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Futatales: Roomies


Disclaimer: All characters are over eighteen years of age. This futanari story contains questionable morals and inordinate amounts of sex that never result in chafing. If you don't know what 'futanari' means, stop right now, Google it, and then decide if you want to continue reading. Enjoy!

Editing credit: Blind_Justice

Copyright © 2013 redskyes


It was almost two o'clock in the morning. I was lounging on the couch in my underwear and tee shirt, spooning Ben & Jerry's Phish Food into my mouth while watching a Eureka marathon on SyFy when I got the call.

"Chloe, Madison's rip-roaring drunk."

It was Kara, one of my roomie's friends. Madison and I had lived together since college. We'd graduated three years ago and just stuck together. We got along great, but we didn't travel in the same social circles. My girlfriends were book worms and MMO gamers (yes, we're out there), but Madison's were social divas, Kara being one of them. I didn't like Madison's friends, and she didn't like mine, but we liked each other, for some reason.

"How is this my problem?" I asked.

"Because she's about to make a scene. She's got two guys fired up to duke it out over her. That, or she's going to take them both upstairs. You need to come get her."

"Shit," I grumbled. "I'll be there in ten."

Stowing my ice cream in the freezer, I pulled on a pair of baggy sweat pants and a hugely oversized sweater, then hopped into my car and headed out. When I got to Kara's house, it was bursting at the seams with mid-twenties men and women. As I made my way inside, I got a lot of funny looks because of my wardrobe. Well, that and because I towered over most of the people there by more than a few inches. Not that I cared how freakishly tall I was, or that I had much of a choice in what I was wearing - I'll get to that last bit later.

I wouldn't be caught dead at a party like this anyway. Aside from the sea of vapid blondes, both bottled and real, it was an absolute sausage-fest. The guys outnumbered the girls by five to one. Way too much competition for me, to be honest, since guys weren't my thing.

Working through the crowd, I grabbed arms, wrists, hands, shoulders, asking around if anyone knew where Madison was. After a few minutes, I was directed upstairs. A couple more stops and I was pointed towards a door at the end of a hallway. Flinging it open, I found my roomie sandwiched between two muscle-bound jocks, her mouth plastered over the blonde one and the brunette with a buzz cut groping her ass from behind.

At least they were still wearing their clothes.

"Madison!" I barked, grabbing her arm and hauling her out of bed.

"Hey, what the fuck!" the blonde guy complained.

"Chloe!" Madison squealed and threw her arms around my neck, hugging me. Poor thing had to stand on the tips of her toes to do it too.

Thinking on my feet, I grabbed her hips and kept her from pressing herself against me. My clothes hid the fact that this was a d-day, but full body contact wouldn't.

"Let's go, Maddy," I said, taking her hand and leading her towards the door. "Time to go home."

Madison tugged on my hand, pulling me back. "Oh, come on! The party's just getting started!"


She grabbed my other hand too and leaned in to whisper, her breath reeking of vodka. "You can join us."

I snorted. "No thanks."

"Your loss," she flashed a big drunk-happy smile and turned away to rejoin her hunks.

I could have let her go. It's not like this was the first time I'd had to rescue her, and I knew it wouldn't be the last. Madison was wasted, and I knew from experience that she would remember almost nothing the next day, but those two guys would, and they would talk. We weren't in college anymore, but word would get around town and Madison would have to deal with the fallout of the rumors. Sure, she was flighty and irresponsible, but all in all, she was a nice girl. She deserved better, certainly better than the two douchebags waiting for her.

I yanked her away from the bed. "We're leaving before you make a spectacle out of yourself."

Madison stumbled behind me as I led her down the hall. "But I don't wear glasses!"

I laughed at that, because she was absolutely serious. It was times like this that I really had to wonder why we were friends. We had almost nothing in common. She was an art gallery manager downtown. She was also the buxom blonde of most men's dreams, tall and statuesque with a year-round bronze tan, the perfect balance of lean and curvy, wide hips and a full ass, narrow waist, and a tremendously generous rack. Her hair fell way down her back in thick golden waves, and she had stunning dark blue eyes. She was gorgeous, and she knew it.

