tagInterracial LoveGabriella Ch. 01

Gabriella Ch. 01


So here's the new story. I really hope you enjoy but I do want to issue a small warning that it is very different from my last two stories. But, hope you like and thanks for reading!


Simon was in hell. No other word to describe the situation he had willingly walked into.

It was Tuesday and he had just finished his second to last class. He had a thirty minute break and knew she would come to him. He leaned back in his chair counting down the minutes until her class wrapped. She had Felderman now. Bastard was a stickler for time and always kept his students the full amount of class period.

This would be the third time this week he cheated on his wife with Gabriella. Third fucking time, and for the life of him he hadn't been able to figure out how their affair had lasted almost a year. When he married Patricia, he had never expected this. Never wanted this. Ever. He patiently waited all these years just to have her and now that she officially held his last name, he was fucking it up. He truly loved his wife, and he always thought with such strong feelings, he could never stray. But he had. Again and again and again...

He stared at the clock on his wall. One minute to go.

Every morning he told himself that he needed to break this off with her. And by night, he failed. He wiped a hand through his short brown hair. Hair that just this morning, he had found the first gray strand. The first strand in his thirty-seven year old head he had ever seen. He stared down at it, knowing it had to be a mistake. He twirled it between his fingers when it hit him. This was no fluke. This gray string of hair had surely come about because of this insane frat boy fantasy he was living out with Gabriella.

"Maybe tomorrow," he heard her say through his door.

It was crazy how attuned he was to every sound she made. Whether it was her laugh, her cry, her moan...every noise. His skin felt tight when he could hear the deep boom of a male voice replying back to her. He knew he had no right to ever be jealous, but he still couldn't keep his mind from shutting out those feelings of protectiveness. Possession.

His heart began pounding as he watched the door knob twist and she stepped through. His eyes took in her outfit...tight and short as always, forming to every gracious curve on her body. Her raven hair was down today, hanging heavy over her shoulders. Her warm chocolate skin gleaming to perfection. She popped her gum bringing him out of his observation. His eyes scanned up to hers.

"Hey," she said.

He didn't reply. His head was hurting but his dick was throbbing.

His mind drifted back to August 8th, 1993, the day of his accident. As a lover of all things fast, Simon had become obsessed with motorcycles. That day he had been flying like a bat out of hell, just trying to rid himself of life's frustrations. Typical hot-headed twenty-one year old who still believed he was invincible. The wind pushing against his body as he continued forward made him feel a sense of accomplishment. But like many lessons in life, he had to learn the hard way. He rounded a corner through the narrow country roads in eastern North Carolina. A corner he had passed hundreds of times. Except this time, a large log lay across the dark pavement. He had no time to make a decision, only to realize what was going to happen as he slammed into it.

That was what his life had been like since his affair had begun with Gabriella, except this time he could see a mile down the road, but he wasn't doing anything to slow down. He knew by continuing on this insane path with her, he was destined to slam into the log...no, fuck that, brick wall to be more precise, but he couldn't slam on the brakes. At least with his accident years before, he walked away with only three broken bones and a bruised ego. Now, he had much more to lose.

The affair had been off and on almost a year now and it turned his stomach to think how he was hurting Patricia. Not that she knew. Her greatest flaw was that she was too trusting. She always had been, even years ago when he had first fallen in love with her. She had been two grades ahead of him in college, when they met at his freshman orientation. The most beautiful girl he had ever seen. Absolutely stunning with smooth chocolate skin and large hazel eyes that welcomed the world in when she smiled. But regardless of her beauty, she was more of a bookworm, which only fascinated him even more.

Back then, his only obstacle had been Rodney fucking Foster, Patricia's long time boyfriend. He was the star basketball player and all around idiot. He was a nice guy, but he constantly cheated on her and kept Simon from ever having a chance with her. But now, Patricia was all his and had been for three years. Three happily married years. Well, almost happily had it not been for Gabriella.

She popped her gum again, the sound irritating and turning him on all at once.

He hated himself in that moment. He hated himself for being a terrible husband and an even lower human being. And he hated himself even more because he knew what he was about to do with her and neither one was going to stop him.



