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Gail Entertains Leo


*For continuity you may read the Gail stories by date in the Loving Wives section. If you have not read a previous posting I’ll tell you what we look like. Firstly, this is all real. I’m 5’10, just turned 32, brown hair and eyes and in reasonably trim shape. I met my wife while in university and we are married eight years now. Gail is exceptionally beautiful and very shy, which belies her intelligence and soft spoken manner. She is 5’7” with a young girls figure at 30, with small hips, and long very shapely legs. She is small breasted, with a picture perfect behind, light brown hair that blondes in the sun and just the loveliest large green eyes. Copyright© All rights reserved. By Hadrian M.


It was evening when we arrived at the Splendido Hotel to a welcome that was more then we expected. The introduction to the Manager by Giancomo served us well. We were upgraded to a magnificent room both larger and with a better view. Thirty minutes after we checked in I received a telephone call from a tennis player by the name of Wilhelm, informing me he was available for tennis at any time, including night play. I was thrilled that there was someone to play with during our stay. I asked if a nine o’clock game was too late and he assured me it was quite usual. “Fine,” I said “I’ll see you at nine.” He told me he would book the hotel court in my name, and we rang off. While unpacking the phone rang again, this time it was Katarina, welcoming us to Portofino and inviting us to attend a party the next evening. I felt certain our holiday here in Italy would be fun.

Gail walked with me to the courts and we met Wilhelm. I couldn’t believe the combination that greeted us. A broad smiling blue eyed man of about twenty five or thirty that was a perfect advert for a German gene factory, handsome, perfect teeth, with a German name and broad very Italian accented English. Gail and I both laughed. When Wilhelm looked questioningly I commented, “I look more Italian then you do.” He just smiled; I guessed he had heard that before. We were on court for more then an hour and he played magnificently. His backstroke was a picture in perfection, his all white attire struck a classic pose, and he was a delight to watch. I won but I know that Wilhelm had paced me. The three of us sat on the clubhouse deck drinking water and talking. When he learned that Gail played he offered to arrange another player. Before we left I offered to pay and he refused. I didn’t press, assuming I would later find out why he was so willing to spend his time with us. We organized to play the next afternoon, Gail included.

The next morning I answered a few emails from work then we started with our already planned tourist schedule. Gail dressed skimpily and seemed to have an unabashed intent to rouse anyone that was fortunate enough to catch her at the right moment and glimpse between her legs or a flash of breast. She even commented that she felt mischievous. I couldn’t help but make a comparison between Gail’s at-home and travel behavior. How unrestrained she could be when we traveled, and how very staid, almost prudish, she was when we were at home. Most strange was that I loved both traits.

At four PM we headed for the tennis courts. Wilhelm was accompanied by Nicolas, a young man, I guessed to be about twenty, with long brown hair and too rosy cheeks for a man. The youngster smiled without speaking when he shook my hand. Gail opted to play singles and she and Nicolas moved to the opposite court, separated by a green canvas hanging on the fence. During one break I watched and I thought that Gail may have been too much game for Nicolas.

When we finished Wilhelm invited me to play again tomorrow then walked down the pathway toward the hotel. I sat with Gail and Nicolas, placing one of the plastic strung chairs to the left of Nicolas almost opposite Gail. “Good workout?” I asked, looking at Gail. “Very,” she replied, “but I think Nicolas didn’t try too hard,” she added in a teasing tone, smiling. It took him a moment to register what she had said, then he responded defensively, “Oh no Miss Gail, I tried hard, you play too good.” Gail tilted her head back and took a sip from her water bottle and, as she did, her left leg opened. Nicolas and I did the same thing… we both glanced between her legs. The court lighting shone off her white panties, but it was not strong enough to see the shadow of what lay beneath. But it was enough to trigger the imagination and it caused my cock to tingle. I wondered what it was doing to the young man. I was also sure that Gail was aware of the what we were seeing. We exchanged niceties with Nicolas for a few more minutes then we thanked him and rose to leave.

