tagSci-Fi & FantasyGalvyn and the Two Princesses

Galvyn and the Two Princesses


"Keep an eye out for my husband," the buxom older woman pleaded as she fell to her knees, her hands clumsily tugging at the tight waistband of her new friend's pants. The bulge in his groin was huge, larger than any turnip she had ever grown, and her mouth was already watering for it.

"Can do," Galvyn the Sparrow said in his smug, self-assured cavalier way. With one hand resting on the back of the unfaithful woman's head, and one hand on the curtains, Galvyn spied out the window for any sign approaching men. There were none, but there was an attractive little peasant girl skipping by, easily no older than twenty. Her slender legs bare up to mid-thigh where her short skirt ended. Galvyn figured if he was still horny after fucking this married woman he'd track down that cute little waif and give her tiny field a good hard plowing.

Truthfully, Galvyn was unconcerned whether or not this peasant whore's husband did catch them or not. Galvyn had bedded more married woman than the entire population of the small village he was passing through, and more than a few times he had been caught. It always ended the same way, with Galvyn putting his fist into the husband's face, and his cock into the wife's wet cunt. Peasant life was tedious, boring, and painfully unsexy. Getting into a married woman's bed was usually easier than marrying one in the first place.

"Oh, by the gods," the big-breasted butter-churner gasped as she pulled Galvyn's cock out of his pants. "You're huge!"

Galvyn's third-leg was as big as a baby's arm holding an apple, even soft. It was long, thick, pulsing with veins, hairless, and leathery. His balls were as big as walnuts and usually took a girl both hands to fondle. He was uncircumcised, but his bulbous bell-end helmet was simply so fat that his skin never covered it completely, and the thick musk that emanated from his glands was potent enough to make a woman swoon.

The top-heavy butter-churner's eyes glazed over as she fondled the meaty fuck-stick, and her puffy lips actually dripped with drool as she began sucking on the tip. She needed both hands to work the shaft, and even then there was room for her to wrap the cock up in her big fluffy breasts. Galvyn was accustomed to fucking woman who were simply too inexperienced to truly handle his cock, but this cow had a chance. He had met her just an hour before. She had been churning butter in front of her home, a chore she had been doing everyday for the last thirty-eight years. Her forearms were strong, her hands were calloused, and her tits were huge. She churned that butter-stick with such vigor that her breasts kept bouncing out of her inadequate bodice, which was what inspired Galvyn to begin flirting with her.

"Oh gods," Marionette gasped (or maybe it was Marion, or Moira). "I don't think I can get this whole thing down. You're as big as an ox. I--GLUCK!"

Galvyn grabbed the back of Maria's head and rammed his cock down her throat so hard he nearly dislocated her jaw. She started gagging immediately and pushing away, but Galvyn didn't let her go. He held her head tight and began slowly pulling it back and forth, sliding a baguette's length of penis in and out of her throat, churning her stomach the same way she churned butter. The gagging never really subsided, but she eventually submitted, and Galvyn began fucking her throat as she began rubbing her wet pussy against the floor.

Galvyn just smirked. He knew he had a big cock. This stupid village slut didn't need to tell him that. Galvyn had his sexual awakening when he was rather young, when he went swimming in the river with his friends. He remembered the way his friends reacted when he pulled his pants down, the way the other boys slumped their shoulders and pouted, the way the girls blushed and bit their lips.

Galvyn could have gotten his first taste of pussy right then, from any pretty girl who saw the pipe he was swinging, but Galvyn was still just naive enough to not realize how easy girls were going to be for him. It had been a wandering gypsy woman who made him a man, a dark-skinned goddess with even bigger tits than this peasant cow had. That raven-haired nymph fucked Galvyn in ways no other woman ever would again. In a single night that gypsy woman taught Galvyn half of everything he would ever learn about sex, and within a year Galvyn had to leave his village because there wasn't a single girl left he hadn't deflowered, or a single married woman he hadn't led astray, or a single friend he hadn't betrayed, or a single man he hadn't humiliated.

Galvyn left. He decided to take his big dick to big city. Too young to have a beard, Galvyn foolishly believed his wiles and sexual talents would be enough to get him by. They weren't, and the only way Galvyn learned to survive was by lying, cheating, stealing, and just generally being a complete asshole to everyone. That's what led Galvyn to become what he was now, a thirty-something rogue who went from village to village offering his services as a mercenary, all the while stealing and fucking whatever he could.

