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Gang Aft Agley Ch. 04


Author's Notes: Gang Aft Agley is a work of fiction, no characters or situations have any basis in known persons. The story continues the theme I generally use, that of a happily married couple wherein the wife attempts to add a lover to the family mix. In this story the couple has a girl child. Let me be very clear, the child is not involved in any way in any sexual activities of her mother or father. She is simply part of the family. A few of the many poems of the great Scots bard Robert Burns are used as a device to carry the plot in this story. They are gathered from an excellent website of the British Broadcasting Corporation dedicated to the work and life of Burns: here. In addition to the text, Burns poems and songs are available aurally as read by very notable British persons including some by HRH Charles, Prince of Wales. At least two of the poems used in this story are also available by various artists on YouTube.Com, Ae Fond Kiss and My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose. Gang Aft Agley is written in four chapters and each will be submitted simultaneously. Publication schedule, of course, lies with Literotica editors.


Robert waited with anticipation for his girls; he opened the front door as soon as he saw his wife's car turn into their driveway. Leezabad almost couldn't wait. She began to unclip her seatbelt before her Momma had the car stopped. An adult hand pressed her back into the seat.

"Wait, you know better. Your Dada wants you to be safe first." Nancy relaxed as she shifted to PARK, "Okay Leezabad."

Daughter jumped from the car, ran to her Dada and jumped to him. Robert caught her and they hugged tight. Leezabad was all words and hugs trying to greet her father; it had been all of two weeks since she had spent a week of vacation with just the two of them.

By now Nancy was out of the car and beside them at the door. She made a three way hug, kissed Robert on his cheek because that was all she could easily reach, and tucked her head on husband's shoulder. "I'm glad to be home too," she said softly. Robert put Leezabad down and turned to his wife for a real homecoming kiss. Iced tea and snacks awaited travellers in the kitchen; unloading the car could wait for a while.

Nancy kicked off her shoes and wandered through her home. She needed to restore memories, to rebuild her space. Wriggle toes in the living room's carpet pile; look at the photographs on the wall. There's Robert and I on our wedding day, and Leezabad's birth picture in the hospital the day she was born. Nancy twirled and her eyes took in the familiar of her life. "It just feels good to be home," she almost yelled.

Robert stood in the entrance to the living room smiling at his wife. They locked eyes and he held his arms wide beckoning. Nancy ran to her husband's arms. "It feels especially good to be home with you my husband. I can hardly wait until tonight. I am going to ravish you in our bed. We need to make up for a summer apart."

Leezabad cooperated. She was tired from vacation and travel. Yawns broke out shortly after dinner. Bath and bed came half an hour early for the youngest Winthrop.

"Nightgown or none? I'll dress just for you or gladly go natural."

"Let's just do a come as you are party. Last one in is an I don't know what."

One night together couldn't make up for a summer apart, but Nancy tried; Robert tried as well. Their first together was frantic; husband and wife sexed like they hadn't been together in months. They hadn't been in bed together since May and it was now the end of August, months. Neither partner wanted to prolong their first time. When through they held one another and kissed.

Kiss and cuddle led to recovery for Robert's erection. The second love making was just that; Robert very slowly, lovingly, enflamed passion in his wife. Nancy responded to her mounting passion with kisses, touches and loving words. Both man and woman reached climax together. They lay beside one another holding hands and breathing hard.

"I know I am home. We can save some for tomorrow night. I love you Robert Winthrop; I love you so much." Nancy felt no guilt pledging her love. Her feelings toward her Robert were absolute. Tonight she had no summer lover; James didn't exist.

Robert kept Nancy close as if she might get away. He dwelled in his mind on tonight and the summer now past. There just is no comparison to sleeping the night with a woman you know you love as to a woman you know you are not allowed to love.

Nancy fixed a big Sunday morning family breakfast; three at the table felt so right. Adults wanted time to read the Sunday paper; Leezabad asked for permission to go next door to renew a friendship. "Just one hour, honey, then you and I need to put all of your things away and get you ready for school this week."

