tagLoving WivesGame, Set & Match Ch. 2

Game, Set & Match Ch. 2


"I will be out in five minutes honey," Jenny Dolan said as she turned the water on hot and stepped into the shower to get ready for her rehearsal dinner this evening. She smiled with delight when she thought that this was her last night as a single woman, and with even greater joy at the fact that she was going to be married to the most wonderful man that she had ever known, in a few short hours. As she washed her long red hair and gazed at her reflection in the mirror through beautiful pale green eyes, she was bubbling with excitement in the knowledge that Peter was the man for her. She loved him with all of her heart and wanted nothing more then to be the best wife in the world to him, but there was a secret that she kept from him, a secret that if he ever knew would destroy their life together.

He was a true and decent man, who showered her with such love and tenderness and made her feel so completely and wholly loved, but there was another who had ignited a passion inside of her the likes of which she had never known. Many times she had tried to forget him and push him from her mind, but the desire that he awoke in her caused her will to weaken and force Matt back into the forefront of her fantasies. The very thought of him caused her arousal and as she washed her breasts her nipples began to harden, part from her manipulation, but also from, her desire. She loved Peter with all of her heart, but he had never been able to drive her desire the way that Matt had done, and he had never been able to fill her with such animal lust and sexual fury the way Matt did.

She knew it was wrong and she had betrayed Peter, but the fire that he had started inside of her continued to burn. Her large breasts swelled and her pussy began to ach as she thought of him between her legs, his mouth devouring her sex and his tongue reaching deep inside of her, teasing her clit and exploring her secret garden. Her breath began to quicken as she detached the shower head and placed it between her legs, with thoughts of his large tool pounding her in and out, and filling her to the breaking point. Harder and harder he pounded her, his cock sinking deeper and deeper inside of her, and driving her to an unimaginable release of pleasure.

"Argh," she sighed as her release came, her chest heaving and her legs straining to keep her upright. She returned the shower head to the holder and braced her hands on the wall to steady herself and gain her bearings. That's in the past and will never happen again, it was a mistake that I will never allow again she thought to herself as she fell from her high. Never again!!!!

She finished her shower, and after drying off, pulled on a tight black lace thong that fit snugly over her firm behind and seductive hips. She complemented this with a matching bra that was taxed to it's limit trying to hold her large firm breasts. She then walked over to her closet and pulled on her favorite black dress, which was cut short to accentuate her long toned legs, and clung, to her body to highlight all of her curves. Her flaming red hair was combed back in her typical ponytail, and her pale green eyes were dancing with excitement as she sprayed herself with a wisp of perfume and gazed in the mirror to check the final product.

"Ok girl, you have had some bumps along the way, but it's time to start your new life. It's time for you to become Mrs. Peter White," she said softly as she smiled at her reflection with tears of joy in her eyes. Her eyes took on a far away look as she remembered the first time she met Peter and all the joy and the love that they had experienced together, and she suddenly felt very guilty again for her betrayal of him. She wiped the tears from her eyes and was more determined now then ever to never let Peter down and never betray his love for her again.

"Never again," she said sternly as she walked out the door and joined him for the rehearsal dinner.

The evening was going perfectly as Jenny and Peter mingled amongst their guests and talked excitedly about the wedding. The rehearsal had gone off beautifully and everyone played their part to perfection. Jenny had a few glasses of wine and clung to Peters arm as family and friends wished them well and began to take their seats for dinner. As Jenny sat down next to Peter, she noticed an empty seat beside her and began to push it away so she could have more leg room at the rather cramped table. Just as she was about to move it away a man suddenly stopped her by swiftly sitting down. She looked up at his face and her mouth gaped in horror as she stared into the face of Matt.

"Hi Jenny. I noticed nobody was sitting here so I thought I would take it. Oh by the way Congratulations on your wedding," he said as he wickedly smiled at her. She felt as if someone had kicked her in the stomach as she saw him shake hands with Peter and congratulated him as well.

