tagCelebrities & Fan FictionGale Force Ch. 15

Gale Force Ch. 15


Season Three, cont.

I knew I was in trouble when I heard that Ron was sick just after he ate my gazpacho. I quarantined the rest of the soup and was rushing around to find out who else had eaten it. It turned out that I didn't have to rush. The sounds of retching people in the bathrooms and streets was enough warning. Production was scrapped for the day and I was left with a huge mystery. Luckily, Gale hadn't eaten any of the tainted soup and he and Randy collected me, telling me that I deserved a drink after the day I'd had.

"I've never had anything like that happen to me. Never." I groused, pounding a Foster's down and asking for another. I started to guzzle the next one and Randy caught my hand, gently wrenching the bottle out.

"We know that, Cary. We know how careful you are."

"In fact," Gale patted my shoulder gently. "Jhonna mentioned that you were quite anal about things."

"I am!" I hissed, grabbing my beer and taking a few swallows. "I take great pride in my food!"

Randy hugged my shoulders. "That's why we have a plan."

"A plan?"

We finished the beers and headed back to the lot. I was surprised to find Danny waiting for us in the editing center. As we crowded around the board and its monitor, I watched as two men set up a new camera in my trailer, aiming it at the refrigerator/prep area. I realized that they must have done it while I had run an errand, dashing out for mascarpone cheese and I saw myself come back, placing it in the refrigerator and heading back outside.

Silently, Danny forwarded the film and I watched the horrible day unfold yet again. Golin and I cleaned up and packed everything in the refrigerator, then the lights went out. The film went dark. I stood but a flicker of light caught my eye. The monitor lit up and Golin entered the trailer. My mouth hanging open, I watched as he pulled out the ceramic crock of yogurt, tossed something into it, gave it a stir and replaced it.

Everyone's eyes turned to me.

"I guess we won't be having yogurt tomorrow."

Golin was fired by Dan that evening and the cast was given a late afternoon start time to ensure that everyone would be recovered and I manned the lunch meal, alone again. It went off without a hitch and I put out the feelers for a replacement. My friend, Allen, who had suggested Golin, came by to help me with the dinner meal, absolutely horrified of what had happened. As it went, Golin was later arrested and that was the end of that tale.

Gale swung by just as we were finishing up to let me know that he was exhausted and was heading home. I gave him a quick kiss and continued my packing. Morning brought Stacy, an associate of Allen's, who had already started when I came in. Allen had brought her and left when I arrived. Breakfast, lunch and dinner flew by and it was Sunday.

I awoke at the crack of dawn it seemed and began preparing quiche for Gale's visit. I went for snow crab since it was his last favorite and scrubbed and showered, making sure that I was ready. The buzzer rang and I opened the door to a bouquet of roses and a face that I hadn't seen in nearly three years. My ex-boyfriend, Damien strode in, giving me a hard hug.

"How you been, baby?"

"D-Damien? What are you doing here?"

"I came to visit you, of course. I heard you were catering the Queer As Folk gig so I thought I'd come visit. And damn, don't you look good!"

"No, you thought you'd find a way to get some money out of me."

"Cary, how could you say that?"

"Because I know the truth, Damien."

He grabbed me, dropping the flowers and grabbed my hips, grinding into me. I started fighting him but Damien was six feet and nearly two hundred pounds of muscle. "You don't know the truth but I'm going to remind you."

"You look kinda busy."

Gale's voice made Damien stop and he turned toward the actor, his dark face contorted with anger. "Hi. Glad you came by."

"Are you sure? Because I can come back later."

Part of me wanted to scream while the other half did what I normally would with Gale. I laughed. Damien looked confused and I chose that moment to push out of his grip. My feet landed on the floor but I didn't totally escape. "No, no. Please. Come in."

"Oh, okay. Can Bobby come, too?"

At that moment, the most beautiful sight I'd ever seen strode into the room. Robert Gant strode in, easily dwarfing Damien and my ex released me, taking a step back. "Hi, I'm Bobby." He offered his hand, using his size to add a hint of menace. "And you are?"

"Just leaving." Damien stumbled backward, heading for the door and I flung the roses after him.

"And don't fucking come back!"

Gale shut the door behind him and we stood there silently, my arms wrapped around my body as I trembled uncontrollably. "Well," He said with his typical aplomb. "I'm glad he's gone. I only brought enough wine for us."

I laughed but at the same time, I started crying, mostly out of shock. Bobby put his arms around me and the three of us went into the living room. They wisely let me cry it out and Gale brought me a shot of tequila which I quickly tossed back. I related the story of Damien and our relationship and Gale became immediately concerned, worried that he might come back again. When I showed him my .38, he just shook his head with a smile.

"Guess you'll be all right."

"Thank you for rescuing me."

"Not a problem." Bobby grinned, patting my leg. "I was hoping that you wouldn't be upset that I was tagging along."

"Oh, no! Absolutely not! You're welcome here any time."

I collected myself and went in to grab the quiche and drinks, jumping out of my skin when Gale's warm arms went around me. "You never cease to amaze me."

"I hope that's a good thing."

He dropped a kiss on the back of my neck. "It's a very good thing." He took the knife from my hands and turned me around, bending to kiss me. Something was different about this kiss and we both noticed it right away. We had delicately stepped over the 'just lust' line and the feelings were now heading toward love. But I remembered my truths. This would be the fifth. Never speak my feelings to him, no matter what I thought.

His mouth moved softly over mine, robbing the breath from my lungs and his arms warmly encircled me, drawing and keeping me close. He pulled back and gathered me closer, caressing my back. "Let's go watch some TV."

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