We found Wilhelm still on the pathway some ten meters from the court, speaking with a man of his age. Gail was just behind me and I asked him if she could play again as well. He commented directly to her on how surprised he was with her game, and suggested that he organize a better player for tomorrow. Gail insisting that Nicolas was fine said, “I’m only here on holiday, and he certainly keeps the ball in play.”

When we returned to the hotel we sat in the lobby and ordered two Compari and soda. Gail was drawing some attention but she was lost in conversation and didn’t notice.

“If you want we can play doubles tomorrow,” I offered.

“No,” Gail said, “I’m perfectly fine with Nicolas.” I thought Gail said that because she knew I preferred singles. She continued, “He played well enough to give me a work out

and whether you noticed or not, I did loose a few games.”

“You managed to give him an aprPs workout as well,” I commented, smiling and looking directly into her eyes. She blushed, smiling with that look I love, and then she leaned over as if to share a secret and whispered, “I don’t know what’s gotten into me lately. Everything …” she paused, “everything seems to excite me.”

I countered, “You mean everything turns you on, don’t you?” Yes, she nodded without a sound, she had that… I’m busy thinking look.

“Do you intend to just tease that boy or is it leading to more,” I asked.

She looked at me for a good while, then smiling she asked, “Do you want it to lead to more?”

“Maybe…, if I knew, or if I was with you.”

Gail studied me for a moment, the hint of her smile still there, “He’s cute,” she added, ending the conversation about Nicolas.

Katarina called from the lobby of our hotel at nine o’clock. When we stepped from the elevator she was standing on the opposite end of the lobby, a drink in her hand, speaking with a gentleman. She raised her arm to beckon us and I followed two steps behind Gail as we wove our way across the lobby. As we passed or approached people seated in the lobby Gail drew appreciative glances, even stopped the conversation of two couples.

Gail had dressed in a mid calf medium-green and blue dress, with three buttons at the top and bottom. A cloth belt of beige silk around her small waist highlighted her figure hinting at the perfect swell of her behind. She wore brown sandals and the buttons unfastened at the bottom of her dress permitted her long bare legs to seep out with each step. The top was close-fitting enough to contour her braless breasts. How Gail always managed to look so sexy and proper at the same time was beyond me.

Katarina introduced us to the gentleman she was standing with. He turned out to be the assistant manager of the hotel. We stood for a few minutes while they discussed a mutual friend and then we left. Katarina drove down toward the coast and after a short drive started to drive up the hill, winding her way through narrow tree lined streets with each house surrounded by a wall. We barley caught a glimpse of the houses but somehow imagined that they were luxurious. We wove our through residential areas, with the best view of the beautiful homes seen while looking down at the walled in homes. The houses seemed to be getting larger. At an intersection we turned left along a high wall and the street was lined with automobiles. Gail nodded her head toward the property and said, “This is where the party is.” The entry was a very high black fence with a black metal sheet between the fence bars, blocking all vision to the house inside.

As we approached the gate a guard started toward the car but Katarina reached into her glove compartment and pressed a garage door opener, and the gate started to slide open.

Katarina waved to the guard and Gail commented “I would say you have your in with this party giver.” Katarina smiled, “The house is owned by my Uncle. The party is being given by my cousin.” I noted, “There are a lot of cars out there.”

When the gate was opened we started up the driveway and the house came into view. “Wow,” I said. “We should be arriving on horses wearing armor.” The house looked the size of a small castle. The circular driveway wound around a central fountain and some fifteen or twenty cars were jammed into every free corner of the driveway. The drive was lined with four meter high bushes uniformly trimmed making a perfect natural wall separating the front property from the driveway. We passed an Aston Martin parked in the drive and I promised myself a close up view later in the evening.

We walked into the house and stood in awe. It was truly beautiful, classic, “Genteel living,” Gail commented. I added, “Certainly done with taste.” Katarina led us from room to room, the people we saw smiled in greeting but it seemed we were in search of the host. In a large library some ten people were sitting around and talking, some smoking cigars. Sitting on the edge of the desk was Bruno, our host. Katarina kissed him and introduced Gail and I, speaking in English. I remembered seeing him at the party on the boat. He thanked us for coming and held Gail’s hand a little longer then necessary. We made the rounds of everyone in the room and when the conversation began again, it was changed from Italian to English. I was amazed at the courtesy, just like that ten or more people change to a foreign language and more importantly, no one was let out, and they all conversed. Certainly in my country a good part of the group would not have been able to continue in English.

