Game Night


~This is an older story...I thought some of you may enjoy it~


The warm summer's breeze drifted lazily through the dusk-soaked streets of the sprawling metropolis of Shorehaven. The drifting air cooled a comfortably warm night as it passed through the twilight streets just lit with the soft orange glow of the on-coming street lamps. Softly it stirred along the busy roads, through the area of the City known as Havendale. Akin much to a rich suburb and filled with those enjoying the summer's night in various -- often tantalizing -- ways, Havendale was a beautiful part of the city, as were most areas of the sprawling mass of humanity.

The breeze continued to gently stir along the streets until softly it made its way through an open window of one of the houses lining the paths, similar to all of the others with its two stories and neatly kept gardens. Through the open window the breeze moved until its gentle caress stroked the bare shoulders of one Kelly Henderson.

Shivering, Kelly pulled the towel wrapped tightly around her tighter before she continued to dry her hair with another, humming lightly to herself as she worked her below-shoulder length hair dry.

"Kel, you want a drink babe?" Came the shout of Gerrie, Kelly's boyfriend of three years, from downstairs.

Giving her hair one final rub, Kelly dropped the towel to the floor before standing and brushing her hair over her shoulders with her fingers.

"No thanks babe, I'll open some wine later" She called back as she walked over to the wardrobe.

Opening the tall, beach-wood door, she folded her arms beneath her large, round breasts as she looked over her clothes, considering what she should put on from the seemingly endless racks within.

Frowning thoughtfully, she began rummaging through the shelves of various articles of clothing, biting her lower lip gently in thought as she searched, more than once considering and then discarding some pieces that would look good together but just didn't feel right for that night. As she continued browsing, suddenly a pair of hands wrapped themselves around her slim waist causing Kelly to smile as she felt her loving boyfriend gently kiss the back of her neck.

"Still not ready?" Gerrie asked as his arms wrapped around her waist and his head rested on her shoulder, watching her discard yet another possibility.

The beautiful Miss Henderson shook her head slightly, both for her boyfriend's and the clothing choice's sake, and replied as she studied the racks before her.

"Not yet, I can't decide what to wear." She answered thoughtfully before glancing sideways at him, "Any preferences?"

Gerrie kissed her cheek before he smiled to her lovingly and smacked her ass playfully.

"You look good in anything Kel, so wear whatever is comfortable" He answered as he walked away to pick up the bottle of lager he had placed on the bedside table.

Turning to look at her boyfriend for a moment, Kelly could not help but smile proudly. He was a well-defined 23-year-old man, with short blonde-brown hair, and a body to kill for. He was kind, but also had a rough side to him that Kelly loved. She had always loved a man who was not afraid to show her he was strong. Not that she liked any man to be forceful with her, only that she liked his alpha-male side as it came with a love that made her feel safe. Gerrie would never do anything to hurt her, she always knew that, and she loved him for it. Not to mention that his strong side often brought her playful side out also, that went without saying of course.

Gerrie must have known what she was thinking as he took another swig from his lager as he smiled at her just as proudly.

"You better get ready soon, Lee won't be long." He commented as she watched him a moment longer.

With a playful smirk, the beautiful girlfriend of three years nodded before she turned back and once more rummaged through the clothes lining the shelves and racks of the wardrobe.

Tonight Gerrie was playing poker with his friends, the same thing he did every week. He sometimes played over at the others' houses or apartments, however he preferred to play here as he could relax in his own home while having a good time with his friends. Kelly knew most of the guys, they had been Gerrie's friends long before they had gotten together, and they had been playing poker ever since she knew them. She wasn't as close to the guys as Gerrie, except with Lee who was Gerrie's best friend. She had gotten to know Lee well with all the time he and her boyfriend spent together and had become quite good friends with him. Usually for one of these poker nights, Lee would come over with Johnnie, Davey and Simon and the five of them would play the whole night while she went out with the girls, had some over to drink and watch a movie, or occasionally even joined in the game. Tonight, though, she intended on the latter, as the girls were all out or staying in with their own boyfriends, so, she needed something casual to wear, but something nice; she didn't like looking too casual in public.