Me, I was a junior tax accountant. I had short black hair that barely covered my ears and hazel green eyes. My skin was pale and I had a fairly lean build, thanks to a gym membership. My hips were kind of narrow, and while my ass was nice and tight, I'd always thought it was a little small. My breasts, on the other hand, were rather full. Not quite as devastating as Madison's double Ds, but big enough to make me just a little top-heavy, in my opinion.

Oh, and if I didn't make it clear earlier, I'm tall for a girl. Like, freakishly tall. I top out just about six-foot. But in heels? The air is thin up there, let me tell you. From a dating perspective, it was a good thing that I was gay.

"You're such a party-pooper," Madison whined as I shoved her into my car.

"Whatever," I grumbled, starting the car. "You ruined a perfectly good date I was on with Ben & Jerry's."

Madison screwed up her face, squinting her glazed-over eyes. "Are those the two dweebs you work with that are always hitting on me?"

I rolled my eyes. "Oh my God."

We were on the road less than a minute when she changed the radio station. We didn't even like the same movies, music, or books. She was all about the latest bubble-gum pop, like Taylor Swift and Demi Levato, while I was into Mumford & Sons and Barenaked Ladies (yes, still). She liked romantic comedies and I preferred campy horror and sci-fi. She devoured supernatural romance novels and I couldn't resist a good crime story.

Yeah, nothing in common.

Back at our apartment, I put my shoulder under Madison's arm and helped her up the stairs. I had to do a tricky balancing act to get my key in the door, but Madison helped in her own way. She wrapped her arms around my neck and hugged me, pulling my face into her ample cleavage.

"You're so sweet, coming to my rescue," she cooed.

"You're welcome," I mumbled into her boobs.

Despite the vodka on her breath, I couldn't help but notice how nice she smelled. Madison was head-over-heels for this high-end body spray that, she swears, strippers use all the time. She smelled like watermelon, and it always made my mouth water just like the real thing.

Fumbling our way into the apartment with her arm around my shoulders, she patted the side of my face with her hand. "You're my shining knight in armor."

"I think you mean knight in shining armor, Maddy."

She burped all of the sudden, but the sound had a hint of danger to it. Madison giggled, but with as much as she'd partied over the years, I had become very familiar with that particular kind of burp.

I kicked open the bathroom door and sat her down on the floor near the toilet, then got a bath going.

"What are you doing, Chloe?" she asked, leaning back, her head thudding against the wall. She rubbed at the spot and moaned. "Ouuuuch."

"I'm getting your bath ready," I replied, adding soap, lavender salt and tea tree oil.

"Why? I took a shower before the party."

She burped again.

I sighed and straightened up, then turned around to look down at her with my hands on my hips. "Because you're about to throw up, sweetie."

She scoffed and blew a chunk of blonde hair out of her eye. "No, I'm not." She pushed up to her feet and wobbled, slapping an arm against the wall for balance. "I'm perfegly fine. In fack, I could really go for another dring right about...hungh!"

I held her hair for her while she threw up into the toilet. When the dry heaves had passed, I wet a washcloth in the sink with cold water and went back to her to wipe her face and get her into the bath. I tried to be as clinical as I could while helping her undress. So I ignored her huge firms breasts with long nipples, her narrow waist, flared hips, long legs and the waxed-smooth mound between them. It wasn't easy, but the milky water and suds eventually concealed most of her body, giving me a break.

"Why do you put up with me?" she asked quietly, eyes closed and head back against the tub.

"Isn't it obvious?" I said, checking the temp of the bath with my hand and adding more hot water. When I looked at Madison, her dark blue eyes were staring at me, sleepy but more or less aware. "I'm secretly in love with you."

She giggled and patted my arm. "Oh, that's right."

It was kind of a running joke. One night during our freshman year of college, Madison and I had gotten quite drunk in our dorm room. Long story short, we ended up fooling around. It was her first girl-on-girl experience, but not mine. I'd come out of the closet my senior year in high school. Madison wasn't gay, nor bisexual. At best, she was bicurious. I say that because that wasn't her last lezzy experience. When the two of us got drunk enough, which was about twice a year, it was kind of inevitable that we'd fool around. Anyway, the joke specifically referred to the fact that despite how little girl-on-girl experience Madison had, she really loved to eat a peach now and then, and she was quite good at it. In fact, no other girl had ever made me come as much nor as hard with her mouth as Madison had.

She grinned, and as if reading my thoughts, asked, "You're not drunk at all, are you?"

"Uhm, no," I smirked.