A waiter approached with a tray of two selections of drinks. W choose the white wine and Katarina suggested that she show us around the party. We followed from room to room, there were small groups everywhere. In some rooms we just looked in, not speaking to anyone. In the dinning room there was a long table with a center piece of carved ice. There must have been fifty different dishes of food, hot and cold, in a buffet display over which Gail commented, “It’s too beautiful to eat.”

Towards the back of the house an exercise room had all the equipment piled into the corner. Two double doors were folded open onto the pool area, and a small group ensconced between an array of speakers was making music, very melodic, very Italian. Just outside the open doors two couples were dancing. Ten or fifteen tables for four were placed strategically beyond the dance area.

We went into the pool area where there must have been some twenty or thirty people in small groups in different locations. The pool was on the lower of two levels in what was as much a garden as it was a bathing or sunning area. The small lights along the paths and the lighted pool were augmented by a half dozen torches burning on bamboo poles. The effect was intimate and very appealing.

We stopped at one group where Katarina introduced us to “Patricio,” and after our greetings he started to ask questions, in flawless English, about skiing in Chile. While Gail was recommending areas, a woman approached with two drinks, one which she handed to Patricio. He stopped talking and said, “This is Allyson,” and he introduced us to his wife. For some reason she started talking with me while the others continued their ski comparisons.

Allyson was “an Australian living in Italy,” as she put it. She wasted no time telling me how she met Patricio, their apartment in near Portofino, and how they have been talking of taking a trip to Chile and Argentina. Allyson was an inch or so taller then Gail, a little more buxom, with a soft very feminine manner. I thought she was younger then we were. Her long brown hair highlighted large brown eyes and the most sensuous mouth I have ever seen. When she spoke I was drawn to watching her mouth, almost missing what she was saying. She had a way of speaking some words with the hint of a lisp and for some reason it was sexy. Her dress was just above her knees, the soft material adhering to her shape, I would have sworn she wore nothing underneath. Allyson spoke with me for some five minutes then touched my arm and said “your wife is lovely.” “Thank you, I said, “I think so too.” She moved from my side to Gail who was animatedly conversing with Patricio and two other men. Allyson placed her arm around Gail’s waist and quietly said to the group, there is a magnificent table of food, let’s go inside before the goodies are gone.”

I walked beside Gail to the buffet, people were already lining up on both side of the table. Allyson gave me a plate and let me precede her. Gail was walking through the other side with Patricio. The buffet was a feast of its own. Allyson suggested I try the tiny balls of cheese made from buffalo, skewered with tiny peeled tomato’s and a huge leaf of fresh basil - and then the carpaccio of tuna - there was much too much.

“Best I take one or two items and go back for more,” I said, as I headed, plate in hand, for a small grouping of chairs in a nearby corner. Allyson was right behind. People gravitated to the nearest chairs and when finally left the buffet table, the chairs beside us were full. Gail and Patricio went to chairs at an angle from ours, about ten feet away. Eventually there was a group of five men and a boyishly dressed girl sitting with Gail and Patricio. One of the men was an older man, tall, with red hair, standing near the group, not talking, staring at Gail most of the time. I thought he looked familiar but could not place him. I paid as much attention to Gail as possible in spite of the fact that I was talking with Allyson and others. When Gail would notice my attention to her, she would smile back.

Patricio was doing most of the talking and I noticed that Allyson too would glance their way from time to time. When Katarina went through the buffet she came to stand beside us and we got into conversation. “Gabriela said she would be here this evening but she hasn’t arrived yet.” Katarina commented. I was surprised, “It would certainly be nice to see her again,” I said, adding, “Is Giancomo with her?” Katarina responded somewhat cynically, “Not when she is around here.” I pondered her comment, “Doesn’t Giancomo get on with her family?” I asked. Katarina smiled looking at me a long moment then leaning toward me she shared, “He is family, and she is his niece.” It took me some moments to digest her comment but I didn’t think it my place to comment so I just nodded my head. Allyson returned to the buffet and went to where Patricio and Gail were sitting. She handed Patricio the plate then stood beside him, smiling a hello toward Gail in the process.

