tagIncest/TabooGamma Gets Some Ch. 04

Gamma Gets Some Ch. 04


"Fuck me, you're good," I moaned into my grandson's ear. He just grinned as he pounded my pussy with his hard rod, igniting an unquenchable fire. I screamed out an orgasm. I'd lost track of how many times I'd cum. I dug my nails in his back and dug my heels in his butt. He responded by exploding a cream bomb in my pussy, sending me over the edge. Again.

I held Brandon as he lay on top of me, his hot breath on my ear. I stroked his hair. He ground his pelvis against me. His rod was still hard. We made love slowly, grinding languidly. As we kissed, our tongues danced a sensual tango.

Brandon leaned up and began pumping into me at a faster pace. He was really putting his back into it. His eyes were shut tight and he was breathing hard. I stretched my legs wider and lifted my hips, and he drove into me even deeper. I was groaning like a horny puma.

I visualized his hard rod in my pussy. It's meaty stiffness, like a cream-filled salami. Suddenly I was hungry for Brandon's cream-filled salami. I pulled Brandon down to me. "I need to suck you off," I breathed into his ear. Brandon pulled out of me with a plop and lay on his back. My mouth sank on his rigid pole and I bobbed my head up and down, my fingers holding the base.

As my lips dragged up and down his member, Brandon clutched a handful of my hair. His body went stiff with a jerk. And then he was hosing the back of my throat with his seed. I clutched his butt in my hands and pulled him even farther down my throat.

After I'd swallowed all of Brandon's cum and spit-shined his rod we collapsed in a tangle of limbs. I was spent. I wanted to get home eat and take a nap. All this activity had stirred up a ferocious appetite. And I was a little tired. A nap would revive me.

I tossed him his clothes. Soon we were riding our bikes back home.

I fixed us sandwiches, leftover potato salad and cantaloupe. I caught Brandon ogling my cantaloupes. I grinned. "Help me clean up and we can take a shower," I suggested. He readily agreed.

Thinking about the night ahead I shouted to him if he'd go out on a dinner-and-a-movie date with me? He thought it was a wonderful idea. It had been years since Ted and I last went out on a date. We used to go out dancing every weekend. Eventually we even stopped making love.

Things were going to change. What was good for the goose was good or the gander.

Minutes later we were naked in the shower, soapy water sluicing over every inch of skin. We kissed. We clutched one another. Brandon fingered me to nirvana. I jerked Brandon off twice in the steaming rain.

After we gout of the shower we tumbled into bed and continued our romp. I was in the mood to wrestle. I got Brandon in a headlock. "Eat mat, buddy boy!" I growled.

"Nevah!" he growled back. "I'm The Terminatah. Hasta la vista, baby." With that he broke out of the headlock and pinned me to the bed. "And now to seduce the females of the species, one woman at a time," he growled. He dove between my legs and went to town on my pussy.

My giggles turned into moans as he displayed amazing oral skills. His lips and his tongue were all over my pussy before he zeroed in on my clit. I rode wave after wave of pleasure. I writhed underneath his masterful mouth and clutched the bed sheets.

I was beginning to suspect my grandson was the virgin he'd claimed he was.

When he began humming Happy Birthday, that set off a tsunami of ecstasy. I was no longer writhing on the bed, I was thrashing. It took Brandon all his strength to hold me down and keep eating me. It was intense. He had me coming and going. I alternately pushed him away and clutched him closer.

When his tongue touched my anus I about jumped out of my skin. As he probed my butthole I experienced pleasure I'd not experienced in some time. My grandson had his father's adventurous spirit all right. I arched my back and screamed when he slid a finger up my pooper.

Soon Brandon had me on my back and his engorged rod in my pussy. He slowly sawed in and out while we stared into each other's eyes. My grandson's eyes burned with lust as he rocked and rolled on top of me. Soon he picked up the pace of his pumping and he was really straining with every thrust.

I raked my nails up his back and lit his cum cannon, jets of cream shooting in my pussy. And then he lay still on top of me. I stroked his hair and kissed his face. "Oh, Gamma," he sighed and rolled onto his back.

As his cum mixed with mine and slid down, the sheet beneath me became wet. I got up and put a towel over the wet spot and snuggled in Brandon's arms. My ear to his heartbeat, my fingers walked down to his flaccid pole. I dragged a finger up and down and popped it into my mouth, savoring the taste of our juices.