"Mmm . . . I think you've got me ready to cum," Galvyn grunted as he pushed his cock balls-deep into his abused lover's throat. "I hope you're hungry, because I cum enough to feed--"


Maebress! That was the woman's name.

Galvyn looked up with a smug expression to find a very angry soldier standing in the doorway to Maebress's bedroom. He was wearing a black and purple uniform with a golden crow emblazoned on the coat, a design Galvyn had never seen before. It must have belonged to some newer lord, and it seemed Maebress's husband was a soldier in that lord's army.

Galvyn let go of Maebress's head and his cock slowly slipped free from her stretched-out throat, dripping with spit. As the ridge of his flanged helmet slid against the top of her mouth, and her tongue wrestled against the bottom of his shaft, Galvyn was pushed over the tipping point, and he began to cum.

"FUCK! YES!" Galvyn laughed. One blast of his orgasm was all it took to fill Maebress's mouth, so when his cock finally popped free it did so with a vicious explosion of semen. Galvyn kept cumming though, and no less than ten thick ropes of cum were sent flying several feet into the air, all of it splashing down across Maebress's face, breasts, and back. He twisted her messy black hair in his fist to hold her in place, and he finished by stroking out the last of his nut onto her neck, giving her a very heavy pearl-necklace.

"You bastard! My wife! I'll kill you, you cur!" The soldier yelled, reaching for his sword.

The blade of the soldier's broadsword was heavy and slow. Too slow. Before he even had half of it free from its sheath, Galvyn had crossed the room. Galvyn put his foot on the sword's pommel, kicked it back into the sheath, and with a single punch sent the soldier's rolling down the stairs to the floor below, unconscious.

"Oh gods! Derrick!" Maebress moaned, choking on cum.

"I know. That was rude of him to interrupt us," Galvyn joked.

"You bastard! Get out of my house!"

"I will," Galvyn agreed. "After the butter has been churned."

Galvyn pulled Maebress to her feet and ripped her bodice open. Her heavy breasts bounced up, and he pushed her onto the bed. She whined and pushed back against his hard implacable chest, but her legs wrapped around his waist, and her wet pussy opened like a flower as his cock crushed it. Galvyn fucked her until the bedframe began to crack, and when he ejaculated inside her she welcomed it with an incorherent screech of orgasmic hysteria, just like a hundred married woman before her.


When Galvyn was finished fucking Maryanne (he had forgotten her name again) into a catatonic state, he washed up using the family's drinking water, took a shit in their kitchen, and wiped his ass with the husband's surcoat, the one emblazoned with the golden crow. He also pilfered a few valuable looking knick-knacks that would be good for charming more impressionable women down the road.

Stepping out of the house (feeling as smug as a fox leaving a henhouse) Galvyn bumped right into a young girl who couldn't have been much older than nineteen, although her skinny form and petite height might have made her look much younger from a distance. She had short black hair, green eyes, freckles, and an attractive figure despite being completely flat-chested. She was barefoot like a hayseed, and the short hem of her skirt only went to mid-thigh.

It was the cute little pumpkin he had been spying on earlier. What luck.

"Um . . . who are you?" the waif asked, looking up at Galvyn with her big, sparkling, innocent green eyes, and adorable freckled face.

"Galyvyn," the rogue answered honestly. Subtlety was not his strong suite. "Galvyn the Sparrow. Perhaps you've heard of me."

The cute peasant girl giggled and blushed a little as Galvyn bowed to her in an exaggerated way.

"No. Sorry. Are you a minstrel? Or a bard?"

Galvyn shrugged. "I'm carrying a sword, not a mandolin, if you'd notice."

"Sorry," the fuckable little cherub hayseed laughed. "I guess that should have been obvious. What were you doing in my family's house? Are you friends with my father? Are you joining Princess Corria's army?"

Galvyn had no idea what the cute little cock-cushion was talking about, but he knew one thing: he wanted to fuck this adorable angel until she cried.

"No. I was buying butter from . . ." he had to think of the right name for the whore, ". . . Maebess."

"Oh! Wonderful. My mother is the best butter-churner in the province."

"Kid, you have no idea."

The waif was about to step past Galvyn and into the house, but Galvyn stopped her. He didn't want the little tart to see her father lying on the floor unconscious with a cracked jaw.

"In a hurry to get home?" Glavyn asked.