"Well thanks Matt. It's so good of you to come," Peter said as he pumped Matt's hand and insisted he take the seat next to Jenny. Jenny said nothing as all of this transpired, she just tried to remain calm and collected hoping to get through the meal without incident. After a few minutes the atmosphere relaxed as the meal began to be served and the wine began to flow more freely.

Jenny was ignoring Matt completely and refused to answer him on several occasions when he tried to get her attention. She was doting on Peter and trying to eradicate Matt totally from her surroundings. Matt did not seem at all bothered by her lack of attention to him, and joined in conversation with the rest of the table. The reaction that she was getting from Matt caused her to relax even more and she decided to let her guard down a little more by having more wine. After the meal the ceremonial toasts began and people from both families stood and wished them a life of love and happiness. Jenny was beginning to feel very warm inside as a result of all of the sentiment and wine, and kissed Peter deeply each time they were toasted.

As the well wishing wore on she began to feel a hand on her leg, and softly moaned as she felt her thigh being massaged. She inhaled sharply as she felt the hand move below her dress and softly rub her inner thigh. A fire between her legs began to grow as she felt the hand begin to rise toward her very moist pussy. Suddenly she jumped back to reality and realized that she should stop this, but when she looked over at Peter she saw both of his hands clearly visible on the table. Panic shot into her heart as she turned her head and saw one of Matt's hands on the table, but the other one was out of sight.

"Stop it now," she whispered at him sternly as she slammed her legs together tightly and trapped his hand between them. She repeated herself and clamped her legs together like a vice, but failed to realize the position he was in. His hand was now palming her sex and he began to gently squeeze his hand together and grope her. He could feel her heat and continued his manipulations as she strained to close her legs tighter and tighter. The fire began to grow inside of her and her juices started to flow as she felt his hand squeeze her sex. She was determined to stop him, but the harder she pulled her legs together the further she pushed his hand into her. Desperate to stop the onslaught, she grasped his hand and tried to pull him away, but as she moved to his hand, she relaxed her thighs and his hand was now in total possession of her mound.

She tried in vain to remove his hand and her eyes widened and breath quickened when she felt a finger slide up inside of her. She dared not to make a sound for fear of drawing Peter's attention to the situation, and deeply inhaled as she felt Matt's finger go deep inside of her. She looked over at him pleadingly to stop, but he just gazed at her wickedly and increased his pace. Her arousal grew as his speed increased and she moaned silently to herself as she felt him slide another finger deep inside of her. She slumped back in her chair and closed her eyes as he continued to finger her soaking wet pussy. She looked over at Peter, and satisfied that he was absorbed in a conversation, slipped her hands under the table and gripped Matt's enormous bulge. She gripped his fly and pulled it down as his massive tool sprung free, then gripping it with her right hand, began to pump his meat as he continued to finger her pussy.

Sweat began to form on their brows as they continued to pound each other, and Jenny using her left hand, calmly picked up a napkin and dabbed the sweat of her brow as if it were just a little warm in the room. Waves of pleasure began to form inside of Jenny and she increased her pace on Matt's cock. Matt sensed she was near and increased his pace as well, each time going into her deeper and deeper. Jenny began to tense and inhaled deeply as she felt her orgasm erupt inside of her, she bit her lip to keep from shouting and pounded Matt's shaft hard as wave after wave of illicit pleasure rocked her to her core.

Suddenly she felt matt tense in her hand and he moaned softly as her erupted underneath the table. For a while they stayed motionless as their pleasure subsided and eventually they came back to earth. When Matt's hand returned to the table Jenny noticed it covered in her Juices and looked on with a sense of erotic delight as he calmly licked his fingers clean. The dinner had come to an end and as they were leaving Peter said to Matt "We will see you tomorrow."

