tagCelebrities & Fan FictionG Wubya and the Oil Slick Road

G Wubya and the Oil Slick Road

byKrenna Smart©


Lady Liberty, as herself

G Dubya as the Scarecrow

Dicky C as the Tin Man

See Pal at the BUREAU CAT

Congress in their entirety as the Wuzard

The Spook of the Mid-West - Charleton Heston

Saddam as the Spook of the Mid-east

Ralph Nader as the Good Spook

CHATTY CAPPY:, the US intern


The helicopter pilot

The Press

US Soldiers

Iraqi soldiers


NARRATOR: Lady Liberty stands in the Harbor looking wishfully out towards New Jersey as the story begins.

LIBERTY (wishfully): Gosh, on a clear day, I'll bet I could see all the way to Pennsylvania. On a clear day that is (she coughs a little on the morning smog. Then she brushes off flakes of asbestos and other toxic city grime.) My dress just isn't as green as it used to be. And my arm sure aches from holding the flame. I'm down right tired of carrying the torch of liberty, and I'm sick of tourists and bird shit. I wish I could have a vacation. I wish, just for once, I could be a tourist. I'd go... Somewhere.

Somewhere, over the ozone, song birds flap

Birds don't fry in the hot sun

Out where the waves don't lap

Somewhere, over the ozone, kids don't whine

Smog lifts, over the ozone out where the bright stars shine

Some day I'll wish upon a star

and leave the steamy masses far

behind me

Where raindrops don't corrode my hide,

A cooler place where I can bide

that's where you'll find me

Somewhere over the ozone

Folks don't wheeze

I'll fly over the ozone

off on a cool clear breeze

If happy little tourist fly, above the ozone why, oh why can't

LIBERTY: Oh my God, what's that? It's a cyclone, a hurricane, oh no, its political upheaval.

Help me, help me. What am I going to do?

NARRATOR: The bottom drops out of the stock market. (LIBERTY EXITS ) A whirlwind of slogans and flags and dirty tricks, nasty conspiracies, whisper campaigns and Supreme Court rulings hits Liberty, knocks her to her knees and carried her off into the sky. Her torch is left, flameless on the lawn of Liberty Island.

LIBERTY: Gosh, this sure doesn't look like Manhattan

NARRATOR: Out of the clear blue sky chugs a little solar powered VW bug. It has hippie flowers and peace signs on it. The sun roof pops open and out pops Ralph Nader

LIBERTY: Who are you?

NADER: I'm Nader the good spook of the north. Who are you, and what is your political persuasion?


NADER: Are you a good spook or a bad spook?

LIBERTY: I'm not a spook at all.

NADER: If you're not a spook, why did you kill the evil spook of the Midwest?

LIBERTY: I didn't kill anyone.

NADER: We'll, I guess that's pizza pie you're standing in then.

Liberty looks down at her feet.

LIBERTY: Oh gosh, that's disgusting. What's that? Did I do that?

NADER: That, my friend, is what is left of the evil spook of the Midwest

LIBERTY: Oh no, I didn't mean to kill it. I've never killed a constitutional right before.

NADER: Grow up child, that's not a constitutional right. That's an evil bogey man, and you killed him. Good going! Now, are you a good spook or a bad spook?

LIBERTY: I just told you....

LIBERTY: Oh my, what's that?

NADER: Don't be afraid. That's just the yuppies. I'm their spook. They called me when they saw you land. They thought you might be another airplane terrorist. They're all suffering from PTTCS.


LIBERTY: What's that?

NADER: Post Traumatic Trade Center Syndrome. They've all had a hard jolt to the right, I'm afraid.

LIBERTY: Oh, that's terrible. Is there anything I can do to help?

NADER: Yes. Please, be reassuring, stable, and, um, mediocre. You know, reasonable. It's all right yuppies (he calls to the suited people peering out from dimly lit bars), you can come out.

