tagExhibitionist & VoyeurGabbler - The Story

Gabbler - The Story


The following is true story of an event, which actually happened and has given me years of pleasure reliving. Even today, many years later, I get an erection just thinking about it and it would be one of my main masturbation dreams.

"Gabbler" at first glance was a homely looking mousy blonde, 14-year-old, schoolgirl when I first met her, which was when I attended a new high school for my final 2 years. She couldn't stop talking (hence the name) and giggled constantly but she had that indefinable something, which in later life men and boys find sexually irresistible.

During our school years I was guilty of having sexual fantasies involving Gabbler, which I went to great pains to hide, as she was generally perceived to be not one of the elite. I don't know if she had the same effect on any of my peers but for some reason I found her very attractive. The gang I hung around with were always making fun of her which never bothered her as she would just giggle and carry on but my actions always hid my true thoughts about her.

I am a leg man, and her long shapely legs with those bunchy white ankle socks she always wore especially turned me on. Being a leg and panties freak I was forever trying to get a look up her skirt whilst outwardly showing signs of disdain to fall in with my friend's attitudes.

Gabbler was a very prim and proper girl who wouldn't say shit for sixpence, was very correct and I reckon would have been horrified had she known I found it exciting to view the white knickers she always wore and the lengths to which I went to accomplish this. Many times I maneuvered my way into being at the right place at the right time and was often compensated with a view of her pants as she arose from sitting on the grass or as she sat awkwardly at her desk. In any case I spent 2 years surreptitiously spying on her 'til the end of formal schooling, never letting on, my secret interest. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't the shy retiring type, I had plenty of girlfriends and had a full social life, sex was definitely on the agenda for us older schoolies even way back in the late sixties.

The final exams came and went then we were left with a few weeks of doing absolutely nothing before leaving school for good and I spent a good deal of this time in Gabblers company, who was also leaving, but never had the right circumstances or nerve to make any inroads into a relationship given I had outwardly avoided her for the last 2 years. I just couldn't bridge the gap and one day we all found ourselves saying goodbye to those we wouldn't see again and making plans with our closer friends.

Time went by and I retained 2 close friends from my schooldays, Rodney and John. The 3 of us went everywhere together, fishing, movies, dating etc. and we were always together. Often in quiet times we would laugh as we recalled funny incidents of our not so distant school days and one night Rodney suggested we organize a school reunion. This was 5 years after the event and John and I thought it was a fabulous idea.

Ads were run in the local papers announcing the event, which was to be held in the student's hall behind the school gym and 40 to 50 acceptances were received and I was very happy to see Gabblers acceptance was among those received. By this time, both Rodney and John had married and were obviously taking their partners to the do but at 22, I was still single, too interested in having a good time, to get tied down too early in life and I looked forward to seeing Gabbler with genuine enthusiasm.

The night of the disco came and our party of 5 duly arrived to find the hall pretty well packed. The atmosphere was great and everyone was so pleased to meet up with old friends and swap stories about what they were doing now or how far they had gone in life, it was just great. I was there five minutes when I spotted Gabbler. Physically, she hadn't changed a bit. To me at least she still had that inviting aura and I guess as more mature adults we found it easier to connect. We spent an hour or so chatting and during the evening gravitated to each other's company, as she was unattached as well.

I did say she hadn't changed physically but there was a certain directness about her. Gone was the giggly, scatty girl, replaced by a mature, good-looking woman. Long, smooth bare legs disappeared up a short wispy blue skirt. A low "V" lacy white top buttoned up the front barely held back her firm well-proportioned breasts and I was just totally smitten. I couldn't help bringing to mind all the images I had accumulated of her during our school years, all those up skirt peeks I had worked so hard to get. My pants were tenting at the front; I was rock hard just thinking about her. The more we talked, the more I became interested in something more permanent, even though Rodney, John and their wives were sniggering among themselves and giving me the raised eyebrow looks.

For readers who assume from here we graduate to a graphic description of an erotic sex session, I have to tell you that that's far from the ending, which actually occurred.