Searching through the clothes, Kelly soon decided on a pair of snug stonewashed jeans and a figure-hugging red top that had thin red straps and was cut low enough to show some nice cleavage. She knew if she bent over the top would show a generous amount of her impressive round breasts -- which might make winning the game a little easier -- though it would still conceal the black lace bra she pulled out of the drawer with its matching panties.

Holding the clothes, the pretty girlfriend looked over her shoulder as she took hold of the towel where she had tucked it in to hold it up.

"Are you waiting for a show or something?" She asked Gerrie teasingly, her eyes flashing playfully as she watched him grin.

"I thought you'd never ask." He replied as his eyes watched her intently, swigging once more at his lager.

Kelly felt her stomach flutter with a faintly growing horniness. Gerrie's eyes always held an animalistic lust whenever they searched over her, and it never failed to arouse a fire within her. However, one thought abruptly crossed her mind, fluttering that flame for one moment.

"Did you pick up the condoms today?" She asked inquisitively and felt a flush of relief flood through her as Gerrie nodded.

Kelly had never had sex without a condom. She had never gone on the pill as she always believed that it was still too risky having Gerrie cum inside her, and while condoms may not be as good as the pill in some ways, she at least felt more comfortable using them than having sex without. She had never even swallowed Gerrie's cum either, oh she had let him cum in her mouth, but she had always spat it back out again. It wasn't the taste, it was just the thought of swallowing that thick, sticky goo that put her off. Gerrie didn't seem to mind, though, for which she was always grateful -- some of her girlfriends had told her that some guys got irritated at that, so she was just happy that she had found a decent guy who was as interested in what she wanted and liked as what he was.

That thought of how special her boyfriend was relit that fire within her body.

"Well then mister..." She began teasingly as she slowly unwound the towel, holding it up now by her hands.

As she was about to drop it however, a knock on the front door sounded loudly. Both of them seemed to stifle an irritated mutter for a moment, as they both figured that Lee and the others must be here which meant no 'show' or 'after show party' for either of them tonight...well, at least until the others left anyway.

"He's always had perfect timing." Gerrie muttered as he stood up and took another swig from his bottle.

Sensing Gerrie's alpha-male pride stocking, which usually meant he was going to be in a huff unless calmed, Kelly walked over and kissed him lightly before looking up into his eyes lovingly.

"It's alright babe, we'll save the tension and you can use it all up on me when they're gone. We're both off work tomorrow." She finished with an insinuating smile.

As predicted, Gerrie's face lit up with a grin and all signs of his pride vanished as he kissed her nose softly.

"I'll hold you to that." He said with a sly smile before he moved away, leaving the room and heading downstairs towards the door.

Kelly bit her bottom lip as she once more felt that familiar tingling growing in her belly. Oh, she hoped he would hold her to it, and hold her to it hard.

With a flutter of excited anticipation, she turned towards the mirror and let the towel drop before dressing carefully. The black-lace underwear made her look like a model. Her large 38D breasts filled the cups to bulging, her slim waist and smooth legs, her just-below shoulder-length dark brown hair and her large brown eyes all added to her allure. As she pulled her jeans on, snugly showing off her thighs, and pulled her top over her head, leaving it snugly fitting her curves, accentuating her full, round breasts and flat stomach, Kelly Henderson could not help smiling at herself in the mirror. Her cleavage was just enough to distract most men as she had hoped, and she would use the bending over to her advantage should she need it. She knew no man could resist staring down her top once she did that, and then their concentration would be broken. Adding a soft red to her lips and a gentle touch of makeup, she considered whether to wear socks or shoes before deciding to simply go bare-footed; it was a nice night after all, and she was staying in to play poker.

Looking herself over once more, the stunningly beautiful brunette turned to make her way out of the bedroom.

"Hey, hey, Gerrie my boy!" Lee exclaimed as his friend opened the front door. "Ready to get your ass handed to you on a plate tonight ah?"

Gerrie chuckled at Lee's friendly jibing before walking back into the house.

"If I remember rightly I've beaten you the last two poker nights we've had, so I guess you should get ready to be making the drinks tonight mate." Gerrie jibed back as he walked through into the lounge.

