tagSci-Fi & FantasyGaius and the Vampire

Gaius and the Vampire


There I was, staring at a set of tits, like two milky cantaloupes they were. They were connected to a she-elf and like everyone else in the tavern I was watching this pair of jugs swing back and forth on the elegant form they sprang from. Igred and I arrived in Thaneswood a fortnight prior, and this was the only entertainment this shithole offered.

We were still looking for that damnable vampire we'd been sent here for, but he was an elusive little sucker. So, night after night, I found myself here in the tavern drinking a flagon or two, chatting with the locals, and gazing at the elvish dancers as they gyrated on one another. It was great sport, went well with the stout ale this place served.

You see, elvish women were tall and fair, most of them were blonde, of course, but the way their skin glistened was entrancing. Like gold, wet, writhing gold. These two beauties had been dancing with one another for about an hour now. They could have been twins, if you couldn't see the subtle differences in elfkind.

Regardless, this matching set of perky beauties started their dance by grinding against one another, face to face. Both of them mashing their elven mounds on the others thigh as they danced. Their hands exploring their bodies, their breasts pressed against one another. They had been locked in this dance, their faces intimately close, but never kissing, never touching.

Instead the deigned it good enough to leave their audience clinging to that narrow strip of air where their lips didn't meet. It was far more potent than all the skin that was pressed and gnashed between them. That was how it started, now though? Oh, now, one was standing with her legs agape. Bent so that those titties were swaying for the drunkards in the bar. The other she-elf was behind her, one hand rubbing up and down the bent spine of the other girl. Her other hand, slipped somewhere out of view.

It left little to the imagination, where her hand must be. Even less when you factor the lovely faces the pleasured elf was making. Olive colored, almond shaped eyes, squeezed shut. All while trembling hands braced to shuddering legs told the story of the robust fingering she was taking.

Gods, I'd have given my right nut and my left ass cheek to trade places with the administering elf. I'd have more than fingers to provide. As it were though, it wasn't an option that night. All I could do was watch with lingering, watered eyes as my drunkenness and arousal coexisted in one euphoric mixture.

All that changed when Tamiling "cock eye" came strutting over to me, equally snoggared. I could tell by his stumble that he was two ales shy of a sudden night's sleep, and his piss stained trousers further told of the extent of inebriation.

"Oy," he beckoned, "you Gaius?" His stammering legs had the unfortunate strength left to find their way to me and gave out as his ass met the stool beside me.

"Aye, I am." I managed with a forced smile, "What can I do you for?"

"I hear yer lookin fer a vampire," He sloshed, "I know where 'e is, I do." Tamiling was bold to make such a statement in the open, or drunk. Probably just drunk.

"Well Gods be praised, my search is concluded!" I exclaimed, I tried to sound as though I were kidding, "and where might he be, mister Tamiling?" Only now did he show caution, wobbling weary head from left to right, looking for spies in the darkness.

"The Thane's the damned neck sucker!" He whispered, a spray of saliva issuing from his sparingly toothed mouth.

"Hah, You're quite the kidder, friend." I said, "but I think I'll be tunring in now, I suggest you do the same." I got out of there quick, eager to get myself away from Tamiling. Not because he was hammered, but because he was probably right.

I could have slapped myself for missing it. Vampires are vain, egotistical, usually wealthy, always over sexed... but cautious. They're fucking cautious, so of course the Thane never registered in my mind. He knew I was looking for a vampire too, which made things dangerously worse.

I formulated a plot as I fumbled my way back to the inn. Igred would be happy to see me and more thrilled that our search had yielded a target. And I would be more than happy to look upon her green, witchly skin and smooth tattooed snatch as I gave her a quick, drunken thrust before bed.

Well, I ended up being wrong on both counts. She was troubled by the news of the Thane being our mark and she had some feminine issues that prevented my thrusting. She did relinquish a swift and decisive blow job though, which proved satisfying to my member.

