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Game On: DOAXBV Ch. 02


Disclaimer - Microsoft and Xbox are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the US. Dead or Alive and Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball are registered trademarks of Tecmo LTD. This story is in no way suggesting or questioning the sexuality of any and all of the characters mentioned. It's just a harmless bit of fun.


Emma James was an 18 year old girl. She was 5'7, and approx. 120lbs, she had reddish blonde hair down to the middle of her back which contrasted nicely with her light blue eyes, she did regular gymnastics that kept her body well toned but she wished she could do something about her 32B chest. She wasn't the most popular girl at school, she tended to keep to herself and only had a few friends She discovered many years ago that she liked girls, the thought of boys would turn her stomach. Weekends she would baby-sit her neighbours eight year old son, Sam, he wasn't much of a handful as he would spend his time playing video games. This all changed one cold night...

Game On

Hitomi and Emma continued talking as they walked arm in arm all the way to the island. When they rounded the corner they saw Kasumi and Leifang waiting, Leifang pacing back and forth,

"Hitomi," Leifang called out as she ran towards her, "Where have you been?"

"I found her... Thinking in the jungle,"

"I'm sorry Leifang, I didn't mean to worry you,"

The two girls held each other as Kasumi came up behind,

"Come on Kasumi,"


"Show me how to play volleyball,"

"Okay, we'll see you guys later,"

"See ya,"

Emma and Kasumi walked back up the beach, Kasumi demonstrating several volleyball moves,



"I have something I've got to tell you,"

"Really, what?"

Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball Ch. 02

It turned out that Emma already knew how to play volleyball, most likely due to her new environment. Confident in her abilities she and Kasumi took on Lisa and Tina in a game in the evening, where she lost 3-7,

"That wasn't bad, for your first game," said Kasumi as they walked back to the hotel,

"We lost,"

"Winning isn't everything. Anyway, after a good nights rest you'll be fine, we can play 'em again tomorrow,"

"Yeah, you're right,"

When the two girls got to the hotel Kasumi sped up and walked backwards facing Emma,

"Hey, could give me a few minutes first?"

"What do you mean?"

"I just wanna get the room... Tidy, before you come up,"

"Oh, really?"

"Yeah," said Kasumi, blushing slightly,

"Okay, I guess I'll just hang out at the hotel,"

"Good, give me about fifteen minutes,"


They split up as Kasumi headed for the stairs and Emma went to the casino, there she found Ayane and Christie playing blackjack, Helena was at the roulette table, and Tina and Lisa were bickering at the poker table. Not really a girl who knew a lot about gambling, she headed to the slot machines knowing there was minimal skill involved. The eight machines were in a line, appeared to be one for each girl, noticing Kasumi's she plopped down on the stool infront of it and put in some of the money Kasumi had given her earlier. Several minutes passed and so far Emma had not won anything, she was about to give up when she heard a voice behind her,

"Hey, try this machine,"

Turning around she saw it was Ayane,

"Why that one?"

"It's my one, plus it has a better of winning because..."

As Ayane explained Emma noticed how similar she and Kasumi were. They were the same height, about 5'2, they were about the same size but Ayane had slightly bigger breasts, and Emma found herself wondering whether Ayane's hair was naturally that colour,

"... So, you should probably give this one a try,"

"What? Oh, yeah definitely,"

Emma sat down at Ayane's machine and started playing, while Ayane sat at Kasumi's and put in some money,

"Um, Ayane?"


"Why don't you and Kasumi get along?"

Emma already knew some of the reason but she still thought it would be interesting to find out,

"It's... Complicated. Family stuff,"

"Oh, okay," Emma said, noticing the uneasiness Ayane was displaying as she asked her,

The two girls continued chatting as they played the machines, until Emma noticed her half hour had passed,

"Well, I'd better head to bed," she said,

"All right, I'll see you around,"

"Okay, good night,"

"Good night,"

Emma left the casino and headed for the stairs, a thought popped into her mind and she walked to the hotel desk,

"Excuse me, what rooms Leifang and Hitomi in?" Emma asked the lady at the desk,

"Twenty and twenty-one, they're next to each other on the second floor,"


Emma headed up the stairs, but instead of carrying on to the third floor she got off at the second and found the rooms,

"Leifang, you in here?" She asked knocking on number twenty,

With no answer she moved across to number twenty-one, where she heard moans from the other side of the door,

"Guys, you there?"

