Game Set and Match Pt. 06


"You really are such a delightfully pretty baby," Daphne told her as she kissed her again.

Katie was still thinking back to what Julie had told her. The pair of them now had her trapped between them, but it was beginning to feel good, really good, 'and Daphne was right,' she reasoned; 'no-one else had to know.'

She began to respond, opening her mouth slightly to allow Daphne's tongue to slip in. Soon they were kissing properly, and Sarah seemed to be enjoying the mini-show, kissing Katie's bare shoulder as she watched her long time partner and her new little lover together, their mouths melding together as Daphne began to devour the young girl's kisses.

"Kiss me," Sarah moaned softly. "Kiss me baby."

Katie turned toward her and smiled, participating more interactively now as she kissed the blonde, while Daphne began to move her hand across and down, to discreetly fondle one firm little breast through the covers.

"You're such a beautiful little creature," Daphne enthused, climbing off the bed, as the young girl turned to watch her, puzzled.

She folded the cover up on her side, not revealing the nude pair in the bed at all, but just enough to be able to lie down beside Katie again, without trapping the cover. Her robe fell open slightly, revealing one full, slightly sagging breast with a dark, engorged nipple, obviously stiff with excitement.

"What are you doing?" Katie asked, looking concerned.

"Don't worry pretty baby," she soothed. "I won't harm you."

She lay beside the girl once more and resumed their kissing. "It wasn't fair..." she explained, between kisses, "You two are in bed together... and I had to be outside... It just wasn't fair."

She slid her hand under the cover and began to stroke Katie's bare hip and tummy. "There now. That's better isn't it," she breathed softly. "Don't you think that's better pretty baby?"

Katie didn't have a chance to reply. Sarah's next kiss muted any possible response, and all at once, Daphne's hand moved upward to fondle her firm little breast.

Even as Sarah kissed her, Katie flinched at Daphne's touch, and almost immediately the brunette pulled her hand away again. "It's warm in here," she sighed, tugging lightly at the cord that secured the robe around her waist. "There, that's better, she breathed," slipping her arm out and discarding it behind her to expose her naked body beside them.

Her hand slid back under the covers and caressed the bare tummy again as Katie became lost in Sarah's kiss. This time she progressed more cautiously, her fingertips caressing the tummy in tiny circles from side to side until she was able to reach one firm little breast again, while Katie was distracted by Sarah's loving kisses. Soon she was squeezing and kneading the plump little breast, her index finger stroking from side to side across the hard, sensitive nipple, stimulating the girl for Sarah, while Sarah unwittingly beguiled her with kisses for her partner, and Katie moaned softly, lost to them both.

Before long, Sarah relinquished the sweet young lips, studying Katie's eyes as her finger pressed against the girl's chin, turning her face away, toward Daphne. The brunette planted a series of sweet, gentle little kisses on Katie's lips, gradually advancing to kissing her more fervently, as the girl was overcome by the lusty woman's carnal assault.

Sarah looked on lovingly, and smiled as she eased the cover down slightly to reveal her licentious partner's hand cupped around Katie's neat little breast, the finger stroking lazily from side to side across one ultra-sensitive, caramel coloured nipple. Katie looked concerned but she didn't object, so Sarah pulled the sheets down further to reveal her tiny lover's other pert little breast to her partner.

"Oh my..." Daphne sighed. "You know I've often imagined what you might look like, but I never dreamed you could be this beautiful." Katie felt flattered, and as Daphne moved forward to kiss her again, she allowed herself to remain partially exposed.

"Oh baby. You're so beautiful" Sarah breathed, crossing her arm over Daphne's and cupping the other breast, teasing the nipple gently with her index finger in the same way, tracing tiny invisible circles around the areola.

"Oh no. Oh no," their cute little guest moaned. "Don't. Please don't," she sighed, but there was no conviction in her feeble protestation.

Daphne's hand pulled away, leaving Katie's plump little breast exposed close to Sarah's face, but only for a few seconds as Sarah lips quickly closed on it. Within seconds, Katie was moaning more intently, and as if by magic, the covers slowly began to rise, Katie's knees lifting to form a miniature tent shape as Daphne's hand moved down, low over the young girl's tummy.

The mini-tent transformed to become twin peaks as Katie's knees separated involuntarily to allow Daphne's inquisitive fingers to find her tender mound. Katie moaned louder, delighted by the skilled amorous attention she was receiving, and Sarah smiled lovingly, happy for the pleasure her tiny new partner was enjoying.