"Oh no. I was just going to pop in and let my mother know I'm headed into the city for the afternoon. I need her permission to pay the carriage-driver a few coppers. My family doesn't have a lot of money."

"No need!" Galvyn said with a big handsome smile. "I was headed over to the city anyhow. I'll give you a ride. For free," although Galvyn fully expected this little slut would be paying him with her body before the day was done.

"That's so nice!" the hayseed giggled. "Thank you, Galvyn. My name is Maebell."


Maebell rode with Galvyn on his horse (a horse he stole from the village prior to Maebell's), seated in front of him. She was so skinny and waifish that she fit between his arms like a child, and the heat from his muscular body was enough to make her swoon a bit. That combined with the plodding of the horse, and the rough leather of the saddle grinding against her groin was making the poor child rather flustered.

"So why are you headed into the city?" Galvyn asked as he looked down the front of her dress and spied her tiny nipples. They were perky and pink, so unlike her mother's which had been rough and dark red.

Maebell wiggled shyly. "Don't tell me parents, but I'm going to meet a boy."

"Aw. A boyfriend. Going to go get your fields plowed?"

Maebell giggled and slapped his thigh. "You're so funny, but no. Timod and I haven't . . . well . . . he hasn't broken me yet. I'm still a virgin. Timod seems to think that we should wait until we're married, even though I tell him I want it. But . . ."


Maebell was blushing bright red. "But we've done other things. I'm very good with my hands, and I can do things with my mouth that makes Timod him cry like a little boy. I love to tease him. I love it when he begs me to finish him. Sometimes I keep him on edge for hours before make him spurt with a flick of my wrist, or a slap to his cute little balls."

"Lucky bastard. Why don't you want your parents to know about him?"

"He's a soldier in Princess Dolina's army. My father just joined with Princess Corria's faction. It would be too awkward."

Galvyn grumbled. Sounded political. "I'm not from this kingdom, Maebell. Mind filling me in?"

"For as long as I can remember, the kingdom Nestingland has been united under the rule of a single queen. Power and property travel along the female's line here, in case you didn't know. Queen Eaglia died not six months past, gods rest her soul, and things have gotten complicated since then."

"How so?"

"She had two daughters. Twins. Corria and Dolina. Each no older than the other. It is said they were born at the same moment, together 'en caul.' They are exactly the same age. No one is sure which of them should be declared the rightful heir, and Queen Eaglia didn't prefer one over the other."


"Princess Dolina appealed to the nobles and the merchants. The kingdom's wealthiest families support her, but she's supposed to be very aloof and naive about the world. Everyone thinks if she becomes queen it'll be her advisors who will rule. My father supports Princess Corria because he is a veteran of the last war, and Corria has actually led an army. But . . . well . . . people say she that she might be a witch. Dolina is known to be compassionate . . . but . . I just don't know. It's all so complicated."

"Sounds that way," Galvyn admitted.

The gilded walls of the city grew before them. Nestington, capital city of the kingdom of Nestingland, currently without a monarch. Galvyn could see how split things were even from this distance. Half of the walls had flags that were black and purple, with a golden crow emblazoned on them. He had seen this before, but the other walls had a different flag. White and Green with a golden dove.

"The dove is for Dolina," Maebell said. "The crow is for Corria."

They came to the stables and Galvyn hitched his stolen horse. He picked Maebell up by her tight buttocks and gently put her on the ground. He was amazed at how light she was. She weighed no more than a feather. Something about that made him want to fuck her even harder. His cock hitting her pussy would be like a sledgehammer hitting a plumb.

"Thanks for the ride," Maebell said with gasping breaths. She was horny too. Riding on a bumpy road with a handsome man's arms around a girl's waist will do that. "I have to go meet Timod. He's probably--"

Galvyn grabbed Maebell by her tiny waist, plucked her off the ground, and smothered her with a kiss that sent shivers from her lips all the way to her tippy-toes. She stiffened for a moment, and then melted. Moaning like an upset baby, Maebell began to thrust her body against Galvyn's.


"Maebell! Maebell! Where are you?" a cute blonde boy in a green and white uniform called out as he searched the area near the stables. He was certain that she should be here by now. Maebell had never missed one of their trysts before, and it had seemed that she was as eager to continue their sexual explorations as he was.