"Goddamn it, Gabriella," she heard him grunt over her.

She loved it when he called her that. He was the only one who said her full name, insisting that it was the name her mother had given her, there for was more beautiful than Ella, which is how everyone else referred to her. Gabriella would roll off his tongue whenever his emotions were heightened.

Gabriella...stop pissing me off. Gabriella...fuck, baby, I'm about to come.

That seemed to be the cycle of their relationship. There was rarely an in between. She was either pissing Simon off or turning him on. And at the moment, it was the latter.

Her breasts were smashed against his desk, her shorts and panties dangling around one ankle as he fucked her from behind. His hand gripped tightly around her bra strap while the other gripped her waist as he slammed into her over and over again.

She knew he only had a few more minutes before they had to be in class, but that was just the nature of their relationship. Stealing moments here and there.

Ella closed her eyes, feeling herself reaching the edge of reason before everything floated away and her body burst into flames. The sounds of their flesh slapping against one another flowed through the air, giving this stolen moment an even dirtier feel. One she knew he enjoyed yet felt guilty about.

Funny how her relationship with Simon evolved from absolute contempt and loathing to one where she only felt happy when he was alone with her. When she didn't have to share him with the rest of the world. She glanced at the photo on his desk of the happily married couple smiling and hugging. Ella tried to block out the pang of guilt sitting in her stomach. She knew she could ruin his perfect set up if anyone ever found out about them, and that was the last thing Simon wanted.

"Shit," he whispered, quickening his pace. She slammed her eyes shut, trying to block out the image of his other life while her stomach fluttered. She could feel the tingling sensation moving up her legs to her arms and her head. Her eyes rolled back as her body stiffened.

"Oh, ooh, Simon," she cooed, knowing she couldn't raise her voice. His office walls were paper thin and any louder and it would be unmistakable what was going on behind his door. Her legs wobbled as an orgasm ripped through her body.

She could barely take it, as she lay her head down on his desk while he prepared for his own release. She stared up at the PhD in history from Dartmouth University that was neatly hung on his wall. She knew he had worked his ass off for that. In the beginning of their 'relationship' he had told her that problems in his childhood back in New York, forced him to work extremely hard at school. Although he owed God knows how much in loans, he had accomplished his goals. Ella never told him, but she was proud of him. He was smart, funny and devilishly handsome with a wild streak that only she could bring out. He was definitely a combination she had yet to find in any guys her age.

And he was the most amazing lover. Better than anyone she had ever been with, and she was no virgin, that's for damn sure. At just nineteen years old, she had already been with more men that she cared to remember. Her first sexual tryst had occurred when she was just fourteen years old. Ella hadn't really wanted to have sex, but the way her friends talked about virginity, it was this thing you were supposed to give away quickly before you got stuck with it...like a bad habit or pesky nerd crushing on you. So, she let this stoner named Carl deflower her on a sofa in the backroom during a house party. He grunted and sweated over her for four minutes until he shuddered. It hurt a little, but definitely didn't feel life altering like she had hoped. So, she tried out another guy a few weeks later, who just so happened to be Carl's cousin, unbeknownst to her and there it was...her reputation for being a slut began.

"Easy Ella," was chanted by some of the more immature males in her grade.

And very true to high school politics, Ella lost her 'good' girl friends over her new found fame. Those girls, who she considered her friends, now thought she was too trashy to be invited to their birthday parties and lunch table. But the 'other' girls who she would have turned her nose up at, embraced her, sex and rumors being their common bond. They were the girls who had slept around, some pregnant and some that smoked and drank in between classes. Dropped E or acid before parties and wore the most revealing clothes that they could get away with in high school. The bad girls. So, Ella felt compelled to fit in with her new group of friends, and accept her new lifestyle. And the boys, they were always around, whether she wanted it or not. It's as if they had radar for any pussy they thought would come without a hassle.

But none of them mattered. None of them made her come alive like Simon did. Made her melt with his touch, his look, his smile. Simon...

