G-String Party


This story happened when my wife Karen and I were visiting her friend Audrey in another city. We're all in our late twenties. Karen is a brunette with long hair and a slim, tight body. Audrey is another dark-haired beauty with an amazing rack.

After arriving at Audrey's place Saturday afternoon I found out we were going to a party that night thrown by a friend of hers. Audrey said the party could get pretty wild, and she indicated I should catch up on my sleep. I took a nap while the girls talked.

The girls woke me up so I could shower before we went out to eat. As I stood there with a towel around my waist, figuring out what to wear, they entered and Audrey presented me with a small present. I opened the box and inside was a white cotton g-string. At first I thought it was a joke, but Karen insisted I try it on.

I turned away from them, dropped my towel and put on the g-string. It was just a thin piece of fabric that barely covered my package, running from the underside of my balls to barely covering the top of my shaft. My pubic hair curled out from the front. Karen made sure the thing was in place and turned me around to face Audrey, who dropped to her knees to inspect the thing.

Audrey started caressing me through the fabric and it felt really good. Despite my extreme embarrassment, my dick quickly stretched to its full length, pushing against the g-string and pulling it away from my body. The base of my shaft was now clearly visible from the top. Audrey traced a finger along the outline of my cockhead, which was somewhat visible through the fabric, and looked up at me with a smile.

Then Audrey stood up and left the room. Karen indicated I should get dressed for dinner and wear the g-string under my clothes. When I asked why, she just smiled and said I would find out later.

As someone who doesn't wear boxers, the g-string was a whole new experience for me. With every step I took, I could feel my dick swaying back and forth, lightly touching the fabric of my pants. I felt practically naked.

The girls were really dressed to the nines that night. Audrey was wearing a little black dress with a plunging neckline that showed off her cleavage. My wife was wearing a miniskirt and a top that clung to her like a glove, her lovely breasts clearly outlined by the fabric. We definitely received a lot of looks as we entered the restaurant. As we ate, the girls did most of the talking as my mind was racing about what might happen that night. My first drink went down like water.

The party was being held at a large and beautiful home. Karen and Audrey led the way inside where we were greeted by a pretty little blond girl in her early 20s. She introduced herself as Carrie, handed tickets to Karen and Audrey and pointed to a large closet near the foyer, telling them "he can leave his clothes in there."

Leave his clothes? Was I supposed to go naked? I looked into the other room and noticed several attractive and well dressed women, ages ranging from mid-20s to mid-40s, mingling among men who were wearing nothing but g-strings. There were a few guys serving drinks, wearing nothing bowties and black aprons.

Those guys are lucky, I thought, at least they're somewhat covered. I noticed a woman accepting a drink from one of the waiters. She ran her hand up under his apron and stroked him a few times before sending the guy on his way.

Audrey and Karen pulled me back into the foyer and started undressing me.

"Wait, wait, wait," I told them. "What's this about? I don't know if I can. Look, this is, I don't think I can..."

"Look honey," Karen replied. "You don't know any of these people, so there's nothing to be embarrassed about. I wouldn't have brought you here if I didn't think you would enjoy it."

I looked into the neighboring room. I wasn't sure.

"Well we're going in," Karen said. "You can stay here in the foyer if you want or you can strip down and join in the fun. Besides, if you're a good boy maybe you'll see Audrey naked."

Audrey gave me a wink and they disappeared down a hallway, leaving me there in the foyer. I tried asking Carrie what was going on but she just giggled and said there was only one way for me to find out. I stripped down to the tiny g-string turned to leave the foyer but Carrie stopped me. She dropped to her knees and started kissing and stroking my dick through the fabric. When I was good and hard, she said I was now ready to enter the party.

I was embarrassed as hell but also really turned on. I noticed that all the other guys were in the same predicament. I found Karen and Audrey near the bar, talking to a couple of women. Karen beamed when I approached and introduced me to the women. I reached out my hand, but each woman brushed it aside to grab my cock through the g-string. They each gave me a couple of strokes as Karen told them it was our first time at the party.

One of the girls commented, "I hope you've got staying power, Mark, because you're going to need it."

The hostess of the party approached and I was introduced in the same manner. Her name was Jackie and she was very easy on the eyes for a woman who looked to be about 40. Jackie said she started throwing these parties a few years ago, after her divorce.

I'm not sure what else they talked about, for Jackie's hand lightly caressed me the whole time. I was glad I wasn't completely naked or I probably would've shot my load right then and there. At one point Jackie told me that I had to wear the g-string until one of the ladies removed it and that I should avoid cumming until then.

After Jackie went to greet other people, I got a stiff drink from the bar. I tried to ask the bartender about what else was going to happen that night but his mind was on other things, such as the lovely young lady who lifted his apron to put a few light kisses on his dick.

As we made our way around the house, I figured there were about 40 people altogether, with more than half of them being men. I stopped extending my hand to the women I met, knowing full well that it wasn't my hand they wanted to shake. Karen and Audrey greeted each guy in similar fashion. I was surprised to find it a major turn on to see my wife stroking another guy.

One woman, a tiny redhead named Marcy, held her ice-cold drink against me. Even though I was still wearing the g-string, my body shivered as she ran her glass up and down my shaft and held it against my balls.

