tagCelebrities & Fan FictionG. I. Joe: Sexual Missions #1

G. I. Joe: Sexual Missions #1


Issue #1: Scarlett's Training Program

[Note: This story is based on the Marvel Comics version of G.I. Joe. This story occurs before Snake-Eyes is disfigured, and is based on the flashback training sequence seen in issue #27.]

* * * * *

On the training level of the Pit: headquarters to the newly-formed G.I. Joe team, ten members of the team listened as their leader, Hawk, explained today's workout.

"All right, Joes! Today you'll be running through some hand-to-hand combat training," Hawk said.

The first to speak up was Steeler, the Joes' armored vehicle specialist. "Hawk, haven't we already been through that is basic training?"

"Yeah," added Flash, the Joes' young red-headed laser trooper. "We already joined the army!"

Hawk seemed somewhat annoyed by the Joes' attitude. "Well, consider this a refresher course! Some of you have had previous assignments that didn't involve combat! This team can run into some unique situations, and you've got to be prepared for anything."

Some Joes rolled their eyes or sighed, but most quieted down.

"Stalker!" Hawk shouted into his nearby office. "They're ready!"

The office door opened and the team's Ranger, a tall serious looking black man in a beret stepped out. The team's machine gunner, Rock & Roll, leaned towards Flash and whispered, "Stalker's gonna train us? But, he's not a..."

Rock & Roll stopped talking when he noticed a flash of red hair behind Stalker.

"Joes," Stalker said, "meet your newest teammate and fighting instructor - Scarlett!"

The Joes all became silent and froze for a moment, taking in the sight of their new teammate.

She stood next to Stalker, her hands on her hips. The woman was relatively small, and wore form-fitting jumpsuit that clung to her well-toned body, showing off her perfectly formed thighs and calf muscles, and the swell of her breasts. Her beautiful face was framed by striking red hair, pulled back into a ponytail. Her expression was quite business-like, but most of the men standing before her spent their time noticing her body.

"Whoa..." muttered one of the Joes. Another let out a low whistle. They obviously hadn't expected their instructor to look like this....

"Well, Joes," Scarlett began, her voice serious, "I'm here to see how well you can fight."

A sprinkle of snickering and chuckling came from the assembled men. "Um, Hawk," the infantryman Grunt said quietly. "SHE's gonna fight US?"

Scarlett scowled. These guys didn't seem to think a woman was much of a match for them. They'd be quite surprised in a moment.

"You have a problem with that?" Hawk asked.

"All due respect, sir..." Short Fuse, the mortar soldier said, adjusting his glasses, "I ain't fightin' a girl."

Towards the back of the crowd, Clutch - the team's vehicle driver - muttered, "I wouldn't mind goin' for a tumble with her..."

"That's enough, Clutch!" Hawk growled. "Listen, Joes, you will work with this instructor because I've ordered you to! Now, get to work!"

Their commanding officer turned and headed into his office. The Joes just shook their heads and laughed amongst themselves. Scarlett stood with her arms crossed.

"All right, you martial arts experts," Stalker said, "let's go! Steeler! You're first!"

The other Joes kidded Steeler as he stepped forward. "Ma'am," he said with a bow, "I'd be honored..."

Scarlett just unfolded her arms, and motioned him to come at her. The other Joes hooted and laughed. "Watch yourself, Steeler!" one of them taunted.

"Okay..." Steeler said and ran at Scarlett. As he lunged for her, Scarlett dodged slightly, grabbed Steeler by the wrist and kicked his legs out from under him, sending him past her and face first onto the floor with a loud thud. He raised his head with a dazed look in his eyes as a trickle of blood dripped from his nose. "Did anyone catch the license of that truck?" he said groggily. Many of the Joes roared at Steeler's humiliation, though one or two grew quiet, worried that Steeler was bested too easily. Stalker just grinned, obviously pleased to see Steeler put in his place.

"Real sloppy..." Scarlett said, barely winded from taking down Steeler. "I hope someone can do better than that..."

"Aw, you had it easy..." Grunt said, stepping up. "Steeler sits on his ass in a tank all day. Try someone who knows how to fight..."

"Let's go," Scarlett said eagerly.

"Get 'er, Grunt!" Clutch shouted and laughed.

Grunt stood before Scarlett and took up a fighting pose. Scarlett did the same. Grunt threw a right punch, but pulled it back, faking Scarlett into trying to block it. He took that moment to strike with his left, but Scarlett was ready and blocked it - then whacked Grunt in the face with her forearm, dazing him, then threw her fist into his stomach. Now, all Grunt could say was, "Ungh!" and he dropped to his knees.

