tagNonConsent/ReluctanceGangster Captive Ch. 5

Gangster Captive Ch. 5


As soon as Mae and Karen were finished in the bathroom, Bart sent them off to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for himself and his hungry tribe. The bacon was already frying, and the bread toasting, when Karen broke the silence that had been between the two women since Mae ate Karen's cunt.

"Well, honey what about it? Did I taste good?

"It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be," Mae answered, "it was even kinda sexy in a perverted sort of way." Mae would not look up, however, as she continued to scramble a big skillet full of eggs."

"Come on hon," Karen argued. "It was better than that, but of course I was on the receiving end. A woman knows where to lick better than any man ever can, and when you have it done to you, you'll learn to love it, maybe better even than taking cock."

"Please Karen," Mae begged changing the subject, "have you heard anything. What is Bart going to do with us when he leaves? Will he kill us?"

"I don't know a thing hon." was the answer. "Bart never tells anybody what he is will do about anything until the last minute. Still, anybody can see he has enjoyed training you as his slut, and he likes that sexy daughter of yours too. Matter of fact you two have been the high point of this whole caper for him, even more than the money we stole. I doubt very much that he would dispose of a couple of women who have entertained his dick so well, and might do so again in the future, but who can say what Bart will do, ever."

"...and might do so again in the future..." That phrase had an ominous sound to Mae. She had assumed all along that whether they lived or died, when it was over, it would be all over. The thought that might not be true frightened her. Did Karen mean that Bart might take her with him when he left?

The possibility of being forced to become the mistress of a gangster on the run was terrifying. How could anyone live every minute of every day with the threat of discovery and a gunfight with the police hanging over them? Moreover, aside from constant fear and uncertainty of evading arrest, Mae knew only to well how she was likely to be treated as Bart's slut. He had already proved himself to be a cruel master. This very morning she had been forced to give his whole gang a blow job while she sat on a stool with her pussy impaled on a dildo. As if that wasn't shame enough, afterwards Bart had insisted she eat Karen's pussy, and even dog fucked her while her head was buried in that female crotch. If Bart took her with him as a part of his gang, what dirty and perverted things would he be adding to the list of humiliations she had already suffered? There was, however, the other side of the same coin.

Even raped and shamed, in all her life Mae had never experienced the depth of sexual desire and completion as she had since Bart took charge of her body. No denying it. Even as he humiliated and abused her, Mae had gone into in heat like an animal bitch. She had to face the fact she had never admitted before, even to herself. She was by nature a submissive female who needed a dominant lover who would force her to worship his cock. All her life she had wanted to be TAKEN. TAKEN and FUCKED like the born tramp that she was.

Bart would satisfy her desire to be owned by a man. It was also true that he would give her orgasms she so desperately wanted, but what would she be? A slave to his cock, only one more of several pussies he owned and used, that was all she could ever be. That had been her role for the last two days, and what had she earned? She was butt ass naked with a rope around her neck, scrambling eggs for her tormentors along with another of Bart's concubines whose pussy she had just eaten. All too clearly Mae could see what a future with Bart might be like.

If she didn't leave with Bart though, would she be satisfied to return to her previous humdrum sex life? No she wouldn't. That sterile possibility was as unsettling as being carried away as a gangster's permanent whore. Could she actually live with a husband who by now probably thinks his wife is the whore of Babylon? Obviously their relationship, their very life together, would be forever altered by this experience. What would that change be, and would she fare any better with her husband than on the run with Bart?

That answer lay with Jack, and certainly he had a great deal to consider. He had been made to watch as a cruel and demanding gangster stripped his wife and ordered her suck his dick. He heard her tell Bart that she was his slut. He was there when she begged Bart to fuck her, and then passionately submitted herself willingly, even eagerly, to her new owner and master.

This morning he was again present to watch his wife abused as she sat pegged on a plastic cock sucking off one gangster after another. He watched as she either swallowed their cum, or had it splattered across her face and tits. Mae knew her husband could only have wondered what kind of tramp he had married when, at the very height of her humiliation, she orgasmed..., twice..., with two different men.

