tagCelebrities & Fan FictionGale Force Ch. 14

Gale Force Ch. 14


Season Two, cont.

We finished the rest of the season as the easy friends we were before and my life became a wonderful dream world. When Sunday came, Gale arrived with three bottles of wine and we were so grateful to be in each other's company that we embraced for nearly five minutes when I opened the door. I understood exactly what Michelle meant when she said that he needed me as much as I needed him. It wasn't easy being a star and certainly not as popular as he had become. I was his anchor in his crazy world and I fully understood where I belonged. Truth number four.

The remainder of our visits were mostly chaste. I think we understood how we needed to proceed and we decided to go a bit slower. We still ended up on the couch watching television, his hard cock riding in the crack of my ass. I wanted him inside me so badly that I had to grit my teeth to keep from reaching back and sliding him inside me. To his credit, he never spoke a word about it and would gently rub my pussy through my shorts, making me cream more times than I could remember.

Our last Sunday found me catering Michelle's party and it was impossible to spend any time with him. Jhonna and her friend, Leslie, helped me but the cast had grown considerably and as a result, I had more service to do. He caught me after the first course, feeding me chunks of crab cake and giving me small kisses in between bites.

"I'm going to miss you." I smiled, chewing thoughtfully and used the edge of my apron to wipe remoulade sauce from his upper lip, leaning in to kiss the corner. "Nothing to say?"

"No." I set the plate down, pulling him between my legs. "But I'm glad."

"You're going to be in St. Lucia the whole break?"

"Yep." My friend, Desmond, was opening a small restaurant down there and I had offered to help him develop his menu for room and board plus airfare. Jhonna was to accompany me and I was looking forward to getting him out of my mind, just to see if it could be done. One look at those pillowed lips told me that summer was going to be long ... really long. "You could come down for a visit."

"You'd want me to visit?"


Unfortunately, Gale's summer schedule didn't afford him the time to come and visit us in St. Lucia and I toiled away in Desmond's eatery, happily watching the numbers increase and leaving him much in the black. My wonderful friend had taken a liking to Jhonna and she decided to stay on as his chef, leaving me once again without an assistant and madly searching for one when Dan called me.

"Ready for season three?"

"Of course."

"Good. I need you to cater a picnic ... "

Season Three

His name was Golin and he came highly referenced from my restaurant friend, Allan. I knew he was going to be trouble. Why? He knew who I was because he had visited Desmond's and had fallen in love with me. He had watched me walk through the patrons at night, asking their humble opinions on the dishes that I had prepared and had been in awe of my expertise. In a word, trouble. But I needed the help immediately and couldn't wait to train someone else at such short notice.

"So why don't you open your own restaurant?"

"I like this. Greater autonomy."

Golin seemed to understand and continued loading the lamb-and-onion cream tarts onto the trays, followed by the steamed chicken dumplings. He stood back and observed the cast members streaming in, his eyes narrowing on each as they welcomed me back. I reserved my heartiest welcome for Gale who looked tired and a bit on the skinny side. His arms around me felt so right that I just tucked my nose into the side of his neck and squeezed him as hard as possible.

"Meet someone in St. Lucia?"

"No, why?"

"Because you lost more weight."

"Only five pounds. I think I sweated a lot of it off." I broke the embrace, stepping back to look at him. "I might ask the same about you."

"I didn't have you to cook for me." He dropped a kiss on my cheek, lingering to whisper, "I missed you."

I felt the blood rush to my face and I shoved a plate in his hands. "Here. Eat."

"Yes, ma'am."

I wish I'd have been watching Golin more closely from the beginning but I was busy with the picnic. I would regret that mistake in the weeks to come.

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