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Game, Set & Match


"Game, set and match, Miss Williams." The umpire called out as her opponent's flailing hand failed to connect with the yellow ball for the last time. Serena threw her hands up in celebration having just won Wimbledon…again. I clapped politely as the rest of the audience cheered wildly. I had been rooting for the Russian beauty who had been her opponent. Her head was down and she looked to be crying. My heart went out to her, having come all this way for nothing. The two approached the net, one clearly happier than the other and shook hands. I stood up to leave, though nobody in the screaming crowd noticed me. I located the nearest exit and walked through it.

Half an hour later I was walking absent minded between the stadiums and marvelling at their size. I clattered into someone and we both fell over.

"Oh, I'm so sorry," I apologised to the female who I had bowled over, "I wasn't watching where I was going." The individual had a cap pulled low over her face, covering her fringe. Her long blonde hair was tied back in a neat ponytail and a navy blue tracksuit on. She lifted her eyes to me, and with a shock I realised that this was Anna Kournikova.

"Don't worry about it," she muttered. Her face was red and streaky and she had obviously been crying hard. She moved to walk away, but, chancing my arm, I reached out and stopped her.

"Are you ok? I'm sorry about your loss…" I let my words hang in the air.

"No, its cool, honestly," she mumbled, "thanks anyway." I let her go, but she didn't move to walk away. Instead, she collapsed into my chest and began crying, her heavy sobs racking through her body. I picked her up and tentatively gave her a comforting hug. I decided it would be a nice gesture to walk her to her room.

"Come on, let's get you back to your room." Pushing my luck even further I scooped her up in my arms. She didn't complain, and gestured in one direction. I followed her hand and, following her instructions, found my way to the building where the players stayed. I moved to put her down, but she didn't let go.

"Anna," I said gently, "we're here. You have to go to your room now. Take a nice warm bath and then go to bed…"

"No, please," she whispered, "don't go. I need someone to be with me tonight. Will you come up to my room for a while?" I didn't know what to say. Five minutes ago I had been preparing to go home. Now, I was carrying Anna Kournikova in my arms and was being invited to her room. I know I shouldn't have been getting ideas, but what can I say, I'm a man. This was an offer I couldn't say no to.

"I…uh…ok then." I moved to open the door, but was stopped by two burly security guards. Anna looked up and they instantly moved aside. I walked through the doorway and into the deserted players lounge. She pointed to the lift in the corner, which I moved towards. Pushing the button for me, Anna told me it was the fourth floor, for the world star ladies. Slowly, the lift ascended to the fourth floor. As the doors slid open I walked out.

"End of the corridor on the right," said Anna, sounding calmer now, "Key is in my pocket, can you get it for me." This statement, stunned me, but I complied. My hand searched along her muscled thigh and found the opening to her pocket. I slipped my hand inside and found her key card, I rubbed my hand lightly on her thigh through the material of the trousers and found, much to my surprise, that she was wearing no underwear. I quickly pulled my hand out of her pocket, card in hand. Anna's tear-stained face flashed me a knowing grin and my trousers began to tent. Hoping she wouldn't notice my stiffening erection, I handed her the card and she opened the door.

Anna seemed much better now that she had some company. She offered me a drink, and we sat on the sofa of her "room" (which was more of a suite) and sipped at the sparkling wine. Every time she got up to do something, I couldn't help but notice how her ass swayed seductively to and fro, causing me to swell up unconsciously. A few glasses of champagne later, and Anna suggested something stronger. She pulled a bottle of vodka from the fridge and poured us both a shot. Downing the fiery liquid, I shivered as it burned the back of my throat. Anna grinned mischievously, such a sexy smile, and I knew that I just had to have her. We had some more Vodka, and sat down to chat again, helping her forget about her loss. The evening drew on and, about ten o'clock, Anna smiled a sweet smile,

"Thank you, Grant," she whispered, "thanks for being here." I was about to answer and tell her it was no problem, when she leaned over and kissed me. I was astounded, Anna Kournikova had just kissed me, WOW! She pulled away, slightly, and then moved back in again. I kissed her back, overcoming my shock. My tongue pushed past her lips and started dancing with hers. We kissed passionately, Anna lying on top of me on the couch. I could feel her pert nipples pushing against me through her top. My hands began to explore. I ran them down her perfect figure, cupping and fondling her gorgeous ass. I moved back up her body and placed my hands over her tits. I was in heaven. I didn't want to push my luck by trying to undress her, so I just settled for kissing and feeling her just now. Her hands were laced around my neck as her kisses became more passionate. She broke our kiss and moved to whisper in my ear,

"Hows about that warm bath you suggested earlier." She dropped me a sexy wink. I was breathless, I simply nodded my agreement. She jumped up off me and, grabbing my hand, yanked me through to the bathroom. There was water in the Jacuzzi. She left me at the door and moved over to switch on the bubbles. I began to strip my shirt off, but she rushed over and stopped me.

