tagCelebrities & Fan FictionGale Force Ch. 28

Gale Force Ch. 28


Season Five, cont.

"As of this moment, you belong to me."

I stared into his beautiful eyes and committed myself to him, to his strengths and fears, to his dreams and weaknesses. To him, to Gale. I told myself that I would forever banish Fat Girl as long as he loved me ... or at least cared about me for a certain amount of time. I hoped that I wasn't fooling myself again. Only his response would let me know.

"Not marriage, but monogamy. Not partnership, but relationship." I paused, letting my mouth walk across the scented skin of his throat. "At least for now. At least until we're sure of things. Do you agree?"

Gale stared at me, confused but understanding. "Yeah. Okay."

I cupped his chin, running my hands around his neck. "I want this to be good for both of us. I don't want you to have any second thoughts." I found myself drawn to his mouth. "Do you agree?"

"There isn't anyone in Vancouver, is there?"


"Anyone at all?"


He took a deep breath, letting it out in a sigh of relief. "Okay. Good. I was worried there for a minute."

"So," I leaned forward, pressing a quick kiss to his mouth. "Would you be so good as to follow me upstairs?"

"Upstairs?" He nuzzled my cheek, his breath warm. "And why would I want to do that?"

"So I can make love to you." I let my lips move over his ear and down his neck. "Would you like that?"

I felt him shiver. "Oh, yes. I'd love that."

I locked the door and we headed upstairs, pausing in the doorway to explore each other's mouths. I pulled him inside, shut the door and sat him down on the bed. I wanted this to be all about him, to soothe his soul and erase any bad memories. I let my hands slide down his legs as I knelt at his feet, our eyes locked as I gently removed his tennis shoes and socks. That done, I moved up to unbutton his shirt, tilting my face up to receive his kiss and shivering at the feel of his hands rubbing my arms.

I pressed the fabric open and let my hands float over his chest and abdomen, gently pushing him back. He smelled so good, his scent a combination of his natural musk and cologne that I couldn't name and I shivered again, nibbling his ear lobe and moving down to his neck. I spent a lot of time there, licking and sucking until I was satisfied with the mark I'd left, then moved down to his nipples.

When he arched his back and moaned, I made a mental note to thank Randy for his information. His nipples were extremely sensitive and each stroke of my tongue brought a gasp of pleasure from his lips. I moved down, over his ribs and stomach muscles, stopping at the top of his jeans. It took only a few seconds to open the zipper and I kissed and licked all the flesh I could while pulling them over his hips, then buried my nose in his thick hair, licking around the thick base of his cock.

Flattening my tongue, I licked straight up, pausing to slurp up some pre-cum that was dribbling down the side before encircling the head and taking his length into my mouth. He moaned softly, his hands burrowing into the sheets and gripping them tightly. I slowly worked on him, sucking and licking while I removed my button down and pushed my own jeans off. I stood and coaxed him over to the center of the bed, then straddled his waist and took him inside me.

We both groaned and I slowly started to move, quivering each time he plunged into me. He raised his hands and cupped my breasts, rolling the fat nipples between his fingers and pinching them slightly. A bolt of sensation stabbed through me, making my pussy clench around him and drench him with even more honey. Again, we both groaned and I bent down, kissing him and sucking his tongue into my mouth in time with my movements.

I guess it was so good that Gale couldn't stand it because I found myself on my back with my handsome man pushing into me. Tingles chased each other up and down my spine and he intertwined fingers with me, pulling my hands above my head. I felt so vulnerable, so open to him but I didn't care. I pulled my knees back and opened them wide, flexing my hips to take him deep with each drive.

My orgasm was so sudden that it took my breath away. One minute, I was climbing the mountain and the next, I was falling off the edge. Sweet heat rolled through me as my pussy exploded, rippling against him and Gale snarled, his release triggered as always by my own intense one. He roared, pumping his seed into me, his mouth touching mine, then covering it completely.

I welcomed his weight, wrapping my arms around him as we slipped into the warm haze of after shocks and tingles. I felt so grateful to be with him, to be the person he chose to share his soul with. I pulled myself into a more comfortable position, covered us with the sheets and comforter and sighed as he nuzzled my neck, drifting off into sleep.

"I love you." I whispered softly, closing my eyes. I could have sworn that I heard I love you, too but sleep claimed me and swept me away.

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