tagExhibitionist & VoyeurGame Night Pt. 01

Game Night Pt. 01


Betty reached to look at her hole cards. The motion was incredibly awkward; moving her left arm out to grasp the cards meant that she needed to cradle her naked breasts with just her right arm to avoid exposing herself. She pulled the cards towards herself but stopped to look at the reactions of her fellow players before examining her own hand.

The tanned-skinned young man to her left studied his cards for a moment, then threw a furtive glance around to the others. He shuffled in his seat, attempting to hide his nudity while pushing out a bet. Jeremy had been a friend of hers for nearly a year -- they'd met at the gym and had struck up an easy friendship. The two of them both enjoyed games and often hung out together, playing coop games and just enjoying each other's company. Betty had hooked up with him on one such occasion -- despite him not being terribly athletic, he had been quite a generous (though inexperienced) partner.

The next player, a young woman with curly blonde hair groaned with annoyance. She looked forlornly at her cards, considering them for several moments before throwing them into the pot. The young woman was still wearing a bra and her skirt, but had clearly no desire of displaying any more of her pale flesh. She'd lost the previous round and had opted to remove her panties. The young woman had gotten a wry smile on her lips and had tossed her panties into the pot, the result being that she fulfilled the clothing-ante rule without showing any more skin.

Betty was a little disappointed when she didn't take off her bra -- she wanted to know how big her nipples were.

I bet they're little pink pointy ones, Betty thought.

Next up was an enormous brown-haired woman who clearly had no inhibitions. She had been losing for some time and had exhausted her supply of clothes to bet. She sat in unabashedly provocative nakedness, collecting the discarded hands with breasts on full display. Betty was a little embarrassed by the woman's lack of reservation, but at the same time was impressed by her liberality.

That woman just doesn't give a fuck about what anyone else thinks, Betty thought.

The giant brunette pushed all in, using the last of her re-buy.

"Go on," the naked woman challenged. "See if you can take me down!"

Erika, the dealer, sat in contemplation of her cards. After thinking for several long moments, she looked down at her body, Taking a deep breath, she pushed in most of her stack of chips. Betty knew that Erika wasn't terrible self-conscious about her body and about showing it to a table of mixed gender, but she wouldn't want to get naked unnecessarily. Erika had a long crimson unruly mane of hair that came down past her chest, as well as still having a full set of underwear on. Even if she lost the hand, she'd easily be able to hide her assets with her reddish locks.

It was the small blind's turn -- the man to Betty's right. Robbie already had a bet out but now he'd have to choose whether to follow the brunette all-in due to his small chip stack. He was still mostly clothed, wearing a tight fitting white singlet and blue trousers.

Betty watched with interest as he re-evaluated his hand. He closed his eyes and seemed to be silently counting something in his mind. His thick eyebrows raised slightly, and pushed a large stack of chips into the centre of the table.

"In case you weren't paying attention," Robbie began. "...I'm the chip leader now because of that magnificently poor choice Quinne made last hand..."

"Hey, pocket deuces win literally half the time asshole!" the tall brunette interjected.

"It probably would've worked if you'd gone all in at the start of the hand rather than at the show-down," Erika said.

Robbie continued as if there had been no interruption.

"...so if you want to call this bet, you'll have to put all your money in the pot."

Several quiet grumbles came from the other players, including from Betty herself. She held a strong hand -- two jacks -- but the ante rule came into effect for all of them because Robbie could cover their bets.


Jeremy had invited the eclectic group together for a poker game. They had sat together chatting and having a few drinks before Erika had suggested the ante rule.

"Regular Texas Hold'em is getting kind of dull isn't it?" Erika complained.

"Getting dull? It's way more interesting than draw poker. That game almost always is just pure luck," Jeremy said.

Erika kicked off her shoes and leaned back on her chair, her ginger hair cascading behind like a waterfall. "Yeah but at least then I had a chance of winning. Between Amy's perfect guessing and Robbie's bizarre ability to count..."

"It's not guessing! I'm just inferring!" the blonde girl protested.

Her brunette girlfriend leaned over and kissed her on the forehead.

"That's a distinction with no difference, you dope."

Amy furrowed her brow and pouted.

Erika continued --

"...it doesn't matter! You guys always win. It's no fun when there's no chance to win."

Betty took a sip from her wine cup.