Sarah reached up and pushed Daphne's head away playfully, then turned Katie's face to her own instead, pressing a deep, thirsty kiss on her. Undeterred, Daphne continued to kiss the girl's shoulder as her fingers began tracing the wet slit between Katie's willing thighs. She moaned aloud as her body flexed and writhed, guiltily accepting Daphne's probing fingers; the older woman's kisses quickly straying downward over her shoulder to take one perfect young breast in her mouth.

"Oh no. Please no," Katie whimpered softly again, her hands belying her verbal opposition as she gripped Sarah's head and kissed the woman urgently.

Sarah's hand now teased the only vacant breast, tweaking the nipple gently, and Katie arched her back and moaned aloud as Daphne wetted two fingers inside her. Sarah quickly moved down to kiss the other nipple, her free hand now stroking up and down the inside of poor, tormented little Katie's thigh, and Katie's hands moved up to cradle the backs of the two heads, now thoroughly committed to giving her so much pleasure.

"We shouldn't be doing this," Katie moaned, almost tearfully, but unable to fight it. "It doesn't seem right."

"I know baby," Daphne smiled excitedly. "It feels too good doesn't it," she added as she swiftly pulled the cover completely away, to reveal the two beautiful naked females beside her.

It was a bad move, but one that the lust crazy woman wasn't able to resist any longer. Suddenly Katie became scared. Under the cover she had felt relatively comfortable, and happy to be pleasured by the pair, but now she felt exposed and vulnerable.

Once more her mind flew back to Julie's warning about these two, but she had ignored her lover's sound advice and now she was at their mercy. She tried to hide herself, reaching down for the covers, but Daphne wasn't having any of that. There was a pretty young treat naked in her bed, and she meant to have a piece of it.

Katie rolled toward Sarah, turning her back on Daphne and curling up as Sarah's protective arms enfolded her, but that didn't afford her much defence. Daphne caressed Katie's bare back, and kissed her shoulder as finely manicured fingers delicately traced up and down the exposed side of the naked girl's body, from under her arm, across her waist, and down over her hip to the thigh.

"Awww... not gone all shy on me now, have you?" Daphne asked, teasing.

"Give us the cover back," Sarah reasoned.

"What a cute little bum you have," Daphne said lustfully, ignoring her partner and stroking, then groping Katie's firm young buttocks. "Come on baby. Why don't you turn back over and let me have a proper look at you? I've not really seen you yet."

Katie remained in her foetal position facing Sarah, as Daphne's strong hand squeezed the raised buttock.

"Please stop it," Katie half sobbed. "I've changed my mind. I don't want to do this."

"I think it's a bit late for that sweet thing, don't you?" Daphne laughed softly, sucking the sweet musk from her fingertip. "Come on baby. You don't think I want anything that you haven't already given, do you?" she smiled.

She squeezed the girl's bare bum again. "Come on honey. Show me what you've got... or I'll just have to play with whatever else I can find," she laughed, as she began to wriggle her fingers into the groove between Katie's ass cheeks, making the girl clench them.

"No! Please no!" Katie cried in fearful surprise, as Daphne's fingertip touched her anus, pressing against it and stroking it gently. "NO!" she squealed again, more loudly this time, as Daphne's middle finger suddenly tried to push into her. Katie's legs shot out straight, parting slightly as she twirled over onto her back, exposing herself completely, while thrusting her groin upward as her butt cheeks clenched in a startled reaction.

"That's better," Daphne laughed, but the shocked girl immediately curled up again, turning away from her.

"Oh, come on baby," Daphne pressed, kissing Katie's shoulder, and wetting it with her tongue. "Don't be shy now. We were all getting on so nicely."

"Until you spoiled it," Sarah mouthed the words silently to Daphne, as she hugged Katie's head to her breast in such a way that she wouldn't see.

"It's OK my love. I won't let her hurt you," Sarah soothed, stroking Katie's hair and kissing her forehead.

"Come on baby," Daphne coaxed, sucking thoughtfully at the finger she had just used to abuse the girl. "I know you were enjoying it. Just relax now, and you can enjoy it again," she reasoned.

Katie ignored her.

"Open up now. Come on child!" she said, more insistently. "There's a good girl."

"I'm not a child!" Katie objected.

