tagBDSMGaming with Ma'am

Gaming with Ma'am


You can have control in public, but alone, you're mine.

I kept hearing her words, again and again as I went through the usual routine. Bugging, begging, pleading and bullshitting my way towards building back up another raid group for Destiny. I had her of course, but it took me a bit to gather everyone. I wanted to get it done, but I knew I was screwed when I saw her grin. That evil grin that lit up her eyes and kissed goodbye to my sanity.

"We need a minute," she said over mic, still smiling. I followed suit.

"Strip," she said and I did. "Bend over," I hurried to obey, gripping apart my cheeks and waiting patiently. I felt her breath on my hole, making me shiver with want, stiffening under her gaze. The gentle caress of her lips as she kissed my right cheek. Her tongue snaked downward, coating my hole with liberal amounts of saliva. She teased slowly, knowing she had all the time in the world. I wouldn't move until she let me.

"Good boy," She commented against my trembling skin, before her tongue pushed inward. She did this slowly, knowing we had plenty of time. Withdrawing only to slide back in, working in more and more spit inside me. Prepping me. I wanted it. I was anxious for whatever she had planned. Then like she had started, the wonderful pleasure was gone, leaving me needy.

I whimpered.

And got a light smack in return.


She took her time, she had to with only spit. She made sure to wet it first before slowly pushing it inside. The sharp burst of pain followed by the satisfying feeling of fullness as the bulb pressed inside me relentlessly. It was a short plug, but I could feel every inch of it as it finally came to rest inside me. Another smack, I stood up slowly, reorienting myself around the new feeling of fullness.

She smiled at me and I melted in her eyes.

Her hand reached downwards and cupped me, feeling me swell in her hand. Her nail tracing my skin and making me arch towards her. That traitorous moan reappearing in my need. She took the opportunity of me softening to slide a cock ring around me, trapping me inside it.

"Hands off for now," She said with that same treacherous smile.

I nodded.

She arched her brow. Her finger gently scraped my erection. I hissed with the sharp burst of pain.

"Yes ma'am," I replied quietly.

She kissed me, her tongue dipping into my mouth with fierce possession, just for a moment before heading back to the consoles.

The smile returned and she walked back towards the couch next to her. My tv was set up next to hers and we both had spots to sit on her the long couch. Usually we separated a bit so our voices wouldn't overlap over the microphone, but tonight, she patted the couch next to her. It'd be a miracle if I made it through the raid.

The pressure of the flat surface on the plug made me groan a little. I tried to throw myself into the raid and stop feeling. "Assholes," I replied to the latest of the gay jokes. Most of us didn't give a damn at this point, had raged and played together long enough that we weren't super homophobic about our jokes. Sometime I wonder if any of them realized how gay we all sound. Then again, I was bi, so I didn't have any solid ground to stand on.

Once we got started, things rolled pretty smoothly, while she was still a bit newer, the rest of the people I grabbed were experienced. Just call a side and they do their job. It makes the nights quicker and made the full sensation more bearable. Even if only slightly. Heck, even my brother was along, making constant jokes about me and her that night. It fit him and gave him something to do besides losing his cookies.

Then after the portal when we were going to jump, I hit the snag.

My hole buzzed, fast and she grabbed the head of my dick gently when I went for a jump.

I fell.

She smiled, turning down the vibrations just a little. Enough so I could think.

I gave her a new job in return.

Her hands caressed my balls, letting me stiffen until we started, before letting go. Leaving me barely getting to the totem in time, to the jokes of my friends. I had to clean this up.

The plugs vibrations increased.

Or not.

This continued every chance she got. Her hands pinched my nipples, her teeth grazed my skin, my cock was fondled, stroked and teased, but no hands for me.

"Finish and you can have me," she said, stroking me for the final time on the final fight. She turned off the vibration, leaving me be for the first time that night. The next ten minutes the most efficient raid I have ever run. Nothing went wrong, supers were covered and the Oryx went down fast.

"Night guys," I rushed out, pressing my controller to turn off my xbox.

She followed suit, her eyes growing predatory. She looked at me, her smile growing sharper with lust as she spread her legs slowly. Her panties were black, contrasting her skin. She crooked her finger and I walked to her in a trance.

I wanted, no needed her right now and she knew it.

"Head between my legs pet," She ordered, "taste me." She shucked her panties and I nearly crawled to her in my haste. My hands scraped the floor as I went onto my hands and knees, my tongue darting towards her pussy with abandon. Tracing the edges, teasing the inside. Slowly applying pressure to her clit, not enough to displease, but enough to make her happy. Her juices sprang onto my tastebuds, the very flavor was sex to me. Something I'd grown to associate with it. My tongue explored downward teasing her taint, before slowly moving around the edge of her much forbidden hole. My saliva easing my entry as my tongue entered her slowly, teasing, pushing in and out. She moaned and I felt the buttplug reactivate.

The buzzing driving me insane as I slowly tongue fucked her. I was hard as a rock and focused wholeheartedly on pleasing her. Trying my best to ignore my consuming need to take her. I could feel every quiver of pleasure on my tongue and I adored it as I slid my tongue back to her pussy, using my mouth with every inch of skill I'd learned under her. I could feel her tremoring, she was close.