"If you're just going to complain Erika, it isn't going to be any fun anyway," Betty said.

The redhead leaned forward and took a drink from her own cup. A mischievous look crossed her face.

"How about something to make it a little more fair and a little more...challenging?" Erika asked.

The group sat and listened attentively.

"Well, we've all had a few drinks but none of us are drunk. Just, a little relaxed? Let's have an ante rule and not just regular poker."

"Ante rule?" Robbie asked.

"Yeah," Erika said, a cheeky grin transforming from the previously agitated expression.

"Some of us like to play too fast and loose, while others are too slow. We give free re-buys whenever someone goes out, so the game goes for hours. How about this instead -- if you go all-in and lose all your money, you also lose a piece of clothing."

Silence ruled the group for several seconds. Betty fidgeted on her seat, subconsciously shifting her loose fitting dress to cover her knees. Multiple voices started competing for centre stage --

"Hang on what about --"

"But I'm wearing a --"

Betty and Jeremy looked at one another, pausing to allow the other to speak. Jeremy gestured for Betty to speak first.

"I'm...uh...wearing a dress," Betty said flatly.

"So am I," Quinne responded. "So what?"

"It's kind of unfair isn't it? One loss and we're showing a whole lot more than the guys."

"You could always count socks and shoes?" Jeremy offered.

Betty heard both Robbie and Quinne snort under their breath; they caught one another's attention and shared a significant look.

"We're not doing accessories. It's strip poker. It defeats the whole purpose of the exercise if you don't show reveal more of yourself with each piece," Erika said. "And if you've had to rebuy three times, then you deserve to be buck naked."

Betty chortled at that. She liked this idea for the most part -- she wasn't a bad poker player and was confident that she wouldn't end up completely nude. In any case, the notion of being in a room full of semi-naked people seemed pretty titillating to her. She loved new experiences, and strip poker would definitely be an exotic one.

Quinne's girlfriend seemed to go bright red at the idea; she'd been silent on the issue but was clearly nervous about it. The blonde girl raised her hand to speak, but before she got a chance to say anything Quinne whispered something in her ear. She lowered her hand.

"We're game!" Quinne said enthusiastically.

"Sure," Robbie followed.

Jeremy ran in fingers through his short black hair before nodding his assent. All eyes turned to Betty.

"Let's do it."


Nearly an hour and a half had passed since that moment. It felt like the game had gone so quickly -- nearly everyone had needed to rebuy at least twice. Her prediction was right though -- she had to strip off her dress on only the third hand due to a poorly called bet. Fortunately for her, Jeremy had also lost on that hand (and the previous one); attention was shared between the two of them. No one had missed the opportunity to watch her lose her bra though -- that hand had happened nearly an hour later. Betty had been careful in stripping it off to quickly cover up with one arm as her other unclasped the bra.

She was now put to the test now though. Robbie's bet would put her all in, and she'd lose her panties. Erika would lose her bra, and Amy would end up showing some skin too. Both Jeremy and Quinne were in precarious situations though -- they were both naked and she had no idea what would happen if they lost again at this point.

Maybe we exact some sort of penance, Betty thought cheekily.

"Well, ladies and gentlemen? What's it to be?" Robbie asked.

"Question," the blonde seated next to Quinne said, raising her hand.

"Yes, Amy?"

"What happens to these guys --"she pointed to Jeremy and Quinne. "- if they lose?"

Robbie turned and looked at Erika and Betty in turn.


The redhead flicked her hair back before offering a suggestion.

"How about they have to do a dare? Anything the winner of the hand wants," Erika said.

Called it, Betty thought.

Amy looked horrified. "Anything? What do you mean anything?"

"Relax," Betty consoled. "This game is all voluntary. There's nothing stopping anyone from busting out and observing. I think it's fair though if you want to rebuy -- you've got offer something, right?"

Amy was sufficiently mollified by Betty's answer, but she was clearly uncomfortable about her girlfriend being dared to do 'anything'.

Betty made up her mind.

"I call," she said, pushing in all her chips.

Jeremy had folded at the start of the hand. He conspicuously crossed his legs; Betty wondered if he was getting turned on.

Amy looked at her cards and seemed to buzz with frustration.

"I'm convinced that most of you have terrible hands," Amy complained. "I've probably got all of you covered but..."

