Liana and Jack Mansfield and Wallace and Mira Samuels were talking about the future and reminiscing about old times. The theme seemed to change to what they might be missing in life and some of their fantasies.

Liana and Mira exchanged glances.

Liana, Jack knew, was fascinated with Wallace.

Wally was smiling when the subject of fantasies came up. He had often wondered just how much Liana was interested in him, because he was quite enamored with her.

Mira had often encouraged Jack to give her a hug or a kiss on the cheek, and she also wondered just how far he would go if she encouraged him a little more.

Wally knew that his wife had strong feelings for Jack but was not sure just how deep it went.

Jack also wondered if it was his imagination or if Mira was truly "coming on" to him. "This is a good time to find out," he thought as the conversation began to heat up.

"I have often wondered how it might feel to just let myself go and see how being with other men would feel," Liana said. She flushed at her words. "I mean, what I might be missing," she stopped and took a breath. "I mean what it might be like to just let myself go and enjoy other men," she said, still trying to explain.

Wally smiled. "I have often wondered about that myself," he said. "With some other woman than Mira," he added quickly.

Mira and Jack laughed. "You two are getting in deeper and deeper," Mira said grinning.

Jack laughed at their struggle to try to gloss over their bumbling words. "I have a great idea," he said hastily. "Why don't we quit sparing around and just say what is on our minds."

Liana and Mira gasped softly.

Jack pulled Mira to him and gave her a kiss on the mouth.

Mira gasped. Wally laughed.

Liana frowned but quickly smiled as Wally moved toward her. "I believe we have come to the essence of what we are trying to say," Liana said grinning.

Wally took her face in his hands and kissed her on the mouth, pressing his tongue between her luscious lips.

The heat in the room seemed to rise. The two couples exchanged glances as the men sank into the plush chairs with the other's spouse on their laps.

Mira giggled softly. "Are you interested in me or are you carrying a cucumber in your pocket," she giggled softly into Jack's ear.

Liana heard her and laughed. "He don't like cucumbers," she said, but it don't take much to make him as large as a cuke," she said with a huge smile on her face. She squirmed on Wally's lap. "You aren't so bad either," she commented, her lips poised to kiss him again.

The kiss was hot and she sighed heavily when she felt Wally's cock grow even larger against her squirming ass globes.

"I believe we had better move into the bedroom," Jack said.

His wife gasped aloud.

Mira nodded her head in agreement. "I don't think I can enjoy this with my husband in the same room," she admitted.

They scrambled toward the bedroom, Jack and Wally trying to keep their cocks from bursting through their clothes.

Liana selected the closest bedroom pulling Wally into the large bedroom and quickly closed the door behind her. Wally watched in awe as she quickly started to remove her clothes, doing a little strip dance for him. He gasped at the size of her tits. They were large and firm, with huge purple areoles with large, jutting nipples adorning the swaying globes. He was transfixed by the sight and gasped aloud when she danced out of her bikini panties. Her cunt was shaved clean and her cunt lips were puffy and red.

He struggled to remove his own clothes down over his rock hard cock.

Liana smiled at him, running her tongue over her lips in desire. "I have wanted to see you like this for a long time," she admitted softly.

They were in a sixty-nine position in the wink of an eye, each devouring the other's attributes, sucking and growling loudly with each lick and suck.

Wally groaned as he exploded his cum into her mouth. She smiled and mumbled, "Oh my god, Yesss," causing him to continue to shoot load after load into her eager sucking mouth.

He felt her tremble and allowed the sweet tasting liquid to flow into his own mouth, filling him with her orgasm.

They lay coupled together until their orgasms subsided. "Now fuck me," Liana said, almost begging.

Wally's cock had diminished slightly, but when she turned her cunt toward his softening cock it rose again for the occasion.

They both groaned in delight as his cock disappeared into her hot, soft cunt. The slow, but long lingering strokes caused Liana to tremble under him. Her orgasm was huge and flooded the bed and his cock with the liquid. Wally felt his second orgasm boiling in his balls. "I am Cuming again," he shouted loudly as torrents of hot cum flooded into her clasping cunt.