All the dirt was not under the same rug, however. Jack himself had agreed that she was to be this gangster's woman to do with as he chose. Could she forgive him for that betrayal? She should she knew. After all hadn't she pleaded with him to give her up and let Bart fuck her? Anyway a man might say a lot things he didn't really mean with his penis buried inside Karen's warm and delicious cunt.

Yet there was more. Jack had been more than an onlooker to the Bart's campaign of humiliation and rape. Willing or not, he had become a participant. That was his tongue and his cock that his daughter's pussy rode to orgasm after orgasm. That was his cock that had raped Mae's ass as she lay helpless over the padded arm of the living room couch with her hands tied behind her back. Still, did the rape of her ass, and the fucking of Cindy, really require forgiveness, or did the orgasms he gave her and her daughter make those superfluous issues?

Mae wondered, after all her husband had seen and heard and done, should he..., could he..., continue his marriage, and if he chose to do so, how? On that score, it occurred top Mae that even some good might come out of all this, at least to the extent that both she and Jack would now be forced to come to grips with her need to be sexually dominated. At last he must recognize that it was not sufficient to 'make love' to his wife. Now he knew! He must brutally strip her naked, force her to her knees, and make her suck him off, not as his lover but as his slave slut.

Mae knew, however, that this new found understanding would be a plus only if Jack was actually able to be her master, and had the will and desire to treat her as he would a harem concubine, at least within their bedroom. Could the even tempered and loving Jack become the dominant male of her kinky desires, and satisfy them when necessary with a rope and whip? Mae knew her husband pretty well and she was uncertain.

And besides herself, what of their daughter Cindy? Apparently she was a chip off her mother's old block, eager to be some man's slut and toy. Now that he has fucked her once, will her father become Cindy's master as well as Mae's? Mae was uncomfortable with the idea of incest. Was Jack also? Cindy seemed the least apprehensive of all about enjoying her father's dick, but how would she react without Bart on hand to threaten her?

So many questions and not an answer in sight. No matter, Bart was demanding that Mae and Karen hurry with breakfast. Minutes later the two women were distributing bacon and eggs all around. Poor Cindy was still tied and sitting naked on that awful stool with her pretty teen pussy stuffed with imitation cock. Mae saw the pussy juice staining the seat of the stool and having been there, she knew how very near to orgasm Cindy must be. The young girl's lower lip was trembling as if ready to cry and in her desperation she was beginning to wiggle her hips tying to surreptitiously fuck herself on that peg without Bart noticing.

He did notice, however. "All right you sneaky little bitch. None of that. You're sitting on that thing because I'm giving you a chance to stretch that tight little twat before Sam tears it apart with that over sized cunt splitter of his. Sit still bitch! Nobody said you could enjoy yourself."

With that Bart turned to Jimbo and ordered him to take the girl off the stool. "Bring her over to the couch here," Bart announced. "I think its about time to stretch that other hole."

Then turning back to the frustrated teenager as Jimbo lifted her from that sexy torture peg, Bart asked her, "You've never been fucked in the ass before have you sweet chops?"

"No sir," Cindy answered simply. She was laying on one hip sprawled at the feet of her master now, unable to sit up or kneel with her hands still tied behind her. Her lower lip was trembling more noticeably as she fought back her tears.

"Well young lady there's a first time for everything. Like I told your momma, a woman's not really a slut until she's been fucked in the ass. Among other things, it teaches her who the boss is. Karen, go to the kitchen and bring me that bottle of olive oil I used before. Jimbo you help this bitch up and arrange her nice and pretty over the arm of the couch like her momma was yesterday."

Jimbo roughly lifted the bound and defenseless Cindy and shoved her against the padded arm of the leather couch. Although her feet stayed on the floor, Jimbo forced her upper body face down on the seat cushions, and then kicked the inside of her ankles driving her legs apart so far that her toes were barely in contact with the floor. As Mae had been the day before, her daughter was now draped over the end of the couch with her legs spread, her ass elevated, and both her pussy and ass holes on display and available for easy access to any cock that might come along.

"All right momma," Bart told Mae, "You sit your cunt back down over that thing on the stool. Your daughter has kept it nice and warm for you. While I make this tender little ass hole ready for your husband's dick, I want you to suck him into a hard-on that will stretch her some. Jimbo, when you're through there with baby bitch, go over and tie momma bitch's hands behind her again."

