tagCelebrities & Fan FictionG. I. Joe: Sexual Missions #4

G. I. Joe: Sexual Missions #4


Issue #4: Jinx Joins Up

[Note: This story is based on the Marvel Comics version of G.I. Joe.]

Deep beneath a seemingly simple Army Depot in the Utah desert, the Pit III was the G.I. Joe team's newest headquarters. Jinx had been reporting to the Joes for months now, while spying on Crimson Guardsman Fred VII across from the Blind Master's martial arts school. Now, Jinx had been offered official membership and was touring the new facilities. Lady Jaye was showing her around.

"And finally," Lady Jaye said, "Here's the women's barracks."

Jinx followed Lady Jaye into the room. It was much smaller than the men's barracks, and only held four beds, two lined up against each wall. The small Japanese woman noticed that two other women were already inside, sitting on their own beds.

She turned to Lady Jaye, and the brown-aired woman smiled. "I know you've already met Scarlett," she said, gesturing to the lithe red-head. "And this is Cover Girl," Lady Jaye pointed to the beautiful woman with long Auburn hair. "Nice to meet you," she waved.

"So, that's the end of the tour?" Jinx asked.

"Well, the tour's over," Lady Jaye said with a smile, "But your orientation is far from over."

Jinx looked at the other two women, who were smiling, too. "What do you mean?"

Scarlett spoke up. "You haven't been through the initiation."

Jinx was worried and took a step back. "You mean, some kind of hazing?"

"Oh, no," Cover Girl answered. "Hazing is unpleasant. This won't be..."

Scarlett stifled a giggle. "See, we did this when Cover Girl joined..." Cover Girl grinned at Scarlett. "And then when Lady Jaye joined the team..."

"And you?" Jinx asked suspiciously.

Scarlett said, "Well, there were no women on the team when I joined, but the men made up for it plenty."

This time Lady Jaye laughed, then put her arm around Jinx's shoulder and brushed a stray black hair from her forehead. "Now, it's your turn." She leaned closer toward Jinx, and the young woman's eyes grew wide. Lady Jaye's face was approaching hers and her lips were parted slightly. "What're you...?"

"Don't worry Jinx. This will be fun," she whispered.

Jinx felt strange, but didn't pull away as Lady Jaye's lips touched hers, and kissed her lightly. She breathed in loudly and pulled back from the kiss. Her eyes darted back and forth among the three other women. "I take it..." she said quietly, "that there's more to this than just a kiss?"

Lady Jaye smiled warmly. "If you don't want to it's all right, but--"

Jinx interrupted. "Well, if this is how I join, I guess I better do it..."

Lady Jaye and the others grinned as Jinx leaned in and kissed Lady Jaye, moving her lips open and closed against her mouth, even letting her tongue slid across her lips. Lady Jaye let out a "mmmmm...." as they kissed, and pulled her closer, sliding her hands down Jinx's back and touching her tight bottom through her khaki pants. Jinx came up for air and stared at Lady Jaye. "Yo Joe," she finally whispered.

Jinx turned to see that the other women were approaching. Scarlett reached for Jinx's collar and unbuttoned her shirt as they kissed lightly. Jinx felt hands down at her belt and looked down to see Cover Girl on her knees unfastening her belt. This was all so overwhelming, Jinx could hardly breathe. She'd never been turned on by women before, but the thought of what was coming excited her.

As Scarlett moved down the front of Jinx's shirt, unbuttoning it as she went, she began to kiss and lick the flesh of her cleavage, as her small bra-covered breasts were revealed. Jinx was breathing hard, holding Scarlett's head and running her fingers through her long red hair. As Scarlett pulled off the rest of her shirt, Jinx noticed Cover Girl was now kneeling behind her and was tugging at Jinx's now unfastened pants. She pulled them down over Jinx's hips, revealing her thin black panties.

Scarlett kissed her way down Jinx's flat, toned stomach and kneeled before her. She smiled up at the young ninja and cupped her mound, rubbing her pussy through her silky panties. Jinx moaned and leaned back, only to find Cover Girl right behind. She turned her head slightly and their lips touched, Cover Girl hungrily devouring Jinx's soft, wet lips.

