tagSci-Fi & FantasyFutanarious Bimbosis Ch. 03

Futanarious Bimbosis Ch. 03


Tiffany arrived at the office early. The parking spots on the second floor parking were mostly empty, so she took a spot closer to the elevator so that night she could slip out without being detected. She couldn't use first floor because that was saved for upper management, and to prevent herself from already getting in as much trouble as possible she decided to park a level lower. What if the bacteria didn't do anything more than make Jen sick? It didn't have an effect on male mice, so who was to say that it would do anything to a person at all. The best scenario would be that Jen left early so Tiffany wouldn't have to deal with her. She quickly made her way towards her cubicle and her heart pounded rapidly against her chest as she clutched the handles to her shoulder purse. She could almost feel the room pulsating with each beat of her heart. She was about to infect her horrible evil bitch of a boss. That woman had to pay for everything though. She was horrible and Tiffany couldn't stand her anymore. She set the rest of her personal effects on her desk and quickly strode to Jens office. She opened the door gently and smiled as she did so. This woman was so pompous that she didn't even bother to lock her office at night.

Tiffany stepped into the still unfamiliar cold room. It was so sterile and looked far too much like American Psycho for her own comfort. She gazed around trying to think of the perfect place to lay her trap for Jen. She slid her hand into her purse and removed the vial. She began to wonder how much a proper dosage could be but shook her head trying to ignore the scientific part of thinking. A rational scientist wouldn't do what she was about to do, but Tiffany passed rationality when she slipped the sample from the lab. She eyed the keyboard and debated a way to cover it without a residue, but the thought soon passed. Jen would notice if her keyboard had gotten wet, and secondly it probably wouldn't work and the poor maintenance and cleaners would get infected. Tiffany then realized that wherever she did place the bacteria she would have to sterilize and clean the items with bleach from the kitchen. She thought about putting on gloves before opening the vial but decided she could be careful enough, besides she poured samples at work all the time.

Tiffany finally landed on the perfect place to let out her plan. She would use the expensive creamer that Jen relished every day. Tiffany stepped forward and removed the stopper from the sample and unscrewed the lid of the creamer. She took a deep breath and gently poured the lab accident into the bottle. The smell wafted up to her. It was sweet and sanctimonious. It smelled like perfection and there was no way that was just the creamer that was causing that wonderful aroma. It had to be a chemical reaction between the soft cream and the twisted bacteria, the color in the bottle shifted from a bold white to a hazy off white color. Tiffany felt herself grow dizzy from the smell. Her nipples pressed roughly against her blouse and she felt her nether region heat up lustfully. She shook her and closed the lid to the creamer quickly. She hadn't thought about the bacteria when it combined with air, or another substance for that matter.

Tiffany made her way into the kitchen where she bleached and sterilized the once sample holding container. It glistened in her hand and she felt a lump grow in her throat from what she had just done. She replaced the bottle in her purse and quickly slipped back to her desk. She could still just steal the creamer and eliminate the bacteria completely. She could cover the whole thing up and stop it from happening, but as she began to feel more butterflies well up in her stomach the other office workers began to file in. She ducked her head and began to pour over the contracts that were piled up. She had to finish with her work quickly so Jen didn't notice her leaving today. She pounded her fist silently on her leg. She was going to have to stay late and sterilize the creamer bottle and mug that Jen used. There was no way she could leave undetected today.

When she was finished filling out the second form that followed the first contract, Jen Parks strolled around the corner holding her tall coffee mug in her hands. She stirred the edges happily smiling down at Tiffany. Her eyes were a bit glazed as though she had been drinking alcohol that morning. Had she already taken a drink of the tainted creamer? Were the effects already starting to happen to her? Tiffany felt the itch to collect data soon roll into her mind as Jen idly leaned against Tiffany's desk. A new aroma filled her cubicle. It wasn't the same perfume that Jen had used yesterday. Today it was thicker, smoother. Tiffany felt herself growing aroused and realized that it was probably the creamer in the coffee. Jen lifted the mug to her lips and took a long sip gingerly tipping it back so as not to spill on her smooth complexion. Tiffany flipped the page over she was working on and moved onto the next.

