tagNonConsent/ReluctanceGang Rape of Cody's Mom

Gang Rape of Cody's Mom


Disclaimer: This story is fictitious and all characters are over 18.


Cody took off his shirt, climbed into bed, and turned off the light. His first year of college was a blast but, it was nice to be back in his old room with familiar things. It was home. Cody's mother Lindsey was happy to have her son home for the summer too. With her husband out of town on business so often, it was great to have another man in the house to help her feel safe and not so lonely. Besides, she just missed her son.

Lindsey was getting ready for bed too. She removed her top and bra letting her breasts swing free. That feels so much better she thought to herself. She recently has a breast lift done and had to purchase new bras and this one might have been a bit small. Still, she had a new confidence in herself. She was glad to be in shape and healthy again: pretty blond hair, new boob job, flat tummy, a nice round bubble butt, and toned legs. All of her hard work at the gym was paying off.

She put on her night shirt and panties when she heard a noise. It sounded like breaking glass. Then another noise startled her. She quickly ran to Cody's room.

"Cody, wake up! Did you hear that?"

Cody turned on the light and sat up in bed. "Hey Mom, what's going on? Yeah, I thought I heard something. What is it?"

"I'm not sure. I don't think it's a cat though."

Right then, Cody and Lindsey could hear voices, men's voices. And they were getting louder. They were stuck in Cody's room, so they couldn't run. They had to hide and hope whoever was out there would leave. Cody opened his closet doors; he and his mother quickly and quietly went in and shut the doors, their hearts pounding.

Two men had broken into the house. They opened the front door and six other men joined them. Lindsey didn't know it but eight inmates had escaped from a prison just outside of town and were now in her living room. All of them were huge, prison-hardened men, muscular, tattooed thugs.

"Hey man, I thought you said no one lived here. Sure looks like people live here to me. Where we gonna stay tonight? I ain't going back to that shit hole."

"Damn, I don't know. This was the house they said we could lay low. But this can't be it. Everyone just find some shit we can use. We'll jack these rich bastards and get to the safe house."

Cody and Lindsey could hear footsteps enter his bedroom. They tried to control their breathing, but they were terrified. Just stay calm and don't make a sound. Good thing Cody picked up his cell phone! He went to dial 9-1-1 when his phone went black. The battery was completely dead. His heart sank.

The strange man cased the room looking for anything of value. Another inmate entered the room too.

"Any good shit in here?"

"Nah man, I don't see a damn thing."

"Hey check the closet."

The stranger opened the doors.

"Whoa, looky what we have here," the man said. He saw a young man in his boxer shorts crouched next to an older, but attractive woman. He yelled to his partners, "Hey, you bastards get in here and see what I found."

Lindsey saw the man and screamed. "Leave us alone! Take what you want, but please leave!"

The two men in the room grabbed Cody and Lindsey, dragging them out of the closet. By then the other escaped inmates rushed into the room to see the commotion. Cody and Lindsey struggled to free themselves, but it was useless.

One of the men rubbed his crotch. "Hey look at this fine piece of ass. When's the last time any of you bastards fucked a pussy?" Lindsey could feel eight sets of eyes ogling her body. It had been years since any of these sex-starved men had been with a woman, and they were hungry.

"Don't fucking touch my mom you assholes!" Cody yelled. One of the men backhanded Cody in the face. A tear ran down Lindsey's cheek. "Please don't hurt him," she said.

The eight men looked at each other. And it became a feeding frenzy.

"Make sure the momma's boy isn't trying to be a hero, and make him watch this shit." Two men grabbed Cody's arms, kicked him in the leg, knocking him to his knees. He wasn't going anywhere.

The rest threw Lindsey onto her son's bed. They tore her shirt away exposing her breasts. They hollered at the sight of Lindsey's perfect tits. Another man ripped her panties off. She tried to free herself but she could barely move. Two men grabbed each of her arms, and two other men grabbed each of her legs and they were spreading her apart. She could feel tightness in her groin as the barbaric men pulled her legs grotesquely apart completely exposing her vagina.

"Look at this whore! She keeps her pussy bald as the day she was born!"

Another man looked at Cody, "What do you think Son? Your mom shaves her twat. I bet you love that, don't ya?" Cody tried to look away, but the giant brut slugged him in the stomach. "Look at your mom's cunt you pervert!" He laughed.

Lindsey was crying and she could feel sweat beads on her forehead. This can't be happening she thought. There she was legs spread, tied down, in front of her son, about to be gang raped. The first rapist lined himself up between her legs and pulled out his enormous cock. Cody realized it was much bigger than his. Lindsey looked down and saw it too. He eyes went big and a look or terror came across her face.

