tagSci-Fi & FantasyFuture Sex Ch. 02

Future Sex Ch. 02


The Office Christmas Party is supposed to be a relaxed time to have fun in casual clothes. In reality it is like the court of Louis XIV of France, with behaviour and clothes adjusted according to fashion, status and a keen appreciation of current politics. Dress "casual" was anything but easy.

Obviously my wife Kay was in charge of getting us ready.

"Which codpiece shall I wear, darling?" I asked. "The one Mum sent me?"

"No way! With Christmas baubles as balls? We'd be a laughing stock. Leave that sort of thing to your friend Jeff. The ten inch black one with the tight balls. Low-hanging balls were last year."

"Now then Rick, did you have your enema? A douche isn't good enough this time."

"Yes dear," I meekly answered.

"Right. Let's sort out your butt plug and tail. Show me."

I turned my back and parted my buttocks. She looked closely and sniffed.

"Seems ok, but I'll just pop in an ass mint to be sure." So she did.

She lubed me and put in the plug with the medium Rudolph tail.

"Is that the little plug?" I asked. "I don't want it coming out."

"No, it's the medium one," she answered in an annoyed tone. "We need a bit of tightness when you get fucked. If it was up to you you'd be gaping like the Channel Tunnel."

With my backless trousers, codpiece, tail and traditional sweater, I was feeling very smart. Kay put on my lipstick and also applied it to my nose, checked my hair, ears and antlers, and pronounced me fit to fuck.

"Remember," she said, "this is the year Mary fucks you. Don't screw it up." Mary is head of HR, and a fuck from her at the Christmas party is a sign of great favour. If I could get that, my promotion would be in the bag.

The big boss was there, Sir Arthur. He was wearing a traditional Christmas sweater, probably hand knitted by a craftsperson in the Orkneys. I bet it wasn't synthwool either. It probably cost more than I was paid in a year. All zoos have a sheep, of course, but everyone knows they are electric. The very few zoos that have real ones make a packet out of selling the wool.

He had no trousers at all. He was not wearing a tail and his own genitals hung limply down. An absolute display of power.

The other directors grasped his dick briefly when they greeted them. He did not touch them at all. The only other person permitted to address him as Arthur was Philip, the janitor. A strange social convention of equality between the highest and lowest. Philip held his boss's dick during the whole of their brief conversation, while Sir Arthur held Philip's codpiece, an eight-inch one, probably very cheap, but covered in Christmas wrapping paper for the occasion.

Despite the supposed casual nature of the event, Sir Arthur's wife Louisa was wearing a formal dress: open breasts and crotch, extended buttocks. Her breasts hung down to her waist, and most of the women must have been green with envy. Poor Kay often complains about her high firm ones, but we can't afford the surgery on my salary.

But it was Louisa's crotch which everyone was looking at. There was a flaccid cock and balls - the very latest Synthcock X, not due for release till the New Year. Not rigid all the time, but erectile, the very latest technology. People would be queuing up at the stores on New Year's Eve, but here it was. It looked like the six-inch one, but only because they do not make a four-inch one. I thought how Jeff must be regretting the money he spent on his penis extension: twelve inches, just before the fashion switched.

Mary was of course the centre of attention, with everyone trying to be discreet about it. She was wearing an earlier model of Synthcock, an eight-inch, fully erect at all times, plus a fluffy bunny tail on her butt plug. She had a grey costume and rabbit ears, but absolutely no-one was going to say it was an Easter outfit.

Many of the other women were ready to fuck with dildos in Christmas harnesses, but no-one else had a Synthcock. I knew there would be some techie enthusiasts who had one despite the price, but no-one would dare to compete with Louisa and Mary. Court politics.

I saw that a lot of the men were wearing short skirts, and wondered if I had got it wrong again, but there were enough in backless trousers to mean that I was not alone. Nearly all the men had Christmas jumpers, though a few had a Rudolph tunic: brown on the back with white front. Tails were mostly standard horse, though there were a good number of proper reindeer ones, and I was glad that we had bought one. Jeff was the only man dressed as an elf, with what looked like a sixteen inch golden codpiece with low hanging Christmas baubles.

The women were a mixture of elves, Mrs Claus and fairies. All had their breasts covered, of course, because it was supposed to be casual. They mainly had furry tails, which looked cute.

