tagNonConsent/ReluctanceGangster Captive Ch. 4

Gangster Captive Ch. 4


Bart was grinning like the Cheshire Cat, so pleased was he with himself. With Jimbo's help, Bart had tied Jack spread eagled on the bed, and forced him to eat his daughter's teenage pussy. With Cindy in heat from her father's tongue, Bart had convinced young girl to mount her dad's big cock. Even better, he had made Mae slide her husband's cunt splitter into that young, hardly used slit.

All that was over now, although Cindy was still sitting impaled on Jack's shrinking member, slumped forward on her hands, exhausted by her shattering orgasms. Jack lay still also, cursing Bart under his breath, but sated and spent after filling his daughter's cunt with a full load of his cum.

"Oh shut the fuck up," Bart snarled at the unhappy father. You know you enjoyed that big time, and for damn sure your daughter did. Look at her. The first real fuck of her life, and she loved it. It's about time you gave your women what they need, and what they need is some regular cock.

"But Bart, you said..." Mae tried to interrupt.

Bart cut her short. "I know damn well what I said. I said me and the boys wouldn't rape your daughter. Well, it wasn't any of us who just fucked her, and it damn sure wasn't rape. It looks to me like your darling little missy loves having her pretty little pussy stuffed with a big dick just as much as her slut mother does."

Bart turned away from Mae to speak to Cindy who had by then rocked backwards onto her haunches. Unwilling to give up the penis buried in her quim, however, the young girl was still astride her father's member even though it was by then softening and shrinking inside her.

"What about that Sweet Chops," Bart asked Cindy. "Did that thing feel good in your pussy?

"Yes, you bet it did. Real good!"

"Was it better than with your boy friend?" Bart asked.

"Yes Sir, much better. Kevin isn't so big and he doesn't last very long. This was better than I ever thought sex could be. I couldn't even get my breath.

"You want it again, don't you? More cock I mean?" Bart asked with an assured grin on his face.

"OH YES SIR! I do want it again. Can he do it to me again..., please?"

Mae was stunned. Her supposedly innocent daughter was begging this stranger to have her father fuck her again. It was no act either, a very real lust glinted in the teen's eyes as she pleaded for more cock.

"Well, honey bunch," Bart answered, "I don't think your old dad is going to be much good to you for a while. I need a shower and so do you. You come along with me while your momma cleans up after you with her mouth. She loves to suck dick and you have left her a tasty one."

Then, as if an after thought, he spoke to Mae again, adding, "When you finish that little job slut, take the noose off your neck and join Cindy and me in the shower.

"Sucking Jack's cock clean after he has fucked some other woman is getting to be a habit..., and a bad one," Mae thought to herself as she crawled between her husband's legs and went down on him. This was the worst yet, however. This was her daughter's pussy juice she was tasting on the penis she had always regarded as her own.

"Damn Bart anyway," she mumbled under her breath, "he never quits shaming me."

The bastard was right about one thing tho. In this one terrible day, Mae had reversed a lifetime aversion to fellatio. Suddenly, inexplicably, having a penis in her mouth had become irresistible to her, even one like this, all used up and covered with male and female sex residue. Indeed, she took such pleasure from sucking her husband that she refused to call his member clean until he was again fully erect, and moaning in delicious pain from the suction on his empty balls. Mae knew this was unfair of her, but it was a revenge that she relished almost as much as having her mouth filled with dick.

Mae left her husband still bound spread eagled on the bed, unsatisfied, but with an absurd and useless hard-on standing straight up from the split between his legs. Bart's faithful lieutenant, Jimbo still on guard duty, was giggling at Jack's discomfort as Mae left the room.

Mae removed the noose from around her neck, and opened the bathroom door to find the shower stall empty. Bart had discovered the master bedroom's Jacuzzi tub, and he and Cindy were stacked upon each other soaking in the hot bubbling water. Bart was on the bottom and Cindy lay on her back between his legs. Bart's arms were around the pretty teen, and one hand was happily playing with a tit while the other was fingering her pussy.

The smile on her daughter's face told Mae a good deal more than she wanted to know. The shy girl Mae had raised had gone off somewhere, and replacing her was this smiling hussy slut who apparently enjoyed Bart using her as his whore.

"Hi Mom," Cindy greeted her mother brightly, ignoring the fact that she was lying naked in the arms of a stranger, a man who claimed to own her mother as his slut. "Bart didn't know about the Jacuzzi in here. Better than a shower, Huh?"

