tagSci-Fi & FantasyFutanarious Bimbosis Ch. 10

Futanarious Bimbosis Ch. 10


Tiffany stood up from the bed and quickly darted out of the room. If she stayed near Jen's lewd display she would probably never leave the other woman. It was so enticing at times watching her stroke the thick flesh that was now throbbing between her legs. The skin was smooth and smelled delicious; perhaps she could just go back for a minute. Tiffany shook her head and clicked the door shut behind her silencing the gentle mewling Jen was now making from the bed. Perhaps there could be a way to fix it. Tiffany darted into the living room, her breasts bouncing heavily as she moved. She could tell that they had swollen at least another cup size. The flesh was familiar, yet foreign at the same time. It took all her efforts to not reach up and stroke them gently between her fingers. She scooped up her clothing from the ground where she had left it the night before after having had sex with Jen in front of the fireplace. Tiffany could have sworn that she heard the familiar whispering she had last night and quickly whipped her head around to only be greeted by the stiff morning air that sat in Jen's house. Tiffany quickly slid on her plain colored panties. Why hadn't she been more adventurous with her clothing? Perhaps a bit more daring could have landed her a few more dates... she shook her head trying to get the idea out of her head. She really needed to talk to Diana to fix whatever alterations were already underway in her hormones.

When she tried to replace her bra against her now fuller breasts, she realized that the material couldn't stretch across her flesh properly. It pinched down and her breasts seemed to spill around all the edges possible. She gave out a quick sigh of frustration. She needed to find a solution and as quickly as possible. She gritted her teeth and threw the bra on the ground. She was just going to have to leave it behind today. She quickly slipped on her outfit from the day before, grimacing to herself to she hopped that Jen wouldn't say anything about it. Her hips seemed to push the material and stretch it a bit as well. Maybe being exposed to Jen's infection was only giving her an allergic reaction, and she was exhibiting signs of swelling was all. Tiffany turned around to see Jen stroking her cock in the door frame to her living room.

"Why are you wearing clothes? Don't you think it would be much better if we had some alone time together?" Jen asked, keeping that slow rhythmic pace on what now appeared to be a six inch penis. It had grown so much since the night before. There was no way that this bacterium could be real at all. Perhaps Tiffany was just dreaming and this was all fabricated. What if she had died and this was going to be the hell that she was forced to live through? She closed her eyes and shook her head trying to hold back from dropping to her knees right there and choking down every inch of Jen's newly formed penis.

"No Jen, we actually have to go see a friend today. They were going to help me with something, and I figured you could come along." Tiffany said opening her eyes and locking them with Jen's. Jen frowned a bit, but didn't ease her pace on her cock.

"Okay, you know me I like cumming... so maybe we can have your friend join?" Jen asked tilting her head and smiling.

"Not cummin..." Tiffany tried to protest as her mouth began to water. She was a bit thirsty; maybe just a quick drink could calm her down.

"I know what you meant silly." Jen said still stroking her cock, only with a bit more fervor. She curled her toes against the small lip that dropped into the living room. Jen adjusted her feet, spreading her legs a bit further inviting the smell of her arousal to waft into the room. Tiffany felt her head spin and she stepped toward the other woman, "I like am not totally stupid you weirdo. I just like... love to have... mmm... sex..." she moaned out and she bucked her hips forward pistoning her cock in and out of her hands. Before Tiffany could realize what was going on she was on her knees before the other woman, her hands were firmly placed against her hips. She could feel the smooth contour of the other woman's thin figure. Her hips were wide and shapely, but there was the perfect blend of muscle and skin. Her body was smooth and smelt sweet the closer she got to the other woman.

Tiffany looked up at Jen with expectant eyes. Perhaps just a quick taste couldn't do any harm. Jen continued to stroke her penis, holding it closer to Tiffany's face. Tiffany opened her mouth inviting the other woman to cum into her waiting mouth. Jen moaned out again and shivered. Her large weighted balls swung forward with each thrust that she made, a thick bead of precum dribbled into Tiffany's awaiting mouth. Her head spun with even further sexual anticipation. Jen shivered and shook. She gave out a throaty yowl and she tipped the head of her newly formed phallus against the back of Tiffany's teeth. She wanted to drink more from the other woman. What was causing her to lose all of her will and control? She was no longer the Tiffany she was three days ago. Her inhibition was lost. Jen moaned out again stroking at the loose flesh at the base of the thick meaty mushroom head now pressed against the roof of Tiffany's mouth. Jen's body went rigid and she screamed out in pleasure as she orgasmed.

