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Gang of Four


Bobby closed the door to his manager's office as he left. He had just had his ass chewed out because he was about to lose the company's most important clients. He had attempted to explain what the problem was, but his manager did not give a damn. His manager had made it very clear he had better do whatever it took to keep the contract or he would not be keeping his job.

Two months prior when he had been told he was being put in charge of the account of the "Gang of Four," as some called them around the office, he was certain he had just been handed the means to moving up in the company quickly. The person he had replaced, Jeffrey, was moving on to a better position in the company and Bobby saw the same happening to him in no time at all. But now it was screwed simply because he had tried to act professionally and do his job properly.

When Jeffrey had first started to explain what the "Gang" wanted when they made their quarterly visit, Bobby had thought he was joking; but it was no joke. The four of them came each time with no intention of listening to any sales pitch. Instead, they made their decision based on the extra-curricular activities that had been lined up for them. Jeffrey always gave them what they wanted which is why he had been able to steal the account from their competitor.

Jeffrey explained that what they wanted varied from time to time. Bobby should expect a call about a week before detailing what they desired. At the time when Jeffrey explained everything, he had made a moral decision he would not stoop so low. He was very uptight concerning sex and found the whole idea of whores disgusting. So the week before, he had his calls screened and was able to avoid talking with them at all before they arrived. When he showed up for his first meeting, he tried to deflect their obvious anger by trying to steer the conversation to his sales pitch. It, of course, did not work. The three who had shown up - their fourth member was back in his room sick - quickly terminated the meeting and went to see his manager.

Now he had to call them back, apologize, and see about getting their needs met no matter how much it nauseated him. He was going through his desk looking for the number to an escort service Jeffrey had given him. He had kept it, although he was not sure why. Now it was his lifeline. Once he found it, he called the hotel and got Max.

"Max, this is Bobby. I am really sorry for how everything has gone during your stay. I will do everything in my power to make it up to you."

"You're too late. We're going back tonight."

"No! You can't. I'll lose my job."

"What the hell do I care. You had your shot. You had to be a model citizen."

"Look, just tell me what you want and I will go get it. Tell me what kind of girls you want and it's done."

"I don't think this is a problem an everyday escort can fix."

"If you want two, three, however many just tell me."

"No, you don't understand. This would require only girl. But it would have to be a very, very special girl."

"I don't follow."

"We have already picked out the girl."

"Ok. Is she an escort? Do you have her number?"

"She had better be an escort tomorrow. And you already have her number."


"Let me spell it out. Your wife. To fix this, we will require the services of your wife. When we saw the picture on your desk, we knew exactly what we wanted."

"No! Goddamn it! No! What do you think I am?"

"I think you are someone who will be out of a job very soon."

"Fuck you!"

"Bobby, I am going to overlook that last comment and tell you how it is going to be. We will fly out tomorrow afternoon. If you want to have the contract and your job when we leave, your wife will be at our hotel tonight at 8. Its your choice."

With that he hung up. Now Bobby knew what nausea really was. He rushed to the bathroom and emptied his stomach into the toilet. After he cleaned up, he left the office in a daze. He drove around for an hour or so before he realized he had somehow ended up at his home. By the time he opened the door to his house he knew what he had to do. Jessica would rail against it, but in the end he knew he could guilt her into it. All the debt her failed business had created was the reason they could not afford him losing his job.

Jessica was in kitchen washing dishes and he stopped at just stared at her. She was so beautiful. She had on a white T-shirt and a pair of Daisy Dukes that she wore only around the house. They showed off her long, tanned legs. She was six feet even in her bare feet and her legs were not even her best asset. Her breasts were quite large especially with such a tiny waist below. And they had not a hint of sag in them. When she became aroused, which unfortunately for Bobby was not very often, her nipples would lengthen to almost an inch. And her face was just as perfect as her body, with striking blue eyes and blond hair that went down to the middle of her back. She could easily have become a famous model if Bobby would have permitted it. But, truth be told, that suited Jess just fine. She was actually quite shy and all of the attention she had gotten from men through the years had made her extremely self-conscious. It was the reason she did not chase her dream of becoming an actress.