A hint of smile tugged at Scarlett's lips. "I guess that's why they call him Grunt! C'mon!" She shouted to the others.

Next, Rock & Roll stepped up and received a roundhouse kick to the head. He went down, followed by Breaker, Grand Slam and Flash. As the fights continued, the Joes came to realize Scarlett was skilled in most martial arts and every other fighting technique. She was one of the best.

As Scarlett displayed her skills, the Joes she had beaten sat and watched her. Many grinned, impressed by her skills. They were also getting turned on as she worked herself into a frenzy as the Joes' attacks were more fierce. Sweat dripped down her face, and when she stood waiting, they couldn't help but watch her toned, tight body in her thin jumpsuit, as her perfect breasts heaved as she breathed heavily.

As Short Fuse and Zap tried to recover from their beating, Clutch stepped up, a bright grin on his unshaven face. "I think I speak for my colleagues when I say, you are really turning us on!"

Scarlett just scowled and gave Clutch a swift kick to the stomach. "Pig," she said.

The other Joes laughed at Clutch, seeing the loud-mouth hit the ground 'clutching' his stomach. By now, they all seemed quite fond of Scarlett and now cheered her on instead of taunting her.

"Will that be all, guys?" Scarlett said, heavily breathing, sweat making her uniform cling to her beautiful breasts and rear end even more. Her ponytail had come undone and her beautiful red hair hung all over her shoulders.

"You didn't whup everybody yet, Scarlett," Stalker said. He pointed behind her with a subtle smile. She turned to find the quietest Joe of the bunch - Snake-Eyes. He wore a hat that seemed to hide his face somewhat, but Scarlett could see he was handsome and noticed his intense eyes. She would have found him attractive if she wasn't about to kick his ass. Snake-Eyes stepped forward, and they fought longer than the other Joes had, with Snake-Eyes obviously trained better than the others. Scarlett smiled at the challenge. But she finally got the better of him. As Snake-Eyes recovered, Scarlett was a little confused. She could tell that Snake-Eyes was better trained than even her. He had LET her win... She held back a smile, wondering why he did it...

She helped him up, and soon found herself surrounded by the sweaty men. She grinned and wiped some of her sweat-stained hair from her wet face. "Thanks for the workout, guys." She looked down to adjust her outfit and noticed why they were all watching her intently. She had certainly worked up a sweat. In fact, parts of her jumpsuit were soaked. The wet jumpsuit clung so tightly to her breasts that it was becoming nearly transparent. The outline of her nipples could clearly be seen, and her nipples were erect, poking at the thin fabric as her chest heaved up and down. In fact, most of the costume was at least translucent, showing off her little GI panties and her perfect body.

She looked up to find all ten Joes and Stalker staring at her, grinning. "Anytime you want a workout, we're up for it..." Rock & Roll said, stepping closer to her.

For the first time, as Scarlett looked at all these men, she noticed that they all were at least kind of attractive. Maybe it was the workout, but she was feeling flush and her whole body was hot. She unconsciously licked her lips.

"Good to know," she said. She glanced around and saw that the other Joes' uniforms were quite clingy, too. And many of them had obviously raging erections. As she stood their nearly naked before them, she decided she was feeling very aroused. Having all these men so close to her as she tried to catch her breath... Their heavy breathing filled the room, but otherwise there was an awkward silence. All these men... all so hot and bothered...

She stepped closer to Rock & Roll, admiring his thick head of blond hair and his thick beard. She put her hand against his chest and smiled up at him. "In fact, if anyone's interested in a follow-up session, she said, "I'm willing..."

Rock & Roll smiled and moved his hand up under arm. He put an arm around her waist, and pulled her close as the other Joes came closer to her, as well. Scarlett rubbed her hand against Rock & Roll's beard and he moved to kiss her. She was willing and leaned in, her tongue dancing in his mouth, as she ran her hands over his chest. She then let her hand fall and rest on the tent that his hard-on made in his fatigues. He groaned a bit and held on to one of her firm breasts. She moaned as he rolled her hard nipple between two fingers.

After a moment, she looked back over her shoulder. Breathlessly she asked, "Is anyone gonna help me with this zipper...?"

The others scrambled forward, but Flash got their first. Came close behind her. Very close. She leaned back up against him as Flash grabbed the zipper at the back of her costume. As he slowly pulled it down, she kept pushing up against him, feeling his erection rubbing against her ass. The zipper was now opened to her waist, and Flash slipped her outfit off of her shoulders, revealing the soft creamy flesh underneath. He leaned in and kissed the back of her neck.