"Now look here young lady," Mae began to scold her offspring, "this is serious business..."

"Oh Mom, for Christ Sakes, don't be upset," Cindy interrupted her mother. "I'm not stupid. I can see what is going on. These men are cruel and dangerous, and I know what they want from us..., Why else would I be naked with a finger in my cunt? Don't you remember? I was there watching when this same man forced you kneel naked at his feet and suck him off. I don't know what else they have made you do, but I can guess it was every bit as humiliating as that blow job. Whatever it was tho, it must have also been damned sexy because it has turned you on."

"Now you listen to me," Mae interrupted, "I'm not a whore..."

Cindy cut her mother's protest short. "Don't tell me you're not turned on momma. Your pussy is swollen and your nipples are hard. I know horny when I see it. I'm sure you have been doing what you thought you had to, but you don't have to play the martyr any more, at least not on my account. I understand, and mom, its all right. You were raped and your body reacted to what was done to you. It could happen to any woman. The same thing happened to me in there with daddy. Didn't you understand that?"

Mae tried to interrupt again and began "No darling, it isn't that way..."

Cindy again refused to let her mother talk. "You're not listening momma. I said Its all right. I'm their female captive too, and if being a slut will keep us alive, I will be one right along with you. Anyway, I'm 18, an adult, and hey, I've been fucked before. I liked it. I think I like it even better now. A little while ago Bart asked me if I wanted more cock, and I told him I did. It was the truth momma. At that moment, I was aching for more. God, I was so hot, I would have died for more. You want more too. I can see it in your eyes. Stop beating up yourself. Sure, to stay alive we are accepting rape, but something else is also true. We both like to be fucked. We need to be fucked. We're both sluts momma. We just didn't know that before this bastard Bart and his gang came along."

"Looks like your child is all grown up Slut," Bart broke into the Cindy's speech. "She wants more cock in that tight little pussy, and me and the boys are gonna give it to her...,lots of it..., and it ain't rape neither. No time like the present get to started I always say."

He pulled himself out from under Cindy and took a seat on the edge of the tub with only his feet in the water and his knees spread as wide as they would reach.

"Get in the tub slut," he ordered Mae. "Every girl should be taught how to suck cock by her mother. Here, both of you crawl up close between my legs. You slut can start by showing your daughter how to soap and wash a cock real good, especially the ridge around the head. I want to be clean and sanitary when your daughter sucks me."

"And you sweet chops," Bart was talking to Cindy now. "Ever sucked a cock before?"

"No sir!"

"Good! You haven't developed any bad habits. Watch your momma now, and see how she washes me before laying me out on her tongue."

Mae, carefully soaped Bart's penis and gonads, making certain that he was clean under the skin behind the head, in the crack of his ass, and under his balls. She rinsed him clean, jacking the flaccid man meat once or twice with her hand, before running her tongue lovingly around the head. Then, taking her cue from Bart's hint of what he wanted next, she opened her mouth as wide as she could, she laid him gently on her tongue.

"Watch your momma, sweet chops," Bart instructed Cindy who was watching her mother wide eyed. "See how she lets me soak there on her tongue awhile before she begins to blow me. Trust me, that not only feels good, a man knows he owns a well trained cocksucker when she starts out slow this way. All right slut, deep throat me now!"

Mae pushed her head forward, trying to open her throat and take as much of him as she could down her gullet. Then drawing back she brought the head back to her lips, and just before it slipped from her mouth, she again drove forward, choking on his length, but swallowing a full two thirds of his ten inches.

"O.K., OK., she's got the idea slut," Bart told her as he pushed her back from his crotch. "You're too good. Much of that and I'll shoot for sure. Now lets see you try sweet chops. Momma slut, you lay it in her mouth for her."

"Damn him," Mae swore under her breath, blushing with shame. She said nothing Bart could hear, but to herself she rambled angrily, "First I had to slide her father's cock into my daughter's pussy, now he makes me put his big dick in her mouth. He does it to shame me, to put me in my place. He never lets me forget for a minute that I am only property, property with a cunt and no choice but to do as I am told."
Meanwhile, Cindy waited on her knees with a wide open mouth like a chick in a nest begging to be fed. Mae proved she did know her place as Bart's slut by carefully laying his prick on her daughter's tongue. Cindy in turn proved her willingness to learn by submissively holding it there until Bart finally spoke to her again.