Mae carefully squatted once more over the dildo on the stool, enveloping it with he pussy even as she put her hands behind her back and waited for Jimbo to tie them there. "Oh my God," she thought, "what is happening to me? Why am I so horny? I can almost get off even sitting on this awful thing." Her thoughts were interrupted as Jack stood in front of her and fed his cock into her mouth. As shameful as it was to publicly suck a dick while of the verge of an orgasm from the peg in her pussy, Mae was at least grateful that Jack's body blocked her view of Bart mistreating her daughter.

Bart was very good at the mistreatment of helpless women. As Mae sucked on her husband's still limp member, Bart splashed olive oil over his hands, and into the crack of Cindy's ass. He first slid one of Mae's large dildos into the tender young pussy before him, and then began to probe into his victim's rectum with his oily fingers. Cindy responded with moans, then shuddered when caught by a small climax.

"Would you look at that," Bart exclaimed. "I don't even have her open yet and she's cumming already. What a great little slut she is, even better than her momma."

Bart soon had two fingers in poor Cindy's rectum, and then a third. Her moans were louder now, and more shudders came over her from time to time. Bart seemed satisfied, and withdrew his hand leaving that most private of feminine holes waiting agape and open, seemingly eager to be violated. Jack's penis grew hard in Mae's mouth, and he was fully erect by the time Bart announced Cindy's ass ready for use.

"O,K. Jack, do your stuff. See if you can expand her some more before Frank puts it to her with that log of his. Have fun kids."

With Jack no longer using her mouth, Mae could now see her daughter spread obscenely over the couch arm, her pussy full of dildo, and her butt hole open and distended, waiting for a penis to finish the job. Mae watched in a mixture of disbelief, horror and erotic excitement as her husband of so many years took careful aim and began to work himself into his daughter's gaping ass. Cindy screamed, at first in pain, and then began to whimper before screaming again, this time with the orgasm that was wracking her body.

Mae knew exactly how she felt. She had been there, draped over that same arm with that same demanding cock buggering her bowel. The recollection rekindled the fire in her belly, and the image from the day before was clear in her mind.

"I must have looked just like that yesterday when Jack took my virgin ass. To be publicly ass fucked like that is so humiliating, and at first my ass burned like fire. Cindy's will too. Oh God, tho, when he was finally in deep, fucking my ass, the sensations were incredible. They will be for Cindy too. I can still feel them. Never in my whole life have I ever felt so completely taken and well fucked. Cindy will too"

Mae's thoughts continued to wander ambiguously. "My poor daughter. She is being forced into incest, ass raped by her own father, but just look at her. Not many women are lucky enough in their whole life to have orgasms like that. And look at Jack! I think he is enjoying this. Good! Our future together, if we have any, depends him, and his will to master his slut wife, maybe his slut daughter too. Perhaps there is hope this will all be for the best."

Jack's jaw was set, and he was moaning right along with his daughter. The tight lining of her bowel pulled at the sensitive head of his dick, and sent powerful sensations to suck the cum from his balls. Sensing that Jack wasn't going to last much longer, Bart ordered him away.

"Enough Jack. Save some of that sweet stuff for Frank. After all he won the 'Grand Prize' when he made your wife cum while she 'sat the peg.' Your daughter's ass belongs to him. If you have some unused cum in that rod, I bet your slut wife would like to have the leftovers. Go take her off that thing she's riding, and you can finish it off up her ass. Here! Make it easy on her! Take some olive oil and grease her up good first." As he spoke, he tossed the bottle of oil to Jack.

Denied ejaculation into Cindy's tight bowel, Mae's husband was beside himself with nut ache. Angrily he snatched his wife off the stool, and drug her crawling across the floor at the end of the rope around her neck. With fingers greasy with olive oil, he began to probe Mae's anus, oiling and stretching, opening her most private hole for his cock.

"Please Jack," she begged him. "Not in my butt. Fuck me in my pussy please."

Jack would have none of it. "Not on your life bitch. A slut takes her cock were her owner tells her to take it. You're the slut of that guy over there now..., or don't you remember telling me that? He says to give it to you up the ass, and up the ass is where you're gonna get it."