Now sandwiched between Rock & Roll and Flash she sighed. Rock & Roll then pulled the suit down further, helping her pull her arms free. He stepped back a bit as he pulled down the front of her suit, exposing her soft, full tits and pick, erect nipples. Rock & Roll lowered his head and held each of her tits, pushing them together. He began to kiss and lick her cleavage, making her moan.

Meanwhile, Flash had knelt down behind her and pulled the jumpsuit down to her knees. Her olive green panties clung to her round ass cheeks, having bunched up during her workout like she was wearing a thong. Her arousal was evident, the front of her panties soaked with her own juices. The dark red hair between her legs could be seen through the flimsy fabric.

Scarlett then leaned forward, clinging to Rock & Roll. She slowly humped her crotch against his thigh and rubbed her aroused nipples against his chest, breathing heavily. Flash stepped back, leaving the rest to Rock & Roll. He slid his hands underneath the waistband of her panties and pulled them down, then squeezed the soft, slick globes of her ass in his hands. Scarlett moaned again as she rubbed against his body, now completely naked in front of all the aroused Joes.

Rock & Roll then lowered Scarlett down to the ground. She was know lying on her back while Rock & Roll pulled her jumpsuit and panties off over her feet. Scarlett was know panting while she watched Rock & Roll unbutton his shirt. Soon, he was down to his GI shorts, the head of his penis now poking out from the top. He was about to remove them when Scarlett reached forward and quickly pulled them down. She grinned as his hard cock sprang free. She ran her fingers up and down its length, making Rock & Roll groan. Not being able to take much more, Rock & Roll knelt beneath her legs. The swollen head of his cock rubbed against her slit easily, smearing it with the juices that now seeped from her swollen pussy. She grabbed his ass and pulled him to her, as he finally slid his prick deep inside her. He slowly moved inside her. "Ooohhhh..." Scarlett moaned, moving with him. She was in heaven. Rock & Roll knew he was almost ready to come, so he started fingering Scarlett's clit as he pushed into her cunt. Her breathing quickened and and she came hard with loud gasps, ending with a wide grin. With that, Rock & Roll came as well, grunting as he pumped his load deep into Scarlett's waiting pussy.

Breathing heavily, Rock & Roll stumbled backwards on his knees and slumped in the corner of the room, catching his breath. The other Joes just stood silently, staring at the sweaty naked body of Scarlett. She started to rub her hands up and down her hot pussy lips, playing with her tits with other. She looked around and said with hint of impatience, "Well...? Is that it...?"

That was all the prompting the Joes needed as they proceeded to take off their uniforms. Flash was the quickest and was soon naked, climbing up on Scarlett. He pushed her hands away from her tits and went to work sucking on them as Scarlett ran her fingers through his hair. He starting kissing and licking his way down her flat, toned belly and made his way between her legs her. He lightly kissed her pussy then flicked his tongue inside. Scarlett grunted and pushed his face against her crotch. After a few minutes she shouted "Wait! Get on your back!"

Flash looked up at her. "Now!" she shouted.

He rolled over on his back and she got up on her knees. She crawled over Flash's face and lowered her dripping pussy to his mouth. "Oh, yess!" she hissed. Scarlett then lowered her face down to Flash's erect dick, running her hands over his thin, young body as they got into the sixty- nine position. She licked his cock's purple head, only pausing to moan as he worked his mouth over her sex. She quickly lowered her face down, engulfing his whole cock into her waiting mouth and part way down her through. She had amazing control over her body and fought the reflex to gag. She was bobbing her head up and down, leaving his dick wet and slippery. She then slid her mouth off of him and began to pant. She came again, crying out as her juices gushed into Flash's mouth.

Scarlett caught her breath, then slid down his body. She then lowered herself onto his cock with a grunt. She started to bounce up and down on Flash's prick, grabbing her tits and caressing them as her fiery red hair flew all over. "Grraaughh...." She continued to grunt as she worked herself up, pumping her muscled legs hard as she fucked Flash into her pussy. She was feeling like so dirty now, and didn't even care. She screamed: "I need someone in my mouth! Now!"

