tagSci-Fi & FantasyFuture Wars Ch. 01

Future Wars Ch. 01


In the silence of space, among the vast ocean of stars, a bright pink light glimmers like a diamond on a glittered velvet gown. Suddenly, cutting fast across the vast plane; a small starship piloted by the beautifully heroic Amber Rayne, races at warp speed away from two rouge pirate crafts.

Checking Her gauges, the ship warns of unstable operations. The Pirates have dealt some heavy damage in their attacks, Amber desperately tries to think of a way to gain the upper hand.

Calling into Her headset, "Mother, paging Mother over! I'm under attack and it's looking critical. I don't know if I'll make it to home base...!" Amber waits for a radio back. Nothing. She looks to the glimmering pink light far off, Home She thought, then She checks for the pirates. One ship cuts in behind Her, hot on Her tail. The other ship hangs right to flank Her.

Inside the first pirate ship, Groth a dirty creature, a Krothian; similar to a human men but made of rock and clay, he grunts and coughs slimy mucus as he aims his sights right on Amber's tail. "Time to say good-bye you Yonic-bitch!" growled Groth.

Amber flips the cap off Her right throttle, adjusting Her rear sights on Groth's ship, unbeknownst to him Amber's ship had a "back door solution".

She locks on and fires, PWOW!

In a split second Groth gasps in surprise, a pink laser blasts through his small ship. The front of his ship splinters, the beam careens through the metal like jello, Goth disintegrates; his limbs exploding outwards into dust, the entire ship explodes silently in the vacuum of space.

Amber cheers in excitement, there is hope of Her survival! In the other ship Rantooni, another venomous Krothian pirate, swings by Amber's right for a shoulder attack. Rantooni barks in anger and disgust at the destruction of his friend. he radios over to Amber in a rage, "You little bitch! We were just scarring you for you goods, now it's your blood that I want!".

Amber scoffs at his lame threats, "Yeah okay loser, you'll be space dust just like you worthless friend in a moment!". She laughs and makes a sweeping roll to Her left, bringing Herself into a barrel roll going around and under Rantooni's ship.

he watches Amber roll out of view; worried he blasts forward, arming his gravity rockets.

Amber watches him zip forward, Her engine still warns of critical damage. She notices Her fuel reserves are leaking rapidly. "Okay Amber, think!"... She scrambles for a moments, then yes! She's got it!

Amber arms Her ship's harpoon, taking aim at Rantooni's speeding ship. She fires the spear into the back wing of his ship, connected by a cable, Amber is now being towed.

Swaying loose on his tail, Amber arms Her Pulse Canon. A new warning appears on Her monitor: "Gravitational Disruption- Wormhole Danger!" Amber checks Her map. Rantooni is racing them both too close to the gravitational pull of a Tear.

Rantooni panics, he watches Amber's ship flail behind his. he fires a rocket. The shell zips off and around towards Amber's ship, mid flight the rocket begins to wobble out of control and is pulled from its course and far out before it explodes.

"Blast!" Rantooni yells as he scrambles to recalibrate his armory. he ignores the Gravitational warnings on his HUD. The two ships are entering the Red Zone.

Amber realizes Rantooni is paying no attention to the immediate danger, She sees Her fuel is gauge is spinning towards empty and their ships are flying into the point of no return. She realizes Her only hope.

Amber sets Her pulse canon on Rantooni and forces Her ship to boost itself using the little fuel She has left.

As She gets closer to the other ship, She counts the distance, resting Her fingers on the trigger, waiting.

Rantooni realizes the danger, he tries to reverse his engines, its too late. Amber fires.


The pulse barrels out of the canon, vaporizing the harpoon cable and landing directly into Rantooni's ship.

The ball of energy sinks into the ship, Rantooni screams as the energy implodes; the combustion obliterates the ship.

The force of the explosion sends Amber flailing backwards and out of control, taking out all function of Her craft, She is hurled into outer space.

Her excitement changes drastically from laughing and cheering to being overcome with realization of no control, and the worry of what's to come? But before She knows it, Her ship begins rattling violently. Shaking and bending, Amber finds Herself being pulled into the wormhole.

She screams for help, but nothing can save Her. As the matter begins to fold, Amber loses consciousness.

Warping through a lighting storm of dark matter, the small craft is forced through an electric storm and into the atmosphere of a planet.

Falling from the sky, the ruined ship is breaking apart. Miles and miles down it's crash course is set deep into what appears to be an enormous forest. Breaking through the branches and into a body of water- everything goes black.