"Mmmm," I moaned and moved my mouth south. I licked his lightning rod back to life before climbing on top of him. I didn't move. I just lay there, my head in the crook between his neck and his shoulder. He didn't move either. I was so comfortable and relaxed that I fell asleep in that position.

When I woke up two hours later I was on my side. Brandon was still asleep. Poor baby, I wore him out. I sucked his cock-a-doodle-doo until it was standing at attention and again I climbed atop my grandson. He smiled up at me as I rode him. We made love slowly and gently this time around.

We took a quick shower and got dressed for dinner and dancing. I chose an Italian restaurant in Lincoln. We got there about 7:00 and were seated at a booth. Brandon recalled past soccer victories. While he talked, I was sidetracked by a fantasy involving my grandson, a bar of soap and me in the gym showers.

After the waiter had served dessert, I slid a foot out of my pumps. I pointed to Brandon's dessert. "That looks yummy. What is it?" I asked and began sliding my foot up and down his leg.

Brandon appeared to be having problems speaking. And his face was red. He had difficulty eating, too.

As my foot massaged his leg, I was getting closer to his crotch with each stroke. His member was getting stiff, I could see by the way his pants tented. As my foot caressed his raging hard-on, he had to stifle a groan of pleasure. Several, in fact.

Suddenly we had to go. He held a napkin in front of his crotch and we paid and left. I drove us to the movie theater, my left hand on the wheel and my right hand stroking his engorged member. He white-knuckled the car seat as I traced figure eights on his dick.

I squeezed his cock before I pulled my hand away to turn into a parking space. The disappointed look on Brandon's face when he realized he wasn't going to get a blowjob in the car was priceless. What I had planned next would really get his motor revving.

We bought our tickets and found us a pair of seats in the back. It was warm so we took off our coats. I grabbed Brandon's wrist to pull his arm around my shoulders and I leaned in closer and began stroking circles on his inner thigh. He responded by shifting in his seat so that his crotch was practically in my hand. I gently squeezed his dick and it twitched in my hand. I grinned to myself.

I stroked his package through his pants while I watched the movie. It was a romantic thriller, I think. I honestly don't remember. I whispered to Brandon to drape his jacket over his lap. He grinned in response and laid his coat so that it covered my hand fishing for his hard dick.

I slowly stroked his john thomas up and down. After awhile his breathing became shallow and he leaned in to me. "I can't take it anymore, Gamma! Make me come!" he whispered urgently.

Fortunately for Brandon, I'd already seen this part of the movie, I think, and I was starting to get a little frisky myself. Brandon put his monster away and we left the theater. When we got inside the car, Brandon was all lips and roaming hands. I pushed him away. "Wait 'til we get home," I said, "then we'll tear it up."

Ted was home when we arrived. He looked anxious to tell me something. I had Brandon go to his room while his grandfather and I talked in the family room. As soon as his door closed Ted blurted out, "Cheryl and I are seeing each other. And I don't care if you don't like it."

I shrugged my shoulders. "I don't care if you see Cheryl or anyone else for that matter, as long as you don't try to hide it from me. We're adults. But that means I get to see who I want, too."

Ted was taken aback. "You don't care if I see Cheryl?" he asked.

I shook my head. "Nope. Just don't bring her into my home."

Ted let out a sigh of relief. "Thank goodness," he said. "I thought this was going to turn into a big ugly fight and, frankly, I'm too tired. I just want to go to bed."

I held up a hand. "Not so fast. You lied to me. I can't just let it go. For lying I've decided you don't get to watch me fuck our grandson."

Ted winced. I knew he'd been looking forward to seeing us in action.

"I'm not ready to go to bed yet, so I'm going to watch some TV," I said and reached for the remote. Ted shuffled off to bed. I waited 10 minutes for him to go to sleep before tiptoeing to Brandon's room. He was watching TV and stroking his cock. He turned off the TV and dropped the remote on the carpet.

I pointed to his cock and asked, "May I?"

"What's the magic wo-ord?" Brandon asked in a singsong voice.

"Please may I suck and fuck you?" I replied, my voice breathy with need.

Brandon responded by scooting over on the double bed. I took my grandson's cock in my mouth and gave him the blowjob of his life. And then I fucked him six ways from Sunday. Brandon licked me from head to toe and screwed my brains out, sending me to orgasm heaven.

It's good to be Gamma.

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