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Gambling With Lady Luck


It would have been three weeks since the last hooker Jason had in his seedy Vega motel room. As he walked into the casino after another horrible night at the comedy bar, his goal was either to get rich gambling or at least find a good lady to fuck that night. The blackjack tables were all crowded that night, no doubt from all the senior citizens that came from those damn buses. It was a holiday evening after all and the only tables unattended were the high roller tables. This normally gave Jason the signal to go elsewhere to dump the $100 he made from that night's comedy set.

However, there seemed to be a woman catching his eye that night. There she sat at the $50 minimum bet table. She wore the same female tuxedo outfit all the dealers wore, but he could tell there were a few buttons undone to allow her cleavage to show if one was to look just right. Her long, flowing blond hair was let down, unlike the other ladies whose hair was either in tight pony tails or buns. Maybe Lady Luck was calling to him that night after all.

He walked over and saw her name tag. "Hello, Ms..."

"The real name is Joann," she stated. "But all my close friends call me Jo."

"Frankly, darlin, I would just love the chance to call you," as he stole a glance at her chest, trying to estimate in his head how large her endowments were. She noticed him staring.

"And your name is...." she asked.

He starts to stutter, realizing that he had been caught. "My name is Frank," Jeff said, not desiring his real identity to be known yet.

"Well, mister," she started. "They are size 32, D cups. To find out more, put down $50. If you win, I'll tell you more." He placed $50 on the table and received his first card, a 10 of hearts. He tapped his finger on the table and received another ten. As she flipped over her cards to reveal her eight and nine, she began again.

"So if I told you I was off in ten minutes, what would you ask me, Frank?" she asked with a sly wink and a grin to match. He felt his cock twinge in his pants as he thought about the possibilities. He began to put $50 down on the table when she stopped him.

"Save that for the room cause I don't want to be caught by the hubby tonight. " Jason smiled, realizing his luck. She whispered to him to get his car and meet her at the front door and she'll be out in a minute. As he casually walked to the entrance, he thought about what he wanted to do to her that night.

A fifteen minute wait and she walked out, a pair of grey sweatpants hiding her figure along with a black leather jacket. It wasn't until she got into his car that he noticed she wore a sports bra underneath. She leaned over and kisses him on the lips before she speaks.

"My favorite fuck spot is around the corner. Hubby doesn't expect me home until 7." As he drove off, she began to remove her sweatpants low enough to show him her lack of underwear. She began to slowly rub her labia and moan seductively as he drove. His dick grew harder in his pants until he pulled into a parking spot at this seedy hotel. He walked into the office and put the $50 down to get a key. It wasn't as if he had to be home anytime soon. He went back to the car as she pulled her pants back up. As they walk to the room, she started whispering different dirty thoughts into his head.

There was an elapsed time of ten seconds from the time he turned the key to the time his arms surrounded her, his lips on her neck, her hands unbuckling his jeans. A quick movement and his dick was exposed for a brief second until her lips surrounded it and began to suck. Her movements weren't of a one night stand, but of a seasoned lover desiring to please her soul mate. Her lips were merely a portal guiding his probe deep into her mouth and deep down her throat, caressing it from all sides as he let his head fall back in enjoyment. A cold breeze shook him as she told him to go ahead and cum because she had way more in store for him that night. Cum he did, an explosion erupting in her mouth, his seed sliding down into her belly as he released.

She looked up at him as she removed her leather jacket and began to pull the sports bra off of her. As she stood, his lips found her hardened nipples and began to taunt and tease them. Her arms held his head there. This was a needed treat for her since her husband as she calls him hasn't been by her place in weeks. This escapade was her personal spoiling for being faithful and for not throwing that free loader's ass out of her apartment. As Jason began to move down towards her sweatpants, she allowed herself to fall onto the bed so he could remove them. The smell of her desperate sex struck him hard, to the point his tongue dove straight in with no teasing or hesitation. Her screams were loud, but pleasure filled as she felt her first orgasm in weeks.

It didn't take long for her legs to be pushed towards her head as his hard prick penetrated her. Her lover at home wasn't as direct nor was he as large as this stranger. Jo's pussy grabbed his cock like a vice, pulling it as he pushed in, as if attempting to bury him inside her for eternity. She began to curse and scream for more, harder and faster inspiring him to perform like those porn films he beat off to at his place. In this scene, he was John Holmes. He was Ron Jeremy. He felt like the greatest porn star alive.

As she shifted her weight to roll under him, he got the hint and readied himself to take her roughly from behind. Her ass cheeks were melting in his hands as he penetrates her from the rear. She could feel his hand hesitate, so she commanded him to pull her hair, to treat her like the slut she was. His next explosion came unexpectedly as she could feel his climax coat her sugar walls within. She fell forward, his limp penis now resting in the crack of her ass, defeated.

It was three hours later when she awoke. She felt him next to her, still out. As she went to his wallet to determine his real identity, her cell phone rang, waking him up. He looked groggily as she snuggled back with him. He started to speak first.

"So what's your real name?"

She paused before she decided to come clean. "Joann is my real name. So when can we do this again?"

Jason smiled. Lady luck was definitely on his team tonight

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