tagSci-Fi & FantasyGalactic Slave Ch. 01

Galactic Slave Ch. 01


Chapter one Betrayed

I'd say it was my own damn fault, but I was set up. I should never have trusted Collin with the planetary research. Granted, there was nothing factually wrong in his report, but he did leave one little detail off. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

I used to be a top trade negotiator for Amorex Shipping Inc. Routes that bring in eight figures to the company are (were) practically commonplace for me. I thought nothing of being asked to negotiate a regular grain shipment contract between Dominat and Groveto. The only tricky part was finding a place that representatives for both planets were comfortable meeting on (atmospheric concerns). Branchet seemed like the perfect place. Collin's report indicated that Branchet's atmosphere would not make either species uncomfortable in the short run and the local laws on slavery did not extend into the Federation neutral zone. What he neglected to tell me in the report was that they were in the final stages of applying for full federation member status, up from their current status of Protectorate.

Of course, you all know what that means. The only way a federation of several hundred planets can hold together is if the member planet's laws are all honored equally. This has special implications for the laws on slavery. Slavery is legal on any planet that makes it legal, AND the status of a slave cannot be reversed legally except under the laws of the planet where the enslavement took place or on the slaves home planet. Branchet was accepted as a full member in the middle of the negotiations.

Collin chose well for his purposes. Under Branchet law, there are two ways to become enslaved. Anyone can sell themselves into slavery, with the purchase price going to the designated "slavery heir." Any woman can be forcibly enslaved by any man who can capture her, bind her and have sex with her. For the natives, this is not a big issue, as families protect their daughters well and it is difficult to keep the capture of a telepath secret for long enough to complete the "process." For me, however, I didn't stand a chance.

I can only think that he drugged me. While I slept, he broke into my room (easy since he was the registered tenant for all the rooms of the team), and tied me spread eagle to my bed. The first thing I know, I'm waking up to the acrid smell of an ammonia capsule and I can't move. I scream, but it does no good. He's activated the room's privacy field, suppressing all sound in and out of the room. He is already naked, his cock fully erect and visibly throbbing with excitement. I can smell mint on his breath, from what I can't tell.

"Susan", he whispers, "Branchet has been a full member of the Federation for three hours now. Hat means you are no longer safe from their laws here on the surface. Can you guess what comes next?"

Stupidly, I try reasoning with him. "Collin, what do you think you're doing? You can't keep me. As soon as we get home, I'll be free and you'll be fired."

"Who said anything about taking you home? I intend to sell you here on the planet, where, with any luck, you'll be bought by a native who will never take you off the planet."

I blanched. My only hope for freedom was to get back to my home planet! If a local bought me, that would never happen. 'What could be worse?' I thought.

As if he could read my mind, he answered that unspoken thought. "By the way, I've placed subcutaneous capsules of Hydromel and Trilotozene in you. Enjoy the ride.", he murmured as he began to caress my face.

It was clear that Hydronell was already working in my system as his touches provoked erotic responses from my body. My body was hyper-sensitive to the touch of biological creatures. My pussy started to cream and my nipples became erect. He spent five full minutes just caressing my face and neck while my body grew increasingly desperate for touch elsewhere. Once he moved down to my breasts, I felt like I would explode in climax in a matter of seconds. Of course, the Hydromel would not let that happen. Once arousal starts under the drug, orgasm is not possible until the increased levels of estrogen have had an hour to temporarily break the drug down. So I writhed on the bed, helpless under his touch and desperate for release. After what seemed like an eternity of him caressing and licking and biting on my breasts, I had lost control. I begged him to stop and to keep going.

"Susan," he asked after letting me abase myself for several minutes, "would you like to cum?"

Disgusted with my weakness and him, I pleaded, "Please let me cum, Collin. I can't take it." I knew that he could torture me for hours by simply stopping the caresses before the hour was up. The breakdown doesn't force the orgasm, it simply allows it. The stimulation must still be there. I was literally in his hands.

"Then suck me off. If you bring me to climax and swallow everything before this timer goes off, I'll let you have an orgasm, otherwise, You'll be enslaved and frustrated."

I could not see how much time I had, but I opened my mouth wide as he sat across my chest with his dick pointing at my face. He slowly rocked back and forth on my tits as he shoved his cock into my mouth. I used every technique I knew to try to give him the best blowjob I could. The friction across my breasts and the touch of his penis in my mouth kept my arousal building to unbelievable heights.

As I swirled my tongue around his cock and blew and sucked on it, be became increasingly frantic in his own arousal. It dawned on me that he must have taken Hydrosel, the male version of Hydronell. He would be unable to cum until he had been aroused for an hour. It was the only explanation for his being so hard for so long with the extreme level of excitement without orgasming himself.

