Gallery Fuck


(Thanks to Slavemaster for this idea and the usual suspects for reading it for me.)


As Pat sat behind her desk, she looked around the gallery where she worked and admired the quiet yet again. She had been working at the gallery attached to the mall for about seven months at the urging of her friend. It wasn't that Pat was an extreme art freak or an artist herself, but she was gifted with the ability to sell and it was exactly what the manager wanted. On this day, the manager left right after lunch for the day and Pat was alone.

Although Pat was in a room with all windows, she still had her small vibrator in her palm and was carefully buzzing herself under her desk. One of the perks of the job was definitely the dress code which required her to wear knee length skirts. It made it easier for Pat to wear her favorite type of underwear. She loved the feeling of her shaven pussy underneath her skirt unhampered by any undergarments. Her chest was just the right size to get away with not wearing a bra also. She covered the sheerness of her blouse with a teal blue sweater partially out of necessity since the gallery was unusually cold that day.

Slowly, she ran the battery powered teaser up and down her clit while scanning outside to ensure she wasn't caught. A naughty part of her toyed with the idea of perhaps bringing a butt plug the next chance she worked even though she had no clue how to carry it in her tiny purse. As she teased, she thought about how much she would attack her hubby that night after dinner was done and the kids were sleeping. The thought of his tongue acting like her vibrator was at that moment almost brought her over. She stopped before it happened to prolong her arousal.

As she slowly placed the vibrator back into her purse, she glanced upwards to look outside again. She then looked at the clock on the wall above a landscape painting and noticed that it was about fifteen minutes to closing. She slowly stood and walked towards the storage room near the back of the gallery. She stopped near the cashier station and grabbed the drawer before walking back into the room and opening the little fireproof safe on the floor to put the drawer into. Sadly, there were no sales that day either due to the economy or due to other factors. Pat wasn't concerned just because it gave her time to play and time to check her favorite websites for inspiration while she played.

After the safe locked, she started to stand still facing the back of the storage room when a black gloved hand covered her mouth. Her eyes went wide as she was unable to react while she was twirled around to face the front of the gallery. She saw a man in black with a black ski mask messing with the door from the inside. As he pulled the string to the open sign, she started to panic inside her head. A voice next to her ear started whispering.

"Evening, flower. My friend and I figured since we were in the neighborhood, we're going to help you close down for the night. And since we just got out of the joint, we need a little playtime before we make our escape. Hope you don't mind, but we're going to have to use you to relieve ourselves."

After saying that, Pat watched as the man in front of her started to undo his jeans. His jeans started sliding down as Pat saw white skin. She started thinking about what their intentions were. Before she saw his penis, she felt the other guy pull backwards.

"We need to close this storage room door, Bruce. So get in here."

"Bruce" walked into the room before closing the door behind him. As he finished fishing his cock out of his jeans, Pat was abruptly pushed onto the counter. It was at such a height that Pat could easily take his cock into her mouth if she were a willing participant rather than a victim. As Pat looked upwards towards the lone light above the station, she felt a pair of hands on her blouse. She looked at the guy that was holding her and saw black ski mask. Both men were of average height and weight and covered up any sign that could identify them. She looked down and her blouse was already unbuttoned. She started cursing herself for not wearing a pull over sweater and a granny style bra that day.

As she looked above her head, Bruce's cock was already being stroked above her face. She endeavored to keep her mouth closed, but a rough pinch on her hardened left nipple made her yelp and Bruce slid into her mouth. All Pat could see was the testicles and inner thigh of Bruce as he kept fucking her mouth. She tried to bite his dick to get him to stop, but was powerless due to the feeling coming from her needy pussy. She felt a warm fleshy dick being slid inside her and she moaned onto Bruce's dick.

"See, David? I knew this slut was hot for it," Bruce said excitedly as he kept sliding his cock in and out of her mouth. Bruce's cock was long enough that it started hitting the back of Pat's throat. Pat tried to resist until she felt David's hands on her hips pounding her pussy. She was emotionally challenged because of the feeling of powerlessness from being taken by two strangers and the feeling of lust from the men taking her like they were. She felt her nipples rubbing against the table as David was thrusting into her. She couldn't help but climax once from their workings.

'Damn, she was hard up," David said as he pulled his cock out. Bruce soon followed suit and Pat felt open and empty while she wondered what the two were up to. She rolled over to her side as her skirt fell over her leg again. She tried to get a look at the men, but could still only see their cocks as one of them knelt next to her face.