"All right, honey, suck me now. Imagine your mouth is a pussy and fuck my dick with it."

Slowly at first, and then faster, imitating her mother's effort, Cindy's head began to bob back and forth raking her lips up and down the hard-on that filled her mouth. With each down stroke she was able to force that big plum head deeper into her throat. Bart could not hold out long in the grip of such a soft teenage mouth. Within only minutes he grabbed his young fellatrix by the ears and yanked her to him, forcing her face into his crotch until her nose was buried in his pubic hair.

"AARUGHHA!" Bart exploded. His penis was all the way down Cindy's throat, and she swallowed frantically to keep from drowning as his full load went down. "You little bitch! What a cock sucking natural you are! If your pussy is half as sweet as your mouth you'll be the best piece of ass I've ever had."

Now soft and sated Bart had his two captives dry him as they all left the Jacuzzi. The water on his privates he insisted they lick away with their tongues. Wrapped with a towel as if he were Caesar leaving his bath, he returned to the bedroom where Jimbo waited with his prisoner still tied to the bed.

"Turn him loose," Bart ordered Jimbo, "and take him to the living room. Tie him up on the rug and let him sleep there. You find somebody to spell you guarding him so you can get some sleep too after you take care of that little project we talked about. These two sluts will sleep here with me."

It would be a long night for Mae and Cindy. Bart lay in the middle of the bed with a slut on each side. An arm around each of their necks pulled them close to him, and each cooperated by pressing her soft feminine body against his flank. Mae dozed off, exhausted from her day.

It was in the wee hours of the morning when Mae was awakened by the sound of moaning and movement in the bed. Shaking the cloud of drowsiness from her mind, Mae found her daughter in heat, rolling her head from side, moaning, and squeezing one of her own tits. Bart was pinching the nipple of her other tit with his teeth, and one of his hands was between the teen's spread legs finger fucking her pussy. The way Cindy's hips were bucking to meet his hand, and from her pleas for him to fuck her, Bart must have been playing with her daughter's body for some time while Mae slept. Cindy was clearly ready and willing to take cock.

Bart, however, alto growing in size was only semi-hard. He ordered Mae to suck him ready. It didn't take long. She hardly had him in her mouth before he was fully erect and ready to service the swollen and wet teen pussy he held in his hand. With a curse, Bart rolled out of Mae's lips to between his young slut's spread legs. In a single powerful thrust, he and drove all of his ten inches into that tender pussy, all the way to the hilt.

Even as wet and ready for him as she was, Cindy had never experienced a penis inside her anywhere near the size of Bart's. To take it all of him in one sudden shove like that was at first terribly painful. As her tissues stretched, however, the hurt faded, and Cindy began to cry out to her cruel lover. "Fuck me! Oh damn you, FUCK ME!"

Bart, however, at the crucial moment of his climax pulled his member out of poor Cindy's cunt, and straddling her mother he hand jacked himself off onto Mae's face. One spurt landed across her lips up past her nose. Another across one eye and a third on her forehead. The final spurts came with less force and landed on her breasts.

"All right you little bitch," Bart said to Cindy taking a cruel grip in her hair and yanking her to where she was nose to nose with her mother, "You wanted my cum. Lick it off! With your tongue! Clean my jizm off your slut mother's face and tits."

Two, maybe three hours later, it was Cindy's turn to suck Bart to a hard-on. It took longer this time, but gradually he came erect. He laid Mae face down with a pillow under her hips, one spread leg laying craddled in her daughter's lap. A hard male rod probed and prodded along the crack of Mae's ass, hunting, searching, for the hole of her pussy. Mae was quivering with excitement. He was not even inside her, yet small orgasmic shocks came bubbling up thru her loins from the erotic tension of this extraordinary day. Rape, if indeed that is what was happening, had never felt so good before.

"There!" she screamed at him as his prick touched the open entrance to her core. "That is it! You have the spot..., my hole. Put it in me. Give it to me..., give me all of it for God's sake man! Fuck me! FUCK ME!"

Give it to her he did as his big round cock head wedged its way between her pussy lips. Then came a powerful hunch of his hips, and four, maybe five, more inches of man meat forced their way inside Mae's trembling cunt. A second such thrust and he was all the way in. Her tissues were fully extended, filled with man meat, and the tip of his weapon was pressing hard against the mouth of her womb.