"Sit," she cooed, guiding me to the bed where I reclined for her. She undid my pants, something she was becoming quite adept at, and pulled my half-hard pecker from within. She descended upon it instantly and my cock sobered up, stiffening quickly under her loving tongue.

Igred worked her dark lips over my meat, her tongue flicked at my head with every upward move of her mouth. Soon my hands clutched her raven hair, her rhythm stealing the strength from my body. It was easy to forget the she-elves when Igred's taught form, kneeling between my legs, was staring back at me.

With only slurps and moans coming from her mouth, she had me ready now. She could sense it too, and popped her lips from my glistening pole. With her slender fingers wrapped tightly around my cock she pumped fiercely, her open mouth above my head, her outstretched tongue working my slit. It was far too much for me to handle and tensed.

My pulsing rod produced a blast that sent a streak of white up her tongue, her hand slowed, teasing several more spurts of seed out for her waiting mouth. She pressed her lips to my head and suckled, my legs kicked involuntarily as she drained what last bits of cum she could and swallowed.

I awoke the next morning just as she had left me, with my pants down, spread legged on the edge of the bed. My shrunken dick stuck to my skin. Bleary eyed, I searched for my assistant but there was no sign of her in the room. I sat, tucked myself back in my pants and tried my best to stand. It was rough work, fighting off the ill effects of the ale that morning. I did my best though.

I finally met up with Igred outside of the inn. Her fully disguised form was easy to find. She had to wear a full cloak with hood at all times outside of the room, since witches were tried and killed in almost every town. When she spotted me, Igred slinked her way across the mud pit of a street and greeted me.

"You passed out last night, my sweet." Her words played seductively in my ears, as her gloved fingers squeezed at my package.

"You sucked the life out of me, I think you might be part vampire too," I jested, cock writhing in delight from her greeting.

"What shall we do about that matter, speaking of bloodsuckers?" Her tone changed, the heat of her words now cold and calculating.

"We pay him a visit, smoke him out." My plan was to make him think we had a lead, but that it wasn't him. Of course, that was assuming that he didn't kill us on the spot.

As luck would have it, we made it into the Thane's hall unscathed. It was dark inside, only two oil lamps were lit, and they gave off the faintest light. A lush throne with ornate woodwork was practically lost to my in the gloom. He could see us clear as day as we approached though.

"Gaius and Igred, what brings you both back to my humble court?" Crooned the Thane, I was mad. Enraged by the fact that he had been right here the whole time, even now he paraded himself as a vampire, I just hadn't seen it.

"We think we have a lead," I spoke, "there's a man outside of town, people have been talking about." The lie would test how well he knew his town gossip. Obviously there was no such man, but I had nothing else to use at this point.

"Interesting, I haven't heard that yet," He turned his gaze to Igred, pale blue eyes piercing her cloak while his gaunt, once handsome features turned. They morphed for the briefest of moments. "My dear Igred, why do you hide such beauty from the world?" My blood ran cold.

"Pardon, your grace?" Igred asked sheepishly. She fidgeted uncomfortably now, this was going sideways. I knew we needed to get out quick.

"You have such a marvelously sweet speaking voice, surly your face matches, yes? So why wear a hood, even indoors..." He trailed off, letting us answer for ourselves, his nose wrinkled slightly, his mouth twisted hungrily.. I was speechless, and unfortunately, so was Igred.

"I think it is best, we head out now," I blurted, "we will trouble you no more." I turned, followed by Igred and together we fled as calmly as possible from the Thane's chambers. It wasn't until we were safely outside that I dare spoke, "well, we are fucked."

"He knows I'm a witch," Igred said dazed, "he was trying to force himself into my mind. I think he was trying to seduce me." At that point a sane man would have cashed his chips and left, no questions asked. I am not that kind of man. I never have been.

"I have a thought," my thought was that I was about to be slapped for suggesting what I was about to, "you will seduce him."

