tagNonConsent/ReluctanceGagged and Punished for Prank

Gagged and Punished for Prank


Authors Note: This story contains BDSM, Anal play, and Non-consent/reluctance themes. It's best to skip this story if these themes do not interest you.


Liz crumpled up a piece of paper and threw it into her trash can.

"This plan isn't good enough either," she thought to herself.

Liz had been dating her boyfriend Mark for two years now. Normally he was an angel, but every time April Fools day came he played really mean pranks. The first time he convinced all of her family to pretend she was adopted and had a sex change at birth. The next year he pretended to be bisexual and asked if he could let his coworker Alfonse join us in bed.

This year the joke will be on him. Liz was brainstorming ideas at her desk. All of them were either too weak or too hardcore. She needed something that would sting but could be fixed easily. Nothing came to mind. Tired of trying to come up with a good prank Liz walked to the kitchen and started digging through her fridge. The fridge was depressingly barren. She would have to tell Mark to go shopping soon.

At that moment an idea popped into her head. She turned around to her marble tabletop and scrawled out the idea. She read the words she wrote aloud. "Convince Mark Alfonse and I are having an affair." She began writing a rough draft of the prank note.

"The truth is Alfonse and I have been intimate with each other for years. It started with Prom night and it never really ended. It is time you know the truth. I love him-" Liz tapped the pencil against her chin.

"Hmm no, he would never believe that."

Liz crumpled up the note and threw it into the kitchen trashcan. As the trashcan lid shut Mark entered the home.

"What's for dinner, babe," he inquired.

"Air. We need to go food shopping."

"Again? We just went on Tuesday."

"I used all the ingredients for Megan's potluck."

Mark sighed. "I guess I will go run some errands then. I'll be back at 6 PM."

"Ok, just get something pre-made for dinner."

"Your wish is my command," he said with a smile as he walked out of the home.

Liz was tired and retreated to the room for a nap. She plopped onto the queen size mattress and drifted off to sleep. Her nap only lasted about an hour and a half. She woke up partly because of how hungry she was. Liz looked at the alarm clock. It was fifteen minutes until the clock would change to 6:00 PM. Mark had been especially good to her lately so Liz thought she should give him a treat. Herself.

Liz went over to the drawer where they keep all the fun things at the house. She changed into a black, latex catsuit with a zipper that could be pulled down to reveal her fun parts. She also took out a hood, a whiffle gag, and two sets of handcuffs.

"He'll love this," she murmured to herself as she put on the hood and gag.

She lay on her bed in her skin tight latex catsuit. Fully hooded save for the area around her mouth. The white whiffle gag kept Liz quiet, not that there was anyone to talk to in the room. Her hands were cuffed to the respective leg. Her face was resting on the pillow while her ass was raised. She knew exactly what Mark liked to see when he walked in the door.

Fifteen minutes passed before Liz heard the front door creak open. She wiggled her ass in anticipation. Mark entered the bedroom. She could not see him but she could imagine the look of delight he must have. It took him an oddly long amount of time to come for her. Usually meeting her is the first thing

"What's this?" He said, sounding unusually agitated. "Don't tell me this is how you plan to make up for what you did!"

For a second Liz had no idea what Mark was talking about. Then it hit her...he read the letter! She began rolling around, trying her hardest to get out of her restraints. She needed to explain the situation to him. That it was all a big understanding. She tried saying "Mark it's not what you think!" but all that came out was "Mmmph uhh nhh mmph mph mmmph!"

Liz heard the dresser open. It was the dresser where they kept all their toys.

"If this is how you plan to try and mend things, I accept, but don't think I will show mercy tonight," Mark said angrily. She had unintentionally hurt him and was now going to be punished for it. Mark picked out the long, black whipping crop.

Drool dripped out of Liz's whiffle gag as she tried her hardest to speak clearly but her pleas to be taken out of her restraints were not heard. Mark slammed the crop onto her rear, sending a shiver through Liz's body. He swatted her ass, again and again, taking out all his frustrations out on her. He could not see through her catsuit but her ass was definitely red by the time he brought down one final, thunderous smack. Liz winced in pain. Drool was collecting on the mattress. Underneath the hood she was crying. Mark could hear her whimpering.

"Too much for you? You never complained before. What, is it more painful now that you have ruined all that we had?"Mark dropped the crop onto the bed and went back to the drawer. He took out a large metal butt plug that had a cute green gem on it. Liz wiggled frantically as he unzipped the zipper over her ass and slowly poured lubricant on her asshole. He pressed the cold metal against her skin and applied pressure to the plug. Mark got harder with each and every moan Liz let out as he pushed the plug deep into her.

He couldn't take it any longer. He needed to be in her. Mark threw his shirt to the floor and dropped his jeans to his ankles. He began stroking his cock and picked up the crop again. He gave Liz five good smacks on each cheek before lowering the zipper further. He rubbed his cock against her pussy, which was wet and ready for him.

"I must admit Liz, as far as apologies go this is the best I have ever had," Mark admitted as he pushed his cock into her. She couldn't help but rock back and forth to match his thrusts. This was all a misunderstanding but she could try to convince him later. Since she couldn't see or talk, all Liz could do was focus on the sensations enveloping her body.

Mark was close enough to the drawer to reach inside and take out a long, black, electronic dildo. He switched it on and flipped Liz so that her face was right below his cock. He placed the vibrating dildo into his girlfriend's pussy so that she could get closer and closer to cumming. He was mad at her but still wanted her to enjoy the moment, and was completely unaware of the misunderstanding.

Mark pulled the wiffle gag from Liz's mouth. Saliva dripped down the side of her cheek. Before she could say a word he stuffed his cock into her mouth and began lightly thrusting. She matched this by working her tongue around his member.

"Fuck yeah Liz, we haven't had a night like this in ages. I am so close to cumming! Let's mix up things up a bit for the climax."

Liz did not know what he meant by that but she soon found out. He swivelled her around so that once again her pussy was nearby. He pulled out her anal plug and the dildo. He shoved the anal plug into her mouth and then slid the dildo into her ass. She screamed out in pleasure as he once again entered her.

"I'm cumming Liz!" Mark announced.

Mark shot his warm seed into her, still thrusting despite having come in her.He wanted every moment of pleasure he could latch onto. Liz orgasmed right as he pulled out. Mark leaned against the wall, panting, and in a state of euphoria. Similarly, Liz was shaking in excitement. She was going to hate having to explains things but that could wait. Saving the talk for after round 2 seemed really appealing to her at that moment.

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