Quinne elbowed her affectionately in the ribs and cracked a huge grin. "Do it! Pull the trigger!"

"Fine! I'm all in too," Amy said reluctantly.

"I'm already all in," Quinne followed.

Erika was last to act, but also threw her chips into the pot. "Let's do this thing! Turn over your cards, peeps."

All eyes watched with interest at the showdown. Erika read the results as the dealer.

"Robbie has two pair -- Queens and Threes."

Betty breathed a sigh of relief for a moment.

Erika continued reading results.

"Betty has a higher two pair -- Queens and Jacks. Jeremy is already out...Amy has -- oooh very nice -- three of a kind in Queens. Next, Quinne has -- unsurprisingly -- bottom pair,"

"Well I was trying to steal the pot," Quinne laughed. "I was hoping that I'd scare everyone off."

"It was never going to work -- I was going to make you put all your chips in regardless," Robbie teased.

A broad smile covered Erika's freckled face as she read out her own result.

"And I have a full house -- Nines full of Queens," Erika declared gleefully. "Everyone loses an item of clothing except Jeremy who was smart enough to get out in time."

"Wait, what? Why do I lose clothes?" Robbie demanded.

"The way I see it, you lost to three players at once. That's worth at least one re-buy," Erika argued.

Robbie looked around the room for backing, but no one was sympathetic due to their own impending humiliation.

Erika seemed ready to rub her hands together, her expression mirthful.

"We're going to find out if Betty shaves or not first. I'm betting on the full jungle though."

Betty's eyes flashed with annoyance and embarrassment. She'd hoped others would go first.

"Go on, stand up, take them off!" Erika ordered.

Betty stood up, pushing the chair back with her legs while still cradling her naked breasts with her right arm. Betty hooked her thumb into the left side of her underwear's waistband and tugged gently. She could feel the eyes of all her friends intensely focusing on her as her coarse black pubic hair came into view.

"Ha! I knew it! Unkempt bush!" Erika said triumphantly.

"Don't be a fucking jerk about it," Amy reproached her.

"You're just salty because we're going to get to see your tits," Erika retorted.

"Amy isn't salty," Quinne said defensively. A mischievous look spread across her face. "More savoury, to my taste."

Amy playfully punched the naked amazon in the ribs.

"Sorry! I meant sweet! She tastes sweet!" Quinne corrected.

Amy punched her a second time, harder.

"I mean, I definitely haven't tasted any parts of Amy's body, nor do I know about their flavours," Quinne said with flat affect and huge grin. Amy face-palmed and motioned to Betty.

"Go on."

Betty slid her panties further down her thighs and they fell to the floor. She quickly covered her exposed pubis with her free hand and sat back down. The wooden seat felt rough to her now-bare backside, but the sensation made her hyper-aware of her own naked body. She felt a thrill of excitement and adrenaline course through her blood.

"It's impolite to stare, guys!" Erika stated, breaking the gaze of all participants in the room. "It's Amy's turn to be stared at after all."

Amy turned beet red as the others re-focused their attention on the panty-less participant.

"Well, what's it to be, lover?" Quinne asked, reaching over to rub Amy on the shoulder. "Heads or tails?"

For several moments, Amy didn't appear to move. Betty noticed a subtle shimmying movement coming from beneath the table and the blonde suddenly hoisted her pleated skirt onto the table. She looked around, still red-faced but smiling, and pointed to Jeremy, Erika and Robbie.

"I can sense, you, you and you, all being disappointed! But I've anted up -- I don't have to dance for you or show you my...bits," Amy said.

"Hang on..." Erika began.

Quinne put up a hand to quiet her. "She's not wearing anything from the waist down. Not even hair."

Amy threw a third punch, but this time Quinne was ready for it and caught the blow.

"Well it's your turn now, you bitch," Amy said, attempting to shift attention away from her bottomlessness.

Jeremy raised a hand. "Quinne's already nude. Is she re-buying or...?"

Erika leaned forward on the table, eyes flashing with roguish amusement.

"I won the round, I took your money, if you want to re-buy, you'll have to take my dare," Erika said.

"Yeah, I still want to play!" the giantess said. "What do I do?"

Erika looked at her for several seconds, closed her pale green eyes and became deeply contemplative. A devilish smile overtook her and she opened her eyes to speak.

"I dare you to masturbate until you cum."

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