tagExhibitionist & VoyeurGame Of Pool Leads To Fun!

Game Of Pool Leads To Fun!


This is a true story of one of my first experiences with exhibitionism. My husband and I have recently taken this a step further from me just flashing to physical experiences with other men. With my husband watching and often offering direction, this totally turns me on. I am in my early 40's and a typical wife and mother most of the time. But now and then, when I can, I love to flash men my tits.

I am 5'6," 130 lbs with an athletic build. I have blond hair, blue eyes and double D cup breasts.

SometimesI feel like my breasts are too big for my body, but my husband loves them, and so do the guys I show them to whenever I flash.

So this particular night my husband and I were quite dressed up for a fundraiser we had to go to. We ducked out early and headed over to one of our favorite places. I was wearing a very flattering dress that was a halter top and a skirt just above my knees. I wasn't wearing a bra or underwear, as I typically don't when we go out. The material was very thin and the shape of my breasts and nipples were visible to anyone who looked closely enough. We love to go out for drinks and play pool. It is really hot when I find some guy looking at me while we are playing a game of pool and I am able to bend over and give him a shot of my panty less ass under my thin dress, or a great cleavage shot bending over to line up just the right shot. I get really wet giving guys these great views and then smiling at them to let them know I like them looking at me.

We do this pretty regularly, but one night we took it a bit farther. My husband asked this guy sitting near us to play a game of pool with me. He accepted the offer and I did all of my best bend over's and gave him some really clear shots of my titties and ass. I knew he was looking which totally turned me on. I was getting really wet and I didn't have any panties on. I love watching my husband watching me when I am being hot and getting turned on.

When the game was over, which he won by the way, I walked up to him, thanked him for the game and then with a quick smooth motion I pulled my dress to the side and completely exposed my double D left breast for him. I was standing inches in front of him and my entire breast was exposed. It was thrilling.

He said "wow!! Thank you!!"

I walked over to my husband and we went back to the bar for another drink. We were both pretty hot. He suggested we see if he would like to play another game of pool. I agreed so we went back to the pool tables and this guy jumped up and was immediately talking with us.

My husband said "my wife would like to play you again."

He agreed and the game started. This time I continued to bend over and give him great shots, but I also took every opportunity I could find to flash him one of my titties. This time I nearly beat him; his mind wasn't really on the game.

Then I said "what do you think you should get if you win this game?

He stuttered a bit and said "I don't know, what should I get?" My husband, who was having a great time watching me perform picked right up on this and continued the bartering. All of the sudden his game improved and he won. I wouldn't have let him lose anyway as I was so hot and wet I wanted to lose and give him a prize.

The bantering continued about what his prize should be. I commented that it was pretty crowded in there tonight. Not so much that I wasn't able to give some great flashes, but anything more wasn't realistic.

He said "well, the patio out back is still open."

We walked thru a door along the back wall of the bar and there were tables in the patio. It was pretty late so no one else was out there and it was dark. Then the discussion picked up again about what he should get for winning the game.

My husband said "I think he should get to play with the girls," which is his pet name for my breasts.

His eyes about popped out of his head, but he immediately sat down in a chair. I sat down sideways in his lap and he didn't waste any time getting started. As I mentioned before, I love wearing that dress because the material is so thin you can see the outline of my breasts and nipples. It also has what I call "great flash ability" because it is very easy to pull the halter portion to the side and expose my breast.

He took one finger and ran it down the edge of my dress along my breast and pulled it over to the side, exposing my entire breast. The cold air instantly made my nipple hard. He ran his hand over the breast and then dove in with his mouth. He took as much as he could in his mouth, which wasn't even half of it, but he loved it. He then ran his tongue all around the outer edge and finally found the nipple with his tongue. I loved the way he licked and sucked my entire breast and then focused on the nipple. He flicked it with his tongue and then full on sucked it. Next he moved to my left breast and repeated the same hot pattern while his hand played with my right nipple. I absolutely love having my breasts played with and especially my nipples. My pussy gets so hot and wet when my nipples are played with!

I looked over at my husband and he was loving every minute of it. He started to talk about how great my breasts were and how hot the nipples were. Then, our new friend put his hand on my knee. I moved my legs apart slightly to invite him in and he went for it immediately. His hand quickly but smoothly slid up the inside of my thigh and found my hot wet pussy. He put two fingers in me and I felt chills go thru my entire body. My husband said my eyes rolled up in my head when his fingers got to my pussy. The way he touched me reminded me of the way my husband touches me. He was gentle but strong and feeling him sucking on my nipples and fingering my pussy while my husband watched and talked about how hot my body is was incredible. I was moving my ass around on his lap and totally getting into it. He asked what would have happened if I had won. I said probably a lap dance, because I absolutely love to give lap dances. I love rubbing myself all over a guy and getting him totally hot, running my fingers thru my wet pussy lips and letting him smell them. I thought he was going to cum right then. Just as this was happening, another couple came outside and our interlude ended abruptly. I didn't get the chance to tell him that my favorite way to end a lap dance is by giving a blow job. I love teasing a man until he is ready to burst and then finishing him off with a blow job. Oh well, that will be a detail he may learn about me another time.

My husband and I went home and had amazing sex!!!! It has been several months and we still love talking and fantasizing about where this may have lead if we hadn't been interrupted on the Payio. Maybe next time in a different place, with a different guy it will go further.

Very hot to think about!!!

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