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Game of Wills


Everything felt dizzy, like if he had been spun around and around. Even without opening his eyes, his head was swimming. Slowly, Alaron Highforge forced them open.

He had expected pain from the light, but found himself in a dark room. One too blurred by his vision to be comfortable to watch. He swiftly shut his eyes again, hoping the dizziness would subside. Far away, like if muffled by a blanket, he could hear the sounds of a city, bustling with life. It was so far away, that he could not even discern if the merchants' shouts were common or orcish.

As the world began to right itself from its unsteady wobble, Alaron began to wonder where he was. Opening his eyes did not reveal much else, nor did a flick of his blood elven ears. The room was lavish, a bedroom of sorts. He laid on a large bed, his limbs so heavy they could not be moved. Perhaps the silken ropes that held him down to the bedpost had something to do with that, Alaron mused. He frowned, the long brown brows following his motion. Why was he tied?

The thought was interrupted by the sound of a door opening. Alaron turned his head, each muscle tensed, to regard the intruder. His jaw dropped at the woman, wearing only clipboard and quill in hand. She was a human, with olive skin and snow white hair. It was so starkly white, that it must have been bleached. Looking down, he registered that her pubic mound too had been whitened in this fashion. Alaron was too shocked to hear what she at first said, and only realised that this woman was speaking, when his own name was said.

"- Alaron Highforge, three-hundred and twenty-six, Sin'dorei male. Fair, brown hair," she droned off, scribbling on her clipboard. It sounded monotone, as if the girl was in a trance.

"What's going on? Where am I? Who are you?" Alaron asked, getting increasingly agitated as this girl ignored him. Eventually done with her notes, the girl put down the clipboard on a low table - giving him a fine view of her ass. Blood rushed to the elf's cheeks as he turned his head away. It was not like he had never seen a naked woman, just... Never one who had been so open about it.

She drew away a curtain, revealing a chair behind it. Or rather, a throne. The upholstery was a deep red, nestled in a dark wood. He barely heard the sound of a bell when the girl pulled a string.

"Thank you, Flora." A smooth voice said. He gasped. It was like liquid sex, flowing through his ears. If his cock had not been stirred before, it certainly was now. Alaron craned his neck to the the source of this strangely arousing, strangely familiar voice.

Her name laid itself over his mind, as soon as she stepped in. Ayhane. At a full head shorter than the woman, Flora, she was hardly intimidating in stature. But the way she moved... Vaguely, as he watched her prowl gracefully to clipboard, he remembered bits of the night prior. Booty Bay. A full tavern. Several drinks and those storm grey eyes on his as they had fucked. Her chocolate skin against his.

"Well, my dear, it would seem like we have a guest," Ayhane said towards the opening door.

The first thing that hit Alaron was the scent. A sweet and overpowering, almost pungent scent. As he breathed, notes of burnt wood and spices found his nose. It felt as if the scent alone was wrapping itself around him as a warm blanket.

Then it stepped in. Standing about a head higher than Flora, it was maybe at his height -- Tall for a succubus. The long, never-ending legs stretching up from its cloven hooves, over its juicy calves, and up to her flaring hips. The demon was not wearing anything, he registered sluggishly, and he could see its folds, flaring out like a flower, each time it moved those incredible legs, its long tail swaying tantalisingly in the rhythm of its movements. Above the hips were an impossibly thin waist, booming out into a pair of unrestrained breasts, the taut nipples standing out sharply, purple against the succubus' ivory skin. White hair flowed down unrestrained to the waist, bobbing gently each time it moved.

"Carna, my dear," Ayhane said to the succubus. His attention snapped to the woman, whom had now seated herself in the throne before Alaron. Flora had begun to braid her hair, weaving silver threads into the black locks. He felt a little self-concious, as she was the only person clothed in the room -- if you could call a dress that scarcely covered her bust and privates for clothes, and not teasing.

"Yes, my Mistress?" the demon purred. It was like a shock-wave had gone through the room, and it hit him in the face. He shuddered, every one of his nerves shaking in unexpected desire. Faintly, he could hear the passionate groan of lust from Flora.

"Please make sure he is ready for me, will you?" Ayhane said. Her smile raked down Aaron's spike like a razor. Something about it, the predatory way in which she said it... He began to struggle against his bonds, despite the voice in the back of his head pleading him to stay. He roughly pulled against the silken bonds, his muscles tightening. He could feel the fabric give away. If he could only free one of his hands...

