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Future Sex Ch. 04



The success of the Marilyn Monroe sexbot thirty years ago has passed into legend. Many of these early models are still in use today, and refurbished early units attract high prices by aficionados who prefer the simplicity of the fucking and the faint noises of the mechanism to the smoother operation of modern bots. However, it surprised the industry that the introduction of a realistic sleeping mode in female bots really transformed the market. So many men (and not a few women) appreciated having someone warm and soft breathing beside them - the so-called 'super teddy bear' effect. Younger people do not realise what a revolution this was. The second generation which occasionally turned and could give a sleepy hug absolutely defined what we expect of a sleepbot today. Thousands of users hardly ever use the sexual functions, but are satisfied with the sleeping woman.

Womanbot MW is typical of the latest models being fully configurable and totally pseudo-organic, apart from a realistic skeleton (therefore the height is fixed at purchase). All aspects, including the feel of the mouth, breasts, vagina and anus are as good as any I have tried, and the sleepy hugs are a delight. Much the same could be said for many other models on the market of course. It has the standard setting of 8 hours active sleep after last use, then 8 hours in passive sleep (or 'dead' mode) before returning to active sleep ready to be awoken, all of which can of course be adjusted.

But what sets it apart is a rather ingenious programming system (and copyright control).

The choice for most purchasers is either a fixed woman whom you are happy to sleep with for the guarantee period (10 years with most manufacturers, though 25 years duration may be expected with appropriate maintenance and a post-guarantee insurance) or (for twice the price) one which can be changed when you wish. Enthusiasts of course are happy to customize, and many spend more time doing this than actually using their bot, with online discussions, tips and even conferences. For everyone else, this means going to a dealer for conversion. Custom jobs are decidedly lucrative. However, deciding what you want is not easy, and many users would like to sleep with a variety of women, hence the success of Womanbot Weekly which came programmed with seven different women, who could be changed by the user relatively easily, giving the possibility of a different woman every day of the week.

Womanbot MW takes this a stage further in variety and convenience. I tested the top of the range model, which is programmed with every Miss World contestant from 1959 (when the first television broadcasts began) to 1999. Needless to say, getting the information and copyright was a remarkable effort. The manufacturers say they are in negotiation for later years and may be able to offer them as add-ons in due course. In principle, therefore, Womanbot MW offers the user the chance to sleep with a different beauty queen every night. While all can be selected, the default program simply goes in alphabetical order for each year. The bot reconfigures itself in about 6 hours during the passive sleep mode. Thus you may (as I did) leave Miss New Zealand sleeping, and come home to wake up Miss Nigeria, with Miss Norway the following day. Naturally she is perfectly fuckable as many times as you want while in sleep mode. I found night and morning very good. You can, of course, pause the automatic reconfiguration to keep her the same for as many days as you want or set the system to skip certain ones, e.g. different races, or make a playlist from any of those available. Note that she cannot be disturbed, and most particularly fucked, while configuring, as this will certainly invalidate the guarantee.

I was particularly impressed with the colour change from Miss New Zealand to Miss Nigeria and to Miss Norway. The Octoderm skin is named both because there are eight colours, but also the technology is based on the camouflage mechanism of the octopus and squid. With a lens you can just see the colour pixels expanding and contracting. It also feels very natural, but appropriate care will be needed, in particular with the vulva lubrication, to maintain the colours.

The only major manual operation is to change the wig (or not, if you choose). A turban is supplied as an alternative. Its use in sleep or passive mode will extend wig life.

The manufacturers estimated that the most popular purchase options will be just the winners, or one particular year, with the possibility of purchasing further years at any time. However, it seems to me that the first, second and third for each year would be a very attractive one.

The manufacturers say they have used actual data wherever possible, with nude pictures being more available for the later contestants, but otherwise have taken advice from experts at leading universities, based on what could be seen from the clothes on video and prevailing norms. Thus, for example the early years all have pubic hair (for some girls in abundance) while severely trimmed or even shaved is more common later. Growing and retracting pubic hair takes some time in order to achieve a natural feel and look, and adds to the time of reconfiguration. The eyebrows also change, but the eyelashes are fixed. Early girls are more generously proportioned than the later ones. (They were also shorter, but height cannot be altered - not really a problem for a woman who is mostly enjoyed lying down.)

A particularly attractive feature is that not only the appearance changes but also the voice, based upon recordings and synthesized for the normal expressions in bed before during and after sex. However, I found it amusing to select the actual speech, and to fuck a beautiful and responsive woman while being told of her earnest desire for world peace. I expect many other users will do this.