She quietly opened the door slightly and caught her breath.

"So Hitomi, what do you want to tell me?"

"It's kinda hard to say,"

"Aw c'mon, you can tell me, we're friends right?"

"Okay, but just promise me one thing,"

"What's that?"

"Promise me that no matter what happens we'll still be friends,"

"Why wouldn't we be friends?"

"Please, just promise me,"

"All right, I promise, now tell me already,"

"Leifang, I... I... I like you,"

"I like you too silly,"

"No. I mean, I like you, like you,"

Both girls lost track of time as they stared at each other, countless thoughts running for their minds,

"Please say something,"

"I... I don't..."

Leifang tried to fight back tears but couldn't, she pushed passed and ran towards the pool side, leaving Hitomi on her own,


Emma was already feeling hot in expectation of what Kasumi was up to, but the sight of Hitomi and Leifang was really turning up the heat.

Hitomi spent most of the evening on the swing in Private Beach, rocking slowly back and forth, tears running down her face, cursing herself for telling Leifang her feelings and wishing she could just get off this island. As the sun set behind the horizon, Hitomi realised how dark the sky had become and headed to the hotel. She wiped the wetness from her eyes and walked up to the main desk,

"Hi, has Leifang come in yet?"

"No, not yet,"

"Okay, thank you,"

Hitomi went up to her room her and fell face down on her bed, sobbing into the pillows. She eventually sat up and saw her reflection in a mirror against her wall, she saw her puffy eyes and messed up hair,

"God Hitomi," she said to herself, "You're such a mess,"

She rubbed her eyes and went to her en suite to shower.

Emma couldn't hold back any more, her right hand slipped into her denim shorts, rubbing her damp pussy, feeling her hard clit against her fingers.

Hitomi felt the warm water run down her form, she found it refreshing and her earlier worries were washing away. She washed her hair with her fruit scented shampoo and got out, wrapping a large sky blue towel around her before going back into her room,

"Hi Hitomi,"

Hitomi jumped back as she saw Leifang sitting on the bed, from the look of her face it was obvious she had been crying,


Both girls said nothing as they looked at each other, Leifang got up and walked towards Hitomi,

"Look, Leifang... I-"

Hitomi was cut off as Leifang pressed her lips against Hitomi's, her right hand holding Hitomi's head in place, her left pulling the towel off of her. Hitomi's hands were on the waist of Leifang, her head tilted back slightly, not fighting as the towel fell to the floor,

"Leifang," said Hitomi when the kiss ended, "Does this mean you like me?"

"No," replied Leifang,

"What?" Said Hitomi with a confused expression on her face,

"I love you Hitomi,"

Her expression changed from confusion to joy, she kissed Leifang deeply, pushing her backwards onto the bed, the fingers entwined with each others, their tongues probing deeply in their mouths,

"Oh Leifang, I'm so happy,"

"Me too Hitomi,"

Hitomi sat up, her legs straddling Leifang's waist. She grabbed her bikini top and pulled it up, exposing Leifang's breasts to the cool night time air, her nipples hardening infront of Hitomi's eyes,

"Don't stare at them," said Leifang, "It's embarrassing,"

Hitomi giggled and leant down to kiss Leifang, once again their tongues twirled around each others before Hitomi started kissing her way down Leifang's neck, over her collar bone and to her soft bumps,

"Oh Hitomi, I love you so much,"

Hitomi replied by sucking her right nipple into her mouth, causing Leifang's back to arch and for her to take a sharp intake of breath,

"Oh... Hitomi, don't-"

Leifang's words were cut off with a moan as Hitomi nibbled on the nipple, while rubbing the other with her hands. Leifang ran her fingers through Hitomi's still wet hair, all the while her fingers and mouth were pulling her nipples into ecstasy. Hitomi eventually released it with a loud pop, she sat back up and began pulling her bottoms down,

"You're not waiting around are you?"

"I've waited long enough,"

"Me too,"

As Hitomi got her bottoms down to her knees, Leifang leant up and began suckling in Hitomi's still wet breast,

"Leifang, feels so good,"

Hitomi leant back, pushing as much of her as she could into Leifang's mouth, her body rocking as she felt fingers brush softly against her pussy lips,

"Hitomi, your all wet down there,"

"Yeah," said Hitomi her eyes closed, "I just got out of the shower,"

"Are you sure that's why it's wet?"