She knew their relationship could have no real happy ending, but until that moment came, she wanted to spend every moment with him, no matter how much he pissed her off and drove her crazy.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," he whispered, stilling within her, filling the condom with his pearly liquid.

Even though she had told him a hundred times she was on the pill, he refused to release himself within her. He said he wanted to be sure and in some weird twisted way, he felt that was entering a new level of infidelity if he did that. So it was only in her dreams at night that he came inside her, the thought alone making her wet. He leaned against her back for a moment before he pulled out.

"Shit, we're late." He handed her tissue as he removed the sticky rubber to deposit it in the trashcan. She watched him, knowing it was coming. That look. That fucking look that she despised. It made her stomach turn and her skin crawl. The look of guilt that flashed in his eyes after he came down from his sexual high. She had seen it more times than she could count and each time it made her feel like shit. She quickly cleaned herself and pulled up her panties and shirt.

"Maybe I could go to class like this," she teased, with only a bra to cover her tits. "No shirt, hell, I might start a new trend." Her smile faded when she heard him sigh. He looked at her. There it was.

"Come on, we have to go," he said, adjusting his pants and smoothing his dark brown hair.

Ella jerked down her shirt and picked up her backpack on her way to the door. She tried to open it when he closed it back, with a hand above her head.

"Don't even think about bailing on my class, Gabriella."

She rolled her eyes and waited for him to remove his hand. She knew she was going to go, but nothing wrong with making him think opposite.



"Patricia, are you okay?" she heard Myra ask.

"Huh? Yeah, I'm fine. Just thinking," Patricia answered back. She was thinking of turning forty in two days. She didn't feel old and when she looked in the mirror she didn't look old, but just those numbers creeping up on her were secretly freaking her out. Forty. Thirty-nine sounded better. Simon was only thirty-seven and that seemed like a ten year age gap to her, opposed to the two and a half years they were separated by.

She remembered her husband back in college. He always had a cool calmness about him, perhaps because he was the outsider from New York in a small southern town. Simon was a few grades under her, but he stood out among the crowd with his good looks and charm. He would always tease her about her accent or tell her a joke, usually brightening her day. Patricia was never one to be overly confident, so she believed his friendly nature to be just how he was with everyone.

But when she ran into him over four years ago, she felt an immediate connection with him. Their love affair happened much quicker than she had anticipated. One minute they were making out on his couch the next they were getting married. Three beautiful years of marriage bliss. Sure, they had their ups and downs due to certain complications, but he always tried. Most men she knew didn't believe in compromise and just thought their wives were nagging. Patricia never wanted to be that way and Simon never treated her like that. They rarely ever argued. Usually, one of them would see eye to eye with the other or they would agree to disagree and get over it. Everything about him seemed too good to be true. He was even patient during sex. There were times when she just wasn't in the mood, and he would understand. Instead of making her feel bad, he'd cuddle with her all night and whisper loving things into her ear as she fell asleep.

Even though she knew Simon loved her regardless of her age, her birthday was bothering her more than she had thought.

"What did you feel like when you turned forty?" she asked Myra.

"Ah, that's what's bothering you. Please it's just another number. But I curled up on my couch, watched Under the Tuscan Sun and drank an entire bottle of Pinot Grigio while crying."

"Gee, thanks."

Myra laughed. "But that's because I was divorced and the closest relationship I had was to my two dogs. You have a daughter and, well, you have him too," she said, her mouth turning up at the mention of him. Patricia couldn't understand why Myra didn't like Simon even though everyone else did. He was charming and friendly. Myra never said why, she just thought there was something about him that she couldn't put her finger on, but didn't vibe with. Patricia didn't push it further. She vibed with Simon and that was all that mattered to her.



Simon closed his eyes, still being able to taste the cinnamon gum that Gabriella was always chewing. It burned his tongue but he could never resist it.

"Professor Graham, are you okay?" someone yelled from the back of the lecture room ask. He looked up and realized he had stopped in the middle of his slideshow. His eyes shifted to Gabriella's soft brown ones before he quickly looked away. But it was too late. He had already caught sight of her toned smooth thighs that were on display. Thighs he had been between numerous times.

