Gang Girl


When they all went away from her, she was just a dripping crumpled rag doll. She flopped on the bed and closed her eyes against it all. She was dripping and leaking from every opening on her body. Even her ears and nose seemed to be full. Her eyes were runny with it all, as well. She looked down at her legs and they were wet with sweat and sperm and lubricant. She coughed some of their juices and sperm out of her throat and more juice came out of both her vagina and bottom. Her hair was matted with it. She tried to move but the bed and her skin were so slippery she couldn't move without sliding around the bed. She just lay there leaking and wondering what she would do when it was all over - what state she would be in. She thought again about being pregnant - she had enough sperm in her to be pregnant 100 times over.

Nothing else happened. Some of the boys dressed and left. One of them brought a warm wet cloth and a towel and he cleaned her up a bit with another guy. Then they lifted her to her feet and took her to the shower. She sat on the toilet again and emptied again. She wondered where it was all coming from. Her whole intestine must have been empty by that time. She seemed to fill the lavatory bowl and she seemed to pee a gallon and it gave her such a feeling of relief and cleansing. Then the nice man saw her into the shower and helped her wash again.

When they came out of the bathroom there was only one other boy there. He was tidying up. The nice man found her clothes and helped her to get dressed before dressing himself. He held up her Lycra pants and they had been cut to pieces to get them off her. Someone must have had a knife or scissors and cut them right off her body while she was unconscious. She got dressed without panties. The room looked like a bomb had gone off. There were torn sheets and piles of dirty towels and the smell must have been awful but she didn't smell anything.

He led her towards the door and said "I'll drive you home," and then he took her in his arms and hugged her and she found herself kissing him.

She couldn't believe what she was doing but she was filled with gratitude towards him. She really thought she would be hurt or injured if it had not been for him. She found herself saying "Thank you," to him as the other boy was watching and hearing.

The nice man took her home. The house had not been the house of the party so they must have taken her away while she was unconscious. He dropped her off right outside home. As he drove away he switched the lights off his car and she couldn't see the plates. She thought about it too late. She didn't tell her mum what had happened. It was about 6.30 in the morning and still dark. The next day one of our family friends from the party told what she knew and her mum went crazy with her.

She threatened to call the police when she told her some of the things that had happened but no details. Her mother was blaming her because of the skirt and the boots, especially the boots.

"Tight leather all the way up to your bum; what do you expect?"

As if it was all her fault and she had invited them to "rape" her as she saw it.

Friends asked her later, "Were any objects used on you - put into you?"

She said "No."

She was asked "Were you hit by anyone?"

She said "No," so everyone said it probably wasn't rape or even assault.

No one at the housewarming party could remember seeing any of the men in the house. So how they got to lift her off the bed and take her somewhere else no one would say. She's wondered since if her friend at the house actually knew more than she said and she lost touch with her within a few weeks.

Her thinking now swings between being really ashamed of what happened to her and feeling rather proud. She think she had more sex experience in that one night than her mother had in her entire life. She was unhurt in her body anyway, and there were no lasting medical consequences, so she had been lucky. Not pregnant either. Now she wonders if she really did agree to everything that happened. If she did then she had not been raped and she enjoyed it. You see her problem?

Her dreams still include bits of these events and she is always scared by it all. She can remember the feeling of being full of sperm and having more put into her. Time after time. Actually, the very next day after the "event" she heard the old song "Yummy yummy yummy, I've got love in her tummy" and she thought to herself "It may not be love but I've got more sex and juice in my tummy than anyone else in town." She was still losing it in the toilet for days afterwards and she was surprised at what she had been able to take.

And also there was the shock and surprise of being full of men all at once. Surprise because it didn't hurt and because she didn't think it was possible. The finale is one of her recurring dreams and it has softened over the years. She hasn't seen the nice man since, but she still finds herself thinking of him with some affection even though he was the first to get her and seemed to be in charge of the group. Isn't that weird? She wonders now if that is why she has a fantasy of being in charge of a group of men who will please her any way she want.

The day after the "event" she wore another pair of her Lycra panties and found them comforting for her bruised labia and the roughened skin on her thighs. She went out and bought more pairs and wore them every day. When she wore them two at a time, she was more comforted still.

There's Alicia's story. She's been waiting to tell someone. She'd been drugged and violated by a gang of men, and not only survived but enjoyed some parts of it and become proud of it. Is Alicia perverted, or what?

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