tagCelebrities & Fan FictionGale Force Ch. 30

Gale Force Ch. 30


Season Five, FINAL

Production wrapped a few weeks later and it was truly bittersweet. We all stood on the sides, watching the final shot of Gale's character dancing alone in Babylon. I was a crying mess as was just about everyone else who was gathered around. We served the final lunch and as Stacy and I were packing, Ron and Danny came up and gave us long, warm hugs. They said that they were absolutely happy with my craft services and gave me a business card for Steven Spielberg's assistant, who was looking for craft services for a new movie. They'd given me the highest marks and it was pretty much a shoo-in.

I was overwhelmed and spent a bunch of time crying with them. Ron presented me with an envelope, a bonus check for an eye-popping amount of money and I was very happy to see that they included Stacy. When she opened her envelope, she burst into tears and launched herself into Danny's arms. We all had a laugh and a cry and they left us with kisses, reminding us of the party later. We hugged each other, packed our things for the last time and trudged out to the truck.

We went home, dressed for the party and headed over. I didn't know how wonderful I looked until Randy came flying over, howling like a crazed wolf. Stacy and I had spent a lot of time over the last week choosing my clothes for the evening and the body-hugging white dress with the slits in either side revealed the length of my legs. I still had a little baby fat but it wasn't as pronounced as it had been five years ago. I was twenty-one pounds lighter and I wanted to show it off.

Stacy had done my hair and I shook the curly waves out, allowing them to perfectly frame my kohl-dark eyes and red lips. A pair of clear high heels completed the package and I laughed happily as he spun me around.

"Where the fuck did you come from?"

"Home." I gave him a hug.

"You look fantastic!"


"Well, get a drink and come over." He took our hands and escorted us over to the bar.

We got drinks and followed him over to where Michelle, Thea, Hal and Bobby were clustered together. I got more compliments on my looks and when everyone looked past and behind me, I held my breath.

Gale dropped a kiss on my shoulder and whispered, "You've amazed me yet again."

I smiled and turned, hugging him tightly. Sharon and Jack were with him and I moved to welcome them to the group. Peter and Scott arrived seconds later and we were complete, our Sunday group partying for the last time. Gale slid in behind me, his hand around my waist and claiming me. I leaned back against him and enjoyed our closeness. Later on, we attacked the dance floor, changing partners and laughing the entire time. Everything was a wild whirl. The party went on and Hal, Bobby, Stacy, Gale and myself all went out to another club, dancing our asses off and having a great time.

Gale pulled me aside in the hallway and gave me a gentle kiss, sliding a long velvet box out of his pocket and into my hand. He didn't speak until I'd opened it and inside lay a beautiful platinum bracelet, very simple and classically stylish.

"I know you said that you never wear rings because you're cooking all the time so I thought you might like this." He lifted the necklace and showed me the crystal pendant, an exact replica of the Algonquin star that I'd left in his dressing room, except for a sparkling diamond in its depths. "I want you to be thinking of me whenever we're apart."

Apart? His words caused my stomach to flip-flop. "Apart?"

"I heard about your offer from Spielberg. You aren't going to turn it down, are you?"


"And I have two offers to do movies in the States. I'm not going to turn them down, either."

"So what are you saying?"

"I'm saying that I want to make sure that you remember who your man is while I'm away." I wanted to cry in relief but I was too ecstatic. He latched the necklace around my neck, his fingers tracing the valley between my breasts. "You like?"

"I love." I touched it softly.

He lifted the original star out of his pocket, surprising me. "I've been carrying this around with me since you left it. I never realized exactly what it meant until you came back." He gave it a long look before slipping it back. "Thank you."

"For what?" I whispered as he gathered me close.

"For waiting for me."

"Then thank you." I leaned in for a kiss. "Thank you for believing in me." Our lips touched as the music pounded around us, drawing a close to our Queer As Folk romance. It seemed like the perfect ending.

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