Lee couldn't help but smile to himself as he and the others followed their friend into the house. He always loved the friendly banter between his friends, especially with the 'Poker Night Boys' as they often referred to themselves, he thought as they made their way into the kitchen where Gerrie had set up the table and chairs as usual around the rectangular wooden table which now had a piece of green felt laying across it topped with cards and plastic chips.

"I think we all know who's gonna be taking the money home tonight boys" Davey piped in as he followed Lee and Gerrie into the kitchen. The bald-headed, muscular man was a year younger than both of them and he often wore the same kinds of clothes that he wore tonight; track pants and a white t-shirt that showed off his chiselled muscles...all so that he could impress the ladies.

"Yeah, that'd be me Davey-boy." Johnnie chided loudly as he came to take his usual seat next to Lee.

While Davey was bald and muscular, Johnnie was more like a guy from a boy band. He was the one who usually had all the success with the women, with his highlighted, gelled blonde hair, his perfect features and toned body, most women fell to their knees in front of him in the first hour of meeting him.

"I think you're forgetting The Hustler is in the house boys." Simon added his bit to the banter as he sat next to Lee, opposite Gerrie, and opened up one of the bottles of lager Gerrie had left on the table. Simon was a tall black man, as dark-brown as the others were white or tanned. He wore his black hair in tight dreadlocks that hung to his shoulders and he too worked out often with Davey and so was chiselled to say the least, as well as a few inches taller than any of the others.

Lee couldn't help but grin, his own short brown hair was cut a lot like Leonardo DiCaprio's used to be when he was younger, although Lee still thought Leo had copied him rather than the other way around. While he was not as over-the-top muscular as Davey or Simon, he was still toned, even if he was a little shorter than everyone else.

"Hey, don't rule out the new guy yet." A fifth voice chimed in as Ian came to join the others at the table.

Ian was another friend of the guys gathered however he had never really hung out with them on poker nights and such, and had never been to Gerrie's house at all. However he had for no apparent reason simply decided to hang out with the five of them tonight for a change, and in the process had become convinced that he could take all the pot in the game, no matter having never played poker before in his life. Ian was Latin-American and had the charm, not to mention money, to back up his heritage and looks.

As they all sat down around the table, continuing the jokes and banter at each other's expense, and cracking open the ice-cold cans that Gerrie had set out for them, Lee noticed an empty seat in between Gerrie and Johnnie. He was about to ask his friend when Kelly suddenly walked through the door and all attention instantly transferred to Gerrie's beautiful 23-year-old brunette girlfriend.

"Hey boys" Kelly said in her sweetly amused voice as she walked around the table to stand behind Gerrie, kissing him lightly on the head before moving to her seat beside him.

All eyes stared at her as she moved and for a moment no one replied. Lee had been friends with Gerrie a long time, and while he thought of his friend's girlfriend only as a friend of his also, he was still aware of just how attractive she was as a woman. The thought of trying anything on with her had never entered his mind, she was Kelly, his friend, however he had always noted how striking she was, and tonight she seemed even more radiant than usual for some reason.

Her beauty was not lost on the others around the table either apparently. He knew that each had noticed Kelly's stunning goods often before, however with the exception of Johnnie who often joked about giving Kelly a 'good seeing to', none saw her as anything but Gerrie's girlfriend and their friend, even Johnnie had never seriously thought about doing anything with her, except ogle her when Gerrie wasn't looking.

Ian however had never met Gerrie's girlfriend before and so the moment the hot brunette entered the kitchen, her tight, low-cut, red strap-top accentuating her large, soft, enticingly-jiggling tits and her snug jeans showing off what Lee knew to be smooth, sexy legs and a tight, firm ass, Ian's eyes almost fell out of his head.

"Whoa" The Latino guy commented after a moment of openly watching the sexy brunette. With the silence broken the others instantly looked to him, mostly hiding amusement.

Kelly seemed to share their mirth, however Gerrie cut his eyes to Ian, who quickly cleared his throat as he clicked on to the relationship and looked to the deck in the middle of the table as if it was all that existed. "Are we playing here or what?" He added before taking a quick swig of lager.