Now I was worried. He was going to cum with an incredible quantity of semen, as his own drug increased his volume. I wasn't worried about making him cum, that was a given. It was whether he was honest when he set the alarm and whether I could swallow what he was going to ejecaculate. I wasn't actually thinking like this, mind you. I was too aroused and desperate. I was simply afraid that I would fail, because it seemed like he should have cum by now

Finally, his cock throbbed and he came. Cum started pouring into my mouth in huge spurts. I struggled to not choke as I swallowed again and again. In the middle of his orgasm, mine started. Waves of pleasure washed over me. His semen forgotten, I cried out over and over in wordless screams of pleasure. My arms and legs hurt from trying to pull against my bonds as I spasmed underneath my rapist.

I must have passed out from the climax, because the next thing I remember is Collin on the communicator. "...to verify an involuntary enslavement. ...Yes, I just finished and she's still bound. ...Yes, I'll leave her as she is. ...Fifteen minutes? ...That will be fine."

He keyed off and turned to me. "In half an hour, you'll legally be mine in the eyes of the Federation, to do with as I please. You do know what the penalties are on Branchet for a slave escaping, don't you?"

I could feel the cum still on my face from my inability to swallow everything. I nodded my head. Yes I knew. Escaped slaves are put to death. My fate was sealed. My only hope was to get a non-native to buy me. But Collin had obviously planned this so well that I knew he had to have a local buyer already lined up.

The local authorities showed up on time. Hey examined my thoroughly. I was thankful that my hormone levels were still high enough that the Hydromel was not having an effect right now. After determining that I had not only been used, but had become aroused and had climaxed, they made a determination of Class Three Slave. They embedded an infrared tattoo on my right cheek, my left breast and the small of my back. They issued Collin a certificate of ownership and promised to expedite the computer processing after Collin slipped them a bribe.

After they left, I asked, "Collin, what do the mean class three?"

He turned and slapped me hard across my face. "Bitch! Address me properly! Call me by my name again and I will beat you severely."

Fearful, I asked again, in a meek voice, "Master, what is a class three slave?"

He smiled one of those smiles that makes your blood run cold. "A Class One Slave is someone who sells themselves into slavery for a fixed period of time. When the time is up, the are automatically freed again. A Class Two Slave has no time limit on their slavery. Their master must agree to free them. A Class Three Slave is a natural slave. They cannot legally be freed under Branchet law, which means they cannot be set free under Federation law either, except on their home world. If anyone frees you, they will have to replace you as a Class Three Slave."

Oh My God! I was doomed! I had just begun to harbor a hope that I could entice an owner who would pity me and free me. Now that could almost never happen. While the horror of my situation sunk in, Collin brought his hand to my mouth.

"Clean this off of my hand, bitch!"

Some of his cum had gotten on his hand when he slapped my. Knowing that he could do anything to me and never be held accountable, I obeyed. The now cold cum, partially congealed, made my bile rise. After I cleaned his hand, he used his finger to feed me the rest of the goop on my face. Then, leaving me tied up, he went into the wash room and cleaned up. After he was dressed, he unbound me and ordered my to clean myself. I hurried, since I did not know how much longer I would be immune to the Hydromel.

When I came out, he was not alone. Collin was telling the concierge, "Have all of the slave's belongings donated to the poor. She will not be using them again." The man nodded and indicated that he would have it seen to, just leave them in the room.

I blushed in shame as the concierge looked me over, his Blanchetian vision seeing clearly into the infrared. "A very nice capture, if I may say so sir. And a Class Three as well? Enjoy your spoils Sir."

After he left, Collin pulled out a bag of his own and unpacked a few items. I could see he was holding nothing back. He placed an electronic color around my neck, My wrists and ankles received magnetic cuffs. With these he could force my hands and feet to any distance apart, both as a minimum and a maximum. The collar would force me to stay within a certain distance of him at all times, or I would receive a shock. All these could be controlled by him with the remote controller.

"Come bitch. I need to be back in three hours to complete the negotiations." Not only was he enslaving me, but he was going to take full credit for my negotiations. I had already finished, all that was left was the contract signing.

We left the room and went downstairs in time for the morning rush. People from all manner of species were starting their days. He was apparently determined to humiliate me, as he took me naked and restrained to the hotel restaurant for breakfast. Magnetically binding my hands behind me, he ordered me eggs over easy, pancakes with syrup and orange juice in a bowl.

"I expect you to finish your entire breakfast, bitch. If you don't, I will beat you publicly."

