tagNonHumanGarden of Hellish Delights Ch. 01

Garden of Hellish Delights Ch. 01


AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is a prequel to a chapter from manyeyedhydra's awesome Succubus Summoning series, specifically the garden chapter. I strongly advise you to check it out if you haven't already done so.

It's written with his consent, but copyright for THIS individual piece of work does rest with BobSamade (the username).



John arrived with a bump as he landed backwards, arse-first onto a mound of earth.

"Shit," he cursed. His teleportation spell had gone ever so slightly awry.

This wasn't right, he thought. He'd only had a couple, but was quite sure he'd said Verdant Garden, a bar at the other end of town. Instead, he'd found himself in an actual 'verdant garden' – where something was very wrong. The sky was pink for a start – a sleek, fleshy pink.

Meanwhile, although there was relatively standard (though exceptionally lush) turf beneath his feet, he had never seen anything like the flowers that surrounded him – large, bulbous and even phallic, John was beginning to wonder if he'd wandered into a pervert's model garden.

And as for the air... it was thick with a heavy, rich scent, like the most carnal sex mixed with... something else...

There seemed to be wildlife at least – in the distance a hazy spot of background drew closer, allowing John to pick out specks among the group.

As it grew closer, he realised it was a swarm. A swarm of small insects.

They weren't large enough to pick out and distinguish their shapes, but there was one thing they were unmistakeably doing. And that was glowing.

Blues, reds and pinks alternated at different speeds. It was compelling to watch and before John knew it, his arms had gone slack at his sides and he was just watching the pretty light show.

He didn't think he was hypnotised, nor he did he feel tired or heavy - he was far too lost in the display to think about such things. All he experienced was a host of flashing lights dancing round his brain.

By this stage, the swarm had completely surrounded him, and hundreds of the tiny insects were preparing to deliver their payload.

The entranced sorcerer began feeling a warm prickling sensation throughout his body as the tiny venom-filled stings cleanly punctured and left his flesh, without even leaving a welt, before their deliverers dropped to the ground.

One by one, the lights died out and the warlock returned to his senses, spying the dead bugs littered around him.

Before he could begin to make sense of what had just happened though, he became very aware of a heat spreading throughout his body, but collecting in one specific area – his groin.

His cock was swiftly becoming harder than ever before, and his testicles were swelling to the size of ping-pong balls.

Without thinking, he yanked down his trousers with one hand, while his other flew to his overblown organ as he furiously tried to quench his need for release.

He had to relieve the tension, and the sooner he could calm the organ down, the better. Despite his hand's best attention however, nothing was working, and no matter how hard he beat, he just couldn't get any closer.

Trousers round his ankles, the horny 22-year-old waddled round looking for some other means of getting off. It didn't take him long.

He soon found a giant plant with a conveniently sized hole. One large green trunk lay in amongst an assortment of fauna, with an array of creepers hanging loosely at its side, and what appeared to be the rim of a pitcher plant, tilted vertically to enter the plant at waist level.

Without a second thought, John slammed home his member, grateful for something to thrust into.

Inside it was surprisingly warm, slick and tight, and as the drugged magician withdrew for another ramming, he felt it tighten its grip round his member and pull it back in.

Shocked by the reaction, a startled John was now pulled tight to the tree by his penis, and soon found the plant beginning a massaging motion along his cock.

Tight, firm, and silkily smooth the plant milked his cock strongly but ever so pleasurably, eliciting an uncontainable grunt from the warlock. NOW he was getting closer to his release. Actually, very close, really quickly.

Unnoticed by John, whose eyes were closed as he surrendered to the feeling, the creepers had now risen and were orbiting his limbs in ever-decreasing circles.

Finally, he came in a short, strong burst as his dick blew over into the pitcher plant.

Unfortunately, that didn't seem to bother his dick which was as rigid as ever, even if the dizzying heat had gone.

It might have been his imagination as well, but he could have sworn he saw the plant move.

