Gabrielle was only sixteen when her parents divorced, but she stayed and lived with her dad. She and her mother had always had a rocky relationship and her dad was... her best friend. They did everything together. But something lurked inside Gabby for a long time. She didn't discover what it was until she turned eighteen. She wanted a baby. Gabby wanted life inside her, growing and swelling her tits with milk.

Knowing how disappointed her dad would be if she didn't have a career in place, she put off her obsession for years, however the day dreams of thick creamy sperm swimming up her cervix to fertilise her egg, never ceased.

John, Gabby's father, came home to his daughter sobbing at the kitchen table. An untouched coffee sitting in front of her. She still looked beautiful even as she wept. Her green sultry eyes were red and puffy. Her long, dark hair was usually well styled but was now in a messy bun on top of her head.

"What's the matter, Baby girl?"

"I've been trying so long to get pregnant and it's still not happening for me. Daddy, what if I'm barren?"

"You just haven't met anyone who has potent enough sperm."

Her crying halted. "What do you mean?"

John took his seat next to her, wrapping an arm around her shoulders. "Well, you are fucking boys that are probably not interested in having kids for a while and aren't taking care of their swimmers. What you need to do, is fuck someone who already has kids. That way you know they can knock you up."

Gabby's face brightened. "Oh daddy, that is perfect. Thank you." She pushed her chair back, abandoning her cold coffee. With phone in hand, she was ready to flee the kitchen. The material of the red mini dress she wore to garner attention from whoever gave it to her, finished just beneath the cushiony globes of her buttock but clutched to her like a second skin.

"I have an idea..." John interrupted her escape.

"What is it?"

"I think you should fuck an older man. Someone that knows you well but has children and can give you one."

"Can you think of anyone, dad?"

"I have someone in mind. He's known you for quite a while. You do love this man... you say so yourself."

"I'd be willing to try. Who is it, dad?"

"Me. Why don't I give you a baby? I've fathered you. I can support you and the future baby."

Gabby was flabbergasted. "But you're my dad. It's wrong."

John pushed his chair out, leaving enough room between the table and his lap. He reached out and took his daughters arm, tugging her over to him. She dropped onto his lap, and rolled his hips, his cock growing harder and pressing into the clothed crevice of her ass. With the barrier of their clothes, John continued thrusting his hips towards her; his lips finding the sensitive skin of her neck and using his mouth to bite and tease her flesh. One of his hands moved slowly up her thigh, under her skirt to her panties where he used his fingers to rub her clitoris fiercely.

It didn't take Gabby long to start trembling under his dexterous fingers.

"Baby girl, it isn't a bad idea at all. How long has it been since you actually came? All those inept boys and I bet not one of them knows how to pleasure you. I'll let you come. Right here, right now and any other time you want to fuck your daddy. Nobody knows you better than I do."

Gabby was speechless, lost to the ignited nerve endings and the thrusting of his hard dick. It didn't seem wrong anymore. She racked her brain trying to find one reason why she should say no, but came up empty.

"What do you say, Baby girl? You want daddy to give you a baby?"

His fingers increased their speed, and she bucked wildly, "YES." She screamed as the orgasm took over and her whole body felt euphoria spreading.

"I can't wait to watch your face as you orgasm, Baby girl."

Gabby leaned back, her head resting on his chest. She looked up and saw in the mirror the usually creamy white skin flushed with red. Her breasts were swollen. She sat there on his lap, her legs spread like a slut, her daddy's hand on her cunt, with the tell-tale signs of orgasm written all over her skin. The erotic sight sent a shiver through her. Her daddy watched her reflection, lifting his lips in a smile before he guided his lips to her plump ones, before using his tongue to explore her mouth.

She kept one eye on her reflection; as their lips danced, she adjusted so she sat only on one knee and then she rocked her hips back and forth, her sensitive clit already awake as it rubbed on the denim of John's jeans.

"You going to fuck my leg like a bitch in heat?" He asked as they pulled their lips apart. "You prove to me how horny you are. How much you want my sperm to impregnate you." With that, he slid her the dress she wore over her arms, and letting the tits escape the confines of her bra. All that remained on her body was the red lace panties that she knew were soaked from her juices.