Lee couldn't help but grin behind a hand before he reached forward to take the deck of cards, shuffling them as he glanced between Gerrie and Ian. Gerrie was not the overly-protective kind, however he had an innate dislike for Ian for some reason that no one else could figure out. Not to mention that Gerrie always wanted to look like the alpha-male, especially in front of Kelly. He often became quite moody if he felt his pride damaged, and could be quite protective if he felt someone was coming too close to 'his territory'.

Lee's eyes fell on his friend's girlfriend once more, and he tried to hide his smile even more as he noticed that she had a sparkle in her large brown eyes and a faint smile of amusement of her own on her red lips as she looked at Gerrie as he eyed Ian. Lee could understand Gerrie being protective of Kelly, she was incredibly sexy, yet he didn't seem to mind her flirting at other times. He was an odd man, his friend.

"Alright, we'll play 'Hold 'Em'. Ten for ante, and you have to bet on the first round or fold, checking allowed every round after." Lee said as he began to deal out two cards to each of the people around the table. "And Johnnie, no IOU's this time, alright?" He added and everyone including the boy-band look-a-like himself laughed.

Lee smiled to himself as he placed the cards face up in the centre to start the first round; grinning at the hand he had ended up with. It seemed his luck was in tonight. Just how much however, he would find out later...

Kelly grinned as she placed down the two cards which gave her a flush, beating both Gerrie and Johnnie, the last two in the round.

"Wooo, I won the big pot!" She exclaimed excitedly as she leaned over the table to scoop all of the money towards herself.

As she did she noticed Gerrie place his cards down a little roughly, while Johnnie seemed to find the whole thing funny.

She would have asked what was wrong however she thought she knew already. Gerrie didn't mind her beating him, but he had only won a few hands in the last hour they had been playing. While he was not far from the chips he had started with, Kelly could tell that if he didn't start winning soon he might get a little moody. So, once she had the chips in front of her, she thought of a plan.

"I'll sit out this round and grab some more drinks. Anyone want one?" She asked as she stood up and stroked the back of Gerrie's neck lovingly. She knew he liked it when she did that.

All of the guys around the table answered that they would, and so, leaving them to deal another hand, she went to the refrigerator to take out some bottles for each of them before she headed over to the table.

Handing each guy a bottle, Kelly gave each a small smile designed to make them look at her before she swayed lightly back to her seat. Gerrie was concentrating hard on his hand and so missed all of the guys watching her tight ass swaying as she made her way back to sit down.

The plan worked perfectly. None of the other guys could concentrate properly after that and Gerrie won the hand, and a fair sized pot too. More importantly to Kelly, it seemed to put him in a better mood.

"Seems my luck is back in boys. Keep a hold of those chips if you wanna keep them, or they'll be mine." Her boyfriend chided proudly as he raked the chips towards himself, stacking them up before he took a deep, self-satisfied swig from his bottle.

And so the night began to pass, with the seven of them bantering back and forth as cards and chips exchanged hands. The bottles and chips soon stacking up as each had a couple more drinks over the hours that passed.

Soon it became clear that Johnnie was winning most of the hands and more than once Kelly found herself having to soothe her boyfriend...without him knowing of course. Once when Gerrie had bet most of his pile of chips and looked like he was going to lose, Kelly decided that it was a good time to stretch. Stretching her arms above her head and arching her back slightly pushed her large tits against the thin fabric of her red top. Davey's eyes widened as he watched her, and before he knew it he had folded and Gerrie had won. Another time, Ian seemed to be hiding a great hand from what his obvious 'tells' were saying, and so Kelly folded her arms on the table and leaned forward. As she did, her succulent breasts pressed against her arms, deepening her cleavage and showing how soft but oh-so-deliciously-firm her tits were as they pressed and slightly moulded against her folded arms. As intended, Ian made a stupid bet straight after that and folded, his eyes glued to Kelly's cleavage. A deep smile touched her lips as she watched Ian watching her, men could be so easily fuddled and manipulated. Gerrie of course was oblivious as he enjoyed the winnings he had just received, and once again his mood lightened somewhat. As she felt some of the tension leave her boyfriend, Kelly glanced at Ian again and with a self-satisfied feeling thought her boyfriend's friend didn't mind losing so much after eyeing her up a little, so all was going well.

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