"Pardon?!" She hissed. I knew what the vampire had noticed about Igred, and though I would not bring it forthright to her attention, I knew that she made him hungry. Igred was poised to make the vampire's many appetites sated all at once, and if seduced she'd make for a powerful thrall. Or, since she seemed able to resist him, she could distract him. Blinded by hunger and arousal, he would be unaware of anyone else that may be sneaking about... It may just work.

"Just listen," I began, "you won't have to do anything, just keep him distracted. I'll find another way in and dispatch our friend. I'm certain that I saw another door in that chamber, and with some luck I can find my way in." I heard her sigh, then she agreed.

"I do not want to fall victim to him." She voiced, her concern clear. I persuaded her to go through with the plan. My part was easy, I was able to sneak in the back. It was lightly guarded, but I took care of that issue easily. Once inside I was able to creep through the place unnoticed until I reached my destination. Igred's tale, well...

She marched back into the Thane's throne room. With shuddering breath she approached him, he licked his lips eagerly. A wolf with a fresh young sheep.

"You have returned," he spat, "there is no need to hide, witch, not here." He tried to invade poor Igred's mind at that point, coaxing her to remove her cloak. She did, to sell the illusion that she was weak and easily coerced by his guile. She let the hooded cloak slip from her form. She removed her gloves as well, depositing them onto the rumpled form of cape. "Truly beautiful, come to me." He said, shifting in his throne.

Igred's hesitant eyes took him in, a once robust young man. Now trapped in a state of eternal youth, skin, once tanned now looked like porcelain. He retained his muscular body, but his face had grown sullen and deeply bruised eyes housed a malicious content in them that no man could possess. His fangs now lengthened from their gummy sheathes. just enough to be evident to Igred as she approached. His shift also revealed an ample girth in his leather breaches.

"Your grace, I feel so strange." Igred feigned well, acting flustered with desire. She listened to the voice in her head, letting it guide her actions but never committing them to heart. "will you allow me to kneel before you, master?" It was then that she had him. His arrogance stroked by her submission, his arousal stoked by her lusting body between his legs.

"Of course, dear." He smiled.

She placed her hands upon his calves and slid them up his thighs, he neither shifted nor moaned. Instead he merely sat back and watched Igred with delighted curiosity. She toyed with his inner legs, kneading the flesh beneath the fabric until he undid the tie and fished out his engorged phallus. Igred stared at the pale shaft, lined with blue veins, thick and throbbing. A deep blue head, swollen and waiting twitched impatiently for Igred's next move.

Ever committed to her performance, she grip his undead wood in her hands and pumped. She squeezed his filled sack with her free hand, rubbing a tender thumb on the space between orbs. Their flesh blushed, turning from creamy white to a spotted bluish color. His deathly blood filling his lustful regions. Her massaging hands produced a beading pool of precum that dribbled onto her knuckles. She froze, gazing at it with curious thought.

"Go on, love, a taste will not turn you." He encouraged. She put her tongue to her hand and licked, it was acrid. All together different from human precum, and very unpleasant. Yet, she smiled and pretended, her tongue cleaning the chalky cock all the way up to the blue head. She took his precum and pulled the remaining string from his cock hole. His eyes fixed upon her glistening tongue as it worked. "You are wonderful at that, what other magics does that mouth know, I wonder?" He said, hoping to feel that same warm enveloping joy I had felt the night before. It was now that I struck.

I had crept up behind him, while he marveled at Igred's beautiful face. He never saw my sword as it swung and, hand to the gods, I cleaved his head from his shoulders mid moan. His open mouth fell squarely onto his pecker. I'd have given my reward money up to see the look on the guard's faces when they found him like that, but as it were, we left after the incident. I cut one fang from his mouth as proof, but left his disembodied head lodged on his cock. It was too funny not to.

On the way back home, we found trouble in the form of a pelting storm. I will never forget what happened next as the ground melted beneath us in the torrent and we were dropped into the nest of goblin folk... but that's a tale for another time.

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