While helping her daughter organize her clothes Nancy noticed several new outfits hanging in the closet. She was surprised that Robert would take their daughter shopping for anything more than play clothes. "Did your Dada buy you some new school outfits?"

"Yes, Momma, just a few though. He said I grew too much to wear my old clothes." Leezabad posed, "He is right; can't you tell?"

Nancy could tell; she had made a scene over her daughter's growth when Leezabad came to Nancy after her vacations with everyone else. She was still surprised that Robert would think of school clothes or even have enough sense of what kids should wear to help Leezabad pick out what clothes to buy. Nancy said as much to her daughter.

"Oh, Miss Marjorie went with us. She's one of Dada's friends. She was more helpful than Dada picking clothes, but his credit card did help too."

Nancy chuckled; her daughter was growing up fast. Leezabad already knew about twisting her Dada's credit card around her little fingers. I will have to ask Robert a few questions about Miss Marjorie, was Nancy's first thought, and then James came to her mind. I have things to tell him and purchases to reveal as well.

Later that evening Nancy told Robert his daughter paid him a woman's complement.

"A what? A woman's complement, what is that? She's still my little girl."

"She said you were pretty good with your credit card when shopping for clothes."

Mother and father had a hearty laugh about daughter's so called complement. "Seriously Robert, you are going to have to get beyond the she's my little girl phase. Our daughter becomes a teenager this coming Saturday. If we don't have much grey hair now they will surely begin popping out on both of us at our daughter's coming antics."

"You're right, but until Saturday she is still my little girl. How often do I have to check for your grey?"

Nancy slapped her husband's shoulder in playful fashion. "Seriously, thank you for taking Leezabad shopping for school clothes. She really has grown, hasn't she? It was good thinking to get Marjorie to help." Nancy decided to limit mention of the woman who was most likely Robert's summer romance to one benign reference.

Robert did not say a word at first; he quietly reached for Nancy's hand but didn't respond for a minute or two. Finally, "Leezabad did need the clothes and it was the best I could think of to spend a weekend with her, Marjorie I mean. She was better equipped than I even though she has never had children." Robert gave the hand he held a squeeze. "I did wield a mean credit card though; Leezabad was right about that much."

"I understand, Robert, I introduced James as my study partner. He was that, of course, and the best I could have paired up with. He also became my lover for much of the summer. We had to limit ourselves to study while Leezabad was with me."

Since Sexy Couples started their summer adventure they decided the TV show would be a good trigger to start telling each other about their separate vacation partners. Both Robert and Nancy openly acknowledged taking advantage of their special summer rule. They could sleep with chests bared if not souls completely open. Nancy left her new nightgowns in her chest of drawers, slept nude with her husband and used some of the new techniques she had learned with James.

Robert noticed. After their second time this Sunday night he whispered, "You took at least one more graduate course you didn't plan for. I may send you back next year." He was kidding but he did sleep with a satisfied smile.

"If you think I am getting stale and boring let me know. Maybe I can dream up something without going back to school."

On her way to school, her work, Monday morning, Nancy considered her weekend. It went well, she thought on first blush. I didn't realize just how much I missed Robert, how much I missed all three of us together, until I returned home and once again have all of us as a core to my life. Was I just using James as a Robert surrogate? Her comparison of James with Robert brought to mind her husband's bedroom complement. I did develop some new bedroom skills this summer making love so often and in so many new ways with James. I'll have to be very careful telling Robert about my time with James.

That thought, be careful telling Robert about James, Nancy reached with no devious motive. With that reservation she did, however, take back the veil given to her husband on their wedding day. The public declaration to husband, family and friends to: let nothing ever come between the honesty and love I give to you now and forever - keep this veil; I want no shield; now had a fog of less than full disclosure descending.

Nancy parked in the school lot and strolled toward the entrance. Arriving at work on these teachers-only days always gave her the impression of a sterile school. There should be children. There will be Wednesday; I will have a new batch of young faces and minds to guide. Nancy smiled at that thought then stopped her walk. She said aloud to the sky, "I still want James, not often, not every day or week. I still want to be with him. I want more than sex with James."