Short Fuse hurried forward, having already taken off his fatigues. His hard dick hung in front of Scarlett and she grasped it with hand, stroking it while still bouncing atop Flash, a nasty grin on her face. She then leaned forward, easily taking Short Fuse's entire length into her mouth. She grabbed his butt and he started fucking her mouth in and out. Finally, Flash's cock was too much for her to take and she came hard, bucking in some orgasmic seizure. Her screams would have been heard if they weren't muffled by Short Fuse's prick. Flash soon followed her, as he thrust up into Scarlett and left out a loud, long grunt as he emptied his cum into her pussy.

Scarlett's mouth did it's job, too, as Short Fuse gasped and said, "I'm...gonnaa... cum!" A jolt went through his body as he spurted his load into Scarlett's mouth. She greedily swallowed all she could until the excess spilled out of the corners of her mouth and ran down her chin. Barely able to catch her breath, Scarlett slid down off Flash with her muscles weakened. Even so, she was still too horny to stop now. Sitting on the floor, she wiped the milky cum off of her chin and started to spread it all over her plump titties. She tried to coat her breasts with it, but there just wasn't enough of it. She had lost control, and didn't seem to mind one bit. "I need more! Let's go!" she said frantically.

Stalker, Zap and Grand Slam rushed toward Scarlett, but Stalker made it first. He knelt down and pulled out his thick cock. He thrust hard into her, causing Scarlett to cry out in pleasure. "Aw, god, yesss!" Grand Slam and Zap were left standing on either side of Scarlett, naked. When she noticed them, she reached out and grabbed each of their pricks, one in each hand. As Stalker kept pounding into Scarlett's sopping and sloppy pussy, Scarlett started to mercilessly jack off Grand Slam and Zap. Her hands were a blur as she masturbated them. She watched their swollen heads pop in and out from her fists. Stalker was equally as merciless as he screwed Scarlett like crazy, causing her to groan and shout... "Oh, Stalker, come on, yeah, fuck me.... ungh ugh agh!"

The other two Joes couldn't take much more of Scarlett's fast stroking. Grand Slam was the first to come, his cock twitching as his cum shot out. Scarlett aimed his cock at her swollen tits, making sure he splattered her nipples. Zap was next. He grunted and shot out even more than Grand Slam had. Her tits were now coated in the sticky liquid and she let their cocks go. As Stalker slammed his meat into her, she moaned and massaged the slippery juices all over her tits, stopping only to tweak her rock hard nipples. She started grunting and shouting until she came harder than before, bucking and rocking against Stalker's prick, screaming all along. As she lay there just waiting for Stalker to finish, she started to wipe the rest of the cum off of her tits and licked it off her fingers, savoring how naughty she felt while doing it. "Mmmmm......"

Stalker was finally spent and came with a loud cry, thrusting into Scarlett. He practically passed out after sliding his limp cock out of her.

Almost groggy from all this sex, Scarlett, was panting slowly, looking around at what she'd done. She couldn't believe it, but she'd counted six Joes that she already fucked. Five more to go, she thought. She was exhausted, but figured, if she'd gone this far, she might as well finish the team off. Breathing heavily, Scarlett motioned with her hands to the other Joes. "Ok...*uff, uff*...c'mon guys...let's ... finish you off..."

"God! She's incredible!" Breaker said. "Can you...?"

Scarlett nodded, "Yeah, c'mon, I've almost done you all... might as well finish..." She was feeding on control and starting directing the others.

"Steeler! Take me from behind!" She then got on all fours and stuck her tight, round ass in the air. Steeler came up behind her, seeing her pussy lips were incredibly red and swollen. Her gooey cum and that of the other Joes just dripped from her slit, and Steeler got into position behind her. He pushed his cock head inside Scarlett, and she quietly responded. "Mmm, that's good, Steeler." She pushed herself back, getting his prick deep inside. She started to pant and Steeler started fucking her quickly. After watching Scarlett's performance, he knew he wouldn't last long.

"Ungh...Breaker, " Scarlett called to the youngest of the Joes. "Get in front of me. Put that thing in my mouth!"

"Yes, ma'am!" he said in a light southern drawl.

He knelt down before her and pushed his rock-hard member into her mouth. She sucked at it with her lips as naturally as she was eating an ice cream cone. "Mmmm...muh..."

Steeler growled from behind her and shot his cum into her pussy. She pulled her mouth away from Breaker long enough to call to Clutch. "Whew... get back there, pig! You're part of the team, too!"

"Yes, sir!" he said and saluted.

She had pulled Breaker's dick out at the wrong time. He came and spurted his thick cum all over her face. "Ungh, I'm sorry, Scarlett, I--"

"Don't worry," she said as the cum dripped down her face. "I'm getting used to this," she smiled. She started licking at her lips, lapping up as much cum as she could.

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