"Good morning Tiffany, I am glad to see that you have started working so quickly on these. We could really use someone like you..." she said and took another large drink from her coffee. She wiped her finger on the edge of the cup and licked the residue off gently. Tiffany felt her mouth watering as she wondered what the sweet flavor could be like, "in the executive offices." Jen stepped forward and her hips swayed a bit. She actually did look like she was drunk to Tiffany.

"Are you okay Ms. Parks?" She asked idly watching as Jen tipped her head back and finished the rest of the coffee in her mug.

"I am just fine thank you. I think I need more of a pick me up today though, keep working like you are and I am sure the upstairs will take notice of you." Jen said walking away happily tapping her fingers on the edge of the glass. That was the best interaction Tiffany had ever had with the woman. She quickly wheeled around to her computer and opened up a new document and started typing what she had done with the creamer and what sample she had taken, what the bottle had been labeled and current results. Before she knew it she had been typing for over a half an hour of the new discoveries she could be making with human trial. Tiffany stood up to get a quick drink of water from the cooler that sat at the far end of the room, next to a fake fern. While she stood next to the jug she tried to peer into Jen's office through the misted glass and open door. It was quiet and the rest of the office seemed busy typing away on their keyboards, responding to emails or working on contracts.

"Jen seems a lot nicer today." Tiffany nearly fell over the water cooler as a deep voice rumbled from behind her. It was familiar and soothing. She looked down at the ground to see the same polished shoes she had watched in the bathroom. This is the same man that Jen had a quickie with. She turned around and felt her face flush. It was a top executive from the upper floors. She had seen him once before... well before the incident in the bathroom. He was in charge of surveying how the morale of the employees was. She felt her face turn bright red when she realized his hand was sticking forward to grasp hers in a tight soothing grip. He was so firm and powerful. Tiffany could fall asleep in his arms and just die happily.

"Yea, she really does seem a bit happier today. Must be something people are doing around the office." She said absent mindedly. He talked to her for a second, but all she could do was focus on how soft and smooth his cheek looked. She would love to just become a part of him. She pictured Jen bent over against the sink while he stuffed her body with his thick manhood. She couldn't get a clear view, but she could bet that he was bigger than she had seen in person before. She quickly sat back down in a dreamy sense. The executive remembered her name and he even talked to her about the few things she loved. How perfect of a man was he to remember the employees around the office, and to remember to communicate. She realized that she was day dreaming for over an hour and that she still had three contracts to fill out. She began to busily dump herself into her work, only idly watching for Jen to see if she left her office again. She hadn't been seen since that morning, and most of the people around there were quite impressed with how she had been. Her office door was now partially closed and it looked like the light was still on.

Tiffany wrapped up the last contract in its binder and she clamped the paperwork shut. She checked the clock to see it was just a little passed six. She stood up and surveyed the empty cubicle space. The others had gone home at five and were busily talking amongst themselves about how good a day it was and how everyone had almost finished the work load they were given. Tiffany made her way to Jen's office and pushed the door open, knocking on the edge of the frame first. Jen was sitting in her chair, her eyes drifting in and out of sleep. They looked hazy and from what Tiffany could tell the woman looked rather ill. She quickly set the completed contracts in the reception bin and walked over to Jen.

"Jen are you okay?" Tiffany asked making a mental note of the time so she could document any signs of anything from Jen. She snapped awake and looked up at tiffany. She had the bottle of creamer gripped in her hands and her coffee mug sat empty on the desk. The two items she needed to bleach. The entire room smelled of the mixture that she had prepared as a trap for Jen and Tiffany felt a surge of pity for the woman staring back at her.

"I think I should go home, I don't feel quite.... right." She said and she stood up from her desk and grabbed her car keys, "Do you know what time it is?"

"Oh Jen it is after quitting time. You should go home and get some rest. Maybe take a day off or something. I will take care of your office, you just get home." Tiffany said looking down at the mug again. The anxiety was running through her mind at a million miles an hour.