The torrent of sweet cream rocketed into Tiffany's anxiously open jaws. She did her best to swallow down load after load. Jen was still stroking furiously at the loose foreskin, coaxing more pleasure from the orgasm that was rocking her body now. Tiffany choked and sputtered, causing droplets of cum to roll down her chin. She swallowed quickly, hoping to not waste a single drop of the other woman's sweet flavored cum. Jen gave out a sigh as she came down finally from her sexual high. She pulled her now receding cock out of Tiffany's open mouth. Tiffany swallowed once again and pinched her lips shut trying to keep the rest of the seed against her tongue. It tasted so sweet, it was perfect. She wiped her chin with her fingers and quickly sucked each one of them clean. She withdrew her fingertips from between her lips and looked down in shock. It was getting worse. Each time Jen was near her she couldn't resist in consuming more of her cum. Tiffany stood up quickly and straightened her blouse. It was still ill fitting, but she tried to make it fit the best as possible.

"Thanks honey, you like looked really thirsty and I just needed to cum again before we went anywhere." Jen said twirling on her heels. She quickly made her way to the bedroom. Tiffany couldn't help but stare at her cute heart shaped ass as she shimmied away. It looked so smooth and taut. All of Jen's skin was taut and toned. She was powerful, and now with an even larger set of breasts and that extremely amazing cock that was on her body Jen could be considered an unstoppable sex machine.

Tiffany sighed in relief as Jen disappeared into her room. She quickly scooped up the keys to her car, and dug around in her purse for her phone. She called Diana once again hoping that the other woman would answer. The phone rang a few times and rolled into the other woman's voicemail box. Tiffany felt irritated by the greeting Diana had recorded. Honestly it wasn't beyond professional; it had just grown irritating to Tiffany because she had heard it so many times over the past week. She had wanted to contact her lab partner so they could try and make more discoveries on this phenomenon. Had Diana been at the lab they could have come up with some solution to the issue that was now at hand. Tiffany pulled at her shirt once again; irritated with how it felt each time that she moved an arm. The fabric would brush against her nipples, which now seemed to be permanently aroused due to her not wearing a bra. She tugged at the fabric and grunted out in frustration. It was going to be an extremely long day.

Jen came waltzing out of her room, and slid her hand seductively on the doorframe. She was wearing a shirt that was so tiny around her breasts that it was impossible not to see the fact that she wasn't wearing a bra either. She had tied the fabric below her large breast line and her entire smooth stomach was exposed. Tiffany wanted to giggle because it reminded her of the ninety's. Why was Jen dressed so childish? Then again Tiffany couldn't help but notice that her own breathing had begun to grow ragged with her arousal. Jen truly was the perfect package. She was wearing a tight fitted mini skirt that sat just above her mid-thigh, showing off her legs perfectly. They were toned and powerful. Enough to make any man or woman swoon at her figure. The clothing of course was all stretched in places it shouldn't have normally stretched, had Jen not had a sudden increase in breast hip and butt size. She batted her eyelashes at Tiffany, "Do you think that your friend will like me?" She asked her voice a bit husky. Tiffany swallowed and Jen gave out a giggle.

"Let's... let's uh..." She tried to stammer out, but she couldn't seem to get rid of the dry feeling. What was coming over her?

"Did you like want to go to the car?" Jen said that deeper tone vanished without a trace and some more bubbly happy tone intruded into the conversation. Though Tiffany couldn't complain about either way that Jen spoke. Each was sexually attractive in its own way.

"Yea... that's it." She said dropping her phone into her purse. She moved past Jen as if holding herself back from pouncing on the other woman and having sex with her again right there on the spot. Jen giggled as she pulled the door shut and practically skipped down the steps to the driveway. Tiffany slipped into her seat and Jen bounced in next to her, the car filling up with her sweet aroma. Tiffany felt something stir in her nethers and she shifted uncomfortably in the driver's seat. She reached into her purse and grabbed out her phone, pulling up Diana's contact and selecting the option for guided driving assistance. It truly was creepy how advanced cell phones had become over the past years, so intrusive... and yet so helpful.