"That's too bad."

I raised an eyebrow.

She bit her lower lip and grinned again. "I could really go for a fur burger right now."

Well, that was just great. She was more than drunk enough to be ready and willing to go down on me. The bad part was that it had to be that particular night. Why couldn't it have been last night, or tomorrow night? No, it had to be tonight. Well, fuck.

I splashed her face with water and she yelped. "You are so crass."

Both of us laughed for a bit. She gazed at me for a while, and though she was wasted, I could tell that she was thinking something over, and hard.

"What?" I said.

Madison looked over at my hand on the side of the tub, then she picked it up and held it. "Nothing," she murmured, kissing the back of my hand. "Sometimes I forget how much you mean to me."

I looked away so that she wouldn't see me blush. It wasn't like I was smitten with her. I could never see myself with someone like Madison. She was funny, smart, independent, and like I said, she had a very talented tongue. But girlfriend material? Hell no. Still, I'd be lying if I said wasn't attracted to her, and with the fairly recent change in my life, I was very attracted to her.

Madison kissed my hand again, then she started kissing my fingers. I narrowed my gaze and she gave me a sultry look while licking her tongue around my finger rather suggestively.

"You're drunk, Maddy," I snorted, pulling my hand back and doing my best to ignore how hard my nipples were, and that something else was getting hard too.

She caught my finger between her teeth and smiled, then pursed her lips and kissed the tip. "I know. You should take advantage of me while you can." She set my hand on her chest and I could feel the upper swells of her breasts just grazing my palm. "Who knows when I'll be drunk enough again?"

For a second, just a second, I considered it.

"Get your bubble-butt up," I snorted.

"I do not have a bubble-butt!" she protested, eyes wide.

Madison climbed up to her feet to stand in front of me in all her naked glory, water running in rivulets down her lush body, dripping from her nipples. She put her hands on her hips and turned this way and that, modeling her insanely feminine figure. I felt a stirring underneath my sweat pants, which wasn't good.

I really needed to get out of there, before Madison noticed that all wasn't exactly what it seemed in Chloe-land. Without getting into the details - because they don't really matter - most of the time I'm a perfectly normal and healthy young woman in her mid-twenties. But the other days? Well, on those, my anatomy is rather different. I call them d-days, because when I wake up in the morning - don't freak out - I'm a dickgirl. My vagina will have been replaced with a big dick and a pair of enormous balls, all of it fully functional. For the last few months, I had been putting it to good use with three different women, two around my age and one in her early thirties. No idea how it was that they hadn't blabbed about it to anyone, but they'd kept my secret, and all I'd had to do was ask.

No, I don't know how the transformation thing works. I just know that magic is involved, and that my extra anatomy respects the fact that I wax regularly, so everything down there is always smooth and hairless, regardless of what day it is. There's no regularity to it either. It's totally random. Monday morning? Just a girl. Tuesday morning? Big, fat schlong and enormous sack hanging between my legs. It was impossible to predict when it would happen. Made scheduling dates with my girlfriends a real pain in the ass, actually.

Madison almost caught me on a day that I woke up with extra body mass. I was in the shower when she came into the bathroom to brush her teeth, and she saw me through the foggy glass door, my dick just swinging between my legs. I'd turned away just in time. She must not have gotten a good look though, because she never said anything. She stared at me for the next few days though.

Anyway, this particular day was a dong-day, so at that moment, I had a partially soft but rather impressive schlong down the leg of my sweatpants and enormous nuts that were full to bursting.

I grabbed a towel and threw it at her. "Come on, Maddy. Time for bed."

Her pouty expression seemed out of place to me, unless I was missing something.

"Fine," she huffed, wrapping the towel around her. "Be that way."

Madison glared at me and shouldered by me on her way out of the bathroom. I just gaped at her. She was pissed? At me? What the hell did I do? Aside from picking up her drunken ass before making a fool out of herself, holding her hair back while she yacked, and drawing a bath for her and making sure she didn't drown in the damn thing, of course. Sure seemed pretty goddamn charitable of me.

I followed her to her room and leaned against the door frame. She was sitting on the bench in front of her vanity, trying to brush out her hair. She was still wasted though, and her movements were clumsy. She wasn't so much grooming her hair as just angrily yanking the brush through her tangled locks. Even when she was pissed, and a drunken mess, she was still gorgeous.