Come out; come out, where ever you are

Where ever you are, don't stay in the bars

Liberty's come; she's come from afar,

She tripped on a rainbow and fell from a star

YUPPIE 1: (Whispers) Rainbow? What's that? I've tried xtc, but I've never heard of rainbow. Is that like angle dust? Man, I took some of that when I was a teenager and it took me two years to recover.

YUPPIE 2: Shit, man, you never recovered. He he.

YUPPIE 3: I guess she's on drugs; she sure looks like she's on a bad trip, and she's all green.

YUPPIE 4: She's sure big. She must be related to the jolly green giant. I'll bet she's a terrorist.

YUPPIE 2: No, she's not a terrorist. Nader wouldn't have anything to do with terrorists.

YUPPIE 1: But she landed on Heston that makes her a terrorist.

YUPPIE 2: No, Heston was a bad guy, so she can't be a terrorist, she's a freedom fighter. She's a good spook.

YUPPIE 3: You're wrong, Heston was a good guy, remember? The Wuzard liked him.

YUPPIE 4: I'm so confuse.

NADER: She fell from a star and she missed all the bars

she landed on Heston and that's where we are

YUPPIES: She fell from a star and she missed all the bars

She landed on Heston and that's where we are

YUPPIE ONE: Oh well, happy hour's over, who wants to pay 5 bucks for a beer? Let's see what's happening on the street.

YUPPIE ONE: Hush, its time to sing a song

YUPPIES: We represent the arms industry, the arms industry, the arms industry

and on behalf of the arms industry

we'd like to welcome you to yuppie land

We represent the oil interests

the oil interests, the oil interests

and on the behalf of the oil interests

we'd like to welcome you to yuppie land

NARRATOR: Suddenly, right in the middle of the sidewalk a man hole cover blow and a huge ball of fire bursts forth.

EVERYONE: Eeek, Help! The evil spook's coming, and so on...

NARRATOR: Everyone runs back into the bars except Liberty and Nader.

Saddam, the bad spook of the Middle East jumps out of the manhole cover .

SADDAM: Where's the evil imperialist who cut off my weapons supply. Where is she? Is it you?

(Saddam points at Liberty)

LIBERTY: I didn't mean to. There was this political upheaval and I got blown off my island and I landed here and, I didn't even know he was down there. I didn't know I was going to crush poor Charleton....

SADDAM: You didn't mean to.... Of course you didn't mean to. And I suppose you didn't mean to destroy my economy either.... you big bad lump of lime colored lead. I'm going to throw some anthrax at you. Better yet, I have my mobile bio-chemical lab here somewhere. I swear I have one. I really do. I read it in your Daily News so it must be true.

LIBERTY: Oh my God, we're all going to die!

NADER: Calm down, Liberty. Everything's going to be all right as long as no one goes off half cocked.

(Nader looks at Saddam. )

NADER: Aren't you forgetting something?

SADDAM: Forgetting something? What do you mean?

NADER: What about sanctions and the weapons agreement?

SADDAM: (Saddam's eye's light up with greed) Ah yes, the weapon's agreement...., the sanctions. Give them to me, they're mine.

(Nader laughs.)

NADER: Forget about it. You didn't negotiate. You weren't straight with the arms inspectors.

NARRATOR: Heston's corpse shrivels up and turns to black, gooey tar.

(Narrator slips behind Liberty, pulls out the papers and puts them into a new torch which he hands to Liberty.)

SADDAM: Curse you, and all of your relations and their ancestors. (He says to Nader.)

(Turning to Liberty)

SADDAM: And you, my pretty. You may think you're safe, but I'll get you yet.

NADER: Blow it out your ass Saddam. Better look out. I think I see the empire state building heading this way. There's political upheaval everywhere.

NARRATOR: Saddam looks up at the sky in horror. Seeing that the sky is clear he realizes Nader is merely taunting him

SADDAM: Two can play that game. You're pathetic, Nader. You're as full of wind as your friends on the hill. But I've got things to do: weapons to assemble, oil to pump. I'll be back. And when I do, you, Liberty, are going to give me everything I ask for.