"No... You're not, are you," Daphne agreed, lustfully admiring the girl's body.

Sarah glared at her, initially disgusted that a woman in her forties would be salivating over a sweet little girl less than half her age, then feeling decidedly hypocritical that she herself had brought Katie there in the first place.

"Daphne, stop this," Sarah protested. "If she doesn't want to do it, she doesn't want to! That's it... Anyway, she's Julie's girl."

"That didn't seem to worry her when she jumped into bed with you though, did it," the woman retorted, bitterly.

"If she doesn't want to do anything, you can't make her."

"Awww... Come on baby," Daphne encouraged, ignoring Sarah's protest. "Do you know... I can do things for you that you simply wouldn't believe," she said, trying to cajole her.

"Like what?" Katie challenged, turning her head sideways and giving the lustful woman a hateful look.

Daphne smiled and slowly extended her tongue, more and more, until almost four inches were squirming around, somehow managing to wriggle the tip while changing the shape and thickness, then she began licking Katie's shoulder with the wriggling tip.

"Come on now honey," Daphne pleaded. "I just know you're going to love it." Katie just stared, aghast. "I don't mean to do anything to hurt you pretty baby. You're just so pretty, I just can't resist you, and I know I can make you feel sooo good."

"What do you want from me?" Katie sobbed, feeling decidedly vulnerable.

"Silly girl," Daphne smiled, knowing she had all but won. "You 'know' what I want," she purred softly in Katie's ear, emphasising the word 'know' as she snuggled up close, pressing her naked body against the girl's behind, spooning her. "Just a little kiss... and a cuddle..." she laughed softly, "and anything else that might happen to go with it," she smiled.

"What do I have to do?"

Daphne smiled. She'd won. "Oh, you do ask some silly questions pretty baby," she told the girl, stroking her arm and kissing her shoulder. "You don't have to do anything at all sweet thing. We will do everything for you, won't we Sarah."

Katie looked at Sarah, who was also smiling, but it was more a supportive smile.

"All I want is just to play with you for a while, and your naughty little secret will be safe," Daphne laughed softly. It seemed like a kindly laugh, but Katie was unconvinced. "Don't worry sweet thing, it'll be so easy. After all, it's nothing you haven't already done a hundred times I'm sure."

Katie looked forlorn, turning to Sarah for guidance. "I'm so sorry baby," Sarah said ashamedly. "I didn't want anything like this to happen," she tried to assure the girl. It didn't help much.

"Come on pretty baby," Daphne coaxed insistently, gripping Katie's wrist and pulling the reluctant girl onto her back again, exposing the fresh nakedness of Katie's nubile little body to her hungry eyes. Katie didn't want this, but with all that Daphne had said she felt she didn't really have much choice.

"It's not like it's anything new for you," the manipulating woman smiled, rephrasing what she had already said several times, "and we won't hurt you, I promise."

She raised Katie's arm out to the side and laid herself across it, staring down lustfully at the frail naked frame.

"Come along Sarah," she said to her blonde partner, "You know what to do," she instructed. Sarah seemed reluctant, but she obeyed, and lying on her either side they stretched little Katie out between them.

With her arms raised that way, the substance of her meagre bust partially faded to insignificance, seemingly enhancing the innocent beauty of her tiny body.

"Oh, you're such a beautiful girl Katie," Sarah sighed. "I so wish I'd had the courage to make you mine when I first met you. You are simply exquisite."

"Well, now you both have me where you want me," Katie snapped in a semi-resentful sullen tone. "So what do you plan to do to me?"

"Don't be angry baby," Sarah pleaded. "I never wanted any of this."

"Oh baby," Daphne sighed. "You make it sound as if you don't expect to enjoy it," she laughed softly. "Believe me sweet thing, were going to make you feel like you've never been alive 'til now."

"I wouldn't be so sure about that," Katie countered defiantly, thinking back to her first time with Julie, and knowing how beautiful her experience with Sarah had been only a couple of hours earlier.

"Ooohh... A challenge," Daphne laughed. "Come on Sarah. Looks like we have some work to do."

Sarah gave Katie a sympathetic look, as the two of them closed on her from either side. "I'm so sorry Katie," Sarah whispered again. "I really didn't want for this to happen."

They began lapping all over her naked upper body, kissing the stiff little nipples and sucking at the almost evanesced breasts.

Daphne marvelled at the way Katie's nipples stiffened between their lips. "Ooohh look. She likes it," she enthused.