Kay pointed out a new design this year. Several women had skirt edges in the form of diamonds, giving a ragged finish in alternate red and green. Others had the diamond pattern on the bodice. If you looked carefully you could see that each diamond had a vertical line in the middle, the PureCunt symbol. Some of the men were also wearing pink or black PureCunt badges, signifying that they only had sex as a cock in a cunt. Obviously we respect all sexual preferences, but the PureCunts had always seemed a bit extreme. There were more of them, and Kay wondered if it was becoming fashionable. I said there was a limit to how far I was prepared to go in following fashion!

Mary had her wife Eric on a lead, with a silver collar around his neck. He had lovely long blond hair, and was wearing a grey patched dress, ending in rags. His tail was horse, but also ragged. As she chatted with Sir Arthur and Louisa, Eric knelt down and started sucking Arthur's cock.

This was another conspicuous display of power because Sir Arthur was not already erect. We were expected to believe that he would be having sex without any pharmaceutical aid. The boss occasionally paused in the conversation to pat Eric's head and say what I imagine was a few words of encouragement. Finally he closed his eyes, held Eric's head and began thrusting and shaking, but still looking like a man in control. Eric moved his head away and turned open-mouthed to show the spunk on his tongue, then milked the stiff cock in front of him of the last drops. Of course, we all applauded.

That is when the party began.

Kay had made sure I only had one actual drink so far, though I was sipping at a glass of tonic water (which I don't like, so it lasts a long time). She reminded me we would not have sex with anyone until we had tried with Mary. The younger people were mostly at it straight away, but a lot of the older ones were trying to gain some political advantage, and were still negotiating. The Directors were walking around, asking people how they enjoyed their jobs and the party, with favoured ones being invited to kiss some part of them.

Mary was going around with Eric, chatting with couples as he sucked off some. He also lifted his skirt to show them his dick or a codpiece. I remembered that last year the party had begun by him being sucked off by Philip.

She finally came round to us.

"Ah, Richard, isn't it? I've heard good reports of your work."

"Yes, Mistress Mary," I said hopefully while Kay smiled fit to burst.

"And I've had a few nice chats with Kay here." Then she seemed to change the topic.

"Don't you think Eric looks lovely tonight?" We agreed, yes he did.

"Eric, show them your improvement." He lifted his skirt to show female genitals surrounded by beautifully trimmed hair. "Much better than that silly cock for my Eric," she added.

Kay bent down for a closer look. "Oh, that is lovely. What a pretty girl you are, Eric!" Eric simpered.

"Would you like Eric to suck you off, or perhaps you would like to fuck him? His new cunt is very good."

I went for it. "That would be nice, but I'd rather be fucked by you, Mistress Mary."

Kay and I held our breaths. Mary seemed to consider, while Eric dropped his skirt and looked on with interest.

"It's very kind of you to offer." We waited for the 'but...'."

"I think I'd like that too. Would you care to bend over that chair?"

I did so, and Kay removed my tail. I had not taken my erection tablet yet, but I was as stiff with excitement as the time I had taken two by mistake.

As I waited, I heard "Oh, here's Philip. Would you care to join us, Philip?"

I turned my head. The arrangement is that at the party, Philip can fuck absolutely anyone he wants. Of course he asks, and in theory can be refused, but we all suspect our employment may be in jeopardy.

"I was just going to fuck Richard here. It looks like a nice ass. Would you fancy him?" Oh no!

"Thank you, Mistress Mary, but I rather like the look of the lady here."

I turned "Philip, may I introduce you to my wife Kay. Kay this is Philip. Would you like to fuck him?"

"I'd be delighted," said Kay. Whether she did or not, she was bound to do it for me. "Cunt or ass?"

"Cunt, please, Kay."

So we were simultaneously fucked by the highest and lowest grade of employee.

Mary entered me carefully and paused. I waited in trepidation.

"Oh that is nice," she said with feeling. "The tightness is just right. Too many men go for larger and larger dildos until they are just gaping." And she started moving.

It was something between a dildo and an actual cock, probably better than either, and she was moving differently from the way Kay fucked me. Kay, of course is always trying to please me, and stimulate my prostate. Mary was only trying to please herself but in a different way from a man. If I got promotion, I was definitely buying Kay a Synthcock! (Or perhaps one of the cheaper pseudopenises, since Synthcocks are so much more expensive.)

Mary paused. "This is really nice, but would you mind if I removed your codpiece?" I said fine.

She deftly removed it, and fondled my cock and balls. "Even better," she murmured.