"Don't talk like that," she replied in between moans,

As Leifang's fingers grew bolder, Hitomi's body rocked faster against them,



"I could have sworn I closed you door when I came in,"


"Oh crap,"

Emma quickly pulled her hand from her shorts and ran back to the stairs, back to Kasumi's room,

"And what took you so long?" Asked Kasumi when she got in,

"Sorry, I lost track of time,"

It wasn't until Emma had calmed down that she realised what Kasumi had done to the room. The curtains had all been pulled shut, the room was lit by the many candles dotted around the room, Kasumi was kneeling nude, on the bed, her hands behind her back,

"Wow, this is unbelievable,"

"Thank you,"

"What have you got behind your back?"

A sly smile spread across Kasumi's face, when she pulled them infront of her Emma saw she had a set a nunchaku,

"What's with the Michaelangelo weapons?"

"I thought they might be fun,"

"Fun, those things are dangerous,"

"Baby, I'm not gonna hit you with them,"

"Then why do you have them,"

"Because they're the closest thing to a double ended dildo on this entire island,"

Emma caught with Kasumi's train of thought and pulled her top off.

"Oh, Hitomi!"

Leifang was sat upon the bed, her legs spread and bent downwards at the knees, her feet flat. Hitomi was crouched on her knees, her face buried in the soft flesh of Leifang's mound,

"It's so good, don't... Ever... Stop,"

"Mm-hmm," came the muffled reply

Leifang grasped at he bed sheets, scrunching them up in her wet fingers, her breathing was rapid, she was almost panting,

"God Hitomi, I... I think I'm gonna..."

Leifang's feet and leg suddenly started kicking across the bed, her head and back arched backwards as her orgasm burst through her body, from the tips of her toes to the points of her nipples,

"Yes Hitomi... Make, make me... Make me cum,"

Hitomi's tongue slipped easily into Leifang, while she bit down gently on her clit,

"Hitomi... I love you..."

Leifang's whole body tensed up, her ass rose from the bed so she was holding herself up with her hands and feet, both were clenched in the bed sheets. Hitomi's head rose in unison, still feasting heavily on Leifang's snatch and with one final groan she came, and the sweet fluids ran deep into Hitomi's mouth, down her throat. Her attempt to drink it all failed, and it dribbled over onto the bed sheets,

"Whoa," Hitomi whispered to herself, "I've never felt like this,"

"M-me neither,"

"Well, now it's my turn,"

"Harder Kasumi, harder,"

Emma's body was bent over the bed, her ass on display. Kasumi stood behind her, one end of the nunchaku sticking out of her pussy, the end in Emma's sticky hole. Kasumi was pushing Emma's end back and forth, fucking her gushing mound with the hard shaft, Emma meanwhile, had gripped the other end with her feet and was pumping it up and down, fucking Kasumi just as hard,

"This is soooo good," said Emma,


Kasumi let out a sharp moan and fell forward onto Emma's back, neither girl stopped fucking the other, in fact, they went faster,

"Emma... I can't, I can't hold it off much longer,"

"Me neither,"

Both girls screamed as they came together, their juices squirting out of their stuffed pussies.

"Leifang, your tongue... It's fucking me,"

Leifang was lying flat on the bed, her head resting on some pillows, Hitomi had straddled her head and was bouncing up and down quite violently,

"Fuck me harder, Leifang, harder,"

Leifang bobbed her head up and down in time with Hitomi, forcing as much of her tongue inside her as she could,

"I'm, I'm cumming,"

"I'm, I'm cumming,"

Kasumi and Emma were know belly to belly on top of each other, still holding each other's end of their 'dildo', pushing it harder and faster into each other,

"God Kasumi, I'm cumming again!"


Well, that's part 2. Part 3 will follow and will probably leave the Dead or Alive universe, any thoughts on where to go next are appreciated. Any suggestions or ideas about how the story continues, or if anyone wants to see a specific game for some hot lesbian action let me know. If I don't know about the particular game I'll let you know so you can tell me. Hope I get loads of e-mail, and maybe a few naked pictures.

Catch ya'll later - danwoodsversion1

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