Cover Girl pulled her lips away after a minute or two, and Jinx looked disappointed. Scarlett stood and took her by the hand, guiding her to a nearby bed. Jinx sat down, anxious to learn what was next. Jinx was now in only her bra and panties. The other women admired her lithe body and creamy, tanned skin. Cover Girl and Scarlett climbed on the bed behind her and beside her.

Lady Jaye stepped in front of her and began to unbutton her own shirt. Jinx watched with her eyes wide, taking in the round, white globes that were Lady Jaye ample breasts. Finally, Lady Jaye pulled her shirt open, revealing that she wore no bra underneath. Jinx breathed in sharply at the sight of Lady Jaye's red, erect nipples. She finally discarded her shirt and with a naughty grin, sat on one of Jinx's thighs, wearing only her pants and boots.

"Now, recruit," Lady Jaye said in a commanding tone. "Suck them." She stuck her tits in Jinx's face and the raven-haired beauty leaned in and kissed Lady Jaye lightly on each nipples. "I said suck them!" she shouted. Jinx needed little more motivation and started to lick and suck Lady Jaye's nipples. Lady Jaye's breath quickened. "Mmm... that's very good, soldier..." Unconsciously, she began toslide her crotch along Jinx's leg and Jinx responded in kind. Lady Jaye now lifted her own hands to her tits and squeezed the big mounds, making it easier for Jinx to suck them into her mouth.

As Lady Jaye moaned and humped against Jinx's leg, Scarlett and Cover Girl were busily removing their own clothes.

"Hey! No fair!" said Cover Girl, her perfect body now completely naked. "Give us a chance!" Cover Girl had been a model before joining the Army, and her body was every bit as incredible as anyone to appear on Vogue, or even in the pages of Playboy. From behind the ninja, Cover Girl put her hands on her shoulders and yanked Jinx onto her back. Lady Jaye's tits swung free as they were released from Jinx's mouth.

Jinx looked up to see Cover Girl kneeling above her and marvelled at her body and her plump titties that hung overhead. Cover Girl gazed down at her. "So, tell me. Have you ever tasted another woman's pussy?" Jinx shook her head, in a daze over what was happening. "NO? Well, there's a first time for everything." The auburn-haired woman, spun around, lifting her leg in the air. When she was done, her bright pink cunt was just above Jinx as Cover Girl straddled her head between her smooth, white thighs. "Eat me!" Cover Girl ordered and lowered her snatch to Jinx's waiting mouth. Jinx was surprised, but licked Cover Girl's slit, tasting the moisture that had gather between her pussy lips. "Oh, yeah, that's so good..." Jinx reached around and held onto Cover Girl's tight ass, pulling her closer. She let her tongue go wild against Cover Girl's cunt, then stuck it deep between her lips, lapping up her juices. "Aw, Jeesusss..." Cover Girl cried out, not believing that Jinx hadn't done this before.

As Cover Girl rode Jinx's face, Lady Jaye stood up and started to take off her pants, sliding them down over the curves of her hips. Scarlett meanwhile, had come up beside Jinx's body on the bed. She was now totally nude, her tight, lean body exposed, along with her melon-sized titties. She wanted to get her hands back on Jinx's little tits and reached underneath the young women to unclasp her bra, stopping only to kiss the swell of Cover Girl's ass as it moved back and forth against Jinx's mouth. After yanking off the bra, Scarlett began lapping her tongue against Jinx's incredibly hard nipples, causing the young ninja to moan. Her mouth was still firmly planted on Cover Girl's pussy and the vibrations of Jinx's moan caused her to grunt and groan. She finally came, bucking hard atop Jinx as she kneaded her own tits in her hands. "OH, fuck, yes... ungh... aghh..." Cover Girl collapsed on the bed, and Scarlett used the opening to slide up Jinx's body and kiss her, sticking her tongue deep inside her mouth. Jinx hungrily attacked Scarlett's lips, while the red-head started to rub her tits against Jinx's. Electric shocks seemed to shoot through Jinx whenever their hard, sensitive nipples scraped against each other. Scarlett loved the feeling, too and made incoherent noises.