With steady hands on his other leg, she forced herself to grind harder, rubbing her clit frantically. Gabby watched her lush breasts bouncing with the movement, watching them move freely before her father took one in each hand; moving his fingers to play with her pink nipples. She stopped moving for a moment, pulling her panties to the side giving her clit direct access to her father's leg. With just a few more thrusts of her hips, she smeared her cum all over his pants.

"Did I prove myself, daddy? Do I deserve your sperm?"

"Of course you do, Baby girl." He released her hair from the bun and ran his fingers through it. Helping her come down from the orgasm she just shared with him. Her breathing evened out, and before long, Gabby had fallen asleep on his lap like she did when she was a child. Careful not to disrupt her now sleeping form, John lifted her into his arms and carried her to his bedroom. He put her softly on the mattress and began working on cleaning up after their creative lovemaking.

John looked to his leg and smiled at the wet patch on his pants. Then using a damp cloth, he cleaned the juices from her leg. His daughter was so beautiful, and while he wanted to fuck her senseless, he knew he should 'save' his baby batter for when she was ovulating. He laid next to her, cradling her in the crook of his arm while she slept.

The sun had well and truly set by the time Gabby stirred. When she opened her eyes to a dark room she was, at first confused, but like they were flashbacks, the afternoons events replayed. Her father putting her on his lap. His skilled fingers on her pussy. Grinding all over his leg.

She crawled back into the safety of her daddy's arms. Rubbing a hand over his chest.

"If you're wanting to go another round, you won't hear me complain." John murmured, sleep coating his voice. He reached to her chest and took one perky nipple and rolled it between his fingers.

"Thank you, daddy. For supporting me and my desires all these years, and now agreeing to finally give it to me. It's the best gift you could have ever given me."

"When are you next ovulating, Baby girl?"

"In a week or so. I'll go check." She left the bed in search of her phone. "In eleven days," she announced when she returned to the bedroom.

"Well what we'll do, we're not going to fuck until you're ovulating, that way I'll have more baby batter produced. And you're going to eat more foods with more folic acid, you're going to make sacrifices to your diet for your pregnancy and they're going to start now."

"Yes daddy. But how will you be going all this time without blowing your load?"

"I'm not a teenager, Gabby. I can go a little while.

"We could play during that time?"

"No Baby girl. You're going to starve for my cock and my cum and I'm going to bury myself in your pretty little cunt. You need to be primed and ready for me. No orgasms for the next eleven days and I'll make sure you come at the moment I release my sperm."

Gabby trembled at the erotic proposal. A primal need came over her and the eleven days felt like a lifetime. Every night she slept in the crook of her daddy's arm, she would wriggle playfully on his morning wood until he slapped her ass hard. Gabby looked at her father and what he was doing for her, and she saw so much more than she ever had: protector, lover, father to her future children.

By the time the bell on her phone notified the pair of Gabby's peaked fertility, they looked to each other; taking a moment to kiss before the chaos of tearing their clothes off ensued. Gabby laid back where she was wanted, laying on her back with a pillow under her cervix. John kneeled between her legs, placing his lips on her pussy, sucking on her clit and lapping at it like a melting ice-cream. She writhed on the bed beneath, her head rocking from side to side.

He slid one finger inside her, then another, and after a few thrusts with his fingers, he added the third finger. The movements of his fingers and the licking of his tongue made Gabby shake and scream as the orgasm came over her. Before the aftershocks from her last climax, her father brought another orgasm sweeping over her.

"Daddy, no more. I just want you inside me. I want that baby so much." She cried as her orgasm had her entire body quivering violently.

John aligned the head of his prick with her cunt, the head went in first before the rest of his cock had filled her to the hilt. "Baby, you are so fucking tight."

She squeezed the walls surrounding him, forcing him to shudder. Her legs went up on his shoulders. And he fucked her ferociously. His cock hitting her fertile cervix and before removing himself almost completely before ramming her full of his dick. His balls swelled as the sac hit her buttock. Without warning, John came inside his daughter; spraying his cum over her cervix. His body and prick convulsed simultaneously, spraying her with six streams of potent baby batter.

He collapsed on top of her, his cock softened a little but still remained semi-hard inside her. They didn't want any of that delicious baby juice to escape.

"Daddy," she purred. "That was incredible. You are the first lover to ever make me orgasm. Daddy, I love you."