"Oh like do you get internet we could totally watch a porno or something." Jen said idling looking at the screen as Tiffany selected the shortest driving distance to Diana's place.

"I do... but I need to use it to get to Diana's house." Tiffany said grunting a bit in frustration at the other woman's libido. Jen was no longer the Jen that she hated. The woman was far from the same bitch that tried to control everything that Tiffany did, "Just hold on a bit there Jen we will get to Diana's and get all of this sorted out."

"Oh come on Tif Tif you should call me Jenni, like all my friends do it." She said and looked out the window, her hand stroking at her crotch idly. She was probably gone. The bacteria infected her to a point that she would probably never return from. Tiffany felt her breath catch in her throat. A hard lump then followed that she tried to swallow back down. Tears gathered in the corners of her eyes. She was infected too. She was probably doomed to the same fate as Jen here... or as she wanted to be called now Jenni.

Tiffany navigated the streets to her best ability. She could already tell that the effects from Jenni were starting to take a hold of her once brilliant mind. To think that she had locked herself in a bathroom stall and masturbated to the woman having sex with a higher up... and now here she was chauffeuring the bimbo around in her car trying to find a way to prevent a contagious bacterium from causing more ill effect on her. Tiffany shifted her legs uncomfortably again when Jenni began to stroke more furiously at her cock that had now found its way past her tight fitted skirt. It smelled sweet and Tiffany felt that odd tingling sensation in her nether region. It was as though her body was begging her for more exposure to Jenni.

"You really should like consider fucking her again before you see Diana." Someone whispered over her shoulder. Tiffany whipped her head around and gave out a shriek, but the back seat sat empty. She swerved back and forth between two different lanes and someone behind her started honking their horn and shouting obscenities at her. She shook her head when she got control of the car again and looked over at Jenni who was now openly masturbating her cock once more. The intoxicating smell ran up into Tiffany's nostrils, making her toes curl against the soles of her shoes.

"Just a little bit more and then you can like drink some and I can too. I am getting kinda thirsty aren't you?" Jenni asked, she held onto the vowels in the words making the bubbly sound even more exhilarating. Tiffany felt her mouth water again, and all she could do to respond was nod. She navigated a few more streets while Jen continued to stroke her cock with more fury, moaning and squealing in ecstasy as she neared her climax. They were only two blocks away from Diana's place. Tiffany stepped on the gas and threw her car into park when the navigation informed them that they had arrived at their destination. Jen held up a handful of cum to Tiffany's lips, "Here you are sweetie. I already drank quite a bit I think you could use some too." Tiffany spread her lips; though her brain was telling her body to stop it didn't seem to listen. She was entranced by Jen. The woman was almost in complete control of her when anything sexual happened.

Tiffany swallowed Jenni's sweet tasting seed down and licked her palm clean. Jenni giggled and writhed in the seat next to her exclaiming that it tickled and that they probably should go see Diana now. Tiffany reluctantly let go of Jenni's hand and opened the car door. That now familiar tugging sensation in her nethers seemed to fade when she exited the vehicle. The fresh air entered her nose and Tiffany sighed out in relief. It must be when Jen's pheromones are pushing their way into her nose that she loses control of herself. Jen bounced up and pressed her large breasts against Tiffany's arm. She shivered as goose bumps prickled on her inner thighs. She wanted to fuck the woman again, but didn't have the place to do it.

"That one is Diana's," Tiffany said pointing at the house across the street from them. Jen giggled and tugged at Tiffany's hand as though trying to speed her along. Diana's house was rather plain, in a neighborhood filled with small houses. They were very much so designed by the same company. Each looked like an exact replica of the last. It reminded Tiffany of the films you saw from the mid-fifties where all the houses on a block were of the same mold and everyone just had a different color to tell them apart.

Her legs felt stiff as she walked up the driveway to Diana's porch. There were at least twenty Newspapers gathered on the steps, and her mailbox was overflowing. There was a large sticker on the door that was from a delivery company that was unable to deliver a package to her home. Tiffany rose up a hand and knocked on the door. The sound of her knocking echoed throughout the entire house. It was as though the interior was completely empty. She waited patiently while Jen began to maul her own breasts out of boredom. Tiffany bit her lips trying to hold back from watching the lewd display. She also crossed her fingers at her hip hoping that passersby wouldn't notice what she was doing. Tiffany knocked again, this time a bit louder hoping that Diana would hear her. The house seemed to quiet and out of touch for Diana to be here though.