(With a blustery bow and a swoop of his arms, Saddam jumps back into the fiery manhole yelling)


LIBERTY (worriedly): Oh dear, that doesn't sound good. What are we going to do?

NADER: We!? Uh uhh, hombre, I'm outa here. This is getting kind of heavy for me to handle. You're going to have to call on more commanding forces than I have available. You're going to have to go see the Wuzard.

LIBERTY: The Wuzard? Who's that?

NADER: Not who, my dear, what?

LIBERTY: Well.... What then?

NADER: The Wuzard of U.S. Congress, I mean. The bad boys on the Hill. Everyone knows about the Wuzard. The Wuzard acts on everyone's behalf. Everything that happens here in Yuppie town and everywhere else that counts has to be approved by the Wuzard. You oughta know that.

Liberty was offended.

LIBERTY: I didn't come from a corn field you know. I come from New York City.

NADER (impressed): New York City. Oh. Well that explains it.

LIBERTY: So how do I get to the Wuzard?

NADER: It's a long, twisted way you have to go, poor child. You wouldn't happen to have any money with you, would you?


NADER: Too bad. That's a problem. It's really hard to get to the Wuzard without money these days. That'd have been a great help. I used to take the grass roots route but I ran out of grass back in the eighties. Do you have any grass? I could sure use a hit or two. (Nader asks hopefully)

LIBERTY: Grass? You mean marijuana? Of course not, I'm a good girl. I stand for truth and freedom and liberty. Marijuana rots your teeth and funds evil heathen terrorists.

NADER: Yeah, yeah, yeah. And Billy Clinton didn't inhale, either

LIBERTY: Exactly!

NADER: (Rolls his eyes and shrugs) Well, you don't have any money and you don't have any grass. I guess you're going to have to get to the Wuzard the hard way.


NADER: You'll have to go in person.

LIBERTY: But how do I get there? I don't know my way around this town.

NADER: (Pointing up and right to the road) See that road over there? That's the oil slick roads. You must follow the oil slick road to get to US.

LIBERTY: The oil slick road?

NADER: The oil slick road. Follow the oil slick road

NADER AND LIBERTY: The oil slick road

YUPPIE 1: Follow the oil slick road

YUPPIE 2: Follow the oil slick road.


(The Yuppies spread out and line up along the road)

Follow the oil slick road

Follow the oil slick road



I'm (We're) off to see the Wuzard

The wonderful Wuzard of U.S.

I (We) hear he is a wus of a Wuz

if ever a Wuz did gush....

( Scarecrow enters with chair and white house prop. Sits on top of chair)

NARRATOR: Liberty walks for a while. She pauses in confusion at a fork in the road by the white house

LIBERTY: Gosh, I wonder which way I should go. Left. No right. No left.

Hell. I wish there was a middle of the road.

NARRATOR: Then liberty sees GW Dubya on a fence with his arms and eyes crossed

LIBERTY: Hey you, up there on the fence. Which way is the way to the Wuzard?

SCARECROW: Go left, no, go right. Left is right, I'm sure of it. No. Right is left. Gosh, I don't know. Everything is so confusing. Don't ask me, I don't have a brain you know.

LIBERTY: Funny, you don't look like a blond. Why don't you have a brain?

SCARECROW: It runs in my family. My father doesn't have one. Neither do my brother or my children.

LIBERTY: Is that why you're sitting on that fence?

SCARECROW: No. I'm a politician. I got stuck there by my public

LIBERTY: I guess you don't need a brain if you're a politician.

SCARECROW: Maybe not. But I want one.

LIBERTY: What would you do with a brain?