At the other end of the bed, Lady Jaye had dropped her pants and red panties in a heap on the floor, and kneeled in front of Jinx. She grasped the waistband of the asian woman's panties and pulled them down, revealing her tight, sweet smelling cunt. Jinx was incredibly aroused by now, and her juices oozed from her slit. Her cunt lips were bright red and swollen. Lady Jaye decided they needed her attention and mercilessly tongue-fucked the hot pussy.

"Arggghhh... OH, GOD!" Jinx cried, humping against Lady Jaye's face. She had never had her cunt eaten by a woman before and could barely stand it. She wanted to show Lady Jaye her appreciation, but Scarlett's body lay atop her and she would have to do. She slid her hand down between their bodies and found Scarlett's own pussy, sliding her fingers along the engorged lips. They were slick and wet, and Jinx easily thrust two fingers deep into Scarlett's twat. "Unghh!! Oh, yeah, stick 'em in there! Fuck me!" Scarlett writhed in ecstacy atop Jinx's body, their sweat making their bodies slide against eachother.

Lady Jaye saw Scarlett's dripping snach, just inches above where she was eating Jinx's cunt. She began to alternate between sucking Jinx's pussy and then licking the ninja's fingers as they pounded in and out of Scarlett's sex, greedily sucking down Scarlett's sweet juices.

Suddenly, Lady Jaye felt a hot sweaty body press up behind her and realized she had lost track of where Cover Girl went. The former model reached around to Lady Jaye's chest and fondled her big swollen tits, pulling at her painfully-hard nipples. She moaned and thrust back against Cover Girl, feeling her soft tits press against her back and her sopping wet cunt against her ass.

Meanwhile, Jinx's fingers reached their goal when she pinched and tweaked Scarlett's clit. Scarlett had a viloent orgasm and screamed, shaking against Jinx, then finally collapsing on top of her. Scarlett now lay panting on Jinx, but Lady Jaye wasn't finished. She pulled apart Jinx's pussy lips with her fingers, then ate her out with abandon. Cover Girl held Lady Jaye tighter and started fingering her snatch with one hand while playing with her tits with the other. Lady Jaye started grunting like an animal as she thrust against Cover Girl's fingers while eating Jinx's pussy.

Jinx's tight cunt started to spasm against Lady Jaye's frantic tongue and she started to shake, barely able to move with Scarlett's body on top of her. She started to kick and spasm, finally having a screaming orgasm. "Yes, YES, YEESSSS, OOOUUHHHAAUHHHH!!!"

Lady Jaye swallowed down the wave of cum that flowed from Jinx's cunt, then -- her work on Jinx finished -- just held onto the bed and savored Cover Girl's actions.

Cover Girl made her even hotter when she started to chant, "C'mon, baby, c'mon, baby... Come for me, come, come..." She gritted her teeth and her hand became a blur as she frantically finger-fucked her friend. Lady Jaye panted and gasped, and ground her hips backward, helping Cover Girl fuck her even harder.

Lady Jaye then through her head back and cried out as an incredible orgasm ripped through her. Cover Girl held on and rode out the orgasm, loving what she had brought to her friend. Lady Jaye's orgasm subsided and she collapsed, her wet sweaty body slippery against Cover Girl's as they lay in each other's arms on the floor. Scarlett and Jinx were still slumped on the bed, Scarlett on top of her. The room wreaked of sweat and cum, and all that could be heard was the sound of their labored panting.

Finally, Jinx spoke. "Well... did I pass the initiation...?"

Cover Girl smiled as she absently ran her fingertips over one of Lady Jaye's nipples. "You passed 'part one'...."

Lady Jaye grinned and Scarlett quietly giggled. Jinx just smiled and wondered when the next female Joe was joining the team.

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