Some time later...

Making their way through some brush, a couple finds themselves a cozy place next to the lake, Dakota Skye, pretty little minx turns to Jamie Bell Her sexy boyfriend. She kisses his boyish lips feeling his exposed chest.

Jamie kisses Her back passionately , he opens Her blouse and kisses Her neck and chest. Dakota moans with ever sweet peck. She feels Her breasts, Her little nipples beginning to ache for his tongue.

Jamie picks Dakota up and carries Her around his waist. Posting themselves up onto a fallen log, Jamie continues to caress Her body with his hands and lips.

Meters away behind some more fallen trees and brush, is the wreckage of Amber's ship. Inside, Amber begins to regain consciousness, taking Her first big breath in hours, She is coming back to life. Looking around Her surroundings, Her ship is caked in mud and dirt. The ship itself is beyond repair.

"Oh my Goddess..." Amber thinks to herself. Wiggling her arm free She flips open Her wrist-pilot, the small computer flickers on, she begins to asses her injuries.

The data reads she's in a critical stage, Amber reaches under the ruined dashboard and pulls out a small first-aid kit. Inside She finds a femi-pen, popping off the top and priming the needle Amber strikes the pen into her thigh. Gasping in pain, the substance in the pen begins to heal her wounds. Rolling in pain, she groans and gags.

Dakota gasps into laughter as Jamie kisses his way down Her back. Peeling Her long linen skirt off her wondrous hips, Jamie kisses the small of Her back, pausing and grinning devilishly Jamie buries his face in Dakota's hot ass. Dakota squeels in pleasure as Jamie kisses Her backside, dancing his tongue around Her holes he finds Her flower.

Using his fingers to spread Her voluptuous petals, he makes love with Her pink kingdom. A powerful orgasm wells up inside Dakota, exploding outward in a harmonious moan.

Amber kicks open the cockpit of Her ship, the dirty lip crashing into the shrubs below. Amber hops out and begins to stretch.

As She settles Herself She hears a Woman's moan. Amber looks shocked. She hears the moans of a man as well. Crouching down, Amber pulls out Her gamma gun off the back of her tight fitting, tattered, jump-suit.

Jamie thrusts vigorously behind Dakota, Jamie pulls one of Her legs up and onto the log, he runs his hand up across her breasts and lightly holds Dakota by the throat. She smiles and moans louder. Giving Her three last powerful thrusts, Jamie pulls out exploding onto Dakota's vulva. They both pant in ecstasy,

Amber breaks through the brush, gun drawn She sees Jamie holding Dakota by her slender throat. "Fuck you swine!" Amber shouts, Jamie screams as he covers his face, Dakota looks on in shock. PEW PEW PEW! Amber's gun hisses, hitting Jamie in the cock, chest and head; he bursts into a cloud of ash.

Dakota jumps back, hysterical, She begs for Her life, "Please! No! Please don't hurt me!".

Amber, worried, looks from the pile of ash that once was Jamie to the crying Girl hiding behind the log. Lowering Her gun, Amber offers Her hand to the poor Woman. "Hey, I'm sorry... Look I'm not going to hurt you! I thought he was attacking you! Please?"

Dakota appears to slightly calm down, She slowly climbs from behind the log, looking at Jamie's ashes She collapses to the ground again crying.

Amber looks around uncomfortably. "You know, I'm not from here... what is this place?" Dakota does not respond.

Amber tries again, "Look I'm sorry, where I'm from... we don't... Please stop crying?"

Dakota bites back, "You killed him!"

"What were you even doing out here?" Amber throws back. "We were making love! I loved him..." Dakota sobs.

"You loved him?"

"Yes... I mean, I only sort of knew him, but I loved him..."

Amber looks back to the pile of ash and raises a brow. She looks up to the morning sky and sighs.

"...Interesting... do you have a village or a leader? Where is the nearest civilization?" She inquires.

Dakota continues to sob, "Why so you can kill more of us?! I can't take you to my village!"

"I said sorry, look what does it matter? Please, I crash landed here and I need to speak to whoever is in charge. I can't get into communication with my Mother."

Dakota's sobbing stops for a moment; she is skeptical, she studies Amber for a moment before breaking the silence with a sniffle, "Okay, I can take you to some help. But how can I trust you?".

Amber thinks a moment, She points to the patch stitched to Her jump-suit (a shield with small gold star resting just above a slender pink diamond).

"What does that mean?" Dakota inquires. "It means I'm here to help You. And I need you to help me get home!"

Dakota smiles.

To be continued?

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