She almost shouted, "I want to love him."

"Nancy, Nancy; are you all right?"

"Oh, hi Jane, yes I'm fine. I was just talking to myself about starting the new school year. I'm either growing old or going crazy." Nancy had no qualms about her fib, a small white lie, to one of her teacher associates.

For Nancy the rest of the week was a scurry of getting a week of school start-up tasks finished in two days plus getting everything needed for Leezabad's first teenage birthday party. Nancy was busy but, in comparison to her just completed summer school workload, it was a breeze. The organization skills she developed to cope with classes had practical benefit.

Tuesday morning Robert deliberately ran into Marjorie at the office coffee pot. Prior Tuesdays he would have an extra suit on a hanger in his car and Tuesday night he wouldn't go home. He wanted to tell Marjorie that he would miss his time with her. He wanted to suggest after work cocktails as a sometime substitute. Marjorie was emphatic.

"No Robert! Not just no but hell no. Is that clear?"

"I had hoped . . . ." Whatever Robert hoped just tailed off; he couldn't form his desire to a request that he would allow himself to voice.

"Our time together this summer was far too important for me to cheapen to a workplace affair Robert. I will not be involved in any way with endangering your marriage."

Robert listened and nodded. He understood and in many respects agreed with Marjorie, but he wanted some small part of what they shared for the last six weeks to continue.

"I care for you too much Robert; please don't bring us up again."

> > > - - < < <

Sexy Couples was a rerun Friday night and it hadn't been one of the most interesting the first time they watched. Instead of television's sexy spice, it was time for Nancy and Robert's erotic experiences this summer to share the light of exposure. After talking through the mechanics of telling, they decided Nancy should start with her first boyfriend and then Robert would tell all about his first girlfriend.

Nancy twirled the parts of her pink bikini in her left hand. "Do you know what this is?"

Robert couldn't quite make out what his wife was twirling until he reached to stop it. When he determined it was a bathing suit he had never seen he still didn't get her point. "You bought a new bikini? I knew you bought something at Victoria's Secret when I paid the bills last month."

"This isn't just any bikini honey it is a certified stud magnet; it snatches every guy's attention and holds on tight. Eyeballs and other parts pop out when I wear this stud magnet bikini."

Nancy told her story about Mark, the pink bikini, sun tan lotion and making her decision to send him for beer to lure Mark to her apartment, ultimately to her bed. She wanted to try her luck, use the adventure permission she had for the summer, and she wanted to see if she could seduce a handsome student several years younger.

"I did it honey; I sure did seduce him with this pink bikini and the way I used it to show myself. I knew when I put the beer in the fridge and saw the box of condoms in the sack alongside the beer that I had him made."

Robert's jaw dropped a bit but then he laughed as he took the bikini from his wife. "It was more than this bikini honey; I think your body underneath these little scraps is what did the seduction. How many condoms did you use with this Mark guy?"

"Oh, just three; there were still plenty when he left."

"If he used three condoms it sure sounds like you picked the right guy." Robert tried to sound cheerful with his comment but the shadow of concern on his face was apparent.

"If a hard body, a big hard dick, and being able to give a girl a good screw time after time was my most important thing you would probably be right to worry about Mark. He gave some of my most incredible orgasms ever. His cock always stayed hard when he rubbed those special places inside. Physically he was just about the best I've ever had."

Nancy saw the truth wasn't at all reassuring to her husband. "Robert, my love, you have nothing at all to worry about with Mark or any man who performs the way he does. When he filled that third condom, he dressed, kissed me goodbye and walked out the door and out of my world. There was no hint of cuddle, not even a squeeze and a hug."

As if to demonstrate her point, Nancy leaned close and wrapped her husband close to her body. "I need some of this as much as I need a hard screw. A man has to be more than his dick. You have both; you have everything I need and want." She leaned her head in as close to Robert as she could get and breathed in their togetherness.

