tagCelebrities & Fan FictionGale Force Ch. 18

Gale Force Ch. 18


Season Three, cont.

"So … "


"You gonna tell me where we're going?"

"Nope. Just sit back and close your eyes and I'll wake you when we get there." I happily cuddled against him, laying my head on his shoulder and drifting off into a dreamless sleep. It only seemed as if a few minutes had passed when I felt his breath on my forehead, preceding the touch of his lips. "We're here."

Groggily, I stepped out of the car and stretched, yawning as he started pulling our bags out of the trunk. I could make out a building in the near distance but nothing more than the lights of other homes and the night sounds of forest creatures. Gale let us into the cabin and turned the lights on, illuminating freshly varnished pine floors, comfortable furniture and the jeering head of a moose. We trudged in, laughing at the spectacle and dropped our bags to take a quick tour of the place.

Living and dining room areas were first and a spacious kitchen was around the corner, the refrigerator filled with Gale's requests and he grabbed two Tequizas for us, popping the lids and continuing up the stairs. The bedroom and a full bathroom with a clawed tub and shower were on the top floor and Gale circled the bed, sucking on his beer and eyeing both the bed and me.

"So … "

I grinned, following his earlier game. "So?"

"Wanna take a shower with me?"

"I like baths." I kicked off my shoes. "How about a bath instead?"

Gale put his beer down and grabbed me, wrenching the bottle out of my hand. "I can't wait that long." His mouth closed over mine, his tongue stabbing inward and searching mine. I matched his urgency with my own, scouring every inch of his mouth and remembering his taste. We fell onto the bed, his hips grinding into mine and a whimper of need rushed through us both, my body answering in a lift of hips and my hands on his ass. "Come on."

We both stood at the same time, ripping off jackets and shirts, pants and socks, heading for the bathroom as if we were kids at day camp, racing for the showers. I managed to strip first, jumping into the cold expanse of tile and turning the jets on. Cold, then hot water coursed out and I adjusted the temperature, basking under the refreshing waters, completely startled though aware of Gale standing behind me.

I felt the bar of soap first, then his hands spreading the blanket of bubbles across my dark skin, fingers stroking and moving around to the front and circling my nipples. He pulled me back against him, rubbing our soapy bodies together and I felt his cock ride the crack of my ass again and I opened my legs, allowing his tool to part my pussy lips. I whimpered, shivering as he moved back and forth in my warm trough, gently scrubbing me clean. His name whispered from my lips as his mouth moved across my neck and I turned around, slipping him into me. He moaned and we locked lips again, moving gently for a few moments before he pushed me back.

"Let's finish in here. I want you in the bed."

We quickly washed each other and jumped out, heading straight for the bed and landing there in a wet tangle. God, he was so beautiful! I was just breathless with the fact that I was in bed with Brian Kinney and Fat Girl was leaping for joy in my heart. But when he pulled back, his eyes searching mine before he bestowed a deeper kiss on me, I saw Gale, beautiful, handsome Gale with the sensitive heart and a jones for quiche.

I wanted to kiss my way down to his cock but he had other things in mind. He pushed me onto my back, pressing me into the pillows and moving between my legs. I felt that beautiful cock sliding along my weeping gash and I raised my knees, welcoming him into my arms. A slight adjustment and the head of his cock slid inside me, bringing groans of pleasure from both of us. I pulled Gale's head down, capturing his mouth and sucking on his tongue as he moved inside me.

It's hard to describe the beauty of someone's touch in the midst of making love. It was like a beautiful dream where everything revolved around the darkness of his eyes and the wide pink slash of his mouth, the way his back flexed and his muscles rippled and the tenderness behind his every whimper … I was lost in the dance with him. We became one, sharing breaths and movements, speaking a language that only we could understand.

A ball of heat began to build in my stomach, expanding with every thrust and I couldn't seem to get enough of him. Every stroke made my skin tingle and my toes curl. His mouth left mine and his breath bathed my ear, his groans fueling mine until we became one continuous moan of pleasure. When he changed his stokes, he found my spot and I gasped as my orgasm crashed through me. Gale raised his head, looked at me and cussed as he spilled his load into my clutching quim.

"Fuck," He gasped. "Do you always cum like that?"

"Like what?"

"God, you squeezed me so tight. You made me blow my load."


Gale grabbed me and we laughed weakly. "Nothing to be sorry about." We snuggled under the covers, still quivering from our lovemaking. "I just can't wait to do it again."

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