"I love you more, baby." He kissed her on the cheek before using Gabby's breasts as pillows to lay his head. "Let me quickly rest and then we'll go for round two."

She caressed his head, and felt his body relax and become heavy. Most of his weight was still held in his corded arms. She murmured sweet nothings to him; stating how grateful she was he stood up for her and her yearning to bear children. Then the nothings progressed to how he was always such a great daddy to her, even when her mother left to start her new family and hadn't spoken to Gabby in five years. Then to the feeling of his shaft inside her, filling her and with every thrust, he knew there would be no one else for her.

John's cock sprung and he smiled lovingly against his makeshift pillows. He lifted his head, pressing his lips to hers in a swift, yet deep kiss; then rolling his hips, he pounded once more into her already cum filled pussy. Alleviating the blue balls he'd given himself over the last week and a half, he was able to fuck longer, harder. Her legs wrapped around his waist and she squeezed her walls around him again.

The guttural moan that escaped his mouth shocked him. "Ohhhhhh... keep doing that baby girl."

He watched her pert tits with amazement as they mirrored the back and forth motion of their fucking. Nipples so hard. He imagined them full of milk, her nipples extra sensitive, her belly would be swollen and a part of both of them would be growing inside her. He would love to make her climax and watch the milk spray from her nipples.

"You're going to be so beautiful pregnant, Gabby. Can't you just imagine it?"

She could. She saw all the same things he did. Wanted them just as badly too.

Without ever changing their position from what the book called 'the babymaker' deemed as best for conception, he continued to fuck her with the same ferocity. Just because they were trying didn't mean they couldn't have fun.

Gabby's cunt tightened on his cock once more and she came with a shake to her body, and a sexy smile plastered on her face. "Come in me again. Give me that sperm."

He followed her orders and came, his teeth softly biting her neck. A nice purple mark formed where his lips were, marking her. They lay together in comfortable silence, their minds racing. John's were brief concerns of people's opinions, and Gabby's of how desperately she hoped it worked. He'd told Gabby that having sex during her peak would be counter-productive. He fucked her slowly... lovingly. Letting her straddle him and ride his dick; he watched in awe at her tits bouncing erratically, her dark hair laced with sweat and cascading down her shoulders. Before they had orgasmed together and he gave her his seed.



It was three agonising weeks for Gabby as she started getting sick and realised her period was late. Her tummy was sore, she was constantly tired. Thinking she might have some common cold that was being passed around like condoms at an orgy, she didn't think anything of it. She bought several pregnancy tests, drank a weeks' worth of water in the space of three hours, and she pissed on every one of them. Making sure she didn't look at any one of them until her daddy walked through the door.

When John returned home from work, he was instantly pulled into Gabby's embrace.

"Daddy, there's something we need to see. Together. I've been waiting for you." She took him by the hand, leading him through the master bedroom they share into the ensuite bathroom. On the sink were tests, he quickly counted twelve. All of them face down. "I haven't looked at them yet. It's something I wanted to do with you."

She reached over and picked up two tests, handing one to him. On the count of three they revealed the result. Both positive. Then two more until eleven out of the twelve tests showed a positive reading. He looked to Gabby, her face covered in elation. She was finally going to be a mother. After all these years. From fucking classmates in high school, to her array of terrible men, it was her own daddy that fucked a baby into her belly.

He came over and put a hand on her stomach. "You're going to be an amazing mother, Gabby. And I'll be here with you for every step."

He was too. Every time she felt ill, had an appointment, he was by her side. John felt so much pride when her stomach started swelling. Small at first, like she'd just eaten a large meal, then to the more obvious bump that remained a smaller size. The second trimester of her pregnancy was the best thing to ever happened to him. Constantly wanting to fuck him. Take his dick in her mouth and let him fuck her with it before she swallowed it, giving their baby some protein.

The time to Gabby's due date flew by. Often, she thought of that day in front of the mirror and wondered if she would be here now. Carrying a baby, a lover by her side. She was soaking in the tub when John walked in from work. He came into the bathroom and saw some bubbles, with her very large and swollen belly protruding out of the water.

"How long have you been in here?" he asked, noticing the skin on her fingers resembled that of an old woman.

"A few hours, I think. I came in here to relax my muscles, talk to the baby and then I ended up falling asleep."