"I can't wait," Matt replied as he shook Peter's hand and kissed Jenny lightly on the lips

"You look absolutely beautiful darling," Jenny's mother said as she gazed at her daughter standing in her wedding gown. In a few short hours she would officially be Mrs. Peter White, and as she gazed at her reflection in the mirror she was overcome by emotion. She was so very happy to be marrying peter, but so ashamed that she had succumbed to Matt's advances once again. She had rationalized her escapades with him by thinking that she was not really cheating on Peter because they had yet to be married, but as she stood in her parent's house waiting to go to the church, the pangs of guilt and sorrow began to build in her.

"Oh it is alright honey. Peter is a wonderful man and will make a wonderful husband," her mother said as she saw her daughter's tears and tried to console her. Jenny embraced her mother and affirmed her love for Peter and her happiness for this day.

"I know mom. This is just a really big day for me and I am so nervous," Jenny said as she embraced her mother.

"Don't worry dear. I was just as nervous as you when I married daddy and look how everything worked out. It all comes down to love. No matter what obstacles you may face, if you have love everything can be overcome."

"Thanks mom. I love you," Jenny said as she embraced her mother and kissed her on the cheek.

"I love you too dear. I'll be outside come out when you're ready," her mother replied as she walked toward the door.

"Ok I'll be just a few minutes," Jenny replied.

She adjusted her mascara and wiped her nose as she thought about what her mother had said to her. Everything can be overcome if you have love. She searched deep in her heart and prayed that it were true, that everything she had done to Peter could be swept under the carpet by her love for him. That her indiscretions with Matt could be attributed to mistakes by her, mistakes induced by alcohol and poor judgment. A smile came to her face as she thought about her new life about to begin, a life as a wife, hopefully someday soon, a mother. She comforted her with the fact that once this day was over she would never have to see Matt again, and thought that once she was married he would respect her vow and stop his pursuit of her. There was a knock on the door and as jenny opened it her mouth dropped open at the sight of Matt standing before her.

"Get the hell out of here," she yelled at him as she tried to close the door, but he caught the door and easily pushed himself inside, locking the door behind him.

"If you don't get out of here right now I will scream rape. I swear to God kid," Jenny said as she stared at him through defiant eyes.

"Just relax. I am here only to wish you the best on you wedding. I wish you nothing but happiness in your future," he said as he slowly approached her.

"Thank you Matt. Now if there is nothing else please leave," she replied as she slowly backed away from him and stood against the wall. Her heart was pounding as he approached; his dark eyes fixated on hers and caused her breathing to increase. His gaze seemed to go right through her and his eyes had the look of a predator fixed on his prey. The lust in his eyes began to weaken her resolve, as the fire that he had started inside of her, burned more furiously than ever before.

He steadily advanced on her, until his face was inches from hers, and her breasts were resting against his chest. She opened her mouth to protest, but as she did he forced his tongue into her mouth, and taking hold of her behind, slammed his body up against hers. She flailed her arms and began to hit him on his head, but as he continued to grind himself into her, her body began to betray her and the heat between her legs began to spiral out of control.

"Stop….Please stop," she moaned as he continued to grind up against her.

"We won't do anything you don't want to," he replied as he kissed his way down to her massive chest.

She moaned deeply as he kissed his way down her chest and inhaled sharply as she felt him slide under her wedding dress. Matt quickly positioned himself between her legs, and gently began to lick her mound through her white silk panties. Jenny sighed deeply as she felt his tongue once again invade her pussy, but her resolve to stop him was now a victim of her desire to have him. She had tried to stop him and force him out of her mind, but the passion that he ignited in her now controlled her. She wanted him to feast on her, and she wanted him to continue to feed on her for as long as he could. She knew in her heart that this was wrong, but right the feeling he was giving her was so right.

"Oh….God ….oh ...Matty," she cried as he pulled off her panties and his tongue invaded, her now naked, pussy. He gripped her ass tightly and pulled her tight into his face, as his tongue launched deeper and deeper inside of her. Her head thrust back, and her hands grabbed the bulge underneath her wedding gown that was his head, and forced it deeper inside of her aching sex. He found her clit and sucked down hard on it, that elicited a response of a high pitched squeal from her. He began to feel her tense and felt her pelvic grind into him harder, as his pace continued to increase.