"Come now, dear, we cannot have that," Her voice said. It ran down his body, easing his muscles and fogging his mind. Alaron turned his head, to see that Carna had moved closer to him. A burning sensation was spreading from his wrist, though not unpleasant, where she touched him. Shakily, he drew in his breath -- taking in more of her wondrous scent. He groaned as her hand travelled up his arm. "No," he said, shaking his head. The elf was aware he had been fighting. He knew he had tried to escape. But as Her fingers travelled up his neck, before running up his sensitive, long ears, he struggled to recall why in the world he would want to. Her touch brought sparks of desire wherever She went, and leaned over him as She was, he could freely see Her entire body. Her breasts swayed, just outside of reach. In the frame between them, he could see a person -- though he had forgotten whom -- getting undressed. A long braid fell down into her lap, the silver threads in the black hair reflecting what little light there were in the room. Someone had lit a candle, he guessed.

"Oh, you poor, poor thing. You have been alone for so long, have you not?" the mesmerising voice asked, Her breath hot on his ear. His body shuddered. Each vowel and syllable felt like they were caressing him, smoothing out his worries. His head vigorously bobbed up and down. Of course he had been lonely. He longed for Her. His body called out, begging for Her closeness.

He head a raspy chuckle. Then, a warm, wet lick up his ear, the forked tongue playing with both sides of it. He was seeing stars. His entire body tensed, and for a moment, Alaron thought he might burst. His cock strained with need, begging for attention, as the pleasure claimed him like a tide. He shook violently under Her, pressing against his bonds to get closer. He writhed in the bed, pleading nonsense at Her not to stop. He could only hear an otherworldly laugh.

Words were spoken, but they meant nothing to him. He could only focus on that wicked tongue, slowly travelling down to his neck. His moans were shaky, his entire body feeling like a drawn bowstring, ready to fire. Her gorgeous hair tickled his naked waist, and he bit his lip as it brushed against his rock-hard erection. The burning desire spread over his chest as She licked and lapped her tongue over his nipples. His hands grasped blindly for something to hold onto as he writhed on the bed, his fingers grasping onto his own bonds. As Her tongue travelled down his abs, he heard a foreign purr. It did not shake him as if it had been Hers, but he could feel the blonde locks rustling, as if She was shuddering. Alaron wrestled his gaze up from the goddess lapping at his navel, towards the woman in the throne. She had lazily draped one leg over the armrest, showing off her glistening folds. The dress was carefully folded on a table, her breasts now hanging free -- one dark brown nipple being played with, ever so casually, by a striking set of silver nails and soft fingertips.

At her dainty feet, a head of bleached blonde hair bobs. He could faintly see the tongue, worshipping the toes and their silver nails. A quiet, light chuckle caught his attention, and he brought his viridian eyes up to her storm grey. The playful spark was mesmerising and almost drew him into their gale. She grinned, her eyes travelling downwards, to where the tongue had stopped-

He gasped. As Her tongue lapped over the tip of his cock, his body felt like it had become liquid flame. Alaron thrashed under the expert tongue, the forked tips playing with his crown. He felt himself rapidly being pushed towards the edge, and every fibre of his being was begging for it. He barely registered that he was actually begging, the words filtering in as if they were not his own.

"Please, please," he pleaded. "I need it, oh ple- Oh, oh! Oh, ANAR'ALAH!" Her mouth came around his cock as he erupted, white stars flying for his eyes. His hands grasped the silks, small tears from his nails. He groaned, his cock burning, as he emptied himself. Below, Carna's expert mouth drew every single drop from him, milking him of his essence and energy.

~ ~ | | ~ ~

A crystal laughter brought him back from the darkness. He forced his eyes open again, feeling worn from release. Carna's enchanting hand was stroking down his hair, calming his thoughts down as they flared up.

"Well, Alaron... You do not disappoint," he heard Ayhane say. "I will have Carna have some fun now, parva ignis. After that, we shall have a game." She made a flick of her hand, and the succubus moved Hers.