I would be a better leader

or maybe just a reader

my job wouldn't be a strain

I would be a clever laddie

I'd get out from under daddy

if I only had a brain

Oh I, would really try

to make environmental regulations fly

there'd be national health insurance by and by

The Middle East -- a little peace

I would understand the budget

I wouldn't have to fudge it

I wouldn't be so inane

Let there be no mistakin

I would out think Ronald Reagan

If I only had a brain

LIBERTY: Wow. You've really given it some thought. Tell you what. I'm on my way to the Hill to see the Wuzard of US... Why don't you come with me? If the Wuzard is all he's cracked up to be he ought to be able to give you a brain.

(Tin Man enters back, stage right)

SCARECROW: I would if I could just get down from this damn fence

LIBERTY: Here. I'll give you a hand

(Liberty lifts Scarecrow down. He wobbles and falls over. She sets him right.)

LIBERTY. Now then, which way should we go?

SCARECROW: I don't know. You look like a smart girl. You decide.

LIBERTY: I guess we'd better go right.

SCARECROW: Good choice. Left and right are just about the same these days, anyway.

LIBERTY: Why do you think that is?



LIBERTY: Why's money so important?

TIN MAN: Oil (he squeaks)

(Liberty and the Scarecrow stare first at him and then at each other.)

LIBERTY whispers: Good thing we went right. We'd never have found him on the path leading left.

SCARECROW: What did you say?

TIN MAN: Oil. What'd'ya have, straw in your ears? I'm dry as a Texas oil well.

(Liberty and Scarecrow notice the oil can just out of Tin Man's reach. Liberty grabs it and oils Tin Man's jaw. It starts to flap. Liberty and Scarecrow begin to laugh)

TIN MAN: Shut up and help me you fools.

SCARECROW: You can call me a fool, but that's Liberty you're insulting. You'd better watch it. Who do you think you are anyway?

TIN MAN: I'm Dicky C. Who the Hell are you?

SCARECROW: I'm GW Dubya. This is Liberty

Liberty (Politely): How do you do.

TIN MAN: I'd be a whole lot better if you'd stop jawing and finish oiling me

SCARECROW: (taking the oil can from Liberty): Here, I'll do it. I have a special interest in oil.

(Scarecrow oils Tin Man thoroughly. Tin Man wiggles and rattles and squeaks until his joints loosen up.)

TIN MAN: Damn. This wouldn't happen if people would pay a little attention to me.

LIBERTY: Aren't you going to thank us?

TIN MAN: Hell no, I'm not grateful. I don't give a fart.

LIBERTY: Why not?

TIN MAN: I don't know. I don't feel like it, cause I don't have a heart

SCARECROW: Why don't you have a heart?

TIN MAN: It was giving me too much trouble. I cut it out when I took political office. Now I'm starting to regret it.

LIBERTY: What would you do with a heart?


I would be so hale and hearty

Join the democratic party

'though Dubya might fall apart

I would be a real peace maker

I'd throw out my old pace maker

If I only had a heart

Oh I'd be a nice guy

At the thought of mass destruction I would cry

I guess I'd go to heaven when I die

I wouldn't hate

the welfare state

I wouldn't mind if it were achin'

I'd like to feel it breakin'

I wouldn't dodge cupid's dart

I would help the Arab nation

I'd be in love with all creation

If I only had a heart

LIBERTY: Scarecrow and I are heading to the Hill to see the Wuzard. If you act nice you can come with us. When we get there you can as the Wuzard for a new heart.

TIN MAN: I don't have anything better to do. I guess I'll go along.

LIBERTY: So where do we go from here?

(They gaze down the oil slick road standing down, left)

TIN MAN: It looks like we have to go through downtown to get to the Hill

LIBERTY: Downtown. That sounds scary. Will there be lawyers? (Stepping right)

SCARECROW: I think so. And lobbyists. (Stepping right)

LIBERTY: Lobbyists?

TIN MAN: And Beauro Cats (Stepping right)

LIBERTY: Bureaucrats?

