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Future Wife & My Roommate


Frank and I used to be roommates in a first floor garden apartment near where we worked. Frank was never at a loss for bringing home women after a good night out. I was dating Mary, so I wasn't as prolific as Frank.

I knew Frank was a good lover and that he must have had a decent size cock from the very loud sounds of his sessions, that "OMGs" from the women, etc. I have to admit, I became voyeuristic and couldn't wait to listen in as Frank went at it again with someone else. One night I ran into him in the hall on the way to the john as he was leaving his room after doing some lady. Damn was he hung! He had to be about 9 inches, while somewhat flaccid. It was hanging there, swinging. You could tell that he just got done making love. Now I knew what all the OMGs were about.

Anyway, Mary moved in with us in the apartment. She and I were getting serious, close to getting engaged. Frank was always a gentleman and very nice person to her. Never came on to her, etc. It wasn't long though, before the sounds of Frank's love making and the "OMGs" came through the walls. While our sex was decent, I didn't have Mary screaming "OMG", "oh Baby" and slamming the bed into the wall. I'm about 6 inches fully hard.

The sounds embarrassed Mary and she asked if this happened a lot. I told her it did. I'll never forget one night; Frank was really going at it for quite some time. Mary asked me if this was going to go on for a while and how surprised she was that it was still going on! That's probably the first time I started thinking about seeing Frank take Mary with that big dick of his, especially from behind. Mary has a broad ass, but very firm. I got a raging hard-on thinking about how hot it would be to watch Frank pound her from behind with his big dick.

I used to try to set up situations, e.g., going to the beach together so Mary could get a glimpse of Frank's package thru a wet bathing suit. I caught her a few times catching some looks at his crotch. But nothing came from it from either one of them.

One night, after several months, Mary woke me up and told me that Frank was at the bedroom door. She climbed back into bed and I got up. There was Frank, embarrassed, asking for a condom, with the biggest, hardest cock I ever saw in my life! I can't imagine how long it was, 10 inches maybe! I knew Mary must have gotten an eye full of that one. I got Frank a condom and went back to bed. I was wondering what Mary thought of that sight, cuddled up to her, pressing myself into her. But she didn't want to do anything and wanted us to try to fall asleep instead.

A couple of weeks later, I had to leave town for a weeklong business trip. I was gone about 4 days when I got a chance to get back early. I arrived in the early evening and drove home. There was Frank's car in the driveway but not Mary's. I went into the house, started walking to my room when I heard the familiar bed creaking from Frank's room and his "Oh yeah baby"s. The voyeur in me took over.

I went outside the apartment and up to Frank's bedroom window. I peered into the side of his blinds. I couldn't believe my eyes. There was Mary, gripping sheets, her ankles up on Frank's shoulders and Frank pounding his big cock into her. Eyes scrunched closed, mouth open, I could tell she was into that big cock. Then I saw Frank get up, motion to Mary to turn over. There she was kneeling over the side of the bed. I watched Frank get behind her and plow that huge cock into her pussy. That's when I started hearing the "OMGs" and screams from Mary. His hips were a blur as he slammed into her.

I watched Frank and Mary fuck each other hard for a few more minutes while I got a raging hard on myself, my fantasy realized. I heard people coming around the corner and left the window, not wanting to have the police called on me. I went back to my car, drove to a bar and called the house about an hour later. I got Mary on the phone and told her that I was going to be home early, in a couple of hours on a late flight. I asked what she was up to and was told that she was at a happy hour with some people, but just hanging out now.

When I got home she was already in bed, gave me a kiss. I asked if she had a good night and she said that it was okay, but was now tired and needed to sleep. I gave her ass a little rub, but she said that she was too tired for sex, gave me another little kiss and dozed off.

That was about 13 years ago. Mary and I are married, as is Frank. The families get together a couple of times a year. I always wonder if maybe, some day, I should set up the right situation and realize my fantasy again. What would you do?

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