He breathed a soft laugh before kissing her affectionately on the forehead. "How are you feeling?"

"Sore and stiff. But I just want to have the baby already. I'm so desperate to meet it."

"Me too, Baby girl."

He saw where her head was positioned and his cock became hard. John released the belt buckle and released his cock. He pushed it to her parted lips, and forced his shaft to the back of her throat.

"Mmmmm... after the day I've had, Baby girl. I needed this."

Gently, he fucked her throat and mouth. Her tongue worshipped his cock, working him to orgasm. He once more took himself deep in her throat, before he clutched a hand to her hair and held her steady as she swallowed his cum.

He removed his cock from her mouth and wiped the escaped semen from her lips. "Thank you, baby. When you're ready to get out of the bath, let me know and I'll look after you." John leaned down and kissed her cheek and rubbed a tender hand on the bump before loosening his tie and waiting in the bedroom.

"Daddy, can you come and get me?" Gabby called out sometime later. "I'm wrinklier than I was before."

With a smile, he walked into the bathroom and lifted her out of the water. Before putting her on the bed. "You want some dinner?"

She nodded.

He walked to the kitchen before returning with the food. He stopped at the threshold of the door and watched Gabby on the bed. She was caressing her large bump, cooing to the baby in the womb that she wants it to hurry up because she just can't wait to hold them. She was going to be a great mother. She looked up to him with a smile, gesturing for him to feel her belly. He placed his hand on her and the baby kicked under his palm.

They ate dinner on the bed, just some leftovers from the night before. Once they had finished eating, Gabby leaned over and kissed her daddy, moving a hand to caress the bulge under his briefs.

"You want to fuck me, Baby girl?"

"I always want to fuck you, Daddy."

He removed his briefs and laid down on his back. Gabby climbed over him, her thighs either side of his before sitting and impaling himself on her daddy's dick. Pushing her knees into the bed, she rose off him and then sank back down before repeating these moves over and over. She placed her hands on her daddy's pecs, letting her long hair fall onto his chest.

"You're so fucking beautiful." He took one nipple between his lips, rolling his tongue all over it. Gabby arched her back and thrust her breasts into his face.

John tried to match her rhythm, but couldn't keep up. She was fucking him up and down, pushing him all the way in and then grinding on his dick. She removed a hand from his pec and brought herself to orgasm by rubbing her fingers on her clit. Gabby smiled at her daddy and then started fucking herself again - God, it was beautiful to watch. He knew what she was doing, but he loved watching her this way.

Gabby climaxed four times before she removed her fingers from her clit and lifted off so he could ram into her freely. He came quickly, yelling her name and sucking on her neck. He spurted cum all over her cunt and let her lay on her side beside him, her belly keeping a small distance between them.

They fell asleep, but woke up some time later to Gabby having contractions. He got her a cup of ice water and timed her contractions. It was several hours before they were able to get to the hospital but when they did she was taken straight to a birthing suite.

John stood by her side, letting her hold onto him as tight as she wanted, and watched as she pushed hard and harder to get her beloved baby out of the womb. He used a cloth to wipe the dripping sweat from her forehead. She cried out in pain when she pushed inch by inch until finally the midwife yelled that the head was out. Another three pushes and Gabby welcomed her little boy into the world. Stellen James is what Gabby named him. John kissed his daughter and his new son.

Gabby leaned over to whisper in his ear: "Daddy, put another baby inside me."

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by Anonymous05/26/18

no babies from me and my dad but he's been laying it to me for 14 yrs now....I was 20 when I screwed him the first time.

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by Anonymous02/13/18

I'm soaking wet

Love this story. Wouldn't change a thing except they didn't need to wait until she was ovulating. The more sex the merrier.

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by ozSolitude196401/30/18


Lovely idea... good effort. There are a few issues but the idea is sublime and the love theme is pure and passionate. Please continue...

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by Anonymous01/11/18

A stupid career woman again

Old played out theme. Grown woman so stupid doesn't I ownhow babaies are made. Lying male tells her bullshit to get in her pants. Then comes baby. Not erotic or hot

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by Anonymous01/10/18

Until the pregnancy test...

A little part of me was wondering of there was going to be a twist that he had a vasectomy after she was born.

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