Considering that Sarah had been against the idea of taking advantage of Katie, it didn't seem to take anything in the way of coercing for her to become a thoroughly willing participant. Their open palms began caressing Katie's bare, flat tummy as they took great pleasure in biting and nibbling at her exposed breasts.

"Spread them baby," Daphne ordered. Katie was fighting her conscience as she slowly parted her thighs once again. She would never have knowingly volunteered herself into this situation, but now it was happening she couldn't deny it was exciting her. To be taken, not by force exactly, but to be dominated into submission, well it had to be accepted that it was something quite unique for her.

"Lift your knees child," Daphne ordered, and as she obeyed, their hands reached down to caress the pale, tender flesh. Over the knees and up around the backs of her legs the hands wandered, independently, yet seemingly concertedly. Fingertips traced tickling lines around her inner thighs as two tongues lapped and two pairs of lips sucked lovingly at her exposed breasts, the fingers advancing, caressing ever closer to her tingling vulva.

Fingernails raked up and down the thighs, and fingertips competed for the space between, as Katie became more and more exigent for their touch. She was really wet now, to the point of seeping externally, and she wanted it; no, she needed it, and both of her licentious partners knew this. Katie was moaning aloud and had been for some minutes, wordlessly informing them that she was now quite ready; she had never been more ready.

She couldn't tell whose finger it was that first entered her. She couldn't see anything past the two smiling faces peering up at her, their lips still clamped to her nipples like suckling babies. She could only tell that as one entered her and reached in, the other seemed to fumble around the entrance, teasing her engorged clitoris, then seemingly pulling the first away before reaching up into her in its place.

This went on for some time, until Daphne released her nipple for long enough to muse aloud, "I wonder if she'd like us both at once?" She giggled as Sarah nodded, and almost immediately Katie felt a second finger working its way into her, alongside the first, but completely independent of it. Now there were two probing her, stretching her, moving around inside her. Her eyes opened wide, her breathing became heavy and laboured and she began panting; gasping for air as her body writhed between them, and it was as much as she could do to resist crying out.

Knuckles massaged her labia as the fingers twisted around vying for her G-spot, and she lost her battle with the silence. All at once she was crying out and lurching, unable to contain her emotion any longer, and she began to shake and jerk, her back arching as the orgasm hit her, taking control of every muscle in her body at once. Her arms stretched out, then clasped around the two women, her hands clutched the air, her knees bent and her legs kicked, and she cried out as if in agony.

The feeling of euphoria was intense, so much so that she would never have believed a mere fingering could have induced it. Even as she was calming she let out an occasional "Ohhh, Ohhh," sound, while Daphne and Sarah tried to soothe her, smiling at each other and kissing, satisfied that they had given her something to remember for a very long time to come.

"Do you think she enjoyed that?" Daphne asked.

"I think so," Sarah replied with a giggle. "Did you my love?" she asked of the young girl.

Katie just smiled, nodding, yet still struggling to catch her breath. It seemed that every new experience was more exciting and intense than the last, and each time she wondered how on earth it could possibly get any better.

"What would you like to do now then, sweet thing?" Daphne asked.

"I think I need to just relax for a while," the girl sighed.

"Of course sweet thing," Daphne told her. "You just lie back and relax then. You close your eyes and lie back in Sarah's arms. She'll look after you while I just entertain myself for a few minutes."

"What are you going to do?" Katie asked, looking more puzzled than she sounded.

"I'm just going to eat your juicy little cunt for you, my pretty little darling," Daphne told her.

"Oh no," Katie groaned. "Please don't say that?" she asked.

"Why not sweet thing? I just want to see if you taste as sweet as you look," the woman smiled.

"It's not that," Katie explained. After what they had both just given her, she had no qualms about letting Daphne give her yet more sinful pleasures. "I just don't like that word," she said.

"What word? Darling?" Daphne teased.

"No! You know," Katie whined.

"No baby. I don't know," Daphne mocked. "Tell me which word. Was it 'Juicy'?"

"You know which word Daph," Sarah told her in an exasperated tone.

"I promise I won't say it again if she says it for me," Daphne laughed.

Katie looked at Sarah, who shrugged. "CUNT!" Katie shouted aggressively.

"That told her," Sarah sniggered.

"Well I never! ... That's no way to speak to a lady," Daphne replied, feigning a shocked look, then laughing.

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