He wasted no time and rammed his cock into her dry pussy. Lindsey's head flew back and she screamed. Lindsey was sure he had torn her in half. The fact she was dry added to her agony. The man lifted her hips off the bed and buried his massive erection as deep as he could into her body. He pumped his dick in and out. Cody was sure he could see the man's huge penis moving under his mom's flat tummy as he fucked her. He felt so helpless.

It did not take long and the first man began to cum, shooting his load inside deep inside his victim's vagina. As he withdrew, a second cock was ready to takes its place. Lindsey felt the agony all over again. At least this time, the cum from the first cock provided some lubrication.

"Please stop please! You're hurting me!" Lindsey cried out. But the men just chuckled more. The second rapist began to ride her, thrusting his hungry dick in and out. He grabbed two handfuls of her tits and squeezed, using them to pull his cock into her body. She screamed all over again. The men all cheered and hollered. Watching this beautiful woman being ravished gave them all rock hard erections.

One after another, they all took turns raping Lindsey's pussy, and forcing Cody to witness it all. As soon as the last man had shot his load, the first had his cock hard again. The last thug withdrew his cum-covered cock, and even more semen leaked out of Lindsey's abused cunt. She had been fucked for so long by so many large cocks, that her vagina gaped open now, completely stretched out.

But the gang rape was not done. The thugs flipped Cody's mom over and began to rape her unused ass. A new pain entered Lindsey's body, and she screamed and wailed. Some of the rapists waiting to fuck her again became impatient. One thug grabbed Lindsey's head, forced her mouth open, and shoved his cock in, and started to fuck her throat. She gagged and couldn't breathe. He finally shot his load in her mouth. Lindsey swallowed as fast as she could so she didn't choke to death. She could feel the thick salty cum sliding down her throat.

The men were getting tired. Cody had stopped fighting; it was useless. His mother was exhausted and covered in sweat and semen. One of the men who was holding Cody at the moment looked down and noticed Cody had an erection.

"Hey, what a freak! Check this out guys. This dude is hard from watching his mom get fucked."

Cody was ashamed. He didn't' realize it, but it was true. He felt so guilty. He hated that his mom was being used like this, but the site of so much sex had apparently aroused him.

Another rapist said, "I have an idea. Give me that rubber band." He took the band and yanked down Cody's shorts exposing his cock. He wrapped the rubber band around his erection. "Now the bastard will stay hard when we make him....fuck his own mom."

Cody was stunned. "What? No, you can't please!" The rest of the men cheered.

"You better do it, or we kill you and your hot-ass mom," the thug said.

"How the hell did you even think to try that, you sick bastard," another thug laughed.

They positioned Cody over his mother who was on her back again. She was so tired, but aware of what was going on. At his point, she wanted it all to be over. She looked at her son and just nodded her head. Do it and maybe they will leave us alone, she thought to herself.

Cody closed his eyes. He didn't want to watch, but when he did, one of the men grabbed Cody's balls and squeezed as hard as he could.

"OHH-AHHH!" Cody cried out in pain.

"You keep your eyes open when you fuck your mom, hahaha!"

Cody felt his penis enter his mother's vagina. It made a squishing sound from a mix of the cum and her pussy juice. He was so confused. He hated this, but his cock felt so good. Lindsey was almost mentally drained. She tried to pretend her own son wasn't fucking her, but he was. She at least knew Cody cared about her. He wasn't "raping" her like the rest of these huge brutes.

She took comfort in that and tried to relax; she was so exhausted anyway. Cody felt his balls tighten. He knew he was going to cum soon. Lindsey's body began to react too. Her pussy had been stimulated for so long, her body didn't know any better. Her pussy started to tingle and she shut her eyes tightly. She knew it. She was about to orgasm.

Right then Cody clenched up. His cock jerked and cum shot from his dick. Rope after rope pumped into Lindsey's vagina. She felt his fullness and her body froze and she too started to orgasm, her body betraying herself.

"That was insane," one of the men said.

"Wow what a couple of freaks," another replied.

"Yeah let's get out of here."

Cody rolled over onto the bed next to his mom. The men left as quickly as they came, leaving Lindsey and her son, shamed and humiliated.

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Yeah, right. Cody walks free.

That many cons with a boy and his mother. No way Cody doesn't get both holes used as his mom is airtight. They're all going to wait their turn. Yeah, right.
Also, they're going away orderly. They hadmore...

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This was great. No messing... straight into the action. Made me jack off anyway.

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by Anonymous05/03/17

bags for a sequel between Mom and son

Both mom and son are left with unmet sexual and emotional needs. Mom can only trust Cody to be her therapist and it turns him on to listen to her. Sympathy leads to bonding to hugs and kisses. A put-the-past-behind-usmore...

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