It must be understood that as with the others in the Womanbot range these are designed for sleeping and fucking in bed (vaginal and anal). She can be helped into a doggy or standing bent over position, but is not recommended for more extreme out of bed activity. (See my review of Kinkybot Super X3 for an impressive range of other positions.) A supplied tool must be used in order to make her feet stand in high heels, but it is strongly recommended that shoes are not worn in bed. She can of course be dressed in any clothes you want, but a range of period swimsuits are available.

Her internal motors are designed for limited responsive movements such as hugging and writhing, but do this in a remarkably life-like manner. (See my review of ActionGirl Xtra-4 for more athletic behaviour, but note the short battery life.)

Because the mouths change they are not optimized for penetration. The manufacturers say they decided not to include cocksucking or cuntlicking for technical reasons, and the presence of semen in this area will invalidate the guarantee. I do not think this is a problem as I am sure any purchaser of a sleepbot will probably already have a pseudomouth with their preferred choice of actions. I can vouch that it is very pleasant to be sucked off while kissing and holding a beauty queen. However, I commend the wonderful way in which this bot kisses and very much enjoyed the difference between those contestants I tested.

Likewise, the vagina is optimized for penile lubrication and the clitoris to respond to thrusts, so she is not really responsive to oral stimulation. (See my review of Cunnibot #43 if this is your interest.) I can confirm that the external genitals did change noticeably with the girls I tried.

The anus is an absolute triumph of modern technology: I have never had better. Perfectly self-lubricating and excellent double sphincter action. Best of all (and quite a surprise) it is not the same for every girl. Miss New Zealand was simply passive, but absolutely perfect (or so I thought). Then Miss Nigeria started squeezing and milking me, while Miss Norway was meeting my thrusts. Hats off to the programmers! It will be interesting to see how many variations there are.

The breasts are a delight in the variation of the mound itself, from small and cute to large and loose, but the variety of nipples alone will be a source of joy to many. Big or small areolas, tiny teats or big nipples, they remind us that there is no single standard of beauty. The nipples are blind, which is to say they cannot release liquid, as the copyright holders insisted that the contestants could not possibly be lactating. (See my review of MilkMaid 69 if this is your particular interest.)

She has the standard option of the sleepy waking up of a familiar sex partner, though this is done very well and comes with a lot of minor variations, and of course the different voice. However, I tried the manufacturer's recommended setting of being surprised to be in bed with a stranger, which I think will be good for many users. Miss Norway said "Who are you?" in a startled voice. Miss Nigeria said "I don't think I know you, but I'd like to try." Miss Norway said "Where did you come from? Never mind, let's fuck." When woken for a second time, they remembered me, though it is easy to set to 'always stranger'. Other options are 'harem' and 'sullen compliance'. The owners of the Miss World copyright specifically prohibited the inclusion of a rape mode, though I expect this will be hacked at some time.

As with all devices of this type, proper care, maintenance and hygiene is essential. Failure to give a daily wipe and a weekly clean can lead to irritation for the user. It really is not difficult. A cleaning dildo such as the Vagwash or the Kleenkunt makes life easier. A standard wireless charging point near the bed will keep her always ready, and the batteries are guaranteed for five years. The lubricant cartridges were very easy to replace. While it may seem expensive I do recommend always using the manufacturer's lubricants. With average sexual use they will probably need to be replaced monthly. With no use, annually, as there is a periodic cleaning cycle to keep the channels clear of dust. (Thus an occasional small amount of wetness on the bed is not a fault.)

The semen collection bags should be changed weekly if there is even a single use, for hygiene. By the way, the choice of 'hold/release' worked very well. In hold mode, almost no semen leaked out, meaning that she could just be left to sleep. In release mode, there was a nice pulsation two minutes after withdrawal and the semen trickled out in an enticing manner. If you wish to lick it up, you are welcome, otherwise use one of the supplied wipes. Please do not put anything other than semen or a good quality pseudo-spunk into the orifices. The manufacturer supplies sufficient for testing the 'hold/release' in both orifices.

Womanbot are clearly on to a winner with the MW model. The price is quite reasonable for offering so many different beauties to fuck. With careful planning you can in fact enjoy one in the morning, another in the day and a third at night, but I think I would probably sleep with one each night, fucking her night and morning, during the working week, and return to a favourite for two days at the weekend.

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