"That is the first time you called me Jen. I think that we could be friends one day." Jen said as she made her way out of her office, "Thank you Tiffany for cleaning up after me, you have a good evening." Tiffany felt a lump build up in her throat. What if the woman wasn't really that bad, but looking for attention? She scooped up the items from Jen's desk and quickly ran to the sink to rinse out and bleach the creamer and mug. She made sure to wear rubber gloves to prevent anything from getting on her skin. She didn't realize that the bacterium was that powerful. When she finished she made her way to the parking garage to the first level. She wanted to make sure that Jen made it out of the office just fine. To her horror she found Jen sitting on the ground next to her car. Her head was cocked to the side and her eyes looked glassed over. She had probably killed the woman and just cleaned off the poison that did it. She felt a lump grow in her throat as she walked towards her corpse.

"Jen are you okay?" Tiffany said feeling her heart pound in her chest. Jen stirred and Tiffany let out a shriek as the woman stood up from where she was sitting. She hadn't been moving before. She was just staring off into nothing.

"Tiffany I don't think I can drive home, is there any way you could take me in my car? I will pay for a cab to take you back to the office so you can drive yourself home." Jen said holding her keys out to Tiffany.

"I can do that for you." Tiffany said, making a note of what time it was once again. It seemed that Jen was still working fine mentally, but physically she had been exhausted and she was exhibiting signs of lethargy just like Emily the mouse had been. Did that mean that Jen was hiding hermaphroditic traits? Tiffany wanted to strip the woman and take a look for herself, but then her cheeks turned red when she realized what she was thinking. She and Jen clambered into her vehicle and she pulled out of the parking lot. Her car was much nicer than Tiffany's and she made a mental note to try and find something similar to it.

Jen guided her home lazily from the passenger seat and they arrived safely at her home. It was beautiful and made from adobe. It matched most Southern California home design and she had a crisp green yard to top it off. The woman was a perfectionist in everything. Tiffany got out of the car and helped Jen up to her door. They made their way upstairs to her bedroom where Jen insisted she get changed by herself and didn't need Tiffany's help. It was her only chance to at least try and take a peep at the woman. Jen sat down on the edge of the bed and looked up at Tiffany with a smile, "Thank you so much for getting me here, over on my desk a fifty and it should get you back to the office just fine. If you spend a bit more I will give you more change tomorrow."

"I don't think you should come into work if you are still feeling sick though Jen." Tiffany said as she scanned the room admiring her decor. The woman really was a perfectionist, and she really modeled her taste after creepy horror films. Everything was sterile and cold. Her walls and ceiling were painted grey; her bed sheets were white with black pillows. There was nothing in the room but a mod vase, and the desk that had the loose change on it. It was cold and empty. Tiffany shivered and picked up fifty dollars from the desk and turned on her heel to leave the room, "Sleep well Jen."


Jen watched as Tiffany left the room. Her head was spinning out of control. That little bitch thought that she could just take more than she did without her noticing. She was looking around for more to take. Jen went to open her mouth but a hiccup followed with the sweet aftertaste of something creamy and thick. She giggled as she felt her head spin again as the flavor danced on her tongue. Her nether region was on fire with arousal. When Tiffany had first walked into her office she felt her mouth watering at the sight of her large breasts trapped behind that horrible blouse. She wondered what it could be like to latch onto a thick nipple and suckle it for hours. She shook her head in frustration, but the dizziness that followed made her regret the action. She looked around the room for a second trying to think of things that could calm her down from this sexual high. Tiffany hadn't shown any interest in sexual activity and she didn't want to have a sexual harassment lawsuit for jumping on one of her underlings. She stood up and felt tipsy still. It was as if she had one too many shots in her. Everything was out of focus and she felt her body grow hotter as she stood up.