But just as I thought I could have control, I felt her hands on my head, pulling me back. I pulled back, my mouth still slippery from her juices. She grabbed me and pulled me in and we kissed. Her tongue owned my mouth in fierce domination as her hands dug into my shoulders. I kissed her back desperately my hands gripping her hips even as her hands left me shoulders.

She broke away first, leaving me yearning, my eyes opening to her eyes. She scooted herself towards the edge of the couch against, her legs coming off the ground to dig into me.

"Fuck me," She moaned, her heels digging into me.

I was eager to comply as my cock pressed forward against her lips. She was so wet and I almost felt no resistance as I rammed all the way inside me. Making her gasp with pleasure as my cock went all the way inside her. She was so hot and wet, I could barely think around it, the vibration of the plug inside me growing stronger as I slowly and reluctantly slid out.

Only to hilt myself with all of my strength. Her rejoining gasp was music to my ears as I picked up the pace. My hips ramming me inside her as hard and as fast I could. An entire raid of teasing culminating to the slapping of my flesh against her. Her beautiful moans of approval and need as I drove us both to climax.

My back burned as her nails dug into me and I bit her neck roughly. Gripping as my hands gripped her ass, I knew I was going to lose it.

It didn't take long, I wanted to last longer, but I felt myself shudder and I moaned. Letting go of her neck with my teeth as I came deep inside her. My cum filling her as my hips continued to move. The pause was only momentary, she had trained me better. I started picking up the pace, my cock pushing in and out of her cum filled pussy. The wet squishes driving her wild as she began to thrast underneath me. I knew I had to give it my all. I slammed inside her, jack hammering with every inch of my might, taking her again and again. Driving her to crescendo, her moans growing more erotic.

I told her how sexy she was. Told her how much I needed her. Tried to keep talking and lost the breath for it, so focused on making her cum.

She shattered, convulsing around me and nearly making me cum again as she came hard. Her juices covering me. She came hard, milking me with her muscles. We paused, both of us out of breath as we recovered.

She wasn't done yet though. "On all fours pet," She ordered, her voice so sweet.

I hurried to obey, turning around, I got on my hands and knees facing away from her. Presenting myself by spreading my knees and pointing in my toes to give her the perfect view. Arching my back in order to show as much as myself as I could. Spent a lot of time practicing presenting myself. I could feel the toy burning, just a little. The lube had started to fade due the vibration and the burning combined with my pleasure and drove me wild.

She took her time, making me wait. Her steps light, rustling behind me demanding my attention. But I didn't move, she didn't say I could. I didn't want to disobey. So I ignored the urge and waited. Listening to her step behind me. I heard her chuckle.

"Such a naughty pet," She chuckled, then moaned slightly. Something sounded like it entered her.

I must not turn. I must not turn.

More rustling. Anticipation lit my veins as I started at the wall, my breath becoming rapid. I couldn't take it anymore.

The first sensation was her fingers tracing the edge of my ass. Warm and wet with her juices. Her hand slid down my cheeks and gripped the still pulsating toy. I willed myself to relax as much as I could, pushing to help as she slowly pulled on the toy. Gently removing it with the same insistence she had taken me.

It finally left me, leaving me so empty. The thickness was gone. I might have whimpered.

The toy hit the floor behind me as a hand came down on my shoulders, pushing me to my elbows.

"Are you ready for this boy?" She whispered, resting the strapon against my hole. Letting me feel it's size pressed against me. It was big, perhaps the biggest I'd ever felt her use. It was the exact largest dildo. The one she'd shown me with glee earlier that day.

"Yes ma'am," I replied, rocking backwards.

Her hands gripped my thighs and she began to push. The head taking me slowly, dominating my hole, taking every inch of me and showing me that I was hers. Following by searing pain as I pushed backwards, doing my best to relax. It seemed to go on forever, inch after inch until all seven inches rested inside me. I felt her hips press against me as she slowly grinded. Letting me get accustomed to sensation.

I had never been so full before. It was the largest. I'd ever done.

"Slow," I grunted quietly.

She slowly withdrew, letting her juices lube my passage. Leaving only the head. Waiting for the barest of moments before ramming it inside. I gasped, the wind leaving my lungs as pleasure overwhelmed me. She repeated this. Slow stroke outwards. Hard deep stroke in. Claiming my flesh as her own.

"Can you take more pet?" She asked, not even sounding winded as I panted beneath her.

"Yes ma'am," I whimpered.

She picked up the pace. Ramming inside me with long and sure strokes, her hips shifting so I heard her hips slip against me with every thrust. She leaned into me, her breasts scraping my back. One hand wrapped around my chest as the other wrapped around my neck in a not so subtle reminder of my place.

I was mindless, pleasure overriding my thoughts as she jackhammered my hole with all her strength. Her hand tightened around my neck, slightly cutting off my air flow. I gasped harder, unable to catch my breath.

"You are my little bitch aren't you?"

"Yes ma'am." Came my reedy reply.

"You're always in charge in public, barking order, telling people what to do. Yet you're mine," She informed me, her breath hot in my ear. "You're my little bitch. My good little boy who has please me."

"Yes," I gasped. Losing myself as her other hand gripped my shaft. Pumping me to the same pace as her strap on.

"Cum for me boy," She ordered.

I lost it. I came all over her hand. Gasping for breath.

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