I looked over to Kay who was having to hold hard to resist Philip's vigorous thrusts. I realised he was probably a lot fitter than most of the deskbound employees. I held out my hand and she clasped it for a moment.

"How touching," said Mary, as she began to thrust again.

She fucked and massaged me until I came. "Good boy!" she said without missing a stroke.

Not very long after Philip's grunts and cries announced that he had come as well. I glanced over and realised that Kay was also coming. Had she taken an enhancer pill? That had not been our plan. I noticed his hands were under her costume and he was holding onto her breasts.

Then I returned my concentration to that marvellous Synthcock filling me up. I later realised that Mary must be quite fit as well. Finally she was spurting inside me, buried deep and holding onto my hips. I heard a round of applause and realised there was a crowd watching us.

"That was good," she said. "Let me give you another."

She fucked me a bit more and ejaculated again. The wonders of technology!

She pulled out and Eric sucked both of us clean. He had probably done the same for Philip, who was no longer around.

"How was that for you, Rick?" she asked. (She called me Rick!)

"Lovely," I said. "I hope it was good for you."

"Yes indeed," she answered calmly. "We must do it again sometime."

Then she noticed my drooping dick.

"Oh," she said in puzzlement, "you haven't taken viagra?" My inner pedant wanted to tell her that there were many erection aids, and you should not call them viagra as you should not call vacuum cleaners hoovers. It was a great struggle, but I managed not to.

"No. I was going to take it after I had spoken with you. There are a couple of employees I think I should fuck."

"And who might they be?"

"Firstly, Clarisse in Finance who has been a big help to me, and secondly Rufus, one of my juniors who I think has talent but needs a bit more encouragement. I thought if we fucked each other it might give him more confidence to speak his mind with me."

"Spoken like a true manager," said Mary. (Hooray! I thought.)

"Eric, make an appointment for me early next week: thirty minutes initially. Richard, I hope you won't mind me fucking you while I give you some of my thoughts on your future role. I really do have a tight schedule, so I often do this with managers."

"Perhaps we could also have dinner together one evening soon. I would love to fuck your wife, if you both agree, and I'm sure you'll enjoy being sucked off by Eric."

We both said thankyou and Mary moved off to socialize and have sex with other employees.

I took my pill and did my duty with Clarisse. She and her husband said it was so nice to be appreciated, and also invited us to dinner and sex. Rufus was absolutely amazed. He had not expected to have sex with anyone at the party, so I had to give him a spare pill. Actually he had been having hardly any sex anyway. His confidence and his work performance improved and now he has a regular boyfriend and girlfriend.

Back home, Kay was of course delighted and we hugged and kissed. Perhaps strangely it felt right not to have sex, but to just appreciate each other in bed. There she gave me some more good news. Philip had said how much he loved her breasts. He said he liked them high and firm

"See," I said. "I always told you how I liked them. I am sure plenty of other men would. So let's forget about surgery."

Back at work, I found Philip and asked him if he could start fucking my wife. Unfortunately he refuses to take erection pills, so can only manage once or twice a day, and has a full set of commitments. However, he suggested that anytime Kay popped round he would still be glad to appreciate her breasts without fucking her. That was a novel idea, so I tried it myself and found she really liked it just as an activity in itself. She does see Philip occasionally to be groped and sucked, which always cheers her up.

It was - how shall I say? - interesting to be fucked while conducting business, but that is what Mary does. (I can now call her Mary!) Eric does not speak and is submissive as her pet, but in other situations is an intelligent and forceful man, extremely competent as the HR second in command. He told me that the change from cock to cunt had been his wish. The operation had retained the nerves and some tissue from his cock, so he has a sort of clitoris and enjoys vaginal sex. He has no balls, but takes testosterone, so is still 'him'. He retained his prostate which provides clear female ejaculation. He enjoys sucking cocks, but likes to be ordered to.

We did go to dinner and his cunt and sucking off were as good as promised, and his orgasm very pleasant. I also enjoyed his firm high breasts. Kay was fucked by Mary, of course, and I think found her better than me. But then I cannot compete with the technology, and we are glad for each other to enjoy sex with others. We bought a Synthcock: extremely expensive but worth every penny for both of us.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous04/09/19

The future doesn't sound very appealing to me.

Funny how a story so full of "erotica" can be so un-erotic. I guess because it's lacking all the warmth and emotional involvement that are the main ingredient of enjoyable sex, at least in my book.

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