"Yeah, sorry. Um, I'm going to let class out a little early today. But grab the homework packet on the Byzantine Empire from my desk before you leave," he got out before the rustling of backpacks and papers drowned out his voice. "It's a lot of work, so make sure to partner up so you can get through it faster and it's due next class period," he shouted, hoping the kids who had already walked out had heard.

He began to slowly wrap up the projector cord as the kids piled out. Now only two left, Cory and Gabriella. Cory was always the last to leave, usually because he wanted to discuss something with him about his lecture. Simon would pretend to be interested as Cory droned on and on, all the while, Simon was thinking about Gabriella.

"So, Professor Graham, are you going to have the power point online so we can view?" He pushed his glasses up.

"Yeah Cory, I'll have it up by tonight."

"Sweet! Thanks Professor Graham." He quickly walked out, no doubt trying to rush back to his dorm to finish a game of World of Warcraft.

Simon was still wrapping the electric cord between his hand and under his elbow when Gabriella came to stand in front of him. He looked at her.

"Do you need a ride?" he asked.

"No. I'm have one." She shifted her weight from one foot to the other.

"Okay." He finished wrapping the cord and set it underneath the cart. Fuck. "With whom?" He tried to ask in a nonchalant manner, but it didn't work.

"Just a friend." He knew she was smiling at him. That was his torture. He had a wife which meant she was free to do whatever and whoever she wanted. But no matter how much he rationalized it in his head, he couldn't shake the feelings of jealousy.

"Which friend?" He could hear his tone hardening. She played too many fucking games.

"Bryan Saunders."

Simon sighed and grabbed his briefcase when his cell phone rang. He checked the ID.

"Hey honey," he said to his wife. "Yeah, I'll be home in a bit." He nodded as he kept his eyes on Gabriella. "Sure, I'll stop by the store before I come home. Yeah, I love you too."

He watched as Gabriella bit her bottom lip nervously and turned to walk away. He grabbed her arm.

"Yeah honey, hold on one second, she's right here." Simon handed the phone to Gabriella. "She wants to talk to you."

She sighed before she grabbed the phone. "Hey mom." The word crashing over him every single time she said it. Mom...

He was going straight to hell. There was no redemption for how fucking twisted his life was at this point. No coming back from the abyss.

Simon sat on the edge of his desk while he watched his stepdaughter talk to her mother in her usual rude manner. His eyes ran over her body. Fuck if Gabriella wasn't the spitting image of Patricia when she was in college, which only disturbed/turned him on more. Same smooth mocha skin, jet black hair and hazel eyes. Minus the foul mouth, cigarettes and tramp stamp on Gabriella's lower back, they could have been twins. But he knew what kind of girl she was. She was no innocent little angel that was for sure.

She hung up without even saying goodbye and handed the phone back to him.

"Don't stay out all night, Gabriella. Your mom worries."

"Oh God, would you quit. I'm an adult, if you hadn't noticed." Oh, he had noticed alright. But Simon was used to this. It was always her argument.

"And as an adult living in my house, I have rules." He wasn't about to get in another heated debate with her. He knew what that usually led to and he needed to get home. Hold his wife...gain some sanity back.

She rolled her eyes and marched out of the room.



"Ooh, mama's being bad." Patricia smiled as she filled her glass to the top with a cheap brand of wine. This was exactly what she needed after work. She still hadn't figured out how she had landed in research marketing, but the pay was awful and the hours were long. Add an asshole boss on top of that...and wine was called for.

She curled up in a ball on the sofa and took a sip. The house was so quiet. Too quiet. When Simon and Ella were both home, the tension was usually so high and yelling or screaming was echoing throughout the house. It was rare that she was home before either of them, but her boss was out sick, so she decided to take advantage.

She leaned her head back against the soft cushion and took another sip, the wine bringing back memories of when she and Simon were newlyweds. Every Saturday night they would camp out on the floor with appetizers and wine and talk about everything under the sun. Politics, entertainment, science or just random topics like sex robots in Japan and interesting non vacation destinations they would love to visit.

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