She slithered up on the bed with a devilish grin which made his worn cock stir again. Slowly, she positioned herself above him, each luscious thigh on either side of his head. Straight above, he could see her glistening, purple folds, flush with heat and moisture -- and just out of reach. The scent was intoxicating, and he could not think straight. He could not think. Alaron just struggled against Her strong hand on his chest, holding him down, as he tried to catch just one lick of those inviting folds. He observed as a tickle of moisture began to flow down Her thigh, inching closer in a much too slow pace. He began to lap at Her thigh in anticipation, catching out of the corner of his eye that Flora had begun to worship Ayhane's bust with her mouth. A content sigh from the throne drew a sharp gasp from the succubus, much to his surprise, along with a fresh rush of juices. It ran down Her ivory leg, down closer, past his nose and over his lips.

Alaron's eyes rolled into the back of his head. It was without a doubt the single most incredible thing he had ever tasted. It was like pure pleasure on his tongue and lips, chilling and burning at once. It was intoxicating and addicting. He kept lapping at Her thigh, as a soothing feeling enveloped his cock. It felt... Renewed, almost. And immediately sprang to life, though not as strained as it had been. He caught a glimmer of magic in Ayhane's hand, before the dark woman nodded in satisfaction at Carna.

She lowered herself, and it was like he was dead and brought into heaven.

He drew his tongue over Her folds, curling his tongue around the petals of Her flower. He shuddered, the taste of Her burning itself onto his mind. He lapped and licked, plunging his tongue deep into Her, hoping to draw a moan or even a gasp from Her heavenly lips, but no sound came.

"Did you know," a voice slowly asked in a husky rumble. Ayhane, he realised slowly. "Did you know that Succubi are bound to their owners?" There was a certain... Amusement in her words. Wickedness, even as he lapped and sucked at Carna's clit. "They only derive pleasure from their master or mistress..." she continued, the last word ending in a quiet moan. Above, Carna's hips ground against his tongue, impaling Herself on it. Her breath was heavy with need. "And of course..." with a sharp snap of her fingers, the succubus groaned with need, her body convulsing above Alaron. The juices fell like a waterfall, drenching his face. She ground herself onto his face, closing off for air. Desperately, he tried to lap it all up, the taste more addicting than anything he could imagine.

Just as things started getting dark and woozy, She moved. Moving away from his lips, almost with a cheer in Her step, the succubus moved to sit beside Ayhane's leg, replacing the other girl. Her tail slowly coiled up around her mistress' leg.

"Much better, is it not?" Ayhane asked. There was an edge to her words, almost like a threat. Alaron moved his gaze to look at her over his risen cock. "Well, we shall play a game now. A game of wills, if you will. Whoever climaxes first, loses. Simple as that." She strokes a dark hand over the blonde locks of her demon, running the long, silver nails through Carna's hair. The succubus' eyes closed, a purr of pure bliss passing her lips.

"If you win, you gain your freedom. If I win, I get a new toy," she said, a dangerous grin on her lips. The words had struck him out of his reverie, but he could feel the warmth in his belly and the fire in his loins. "Flora, if you would tend to him, please?" Ayhane waved her hand slightly, the dazed girl moving to him.

He tried to break away. He did not doubt the sorceress' words, but unbelievably, her threat had not done anything to reduce the strength of his erection. He pulled and struggled against the silken ties, even as Flora moved up the bed. His cock seemed drawn to her, sporting its excitement proudly. A bit of pre-cum had gathered on the tip, glistening slightly in the light of the single, flickering candle.

"No, no, please don- Oh, oh no, no," he said, shaking his head as Floras soft lips enveloped his cock. Unlike the violent, overpowering pleasure that the succubus had given him, this was more... Gentle. Soft, coaxing, but insistent. Her lips surrounded the tip of his cock, her tongue licking up and down, into the sensitive folds, and around in ways he could not imagine. He groaned and thrashed against his bonds, feeling the burning in his body. It was spreading quickly, making its way over his chest and his erection. Vaguely, Alaron remembered something an old Blood Knight had told him once... Succubus excrete incredibly many potent aphrodisiacs, but the most potent one was their juices during climax... Of which he had consumed a copious amount.