I had spent some time with Gabbler and with a promise to return in half an hour or so, I left her in the company of other ex school friends to do the rounds. I had intended to get a bit more liquid Dutch courage whilst away and ask her point blank if I could take her home. I just wanted to touch base with other friends, get the nerve up, return and put it to her but with an absence of about 45 minutes I couldn't find her in the hall.

I went from one end of the room to the other, searching, but no Gabbler. Disappointed, I returned to sit with my friends and made light of the fact that she had left but I was upset really and just couldn't fathom the situation at all.

Back then, like many of the younger generation, I was a smoker and there came the point where after many, many drinks I decided to go outside for a breath of fresh air and have a cigarette. I tottered unsteadily to the rear door, which backs up to the side of the gym and welcomed the cool night air. Sitting on a low retaining wall I noticed a small group of ex schoolies a couple of years my junior, around the recessed door of the gym and went over to see what was happening.

I got a shock at what I saw but also an instant erection. Gabbler was leaning up against the closed double gym doors and the boys were gathered around her appearing to be vying for position, pushing

and prodding. I saw straight away the hands in her blouse, squeezing and fondling as well as the many hands up her skirt. I was instantly aroused, right or wrong, but went in among them to see exactly what was happening.

It took me only a few seconds to suss out the situation but it was obvious Gabbler was a willing participant in this "grope" session and for a minute or so I just watched in fascinated awe as the hands roamed every inch of her body until I was nearly coming in my pants. I couldn't help my self; I went in there with the others and started my own groping. At first I grabbed her left breast and pushed other fingers and hands out the way until I found her hard nipple, which I began massaging and tweaking. I went from one breast to the other getting inside her bra and always fighting for position with all the other hands.

Gabbler was in ecstasy, smiling and groaning in obvious delight and I was getting off watching her facial expressions. A minute or so later I ran my hand down to the hem of her skirt and back up underneath to her knickers but all I could feel were someone else's fingers under the satin material. All of a sudden I felt her jolt back and she looked at me straight in the eye, smiling, and said, "you are naughty, going in there".

"It's not me" I said and grabbed her hand, which just hung limply at her side, not offering the slightest resistance to anyone. I squeezed it and said, "There, that's me, I am the one holding your hand, I'm not anywhere else" but I slipped the other hand under the elastic of her panties which must of stood out 3 inches from here crotch with the number of hands working in and out. I felt her bush but for the life of me I couldn't get my fingers into her, there were just too many others doing it already. I settled for stroking her pubic hairs and twirling them between my fingers. I was getting ultra turned on knowing, as I held her hand, she was being finger fucked and having her tits unceremoniously groped, and to top it off, she was loving it.

Every now and then she would jump or stiffen or let out a moan of ecstasy, which had my heart pounding. I just couldn't get over it. Still holding her hand I tore my gaze away from her facial expressions and dropped down on one knee. I lifted the hem of her skirt and saw three different hands variously working her cunt. Two were feeling and kneading whilst the other was working the index finger in and out. I could clearly see the glistening digit as it pistoned away and could hear the slurp of the juices. I was fascinated at how her white knickers were alive with movement.

At one point she opened her legs wider to allow better access and I slipped my finger in along with the other one. This was all happening not 10 inches from my face. She moaned and began panting ever quicker and I knew she was coming. With a great shuddering sigh she orgasmed and simultaneously I shot my load in my pants, I just couldn't help it.

The hands were just pumping away and she lifted her leg off the ground and held it slightly out away from her body and she came and she came, over and over.

Gabbler was 22 at the time and I couldn't believe this was the prim and proper schoolgirl I had known.

This actually happened. I still retain the vision of that glistening finger working its way in and out of her cunt, the pure white knickers pushed aside. The exposed breasts being manhandled, the jolts and shudders, the lifting of the leg. I have masturbated to this memory a hundred times.

I never got the chance to speak to Gabbler that night. The grope session petered out and someone else whisked her away before anyone knew what was happening. I often wonder what might of happened had I not left her alone for that 45 minutes but if I have nothing else, I have had and still have a memory of a fantastic, erotic half hour or so which has stayed vivid with me these last 30 or so years.

I never heard from or ever saw Gabbler again. We did have a 10-year reunion and a 20-year reunion but she never attended.

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