Timod pouted sadly as he trotted around. His four-inch penis was hard as a rock and twitching eagerly for Maebell's electrifying touch. He couldn't cum anymore unless she was the one tugging on it, but more than that, Timod was quite certain that he was falling love with his childhood friend. It wasn't just about the blowjobs and handjobs. He wanted to marry her.

"Maebell! Where are you?"

Maebell could hear him, but she couldn't answer. She was no more than ten yards away, hidden in a tool-shed, kneeling in the mud, and sucking on the biggest cock she had ever seen in her young life.

Guilt banged Maebell's little heart as she stroked Galvyn's thick shaft with both hands, but the guilt was nothing compared to how painfully aroused she was. The taste of Galvyn's salty musk was like nothing she had experienced before, and the sheer satisfaction of choking on such a fat dick made Timod's tiny penis seem like childish playtime.

(Like mother, like daughter) Galvyn thought with a smug grin. He had his hand resting on the back of Maebell's head, gently encouraging her to take his cock deeper and deeper, one centimeter at a time, despite the fact that his cock was wider than her throat.

"Enough foreplay," Galvyn grunted. He pulled his cock away from Maebell's mouth. She whimpered like a baby being denied a bottle, and Galvyn responded by slapping his big stick across Maebell's face.


The thick fuck-meat hit Maebell's cherubic face hard enough to leave a bruise, but not hard enough to dissuade Maebell from shoving her face into Galvyn's leather balls, and sucking on the salty creases of his scrotum.


Glavyn picked the desperate child off of the muddy floor and lifted her up to the ceiling. He pinned her against the wall and pulled her little legs open so he could eat her pussy. What he found was a sex-purse so tight and small that his tongue could barely poke inside, and just trying caused Maebell to squeal and wiggle sporadically.

"Shut up," Galvyn said. "I actually don't want your pathetic little boyfriend to find us."

Galvyn peeled Maebell's wet panties off of her tiny legs and shoved them into her mouth, gagging her. Maebell sucked on her own panties like they were soaked in sugar, and a moment later she began to cum all over Galvyn's face with little squirts.

"You are so ready for this," the rogue chuckled, lowering the petite waif from his shoulders and onto his terrifyingly erect cock. His bulbous cockhead pushed up against her tiny vagina like a tentpole trying to fit through the eye of a needle, but she was so wet that it began to slip in anyway.

"Wait!" Maebell begged, her voice muffled by the panties gagging her mouth. "I'm a virgin!"

"Not anymore," Galvyn laughed, pulling her down, nearly ripping her body in half, destroying her hymen, and shattering her mind.


Two hours later Timod was still wandering around the front gates of the city, calling out Maebell's name, completely unaware that the love of his life was laying on the muddy floor of a shed, her dress torn to shreds, her face plastered with another man's semen, and her pussy broken beyond repair.

Galvyn whistled happily as he urinated against the shed's inside wall. There were few things Galvyn enjoyed more than a good long urination after an exhausting fuck-session, and he was so busy enjoying the indescribably pleasure of unloading his bladder that he didn't really notice (or care) that a good deal of it was splashing over Maebell's face and soaking her hair.

The hot rain woke Maebell from her orgasmic coma, and she began to cry.

"Oh gods . . . that was amazing . . . incredible."

"No regrets?" Galvyn asked, although he didn't really care how she or any woman he bedded felt. Galvyn fucked for his own pleasure. The thousands of female orgasms he had provoked were nothing more than incidental phenomena to him.

"I . . . no," Maybel said in a confused, exhausted voice. "Life is short. It should be enjoyed. I enjoyed that. You . . . I think you've ruined me though. When you pushed your finger into my anus while you came inside me . . . I think I completely forgot Timod even existed for a moment."

The thought of her boyfriend made her cry.

"Oh gods! Timod! I . . . I betrayed him! What do I tell him? How can I ever look at him again! My dress is in tatters and my hair is soaked with your cum."

Galvyn shrugged. "Tell him you were beset by some bandits on the road. They raped you. A dozen of them. There's so much of my nut on your face that a dozen will be a believable number. They raped you and robbed you."

"Alright," Maebell gasped as she tried to suppress a small orgasm.

"But to make it believable you're going to have to give me all your money."

Maebell pouted but didn't resist when Galvyn reached down and tore her purse off of what remained of her belt. He had taken her virginity from her, and probably fucked her harder than any man ever would again. The loss of what little money she had seemed inconsequential.

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