He growled in frustration, trying to shy away from the wonderful tongue currently stroking the base of his cock, her teeth ever so slightly grazing his flesh. It was horrible, and it was incredible. Someone had clearly taught the girl well, because she swiftly found just the right buttons to press to edge him on. Her hands ran over his legs, across his stomach and abs, down to clench the cheeks of his arse. He groaned as her fingertips gently stroked his balls, the vibration of a moan she made travelling down his cock. He groaned in a mix of pleasure, defeat and fear, his tugs in the bonds becoming weaker as the demoness' fire grew within him. He turned his gaze upwards, hoping to plead his case, but was met with a mesmerising sight. Carna was practically draped over her Mistress, the long, forked tongue playing with Ayhane's stiff nipples. The succubus' hands were busy roaming over the warlock's body, her tail slowly edging in between the other woman's legs -- the flat spade running up and down the wet folds. His eyes met with the steel grey ones, and he was treated with a wicked grin, followed by a long moan. The demoness practically mewled in need, suckling onto the dark woman's breast. He watched, mesmerised, as Ayhane pushed the demon down between her legs, spreading them open wide for him to see. With a flick of her hand, the throne shifted its place in the room, a bit towards the side. He wondered for a moment why, as Flora's mouth left his straining dick. She shifted around, before her back was facing him -- her taut ass right in his view, as she slowly guided the crown of his member in between her folds.

He groaned, his muscles flexing as she enveloped him. A loud slurp drew his eyes to Ayhane, where She again had draped a leg over the armrest, letting him see as the twin tipped tongue lapped over Her folds. The long tongue lapped at her Mistress' slit, drawing a moan from the woman. He watched, mesmerised, as it plunged deep inside of Her -- and almost immediately followed by Flora plunging herself down on his cock. The sensation was incredible, a wet, warm grasp on his cock, soft and silken like a velvet sheet. He could hear her moan above him, her muscles grasping at his cock, pressing against his length. Alanor threw back his head with a moan, grasping at the slightly torn silks. His eyes was drawn from the plunging of the demoness' tongue to the silver nails caressing Ayhane's large bust. He watched as She played with Her nipples, pinching and pulling them, raking Her long nails slightly over the sensitive skin -- leaving behind darkened marks. Entranced, he saw Ayhane lift Her breasts upwards as Flora sped up. The slap of her ass against his pelvis and the slurps of the demoness eating out Her slit sped up steadily, mingling with the increasingly loud moans in the room. He couldn't tear away his eyes as She grinned, leaning Her head down -- taking one of Her own nipples into her mouth. She placed Her dark lips around the nipple and sucked it in, caressing the other breast with Her hand, pinching Her nipple.

Alanor gasped and groaned, his hips thrusting up towards the woman plunging his cock into her. He could vaguely make it out as the spell began to spread over his lithe body, binding itself to the burning desire surging like a wildfire in his body. But he was not sure he cared... As he rammed his member into Flora's tight slit, watching as Ayhane suckled Her nipple, he just could not bring himself to care. It felt too good. He could barely think, except for his desire to spend himself. He could not even remember why he had resisted. Ayhane let her nipple go with plop, and a beautiful, lyrical laugh, before she said something in a foreign, rasping tongue. He could feel heat around his wrists.

Tentatively, he moved his now free arms. This was it! Now he could... Now he could get what he wanted. His hands reached out and roughly took hold of Flora's hips, pushing her down onto his cock. She gasped and whimpered in need above him, as he slammed her up and down, fucking her roughly. He was so close...

"Yes!" Ayhane shouted, grinding her hips against the succubus' mouth. Her eyes were on his with a wild, feverish fire of desire and passion, her wicked grin burning itself onto his mind. "Submit to me, elf! You are mine," she growled possessively, her long nails dug into the armrest of her chair and the dark flesh of her breasts.

He thrashed, her voice shoving him towards the edge. He reached up and took hold of Flora's breasts, digging his fingers in, plunging her down on his member. He panted, wishing it was Her, Her dark skin and perfect bust in his hands.

The picture drove him over. "Oh, OH! Oh, Mistressssss!" he groaned, slamming Flora down on his cock as his cock began to fill the girl with his seed.

"Oh, YES! Mine!" Ayhane shouted a second thereafter, shrieking as orgasm hit. Her hand flew to the blonde locks of the succubus, pressing Carna's lips into Her own slit.

He strained and groaned, emptying himself inside of Flora, groaning. He shook, each muscle tensed for a second, the girl's orgasmic cries having been drowned out in Ayhane's, but her muscles still milking him for each drop. Finally, she and himself collapsed onto the bed, fully spent. He gasped for breath, a pleasurable blanket placing itself over his mind. He heard rustling as the spell settled in, and he looked up to see his Mistress -- Her fingers coming down to gently stroke his cheek. She had a smile on Her wonderful lips as She leaned down to whisper something in his ear:

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