy to oblige. My body needed time to recover, and it was fun watching her cock, as hard as ever, bouncing about above my face. I pushed a finger between her labia, into her vagina. She was very wet there, and it was easy for me to add a second finger, then all four.

"More," she said. "Give me more."

I added my thumb, and slowly worked my hand deeper, out and in, out and in, until I was buried in her to the wrist. All the while, she continued bobbing her ass, her clit gliding between my lips as I sucked and licked at it.

"I'm coming," she said, as calm as ever. "Yes. Yes. Yes." There was no outward sign of ecstasy, only a slowing of movement. Her cock remained stiff, but still, and there was no fresh eruption of cum.

After a minute, she stood, almost pulling my hand with her. Moving round, she knelt down and bent to kiss me. "Thanks, Ali."

"You're welcome, Fiona."

She made a sound that may have been a laugh. "What gave me away?"

"Your thumb. Where are you?"

"Next door, in a VR suit. You have to try it."


"I'm not finished with you yet." She rolled onto her back. "Come on, slut. Put your ass to work and ride me like a cowgirl."

I groaned, unsure that I had the strength for it, and equally unsure that my ass could take the punishment, but I forced myself to my knees and straddled her. My thighs and bum were slick with cum, and I worked some into my ass as I rubbed my clit the length of her cock. "So, how do you like being a futa?"

"Fun, but I'd rather be fucked by one."

"Wait your turn." Grinning down at her, I shifted onto my feet, squatting as I lined up her cock with my ass. Despite Dr Evans telling me earlier not to worry about damaging the futabot, I couldn't help worrying a little as I rested more and more of my weight on that cock. The soft head pressed against my ass, demanding entry and achieving little. I worried also that I might be hurting Fiona. I had no idea what she could feel or not feel.

And then it breached me, stretching me impossibly, painfully wide for a moment until the head pushed through. I had never felt so full of cock, and I had barely started to take her in me. As best I could, I fucked myself with that cock, lifting up slowly and dropping down to take a little more of it each time. The friction was intense, an exquisite pleasure worth every effort I made. My muscles were killing me, but the futa-cock filled me gloriously.

When fully half her length was buried in me, I collapsed onto her, our breasts squashed together, our lips pressed together in a hungry kiss. "I'm sorry," I said. "I can't take any more."

She rolled us over, still embedded within me, and lifted my ankles over her shoulders. "No," I said, but she ignored me and I cried out wordlessly as she slammed her cock into me with machine-strength, forcing another inch of her cock into me. As if satisfied with this small victory, she settled into a gentle rhythm of long, slow, deep thrusts, each one a delicious pleasure.

I could barely move in that position. I could only lie there and enjoy the deepening thrusts and the increasingly hard pounding. I loved every inch of that cock. I needed it in me, filling me, stretching me, deeper, deeper still. "Do it," I pleaded. "Fill me up. Fill me with your futa-cum."

She thrust as deep as she could and held still as her cock stiffened and erupted within me. "Fuck!" I screamed as I climaxed with a rare intensity, my orgasm triggered as so often by the cum splashing deep within me. "Fuck," I repeated, and again, convulsing about the cock that pulsed in my ass, for how long I don't know.

I whimpered complaint as Fiona eased her cock from me, leaving me with an aching emptiness. My hips screamed with complaint too as she returned my legs to the ground. I could feel her cum leaking from my abused ass.

"Let's see if there's any left," she said. Pointing her cock at me, she erupted again, cum streaking across my belly and breasts. I was too tired to do anything but lie there and watch.

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