"Hi, honey," she said when she finally noticed him. She tensed immediately when she saw his face, "What's wrong?"

"I have to ask a favor of you. Let's sit down."

"What's wrong?" she repeated after they sat down. It took him a while before he could start.

"That new account I got. Well, I may have lost it."

"What? How can that be? I thought you had it under control."

"I did, except they didn't want to talk business, they wanted a ... hooker. And because I didn't get them one I will lose my job."

"But that's not right. Talk to your boss. Explain the situation."

"I did. He doesn't care. And now I have to find a girl for them."

With that, Bobby just looked at his gorgeous wife not wanting to say the words he knew he must. That was when Jessica remembered the favor. She went pale and got up out of the chair.

"What ... what are you saying? Am I the favor?"

"I don't have any choices."


"Please honey. I am in a very tight jam. There is no other way. You know I would not ask you this if there was some other way."

"I thought I knew you would never ask me this at all. This is bullshit! Get them a hooker. Get them a dozen."

"I can't. They want a very specific type of girl. One I won't be able to find anywhere else."

Jessica did not hear what he was saying as she had stormed out the kitchen. She ran to the other end of the house and locked herself in the bedroom. He banged on the door and they proceeded to argue for about fifteen minutes. He tried shaming her into doing what he wanted and she simply called him names and cried. Eventually, he remembered he knew where the key to the room was and went and got it.

When he opened the door, Bobby saw Jessica sobbing on the floor. She tried to make a dash for the bathroom, but he grabbed her and dragged her back to the bed. He pinned her down and tried desperately to calm her down, but she kept thrashing about for quite awhile until she tired out. Then, Bobby went back to work in trying to shame her into doing it, telling her what a financial jam they were in, how it was her fault they could not afford to lose this job. She did not respond until he brought up her acting. He told her she could look at it as a role she had to play. She wanted to be an actress and this was her chance. She could play the role of a prostitute and they did not have to know who she was and then they would be gone. She could not believe what he was saying. It was like a punch to her gut. It was as if he was trying to taint everything she held dear. She pulled her hands free and curled up into a ball wishing it would all go away. But it wouldn't.

He knew then that he had broken her will. She was still pissed off, but she would do it.

"When?" she whispered after a while.

"Tonight at 8."

She looked at the clock next to the bed and saw they had only a couple of hours. She got up and went into the bathroom and wiped her eyes.

"And they know who I am?" she asked from the bathroom.

"No," he lied. He did not want to spook her again. "You'd just be acting. They won't have to know who you are."

"Alright you asshole. I'll do it. I'll be your whore. Now get out."

He left the bedroom and let her get ready. He called the hotel and asked for Max.

"Max. We'll be there."

"I knew you would."

"There is just one stipulation. She doesn't know you know who she is. It was the only way."


"Look. You get want you want. It's the least you can do."

"Alright. We'll play along. In fact, we'll probably play quite a few games."

Nauseous, he fixed himself a couple of drinks and waited until Jessica came back out of the bedroom. She had put on a simple white dress shirt. Her large breasts filled the shirt quite nicely and it was quickly apparent that she had no bra on underneath. She had also put on a short, black miniskirt that Bobby had bought for her to wear just for him. It was way too short for a girl of her height. Her ass peaked out at the bottom and she had to constantly keep pulling it down. No panties and high heels finished off her ensemble.

"Jess, you can't go out in that."

"Why not? This is how whores dress."

"You're not a whore, Jess. Quit saying that."

"Then what am I about to do if not fuck for money. And don't call me Jess. My name is Angel"

Her eyes were filled with fury and Bobby said noting in return. Jessica had a temper and it was obvious she planned on making him pay dearly for this. Her anger was the only keeping her going. That and the feeling deep down that maybe Bobby was right and she owed it to him to help them get out of debt. He always had a way off making her feel like she was not a good enough wife to him.