"Did I do something wrong, Maddy?"

"You didn't do anything, Chloe," she huffed and yanked the brush through her hair again. "Nothing at all." Her brush caught in her hair and she yelped. "Ow! Fucking hair!"

With a sigh, I went over to stand behind her and gently worked the brush out of the knot, then I started brushing her hair. I watched her in the mirror while taming her locks. Her shoulders were slumped and her head was hanging forward, her glossy eyes staring at the top of her vanity.

With the knots worked out of her hair, I pulled her back to lean against me, her head on my stomach, and I brushed the top and sides of her head. Slowly, Madison relaxed, shuffling back on the bench to lean into me. Her towel came loose and, inch by inch, it fell away. When her big firm breasts spilled out into the open, I had to take a step back so that she didn't feel my slowly waking erection.

When her hair was once again soft and luxurious, I put the brush down and set my hands on her shoulders. She reached up to put her hands over mine and turned her cheek against my stomach. She looked less angry now, more sad than anything.

"What's going on, Maddy?"

She laughed bitterly and closed her eyes, then covered her face with her hands. "I can't believe I'm pissed about this."

"Pissed about what?" I frowned.

She looked at me in the mirror. "BFFs, right?"


"I can tell you anything and you won't judge me?"

I made a face. "You know I won't."

Her eyes glistened as she looked at me, then she all but whispered, "I kind of miss you."

"Kind of?" I said with mock offense.

Madison laughed, then she licked her lips nervously and nodded.

I wasn't sure where this was coming from. Unless I was at work, I was home. Her social life was much busier than mine. If she didn't see me as often as she liked, it wasn't my doing. Unless she was upset because she wanted me to go out with her, something I rarely did, on account of not liking her friends.

I smiled with a frown. "Maddy, I'm always here. If you need something, you just need to ask."

"I know," she sighed and got up from the bench.

When she looked away from the mirror, I made a quick adjustment of my sweatpants, letting my erection bounce up against my hip. It was almost poking out from under my sweats, but my sweater was more than long enough to hide it.

Madison made her way over to the bed, her towel left on the bench, and she flopped onto her stomach on the mattress. For a moment or two, I just stared at her naked body. Her skin was so smooth that it had a shine to it. Her ass - oh my God, her ass - just begged to be kissed and nibbled. Even her back was sexy, soft and smooth with two little dimples just above her butt. While I gaped at her, Madison reached up behind her and pulled her long blonde hair off to one side, baring her neck.

"Could you give me a back rub?" she mumbled.


I went over and got her favorite lotion out of her nightstand. Madison turned her head and looked me over, then made a sour face. "My God. What are you wearing?"

I chuckled.

She rolled onto her side, facing me, and pushed up onto her arm. My eyes were drawn to the smooth valley between her legs, but I tore them away when I felt my cock jerk in my sweats.

"No, seriously, Chloe. You picked me up from the party wearing that? "

I shut the drawer and shrugged. "So what?"

She shook her head and laughed. "It's hideous! "

I rolled my eyes, rubbing the lotion into my palms. "I wasn't there to get laid. Now turn over."

She grinned and rolled onto her back. "Do my front first."

Oh, how I wanted to do that, but not today. "You can do your front on your own."

"But I don't want to," she whined, giving me puppy-dog eyes. "Please? Pamper me for a bit?"

I sighed. "Fine."

Madison squeaked and flipped onto her back. I started at her feet and worked my way up her long, long legs, pushing my fingers into her stiff muscles to work the tension out of them.

"Mmm. That's nice," she murmured.

When I reached her knees, she parted her legs a little, and there it was, her smoothly waxed mound, all nice and neat and baby soft. She had an arm over her eyes so I just drank her in with my gaze while working more lotion into her thighs, remembering how hot she'd been in my mouth when I'd gone down on her seven months, sixteen days and about four hours ago (maybe I'm a bit obsessed with her). The last time we'd fooled around had been before I had my secret.

Ever since the radical change in my life, my attraction to her had grown stronger with every passing day. She wasn't doing it intentionally, and she was completely unaware of the effect she had on me, but Madison was a tease. She barely wore anything when it was just us around the apartment. She constantly pranced around in panties and a tank top, baby tee, camisole, or halter top. She was a huge fucking cock-tease, is what she was, but again, she wasn't actually guilty of doing anything.

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