After waiting for what seemed like an eternity Tiffany decided to go around back and see if she could find a way into the house? When she stepped down from the porch she looked back to see Jen still holding onto one of her breasts breathing roughly. Her skirt was obviously pushed forward from a growing erection. How was she going to function in this world being so sexually driven?

"Did you try the handle Tiffy?" Jen asked and she reached her now free hand up to the handle. The door creaked open with ease. She really should have thought of that first... how was it the sex crazed bimbo was able to think more clearly than herself. Tiffany cursed to herself under her breath and made her way back up the steps and into Diana's house. The air was stale and something rank poured into her nose. It smelled like neglected dishes and rotted food in a garbage can. She looked down at the carpet and saw it was matted and frayed at most corners of the house. That couldn't have been from her recent absenteeism. She was probably a very poor house keeper. Tiffany made her way through an arched entry way into a living room that stood off the right of the door. There were papers piled up all over, making it impossible to get anywhere in the house. It looked like a crazy old woman's home, "My my we have a messy bessy don't we?" Jen said under her breath, she had finally stopped digging her hands into her soft flesh.

Tiffany felt her mouth water once more, as though begging to choke down more of the other woman's breasts in her mouth. She stepped over a pile of journals and made her way through another archway that led to the kitchen. The house was shaped like the letter 'u' and it made it easy to navigate where you had already been and where you could possibly find any clues as to where Diana snuck off to. Jen gave out a shriek as a black blur of white darted past her feet. Tiffany whirled around and tried to nab the creature that was running, but the piles of papers made it impossible to capture. She gave out a frustrated grunt and stood up straightening her clothing, "Diana and I work with mice quite often. That would probably mean that she is feed them, seeing as that one was alive."

Tiffany looked back at the piles of paper. Was it a white mouse or was it that strange sandy blonde color that Emily had changed into? She stepped over another pile of papers, and some of them toppled over scattering on the floor beneath her feet. Diana couldn't really live like this... could she? They made their way into the kitchen, and Tiffany was sorry to smell that she was right at first. There were black crusted dishes piled in the sink, and at least five trash bags that were full and tied off at the backside of the small narrow walkway. There were holes chewed in them from mice, at least that is what Tiffany had assumed had chewed the rank smelling bags. She covered her nose to block out the pungent smell and stepped quickly through the aisle, until she reached the steps that led to a basement. If Diana was here she would probably be downstairs fiddling with something that she didn't want peering eyes to see through windows... though the way she kept her house no one would probably want to look inside of Diana's house.

Jen gagged behind Tiffany, and she was almost glad to not have to deal with the arousing smell that wafted from the woman. This was the perfect way to block sexual activity. No one wanted to have sex next to a pile of garbage and rotting food. She turned around to see Jen holding her nose and grimacing at the dark stains on the walls. It truly was unappealing. Tiffany felt herself gag again and she hurried her pace over piles of takeout bags and boxes. More garbage spilled as she stepped firmly on the first step that led to Diana's basement. She worked her way past piles of journals and papers, holding herself upright by pressing her ass against one wall and her hands on the other. It was probably a very funny sight to see, but Jen didn't even seem to notice because she too was forced into a similar position.

They made their way down the first few steps before making it to a landing where the steps then turned back the other direction. The house was very square and had a strange layout, but it was probably affordable and Diana seemed to live alone which made it nice. Tiffany was glad that she could no longer smell the kitchen, but soon Jen's incredible smell began to fill the room around her, "This is much better, I can't see much but at least everything is in boxes." Jen's voice was so contrasting to the stale quiet that sat in the room. Tiffany nearly jumped when the other woman spoke. She reached into her purse that and grabbed out her phone. She should have downloaded a flashlight app or something but using the screen would be better than no light at all. She moved the light against the walls looking for a switch, but the walls looked unfinished. They were more just the basic wooden framework. Tiffany tried to step forward but kicked a box and gave out a startled curse nearly dropping her phone in the process.

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