"Want me to model my stud magnet bikini for you while you tell me about your first chickie?"

A few minutes passed before Nancy pranced into view bouncing in her pink bikini. She gave a hop in front of Robert to bounce her boobies, made a half twirl to show off her back side, and then took her husband's breath away when she bent and touched her toes. Robert made a wooo, wooo, wooo hooting sound that caused Nancy to shush him. "Don't wake Leezabad." Hubby reached for wife's pink hips and kissed her navel in surrender.

"Okay, time for you to tell all. What was her name, where did you meet her, who did what to who?" Nancy curled onto the sofa beside her husband and kissed his ear. She knew that would get his blood racing even faster.

Robert began his story talking about many of the younger girls in the office taking a new interest in him as summer began. "One or more of the clerical support girls always appeared at the coffee pot when I went to get a cup. Along with cream and sugar I always got a big smile and a bit of conversation. It seemed as though the office girls knew I was single." He kissed Nancy before continuing. "Without you around the conversation was nice, welcomed. I guess I started to return their flirting."

"The first girl was Angela; she is about thirty, a brunette with a great figure. Angela really has a nice pair of knockers and a tight rear end. She must hit the gym regularly." Robert told of the three dates; the last ending with taking Angela home and she showing her bedroom. He also made clear to Nancy that he didn't spend the night with her, and didn't date Angela again.

"Angela must have talked to all of her friends on the support staff and given them the word that Robert was pretty good in the bedroom. I was hit on almost every day after my date with her."

Nancy had heard enough. She didn't want to compete with the memories of younger, hard-bodied, available girls who worked with her husband every day. She stood and called over her shoulder as she walked off, "Do you think you could help me get this suit off when we get to our bedroom?"

> > > - - < < <

The Winthrop's couldn't spend their time obsessing over their sexual adventures during the past summer. Both had lives to live, a household to operate and a daughter to parent, raise and love. A time management issue Nancy had to face was completion of her degree thesis. She finished all research and reviewed results and the outline with her professor during the summer. She still had to submit the final draft to her professor and then defend her work before her committee.

One evening they talked through the entire process. Robert recalled when he did much the same work but as a full time student. He knew how busy Nancy would be this fall and was supportive. "I've got another school issue that has just come up," Nancy interjected, "I've been nominated to represent our county to the state elementary teacher's council. It's an honor, but will take some time; a weekend every month is what I've been told."

Robert expressed his pride, but both worried about time demands. It was Robert who suggested Nancy try it for a year but see if there could be an alternate representative if she got bogged down. Nancy never did hint that James was the one who nominated her to the council because he was a member. When James and Nancy discussed the possibility during an afternoon phone call they thought it would give them a regular time to be together with no questions raised. Once again Nancy had no qualms about the veil of secrecy she allowed to cloud over her relationship with her summer lover. One short summer with James was not going to be enough.

The following Friday evening, with Leezabad asleep after Robert once again recited the long poem about the mountain flower, it was time to continue stories of summer sexual adventure. Nancy decided to clear up one of her husband's misunderstandings. She wore the very sexy long black nightgown she purchased while at school. "The bikini you thought came from VS I actually bought at the college store. They sell much more than books these days. This is what I bought from Victoria. I realized I didn't pack any of my sexy nighties, and after what I am going to tell you now I knew that was a mistake. A girl just never can tell when she will want to wear something soft and filmy."

Robert was impressed with her choice of sexy looking nightwear. "You may as well go first again since you're dressed for sex. My story tonight will be just about a repeat of last week."

"Do you remember the weekend we played phone tag? That was when I did my second seduction." Nancy told how she was lonely and missing her family. When she couldn't get in touch with Robert she went to the pool looking for any good looking guy and found Joel. Telling about her afternoon and evening with number two came off without a hitch. As far as Nancy was concerned, Joel was a better lover than Mark, but she didn't have to describe his attributes in ways threatening to her husband. She did, however, stretch reality for an inconsequential part of her tale.

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