Another woman, an attractive brunette with a really nice rack, decided to walk around topless and give each guy a slow dance. Her breasts swayed against my chest as my dick rubbed lightly against her belly while we danced. She was clearly enjoying her role as a tease.

By now my balls were aching and the g-string was so moist with pre-cum that my cockhead was fairly visible through the wet fabric. I tried begging Karen to remove my g-string and give me some relief but she told me I had to wait.

As I was wondering how long I would last, the conversation dimmed as we all heard a familiar sound. Two of the ladies were stroking a guy named Steve as his wife watched and he was clearly on the edge. Steve must have decided he couldn't take it any longer, for he stripped off his g-string and started stroking himself right there in front of everyone. His wife colleted his come in a glass and he seemed both relieved and disappointed at the same time. I soon found out why.

Jackie appeared, carrying a dog collar and a leash. She fastened the dog collar around Steve's neck and led him to a Jacuzzi in the back yard so he could clean up while Carrie brought everyone into the living room.

When they came back in, Jackie ordered Steve to get on his hands and knees as Carrie girl produced a small wooden paddle and a bowl full of raffle tickets.

Jackie pulled two tickets and announced their numbers, they belonged to Karen and another woman. Following Jackie's instructions, Karen held the Steve's dick with her hand as the other woman took the paddle. Jackie said Steve had to be punished, "but keep in mind we don't want to damage him, now do we ladies?"

The women all laughed. Steve received about 10 swats from the woman before she and Karen changed places. I noticed neither one of them seemed to hit the guy terribly hard, although he was clearly embarrassed as they reddened his ass. I could tell my wife was really enjoying this, which was a side of her I'd never seen before. The women all cheered as Steve rose to his feet.

Jackie then announced another drawing. As she read the number, Marcy stepped forward with delight. I noticed that all the other ladies were disappointed, including my Karen.

Jackie announced that Marcy was going to have her very own gangbang and could have as many of the guys as she wanted. Marcy chose four guys, tugging on their g-strings to release their raging hardons. The last guy she selected hesitated, looking at his wife, but his wife nodded in agreement.

Marcy got on all fours and had one of the guys fuck her from behind with another kneeling in front of her with his dick in her mouth. The guys were all pretty worked up and none of them lasted very long. When one guy came, another would take his place. When all four of the guys had come, she started back with the first one, reviving him with her mouth before he was ready to fuck her again.

"Now's the moment you've all been waiting for," Jackie announced. "Gentlemen, do you want relief?"

The guys all answered yes. I think I was the loudest.

Jackie then told us we each had to bring at least two women to orgasm before they would let us cum and we had to stay in our g-strings until then. Audrey and Karen were each selected by other guys so I quickly grabbed the nearest woman, an attractive blond who appeared to be in her mid-30s. I practically tore off this woman's dress as I tried to push her to the floor. Instead, she led me into another room while shedding her clothes along the way.

I dove between this woman's legs, and went down on her with frenzy. She soon rolled me onto my back, straddling my face. Luckily for me she was already turned on and it wasn't too long before she was moaning and on the edge. After she came, I got up and went into the other room, looking for someone else to go down on.

Audrey and Karen were each naked and straddling the faces of two different guys. As much as I wanted to stand and take in this picture, I need to find another woman to go down on. Everywhere I looked there were people intertwined and a few guys waiting for the chance to go down on one of the women. I noticed Carrie was in a 69 with some guy. She was moaning with pleasure while lightly kissing the guy's dick through his g-string.

I noticed Audrey's guy had finished with her and he was off looking for someone else to please. I quickly buried my face between her legs.

After Audrey came, she finally released my throbbing dick from the g-string and I started fucking her immediately. Some guy tried to protest that he wanted to go down on her but I didn't care, I needed release and I shot my load within seconds.

I lay on the floor to rest and I may have fallen asleep for a few minutes. When I sat up I noticed that my wife was on all fours with a guy fucking her from behind while another guy was kneeling in front of her with his dick in her mouth. It was quite a scene with Karen's lovely tits swaying back and forth as she bucked against the thrusts of this complete stranger. Unfortunately, neither guy lasted very long.

Audrey started stroking me, trying to bring me back to life. She was soon joined by Karen and they both started sucking my dick. With two tongues sliding up and down my shaft, it didn't take long for me to get hard again. It also didn't take long for their mouths to meet and they were soon making out and caressing each others' breasts.

Karen lay on her back and Audrey buried her face between Karen's legs. I quickly got behind Audrey and started fucking her from behind. We were soon joined by Carrie, who straddled my wife's face. One of the waiters lay down in front of Carrie and she eagerly sucked his dick. After we all came, we sat for a while to rest.

My wife fucked two more guys that night and I got to tit-fuck Audrey, sliding my dick between her lovely breasts and shooting my load all over her. She cleaned up in the Jacuzzi, where she received one last orgasm from one of the other ladies while Karen and I watched.

At one point I asked one of the bartenders how much he got paid for the night. He laughed and said "are you kidding me? I do this job for free!"

I could barely walk the next day, although Audrey and Karen did give me a wonderfully slow double blowjob before Karen and I left for home. That's one party we will certainly be going back for.

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