Walking though the hotel lobby, Jessica got a lot of stares. Of course, they did not know whether to stare at her bouncing breasts or that too short mini-skirt. Going up in the elevator, she asked her husband to describe the four men she was going to fuck. He said he had only met three of them at the time, but they were all white, in their mid-thirties and looked fit. At least there is that, she thought to herself trying to steel herself.

They knocked on the door of the suite and it soon open. They were greeted by all four. The three in front where the ones Bobby had met yesterday; but the only one Jess and Bobby saw was the tall, large black man standing in the back. Both of them had something of a strong prejudice towards black men and if either had known a black man was involved, it is quite doubtful they would even be there.

"Well, hello there, Bobby" Max said before the two of them could over their shock. He was one of the white guys. He had black hair and was almost six feet tall, which happened to be a couple of inches shorter than Jessica was in her heels.

"I have to say you certainly did come through, Bobby," stated Russ as he looked Jess up and down. The third white guy, John, who like Russ had brown hair and was of average height, proceeded to grab her hand and pulled her into the room. Everything was moving to fast for her, but there was nothing she could do.

Max turned back to Bobby and said, "The other guy, Jeff, would sometimes stay and watch. It's up to you."

Bobby looked at Jess whose anger had departed and had been replaced with a gut-wrenching dread. She pleaded with her eyes for him to stay. He had planned on going to the bar downstairs and getting drunk, but now he saw that was not an option. He nodded his head and stepped into the room. They all walked into the middle of the room where Bobby was directed to go sit in the chair in the back and not bug them or he would be thrown out.

"So what is you name?" asked Ryan, the black man who intimidated Jess so much. He was almost six and a half feet tall and built like a linebacker.

"J...J...Angel." She had almost blurted out her real name. It was not a big thing, but it seemed important to her nonetheless.

"Yes you are," Ryan replied. "How long you been doing this?"

"This is my first time," she barely whispered.

"I could tell. You seem very nervous. I hope you're not scared. I promise you we won't hurt you. And you don't have to do anything you don't want to. Alright?"

She just stared at him and said nothing.

"You don't believe me," he said more than asked. "But I guess I wouldn't either if our places were reversed. Look we'll enjoy this only if you're enjoying it. You'll have to trust me on that. You do trust me, don't you?"

She looked into his eyes and for some reason she did trust him. He was like a lifeboat in the middle of the storm and she would cling to it with all her might. She nodded her head and he smiled in return.

"Here, have a seat." He led her to one of the chairs around the table in the middle of the suite. "Ok. Since we are going to go as slow as you want, we'll start off by playing a little game of cards."

This got a few chuckles from the others. Jess looked around and tears had begun to well up in her eyes. She quickly looked over at Bobby for support, but he was over at the bar fixing his second drink since entering. He was very thoroughly getting drunk.

"Maybe this will make you feel a little better." He gave her a shot whiskey, which she quickly slammed back without thinking. He also pulled out a roll of hundreds and gave her a $1000. "That is for just showing up. If you don't want to make anymore than that, you just have to say no. But if you choose otherwise, you can make a lot of money today. It's up to you. We have the table set up. All you need to do now is change clothes. That is not to say we don't like you attire you have on now, but we prefer this. You can go into the bathroom if you like."

He handed her a bundle of clothes and she went into the bathroom closing the door behind her. She practically collapsed onto the tile floor next to the large tub. She could not believe how much her life had changed in only a half day. Yesterday, she was just an ordinary housewife, now this. She could feel her anger returning. It provided the energy to get up and change. The clothes they had given her were the kind a catholic schoolgirl wears. She thought to herself: Just like Brittany in that video. When she finished putting them and looked at herself in the mirror, she doubted even Brittany looked as good as she did right then.