Katarina suggested that we move outside. I looked toward Gail until she caught my eye. I nodded my head beckoning her with a smile to come and join us. She paused waiting for an opportune moment then rose, smiled at Patricio and modestly stepped back not wanting to interrupt the person speaking. She placed her empty plate on a nearby end table, the slight bending motion framing her small breast in profile for a moment. Just the few steps that she took to join us were a display of her beauty, smiling as she walked toward me, grace in each move, a show of leg well above her knee revealed with each step. I noticed that all her buttons at the bottom of her dress were now open, and that Patricio, Allyson, and the older red headed gentleman watched her every move. I took Gail’s hand and the three of us walked outside to the pool.

A waiter was making the rounds with fresh drinks. We all took one then walked toward the musicians where a group of people were dancing. We stood leaning on the balustrade that circled the upper part of the pool area and we watched the dancers. We were about ten or fifteen meters from the dance floor, the music was romantic, the garden and greenery around us beautifully lighted. It was a captivating sight. Most of the tables were full and I observed that, spread throughout the house, there must have been sixty or more people at this party.

Patricio and Allyson soon appeared on the dance floor. As they danced Patricio laughed a little too loudly while talking with his wife, I believed that he was putting on a show. For some reason I took stock of the man I had just met. I guessed he was about forty, half a head shorter then his wife, with a strong frame. I imagined he worked out. His hair was long, curling at the bottom, except in the front where he had a deeply receding hairline. Because of his carriage and manner my read was that he was arrogant. I decided, without reason, that I did not like him. As he danced closely with his wife he touched her behind flaunting his actions without concern that others could see.

I became aware that Gail was watching them too. Without looking away she said, “He wanted to know what business you do with Gia.” I looked at Gail, “What? What would make him ask a question like that?” Katarina was looking at Gail too.

Gail answered me, her gaze still fixed on the dance floor, “He told me he knew about the Argentine project of Giancomo. I simply said I don’t know.”

Katarina moved in front of Gail. “He is a fool,” she said. “Don’t pay him attention.” Then with a hint of disgust, “nonsense, he knows nothing of what Gaiancomo does.” Then she touched Gail’s arm and said, “You know Gail, only the Americans shorten Giancomos name to Gia. Gia is a girl’s name. We call him Tio, or Gian, in English that’s John, but not Gia.” Katarina said it with humor and Gail responded with an “Oh, of course, I’m so sorry. Do you think it annoyed him?” Katarina smiled and assured her it did not, then noticing a friend she excused herself and walked toward the girl entering the house.

I took Gail’s hand and we walked toward the dance floor. She wrapped her arms around me and we moved around the floor. “After some few minutes Gail said, “You notice how they continue with the same kind of rhythm, slow, romantic. Very civilized for this age group,” she stated. I grunted a yes and said “The only thing romantic is your almost naked breast pressing on me. Gail ever so slightly pushed her breasts harder against me. We had both had a lot of wine and I could tell Gail was loose. She is usually too worried about “people are looking…” (Her words), but she was relaxed tonight. We soon exited the dance floor and walked to where we had been standing.

Gail saw the waiter and asked if I wanted another drink. I was feeling the effect of what I had already had and declined. Gail beckoned to the waiter and at the same time Allyson walked toward me from the dance floor. I did not see Patricio. I did see the older man with the red hair looking my way. As Allyson approached me she asked, “Is Gail gone?”

“No” I said and pointed to Gail returning with her fresh drink. Both girls smiled at one another then Allyson asked, “May I borrow your man to dance?” Gail nodded, “You may.” Allyson reached for my hand and whisked me away toward the music.

We stepped into the crowd of dancers and as we started to dance Allyson stood at arms length and said, “Lovely setting, isn’t it?” I smiled, “Very much so. Do they do this often?” She replied, “Not really. It’s almost the end of the season, they have more parties then.” She moved closer to me and it wasn’t long before we were caught up in the mood of the music. I attempted to watch Gail but before the first song was over, I had lost sight of her.

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