"Oh GAAAWWWWWDDDDDDD MAAATTTTTTYYYYYYYYY," she cried as storm of pleasure raged inside of her and a warm feeling of release radiated throughout her body. Matt rose from between her legs and they kissed passionately, her tongue tasting her sweet salty flavor on his tongue. She looked down, and seeing the massive bulge in his pants said "I want you inside of me baby. We have to be fast, but I need your cock in me now. I need to be fucked by that baby."

Matt pulled off his pants, and as she pulled her dress up, plunged his 9 inches into her ravaged pussy. "GAWWWDDDD," she cooed as he slammed his entire length into her, stretching her around his massive manhood. She pulled him close to her and wrapped her legs around him, as he sank entirely into her and their public bones met. She kissed him deeply as he began to slowly pound into her, slamming himself deeper each time.

"Oh…yeah… Jenny….Oh God baby…your so good…this fells so good…fuck….your so good…Jenny," Matt moaned as he increased his pace and she ran her fingers through his hair. He moved down, and pulling down the top of her dress, began to suckle from her as if he were a newborn. Jenny responded by moaning with delight and thrusting her pelvis up to match his.

"Oh….Matt…fuck me baby…feels so good….don't lose it baby…so deep…..fuck me baby," she moaned as he increased his pace further, and slammed harder into her. She could feel the waves of pleasure building in her once again as he suckled from her breasts and pounded his cock deep inside of her, and began to thrust up to meet him harder. Matt could feel her tense around him and began to piston himself into her with all of his strength.

While they were engaged in their passionate lovemaking, they were blissfully unaware of the sound of a key opening the lock and the door opening. Peter stared in disbelief at the site of his bride to be getting fucked by his cousin in her wedding dress. He tried to search for the right words, but nothing would come out as he opened his mouth to speak.

Jenny closed her eyes tightly as she felt the eruption begin inside of her.

"Oh God baby…..oh yes….oh Matttttttttttttt," she cried as her orgasm took hold, and she pulled him tightly to her. Wave after wave of pleasure struck her as Matt continued to pound her, thrusting his full weight behind him. She could feel him begin to tense and sense his pace increase, and as she began to pull him closer she opened her eyes and saw Peter staring at her in disbelief. She said nothing to him, just gazed at him through lust filled eyes and mouthed the words "I'm Sorry."

"Oh Jenny….Oh…Jeeennnnnnnnyyyyyy," Matt cried as he erupted deep inside of her, and collapsed on top of her with his cock buried deep in her pussy. Jenny's eyes never left Peters as she circled her arms around Matt and held him tight against her.

Peter said nothing as he looked at her with her arms and legs wrapped around Matt, and her wedding gown drenched with sweat. Jenny met his gaze and felt the tears well up inside of her. She had never seen his face like that as he stared at her; he had the look of pure disgust on his face. He looked at her as if she had just ripped the heart out of his chest and stomped on it. He walked over to her, and gently picking up her hand, removed the engagement ring from her finger.

She tried to open her mouth to protest, but her emotions just overcame her and she burst into tears. Matt heard her crying and got up and saw Peter standing there.

"Pete I can explah," was as far as he got as Peter lashed out with a right and dropped him to the ground in a heap. He then looked back at Jenny and just shook his head in disappointment, as he slowly turned and left the room

Peter walked out of her house just as he heard Jenny's mother scream from discovering her daughter's escapade. He did not turn back as her mother called after him, and a day after the wedding was canceled he refused to answer any of Jenny's calls or answer the door when she dropped by. Peter began the hard task of moving on with his life, and moving on without the person he thought he would be spending it with. After a few months the calls from Jenny stopped and as time went by the pain that she caused him began to fade, but there were sometimes he thought about her and wondered what happened to her. And wondered what he would do if her ever saw her again.

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