She opened the door and stepped back out. The guys gawked back at her from the poker table they had set up. She was a schoolboy's wet dream come to life. The dress shirt she had on was smaller than the one had worn coming over. She had done up all the buttons, but they all looked as if they might pop off any second. This time she had a sheer bra on underneath. The catholic schoolgirl's skirt was not any longer than her mini, but she did have on a pair of panties, sheer as well. Little white socks, a pair of brown shoes, and two ribbons to put her hair in a ponytail finished the ensemble.

She made a point of not looking at her husband as she walked back to the table. She had always felt held back sexually by her husband. He was so uptight about it. Now she was Angel. She had no ties. She did what she wanted. This was about as naughty as one little girl could get. Of course, by the time she had taken her seat at the table, her anger had left her and she was right back where she had started except a little tipsy since she was not a drinker.

"Here are the rules for the game, at least for the first round," Ryan, who was to her right, had again taken the lead in trying to make her feel comfortable. "We're going to play. The four of us will be betting normally. You will ante up a piece of clothing. At the end, after everyone calls, you can stay in or fold. If you fold, you take back your piece of clothing. Now, if you stay in the hand and win, you get to keep all the money. That's in addition to what Bobby's paying you for your time. But if you lose, well ... you have to ante up another piece of clothing. We keep playing until you have our money or we have your clothes. Then, we can go on to round two. That doesn't sound to bad, now does it?"

Jess shook her head. It, in fact, did not. Not given what had been running through her head earlier. The drink she had earlier was also doing its work and she felt less scared. They looked at her until she realized they were waiting for her to ante up. She took off the pretty ribbons they had given her to tie her hair up with and put it in the center of the table. She thought it quite ironic that Bobby had recently insisted on teaching her how to play poker for their upcoming Vegas trip.

The cards were dealt and she got nothing she could use. One of the first things she noticed after discarding was that they were playing for a lot of money. She thought that if she were able to get a great hand and win a few times, she might be able to solve most of their money problems. But on the first hand, she folded and did so again the next hand. Ryan gave her another drink, which quickly disappeared down her throat. She knew she should be careful with the alcohol; and she did stop for a while after her third drink, but what she did not know was that she was not just drinking alcohol. The drinks had been spiked with a little concoction of Max's and by the fifth hand it was already hard at work.

She began to feel light-headed and detached from her body, which was becoming quite aroused. Her judgment was also becoming impaired and on the next hand she decided to chance it and stayed in. She luckily won the hand and quite a bit of money. This gave her courage and when her next two hands were also very good she decided to stay in those as well. She lost both. She no longer had her hair tie or her shoes. Her little white socks were up on the table now. She had a run of folds and a couple more drinks. She lost track of what she was doing and lost her socks and now had to choose between her skirt or her blouse. She chose her skirt thinking it was the least visible. She tried to take it off sitting down, but they made her stand up. Only after it was off, did she realize how wet she had become. The guys whistled appreciatively at the dampness that had made her panties translucent. Her puffy lips were partially visible and when she had to turn around for them, they saw how the panties had ridden up into her crack.

"You're getting into this, aren't you?" asked Ryan when she sat back down. She could not bring herself to reply or even look at him. She stared down at her hands and blushed. This brought a chuckle from everybody.

The hands again became a blur until she had to shed her blouse. She stood up and stripped. The bra was a size too small and her breasts were almost spilling out. But the bra did not stay on very long. She lost them on the very next hand and she was forced to stand up once more. When she undid the sheer bra, they simply stared and marveled at her breasts. There was not an ounce of sag in them. They were also deeply tanned like the rest of her body since she always made a point of being nude in the tanning booths. She looked down and saw that her very long nipples were erect. She couldn't understand her body's arousal and flushed with embarrassment that everyone could see her aroused state.

"God, she has the longest nipples I have ever seen," stated John to no one in particular.

"No kidding. I bet they are sensitive as hell," said Russ. Jessica nodded agreement from the fog she was in. They were extremely sensitive. Someone could her to do almost anything if they simply played with them right. Bobby had never learned that about her in the two years they had known each other.

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