Mae lay under her master and at his mercy, split open and pegged to the bed by a huge phallus that stretched her female channel to its limit. As Bart rode her, his chest pressed against her back, weighing her down, holding her prisoner. His lips nibbled at the nape of her neck. His tongue explored her ears, inside and out. His arms and hands, jammed between her torso and the bed, fondled her tits and pinched her nipples. Helpless, defenseless, Mae could only grit her teeth and suffer this delicious erotic abuse from her rapist.

Under his weight, Mae could not respond to the great penis that was pleasuring her so. The best she could manage was to bite down on the sheet to muffle her screams, and try to hold to her sanity. Bart was nearly as immobile as Mae. Flush against her back and buttocks, Bart had little leverage with which to fuck his victim, and each stroke of his cock was limited to only an inch or two at the most. Mae didn't care. Those scant inches were quite enough to bring on orgasms that exploded in her belly like artillery fire.

And then like the lightening flash of a summer storm, it was all over. Mae's vagina overflowed with sticky cum. Bart remained on top of her, kissing her neck and back, while under her his big hands continued to play with her tits and nipples. For a very long time they remained like that, almost lovers rather than master and slave, hooked together by a softening cock soaking in female pussy juice and male semen. Mae could only wonder at what a remarkable ending this was to such a confusing and terrifying day.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The next morning at daybreak Bart returned to the soothing hot water of the Jacuzzi where his two slave women scrubbed his back, washed his cock, balls and ass, before drying him and helping him dress in the pants and shirt Jimbo brought for him. He returned the noose and trailing rope leash around Mae's neck, and fashioned a similar restraint for Cindy from the ropes used to tie Jack to the bed the night before. Bart returned to the living room in grand style leading the naked mother and daughter into the room as a triumphant Centurion might have once paraded a pair of prize female captives thru the streets of Rome.

The whole gang was gathered there. Karen was again clothed this morning looking only a little worse for wear after her night spent entertaining Sam's big black cock. The two chairs at center stage in front of the fireplace were gone, and in their place was a small low stool from the kitchen. On its seat, in front and slightly off center, and attached with screws thru the base was Mae's largest dildo, ten inches of plastic cock menacingly pointing straight up from the stool. Mae's eyes widened in horror as she visualized what that coal black and well oiled imitation phallus must be for. A peg for a vagina, her vagina surely. What else?

Bart saw the realization on Mae's face, and he was grinning as he told her, "Yeah, that's right slut! What every woman needs is something to sit on while she does her daily chores."

Mae's heart sank. She looked up to Bart hopelessly, and asked, "What do you want me to do?"

"You put on one hell of a show yesterday slut. You've have my friends here all randy and excited. Since that's your fault, don't you think you ought to do something about it?

Mae couldn't find the will to speak, but she knew from the sarcastic threat in Bart's voice she was expected to agree. She nodded.

"It's settled then! You are going sit on that stool with the nice plastic cock up your twat, and suck off my friends. Before you begin each blow job, my friend will have five minutes to play with your tits and clit. If you cum at any time before he does, either then or while you are sucking him, he will be a lucky winner of the 'Grand Prize.' And what will that be? Why a chance to fuck your daughter of course. O.K. slut? Let's see you sit your cunt down on that thing and we can get started."

Mae was horrified, To sit impaled on that awful dildo, sucking the penises of complete strangers to ejaculation, and then swallowing their semen..., why the very thought was gross and disgusting. Even her in her wildest sexual fantasy of submission she had never considered such a thing, but now she had no choice. She was Bart's slut now and she must do whatever dirty humiliating thing her owner might demand of her. But, to make her daughter the 'Grand Prize', even for Bart, that was a new low. She could defeat him tho, if only she control herself and not orgasm. Would that be possible with that huge dildo inside her, fingers mauling her beasts, and a warm cock in her mouth?

Mae straddled the stool, and looking down, took the best aim she could at the plastic make believe cock that waited under her. She raised her head and took a deep breath and started to squat. Leering faces surrounded her, laughing, saying dirty things to her. Over their heads, in the back of the room, she could see Jack, still naked, standing with his hands tied behind him, watching her intently. Mae couldn't help but notice that her predicament had him excited half way to an erection. Beside him was her Cindy, also nude, that noose around her neck, and concern written across her face.

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