"No, no, no" she spoke in a soft and sexy voice. We began to kiss again, and her hands found the buttons on my shirt. One by one they became undone. She took the shirt and threw it out of the room. Her hands ran themselves over my chest lightly, tickling me and arousing me even more as she went. I moved my hands expertly, pulling her top over her head, revealing her dazzling tits. They were perfect. I pulled her into me tightly, feeling her bare breasts squashing up against me. Kissing her fervently, I took her breasts in my hands and tweaked her nipples. She let out a low moan into my mouth. She fumbled with my trouser buttons but soon had them on the ground, leaving me in only my boxer shorts. She slid her hand inside them, taking me in her hand and caressing tenderly, causing slight moans to escape my lips. In one swift motion she had them around my ankles, leaving me naked in front of the sexiest tennis star…ever.

I quickly reached down and yanked her trousers down as well, and as she had no panties on, we were both naked. We French kissed some more, my cock rubbing against her slit. She broke the kiss and led me over to the bubbling Jacuzzi. Climbing the steps, she slowly lowered herself into the frothing water. I followed her and sat down, the warm water relaxing my body. Anna glided over to me and straddled my lap. Wrapping her arms around my neck, we began to kiss again. I wasted no time in getting to work on her ass again. Anna broke our kiss and began to move her attention further down my body, trailing kisses down my neck, onto my chest, over each nipple. Her chin reached the surface of the water, and then she disappeared under it. I felt her marvellous lips wrap themselves around my engorged cock and begin to lick the sensitive head. I reacted by becoming, if possible, ever harder. She slowly took my seven inches further inside her throat and eventually her nose brushed my soaked pubic hair. She swirled her talented tongue around the shaft for a few seconds before pulling her mouth off me. She came up for air and smiled seductively at me before submerging again. She got to work quickly, bobbing up and down under the water, the back of her wet blonde hair appearing as she pulled back. I couldn't hold out for long, the sensations her mouth were giving me were unbelievable. My breathing grew shallower and more frantic. She would come up for breath every now and again, but quickly got back to work on her underwater blow job. I soon felt my balls tighten and, I instinctively thrust my hips into her face. She got the idea and sucked even harder. I moaned aloud as I shot my cum into her waiting mouth. She ensured none of it escaped into the water.

She re-emerged from the water, and leaned into kiss me again. I could taste my own cum from her, the flavour lingering on her tongue. She grinned at me and straddled me again. I sprang into action, flipping her around so now I was in control. I couldn't wait any longer I had to taste her. My tongue instantly found its prize underwater. I flicked my tongue over her swollen clit and I shoved a finger inside her inviting lips. Even underwater I could hear her gasp. She tasted so sweet. I flicked my tongue again, and started to finger-fuck her. She started to moan as I moved faster, bringing her to orgasm very quickly. Her shaved mound pushed against me as she bucked her hips in ecstasy. When her orgasm finally subsided I resurfaced. She looked tired and worn out.

I wasted no time in going in for what I had wanted all night. I positioned my again rock solid cock to her opening and in one sharp movement, impaled her upon it. Her eyes burst open as I entered her and she gasped as I started to fuck her hard. She squirmed as I picked up the pace. I was relentless as I ploughed in and out of the tennis star. I quickly brought her to orgasm again, this time she screamed out her rapture,

"Ooooooh, fuck, I'm coming. Uh uhnnnn." She contracted around my cock and she came hard. I continued fucking her through this, not ready to come yet. She came for five minutes straight. I decided about a new angle. I twisted her round so that she was clinging on to the edge of the tub, her stunning ass facing me. I put my dock through her legs and quickly entered her again. I picked up the pace where I'd left off and soon she was moaning again. I could feel familiar stirrings inside me. I was almost ready to come again.

"Oh, YES! Fuck me Grant, harder. Come with me, inside me…" She screamed again as she orgasmed for a third time. This time I emptied my load with her, my grunts and groans of pleasure mixing with her ecstatic screams in sexual harmony. Finally we collapsed in the tub, tired from our exerts.

We lay for ten minutes, before I lifted her up and carried her through to her bedroom. We dried each other off and then, still undressed, climbed onto the bed. We lay side by side, facing each other, kissing sleepily and happily. I started to get excited again and I sprang to my seven inches. She smirked and rolled on top of me. Slowly she lowered herself onto me and her warmth surrounded me. She began to swivel her hips in an erotic dance, causing sensations to shoot through my body. I sat up, still inside her and wrapped my arms around her. She began to ride my cock, slowly at first, then faster and faster. We both began moaning again as out fucking got harder. As I was lower down, her tits were directly in front of my face. I captured one nipple in my teeth and she groaned in pleasure and pain. I began to roll my tongue around it, and she began to move more erratically, fast closing in on another orgasm. She continued her high-speed riding as I paid attention to each nipple. She threw her head back and shrieked out her fourth orgasm of the night. I began to move my hips back at her as I came for the third time, gasping for breath as I shot my load inside her.

We buckled, and fell over onto the bed. I smiled at her contentedly and she smiled back. I leaned forward and whispered in her ear,

"There's one place I haven't been yet…" She giggled and answered

"Not tonight darling, not tonight." We feel asleep in each others arms and when I woke up Anna was already awake, still lying two inches from my face. I kissed her good morning, then rolled on top of her…It was going to be a long day.


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