He was right of course. Mae knew as only a submissive female could that her male master decides such things. There was nothing she could do but wait on her hands and knees as Jack prepared her ass for his cock. She hung her head allowing her hair to fall forward and hide her face. Her dangling breasts swung sexily under her, rocking to and fro in rhythm with the in and out strokes of the fingers penetrating her anus. The tail of that horrid rope around her neck trailed back between her tits and knees, a sad reminder of her servitude.

So intent were Mae and her husband upon the fate of her ass that they were only vaguely aware that on the floor directly in front of Mae the big Negro Sam had laid down flat on his back. From between his legs a huge ebony hard-on pointed straight up like the main mast of a sailing ship. On her knees, stooped over that pylon of blood engorged male meat, sucking on its head for all she was worth, was their daughter.

Bart's voice came booming over the buzz in the room, "That will do sweet chops. You can mount him now. Slide that tight pussy all the way down over that pole and give him a big kiss." Bart chuckled, amused at the thought of the young girl taking all that coal black penis up her little pussy.

Cindy stood over the big black rod Bart wanted her to ride looking down in doubt that anything that big would fit her teen twat, even as open and stretched as it was from the dildo she had removed only moments before. Calculating the target for her pussy as best she could she squatted until, with the help of her hand, the giant head pried its way into her slit. At the same time not two feet away, Jack's cock was testing the opening to Mae's ass. Both women caught a deep breath and held it as their tissues gave way to the two penises that were gradually filling their respective holes.

"Sluts!" Mae thought to herself. "She and her daughter alike, common sluts taking cock."

It was horrible, humiliating, terrible, that she and Cindy should be publicly fucked together in ass and pussy like a pair of street whores, but her guilt and revulsion faded as Jack's penis continued to penetrate, and her own finger on her clit worked its magic. Moments later the reversal was complete as erotic sensations flowed thru her belly, and the rod pumping her bowel sucked up an orgasm, sending it directly to the pleasure center of her brain.


Even in her own excitement, indeed as a part of it, Mae was watching her daughter. The same change from distress to pleasure blossomed across Cindy's face as she at last finished impaling herself on that huge cock. With the cheeks of her ass finally flat on Sam's belly, the pain of stretching to fit him disappeared, and the joy of sex flooded her in its place. The teen celebrated by rocking her clit back and forth over the hard-on that filled her to the very brim. That movement became more and more frantic as it gained momentum. The screams of Cindy and her mother merged into as one sound as their orgasms arrived almost simultaneously.

Mae felt the warmth of Jack's cum fill her insides as he climaxed right along with her. She would have preferred to have been ass fucked longer, but Jack was too worked up from stretching Cindy's rectum to wait. Sam on the other hand was no where near finished servicing Cindy's pussy, for which she was clearly grateful, begging as she was for that "black bastard" to give her more.

"All right Frank, time for you to join the party." That was Bart again, speaking from the director's chair to this miniature orgy.

Frank had been hand jacking his dick on the sidelines, stroking himself to stay ready, and now his time had come. Sam pulled Cindy's upper body to him, bending her at the waist flat against his chest. Cindy's buttocks raised slightly with the change of position. Sam yanked her face to his by her hair, and kissed the teen on the mouth, twisting his tongue around hers as he did so. Frank knelt over Sam's thighs and aimed his long thin cock between the teen ass cheeks that were now spread by the pressure of being bent double. Cindy's still open and stretched butt hole was his to take. Her eyes grew as wide as saucers as she felt that second penis press its way inside her.

Caught between two cocks, the female meat of a male sandwich, the young girl began to plead for mercy.

"Oh No, Please, not both of you. Oh my God, I' can't take it. I'm so full. Be easy with me please. You'll tear me! It H...H..urts! I..., I ca...can't..., OH YES, Oh your pr..pr..icks. Oh fuck me Please. God, I'm cummmming. Give it to me. Make me CUM! M..MORE! MAKE ME C...C..CUM."

The two gangster studs did their best. For long minutes they held their victim prisoner between their two rods of man flesh, pummeling her between them as Cindy, racked with orgasms, begged them for more..., and more..., and more. Mae watched as her baby turned into a whore before her eyes. Mae knew all too well from personal experience her daughter could not help herself. Altho she had never taken cocks in her cunt and her ass at the same time, Mae could imagine the sensations that must be racing thru Cindy's body.

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