"Master, Can I use my hands, please?"

"No, I expect an animal to eat like an animal." He grabbed my face in his hand, causing a small surge of sexual energy to build. "And I'll use my hand."

With the Hydromel once again active in my system, that would mean public sexual arousal, not something I wanted today. When breakfast arrived, I bent my head to the plates and tried my best to eat the runny eggs and sticky pancakes. I could not keep my hair out of the food, since I had not put it up. By the time I was done, shame, eggs and syrup covered my face, hair and dripped onto my body.

"Bitch, you are a mess. Go to the washroom and clean yourself up."

Gratefully, I got up and started towards the washroom. When I reached the door, my collar started giving off shocks. I returned to say, "Master..."

"Why are you not getting clean, slave! Do you want to be punished?"

"Master, the lease is too short. Could you extend it please?"

"I will do no such thing. I don't want you escaping. Now go and clean yourself"

Horrified, I started back. Again, the shocks started when I reached the door. The strength is dependant on the distance exceeded by and the time away from the controller. The farther I mover away, the worse it would get. Inside, I saw that the sinks were at the far end. Steeling myself, I moved towards them. At the closest one, I was moaning in pain, as the shocks were at 12 volts of strength, about the same strength as an earth 20th century car battery.

Even worse, As I cleaned myself, the contact with my own hands was responding to the Hydromel. Agony and arousal were both growing in my body. By the time I was done, my pussy was well lubricated and feeling desperate for attention of any kind, and my nipples where standing at attention. I was flushed with excitement and desperate for an orgasm that I knew would not come this time. At least the pain was gone once I was back out. Several other humans were staring at me, clearly seeing my arousal, causing me even greater humiliation.

Breakfast finished, Collin led me out into the streets. We headed for the gateway between the Federation compound and the greater Blanchetian city.

While there was plenty of public transportation, He insisted that we walk, probably to maximize my public exposure. He seemed to know exactly where he wanted to go, but declined to take a direct route. I could not stop blushing in embarrassment as it seemed that every person we passed was staring at me and my condition.

I wanted to walk normally. Under the effects of Hydronell, normal walking with its attendant friction between the legs and the arms and sides would keep my arousal building, allowing for an eventual orgasm. Unfortunately, he set the anklets and bracelets to a separation distance that prevented this. It's hard to rub your legs together when your feet are incapable of getting closer than three feet apart from each other. Likewise, when your hands can't approach each other closer than five feet, you can't rub your arms against your sides. So the arousal I had built up while washing myself, slowly descended without ant satisfaction.

After half an hour, we reached his destination, a slave shop. He ushered me inside. From my perspective, this was a frightening shop. There were about two dozen beings wearing collars and limb restraints. Most were native Blanchetians with their light covering of bluish fur over their otherwise humanoid bodies. There were a few slaves from other races, not all of which were humanoid. All were posed in a subservient pose, the humanoids on their knees with their hands clasped behind their heads and their knees spread. It wasn't clear if their limb restraints were forcing the posing or if they were holding the poses themselves. Collin and I were the only humans in the shop.

The owner, I assumed, came over as we entered. "What can I do for you good Sir?" he asked Collin.

"I have a newly acquired slave, Class Three, that I am unable to take home with me. Local laws, you understand. I was looking to make a small profit on it and have heard that you are the fairest slave dealer in the city."

"You flatter me sir, though what you say is true. Tell me, did you purchase her recently or did you make the acquisition yourself?"

"It's my own personal conquest. I've had my eye on this one for some time and merely had to wait until the time was right. I'm afraid that it has turned out to be not what I had expected. It's not very intelligent and has no skills worth speaking of. Even without the problem of my home world's laws, it will be unsuitable for my purposes. It is, however, extremely responsive to sexual stimulation and would make an excellent brothel slave."

I moaned in despair at that comment, earning me a sharp slap and a curt "quiet bitch!" from Collin. With Hydromel and Trilotozene in me, a brothel was the last place I wanted to be. Always aroused, never able to cum (customers at a brothel rarely take an hour) and effectively infertile, I would be in constant agony.

"I can give you 50 Metrons for her, good sir. If you want more, I'll need to give her a thorough examination. Her uniqueness alone will allow me a profit at that price."

"Sold. I have business to attend to back in the compound and will be leaving on an evening flight."

They concluded their transaction and Collin handed the control device over to the shop owner. He left without even a parting glance, like he would walk away from an unfinished meal. My life as I knew it was over. I was a slave now, in the hands of a race for whom slavery was a way of life. It would take a miracle for me to see even a semblance of my old life as a free woman again. In this day and age, no one believes in miracles any more.

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