"Hoping to see our faces, you slut?" the man said. Pat recognized it as David's voice if that was his real name. She started whimpering.

"Please, I'll do whatever you want if you let me live. I'll suck your cocks til you cum. I'll fuck you any way you want to. Please don't kill me," she begged. She started feeling the fear from earlier before David spoke up.

"Look, he's the psychopath. I'm just going along until we can get away," David whispered looking around. "Bruce just wants to fuck you and then we'll be on our way. Play along and you'll be fine, okay?"

Pat nodded her head fearfully while David reached behind with a pair of scissors he found and cut the ties. He then whispered to her, "Ok, you'll have to play along. Get off the table on your knees. I have to make it look like I am fucking your face. Please forgive me because I normally don't do this kind of thing."

Pat obeyed immediately and opened her mouth to start inhaling his dick. She went gently because Bruce seemed to fuck her throat a little raw before she started feeling David's cock throb a bit. She gently eased off a bit before David looked down.

"What are you doing?" Pat looked up at him.

"He needs to see you cum in my mouth if he is going to believe what you are doing. So I am slowing it down a bit." She began to bite under his cock on his sack a little to keep him erect until she felt his hand on the back of her head. On cue, she inhaled his dick again and began to suck hard before feeling the first shots of his seed going down her throat. She then heard Bruce behind her.

"That's a good slut. Swallow that homo's seed. See David, I told you women suck cock better than guys." Pat looked down so she didn't smile up at David. As she felt Bruce nearby, he whispered in her ear.

"Okay slut, time to take that sweet ass of yours. If you fuck me right, we'll leave and you can go home to whoever you stay with. If you resist..." She felt a blade along her arm. She looked and saw an eight inch knife. Pat made her decision.

"Please, sir, take my ass. I'll do whatever you say."

"Do you have anything to lube me with?" Bruce asked. Pat looked towards her desk near the front of the gallery. Bruce then told David to go find it. Meanwhile, he grabs some of Pat's hair and began to slide into her throat again. Pat started sucking him again, but then slowed down. Bruce looked down at her.

"What are you doing, slut?" he asked angrily. Pat removed his cock from her mouth.

"You don't want to cum before tapping this, do you?" she asked getting in the spirit of the act. Bruce looked down at her although Pat had a feeling he was smiling underneath. It was then David walked back in.

"How's this?" he asked throwing him a bottle of lube. Bruce looked at the brand before he started barking orders.

"Okay, slut, bend over the table." Pat obeyed even pulling her skirt up so that he didn't have to rip it off. Bruce then took a couple of fingers and started sliding them over her ass.

"Master, can I suck him off again?" Pat asked. Brian was smiling under his mask the way that this slut was playing along. As David stood on a chair to get closer to her mouth, Brian slid inside her ass and began to fuck. Pat grabbed David's cock gently as she started playing with the head of it. Bruce was enjoying the sight.

"This bitch is hot to trot," he said before he had an idea. "David, pull out for a second."

David did as he was told before Bruce grabbed Pat around the waist and pulled her towards him. They both fell into an office chair behind him and Bruce's dick slid all the way inside Pat's sphincter. Pat let out a combination moan and screams as Bruce then spread her legs to show David.

"Okay, David, slide that rod in here," Bruce commanded as Pat looked down. She watched as David was hesitant at first before she felt the head of it slide into her pussy again. They remained like that for a while, each convict fucking Pat as she moaned and egged them on. David pulled out and let a second dose of semen fly onto Pat's stomach and chest before Bruce told her to get off.

Pat went to her knees and began to frig herself as she sucked Bruce's cock before she felt his hand push her head on him. She opened her throat as his seed went cascading down it. Pat then looked up and licked her lips getting into the role before Bruce stood and went to the phone.

"I cut the phone lines, so you can't call the cops yet. You will remain there for ten minutes before you clean yourself off and go home to your husband. If I find that you rat us out to the cops, I will visit you where you live and have to deal with both of you. Do you understand?"

"Yes Master," she said hoping they would go. Bruce then grabbed a few more cable ties and secured her to the office chair before both he and David went out the front door. Pat was able to move close enough to the table to retrieve the scissors and cut the ties before she covered herself up and went to the door of the gallery. As she checked her cell phone in her purse, she saw the text message from her husband asking how her role playing went. She smiled to herself as she locked the gallery door and headed towards her car.

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