They lay together, his cock still hard and throbbing in her cunt. They fucked three times more, only to stop when they were no longer able to cum again. Liana grinned when she continued to cum after he could no longer keep up. "You are a great fuck," she said. "We will have to do this more often!"

Wally could barely nod his head in agreement.

Mira and Jack stumbled to the second bedroom.

Jack held her tightly in his arms, kissing her deeply and hotly.

She gasped when he slowly began to unfasten her clothes. "Oh please hurry," she said between gasps. "I want to feel you in me!"

Jack fondled her tits softly and moved his hands down to shove her panties down her legs.

His mouth found each tit and he sucked loudly on each one. They were not as large as his spouse's but very nice to suck.

She pushed his head away. In an instant, she lay on her back on the bed, her legs apart, displaying her blonde hair covered cunt for him. "Fuck me!" she ordered as he removed his clothes.

Jack smiled. He stepped between her outspread legs and entered her viciously.

"UMMM! Yes!" she shouted. Her shouts of enjoyment echoed in the room. "That's it! Fuck me hard and fast!" she screamed as he drove his rod into the depths of her raging hot cunt. He held onto her as she bucked up and down under him, nearly throwing him out of the saddle.

Her screams of desire filled the room and suddenly she let out a blood-curdling scream. "Here I cum!" she shouted.

Jack could not believe how much cum she spewed. The bed was soaked and he was covered with the foaming liquid.

"Please don't stop!" she screamed between ejaculations.

Jack pounded relentlessly into her pulsing pussy until he thought he couldn't possibly cum again. She had sucked his cock dry with her gyrations around his cock, pulling all of his pent up orgasms out of his body, draining his balls until they were small little pebles in his scrotum sack. He groaned in delirium and delight. "What a fuck," he thought.

Mira slowed slightly when his cock began to deflate. "Don't quit on me now, you wonderful piece of cock. I love the way you fuck."

Jack shook his head. He had barely had anything to do with the tremendous fuck he had just received but was determined to satisfy this insatiable woman. His balls ached but he still managed to keep his erection.

Myra continued to pummel him. With each stroke, she shouted anew. Her screams of delight shook the entire room and the mattress rocked up and down violently. The bed squalled its resistance and the walls seemed to vibrate. Jack was hanging on to her to keep from being thrown off by her violent attack. He was enjoying the ride and began to shout his enjoyment of the terrific fuck that he was having even though he had to concentrate on the adventure to keep from being thrown from the bed. He doubted that could happen because she had his cock clenched in her pussy so tightly. With one last thrust, he drove his cock into her so deeply she screamed and shook violently, then she passed out.

Jack pulled his bright red cock from her clutching cunt lips. Her pussy continued to pulse as his cock slipped from its confines. He realized what a terrific fuck she had been and wondered if she fucked her husband so frantically.

When she aroused from her faint, she smiled weakly at him. "You were so wonderful," she exclaimed. She took his deflated cock in her hand and slowly jacked it back to life. "We have wasted a lot of good times," she said with a large smile. "But we will make up for lost time now!"

She kissed the tip of his cock, sending shudders up and down Jack's spine. His cock responded despite its recent adventure into the utterly sublime reaches of her body.

Jack could not believe that she could suck it back to life. He was pleasantly surprised when it grew to new and larger proportions than ever before. Just as it disappeared into her mouth for the umpteenth time, he heard the door open. Her husband and his wife were standing in the door.

Myra looked up from his cock and grinned. "I didn't realize just how good a well fucked cock tastes," she mumbled around Jack's throbbing cock.

Wally sighed deeply. "She never would suck my cock," he said wistfully.

Liana grinned. "She doesn't know what she has missed. You have a great cock and I love to suck you off!" she exclaimed blatantly.

They all laughed at the vocalization.

They decided right then that they would not wait any longer to have sex with the other's spouse again. The exchange of partners would become a regular event without regrets or jealousy. A good fuck is a good fuck no matter where or whom you are with.

The friendship goes on to this day. All any one of them needs to do is ask of the others' spouse and they are ready and willing.

A good fucking neighbor is hard to find but when you do----!

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