TIN MAN: Of course

LIBERTY: Oh my. Lawyers and Lobbyists and Bureaucrats, oh my

(All three walk towards stage right slowly, while chanting)

Lawyers and Lobbyists & Bureau cats, oh my....

NARRATOR: Our little party of travelers arrive in downtown Washington.

( See Pal jumps out of a doorway just to the right of center)

EVERYONE: EEK.(They all run in different directions. Pal isn't chasing them.) Instead he sits down on a stool and pulls out a lunch pail)

(Liberty notices Bureau Cat's not chasing them and turns.

LIBERTY: Aren't you going to chase us?

BUREAU CAT: Of course not. It's my lunch hour.

LIBERTY: (Walks towards Bureau Cat) You sure are lazy.

BUREAU CAT: Of course I'm lazy. I'm a bureau cat. I'm a coward too. (Sadly)

LIBERTY: That's a drag. Don't you have any courage at all?

BUREAU CAT: No not one little bit. I sure wish I did

TIN MAN: What would you do with courage?

BUREAU CAT: I'd be intrepid if I have courage. I'd be..., I'd.... Well.... (Stands. He is down stage right)

I would start an insurrection

then I'd win the next election

I'd be so proud to serve

I'd recommend that we hold back

and not shellac the poor Iraqis

If I only had the nerve

Oh I would show some guts

I wouldn't be a chicken little putz

Whenever I was challenged I'd kick butts

I'd tell the boss

"Get lost"

I wouldn't give a god dam

if we don't go after Saddam

My opinions wouldn't swerve

I would have the upper hand

and I might even take a stand

Oh, if I only had the nerve

Tin Man, Scarecrow and Liberty whisper among themselves a bit

(Tin Man, Liberty and Scarecrow walk towards Bureau Cat before speaking)

LIBERTY: Tin Man, Scarecrow and me, uh, Liberty, are on the way to the Hill to see the Wuzard. The Tin Man's going to ask for a heart and the Scarecrow is going to ask for a brain. And me, well, I guess I need to find my way back to New York City. Maybe you'd like to come with us and ask for some courage.

BUREAU CAT: Do you think he'd give me some (Hopefully)

SCARECROW: I don't see why not. But then again, I don't see why he would. Don't ask me, I don't have a brain.

TIN MAN: Oh shut up

LIBERTY: Now boys no fighting. We have a long walk ahead of us. So, BUREAU CAT, are you in or not.

BUREAU CAT: (Sits on stool) Let me think, let me think. Okay, I guess. What have I got to loose. I've got plenty of vacation coming to me -- use or loose, you know, I was thinking of taking a trip but was scared to what with the state of the world and everything.

SCARECROW: I know just what you mean. You know if Liberty hadn't come along I might just have sat on the fence for four years or more....

Liberty (to the group): (Liberty crosses to BUREAU CAT and pulls him up) TO US?


We're off to see the Wuzard, the wonderful .....

The curtain falls


Saddam is in his compound, watching the progress of the little group on his lap top.

SADDAM: Curses, Curses. The little liberty bitch is going to give me trouble. If she stirs up the Wuzard the proverbial shit is going to hit the fan. I've got to stop her. I know, I'll send out the suicide bombers.

NARRATOR: Winged monkey puppets fly out of the compound and head into the sky.

Meanwhile the little group has just gotten out of downtown and found their way to the Mall. They see the Capitol on the horizon

LIBERTY: Look, it's the Capitol. We're almost there. It's so pretty. Hurry


NARRATOR: They start running up the mall. All of a sudden a cloud of suicide bombers appears behind them. The monkey-like things land and explode behind and around the travelers

Liberty and her friends run faster and just barely make it to the no fly zone over the white house. The suicide bombers buzz around a while and then run out of fuel and fall, lifeless to the ground.

TIN MAN: Whew, that was close. If I had a heart it'd be beating a mile a minute

SCARECROW: Alright gang, let's get moving. We want to make US by nightfall

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