"There is no fucking way I could be this horny and drunk." She said aloud. She quickly removed her clothes to reduce the heat that was making her undershirt stick to her lower back. She gently walked across the room to one of the air vents trying to cool herself off. She probably looked ridiculous walking around naked and sweaty. She bent forward and pressed her elbows to the ground getting closer to the small vent that sat on the wall near her bed. Her ass was sticking up in the air awkwardly, but she didn't care as long as more of the soothing air blew across her bare sweat covered skin. Her nipples jutted out furiously and she wiggled a hand closer to it as though to admire what was going on. She touched the stiff flesh and moaned out in surprise. It was exhilarating. She had been aroused before, but never to this extent. She felt her mind wash over with pleasure as she flicked the pencil eraser thick nub with her finger again. She let out a soft moan when she flicked it for a third time. She felt as warm juices dripped down the inside of her thigh, her ass was still sticking up in the air.

"Well as if that isn't like totally inviting and like super sexy." A strange high pitched voice blurted out. Jen felt her face flush and she quickly wheeled around trying to cover her nudity with her hands. Her arm and fingers brushed her erect nipples and she stifled a moan by biting her lip, "Holy shit like you are so horny, I wish I could take a picture of you so like I could masturbate to it all the time." Jen looked around the room not seeing anything at all. She was starting to hear voices. She was going out of her mind. She sighed and stood up not bothering to cover herself.

"Like do you want to totally fuck? Cause that ass looked super tight for my big cock..." the same voice whispered in her ear. Jen whipped around to see nothing but the wall. She reached her hand forward and touched the smooth grey surface.

"Is anyone there?" She asked the air. Silence answered her back. She sighed and sat on the corner of her bed. Her arousal still hadn't gone down since she was last fondling her erect nipples, but the voice did deter her from acting like a moron and masturbating in her bedroom.

"But like rubbing your own Pussy is so fun. You need to like totally touch yourself every day!" The same giggling voice said back. Jen didn't want to give in and respond to it, but she had to make it stop.

"Only pathetic losers who can't get laid masturbate." She said to the ceiling hoping the voice didn't answer her back. Her heart sank when the chipper voice replied.

"No, only stiff prudes who like don't know how to totally have a good time avoid touching themselves. You like need to do it all day every day." Jen closed her eyes and frowned in the darkness. She rubbed her eyes trying to block out everything that was going on, "You could always watch me touch myself first and do what I do. That would be like totally hot." The voice sounded firmer than before, and Jen could feel heat radiating near where she sat. She moved her hands away from her eyes and opened them gently. She could not be prepared for what stood before her.

The first thing she saw to her astonishment was a giant erect cock. It was bigger than she had ever seen before. It was even larger than the fake ads you see all over online for men with big dicks. It drooped forward letting her see the thick veiny surface. They stood out proudly and pulsated gently keeping the massive dong erect. She followed the cock back to the smooth skin of a pelvis that looked to be feminine, though the giant cock didn't really make her believe it could belong to a woman. Jen traced the figure upwards and her eyes nearly bulged from their sockets. Two massive breasts, at least an H cup if not bigger with thick massive erect nipples caught her view. In fact she couldn't see anything further than this woman's massive utters hanging from her body. There was no way she could be walking around with the proportions that were hanging from her smooth skin. Jen felt her cheeks turn bright red as she realized that she was imagining how it would be to have giant breasts like those bulging from her own chest.

"I thought you would like them. I sure do, they are all soft and squishy and stuff." A pair of hands grabbed the thick kneadable flesh rubbing towards her erect nipples. The woman bent forward and Jen saw her face for the first time since the new person entered her room without her even hearing a sound. She had thick lips and her skin was flawless. She was thin and in shape with a thick grabbable ass. She had the portions of Jessica Rabbit and then some. Her body was perfect in every aspect, even with the massive cock drooping proudly from her hips.

"Who the fuck are you?" Jen said trying to cover herself again only to be greeted by a moist pussy and stiffly mind numbing erect nipples. How was she so horny? Why was she acting like this?

"Like I am totally Jenni. Don't you want to like let me fuck you? You had your ass in the air for a minute I could have totally stuff my cock in there." The girl said still kneading her thick burgeoning flesh near Jen's lips. They looked so soft and supple. Jen felt her mouth water with excitement and she let her hands drop away from covering her body.

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