He didn't have long to ponder it however, as a large ominous gurgle started up inside it, and as it sucked his member in again, a flood of fluid was released onto his ever-hard rod.

As the plant massaged this sticky mystery fluid into the flesh of his cock, a euphoric and electric explosion of sensation moved up and down his member, causing him to gasp involuntarily.

It was better by far than the best pussy he'd ever had, and with his knowledge of Level 3 Charm spells, John had seen a lot.

Jesus, he was thinking, even Megan Fox wasn't this good a lay ...before he wiped her memory, of course.

With a bit more enthusiasm, he began gently rocking his hips in beat to the rhythm, but began to find his movements becoming more and more constricted.

Looking around, he saw creepers – light as air – wrapped delicately around his limbs and torso.

They moved to remove his clothes before silently gliding forward - not pulling, but carrying his limbs down to his side and his legs behind him until he was trussed up like a Sunday roast.

More creepers still began binding the warlock package to the tree, all while the tree kept up its delightful pleasuring.

"Huuuurrrgh," he groaned as he shot his second load into the tree. Still the stimulation kept up, and still his cock seemed to want it to come.

He was fucked now. He wanted to use a spell to repulse the plant but could only issue a grunt whenever he opened his mouth.

Perhaps if he had paid more attention on self-defence when he was at Wargsnouts, rather than focusing on spells to bewitch the ladies he'd know how to get out of this, chided a bitter voice in his head.

That said, he was beginning to find he was enjoying it, even if he was getting a little faint. His limbs were completely slack, and would be hanging by his sides if he wasn't already bandaged up and tied to the plant.

"Wh-what was that?" This time he SAW the plant's surface ripple after his orgasm and bulges had started to form against the surface.

"Ssssshhh," he heard in faint reply, sounding almost like a breeze rather than a human voice.

As if to accentuate the point, ripples started flowing throughout the creepers, pressing against skin across the surface of his body and massaging gently but insistently.

A fluttering ripple across the soles of his feet sent a gentle twitch through his legs, and creeper lazily brushed past his nipples One or two vines even seemed to be paying attention to his balls, and with the added wooziness from blowing his second load, John soon began to relax.

"...Good..." came a whisper from the ether. "Relax..."

With the sensual full-body massage, the abject loss of tension and the fantastically slippery, tight and juicy plant sucking his cock relentlessly, John soon blew his third load, growing more relaxed and dopey as he did so.

By now, a very feminine outline was pressed against the surface of the plant, but through his soporific stupor, John only found that all the more arousing as he was lazily humped to another orgasm by the motions of his creeper cocoon, which had taken it upon itself to thrust his body for him.

With that final orgasm, a tear ripped down the surface of the plant, and a voluptuous feminine figure stepped out.

Covered in a translucent, milky gunk, and with bronzed, oiled skin, the figure leaned forward. Looking down, John could she that the pitcher plant he had so eagerly been humping was right at the centre of her crotch, beneath a slick and shaven mons.

Creepers trailed seemingly from the back of her to the green, spongy carcass of the plant's trunk.

Looking up, he was greeted by some of the smoothest, tightest skin, and the most beautiful, rounded breasts he had ever seen. Her face however, nearly made him blow again – perfect porcelain features, with glossy, chestnut hair and her eyes.... deep green eyes that even a demon could get lost in.

"...hi," she breathed. As she did so, her breath, which carried a rich, musky perfume, blew across John's face. It instilled him with a bit more vigour.

"Gnh... uh, hiiiii," John managed.

Looking down at him, she giggled almost girlishly. "Oooh, I see you've been wrapped up very nicely...." she said. "...how's it feel?" she added sultrily.

He thought briefly about telling her where to stick it, about how he wasn't a sex toy for her amusement, but what was the point? She clearly had the upper hand and he didn't want to anger her.

"Aaah, ah ah-amazing," he groaned. "But-but-but...."

"Why?" she asked with a raised eyebrow. John nodded. "Why does it matter? Would you like me to stop?"

"N-No!" John shouted, surprising himself in the process. He'd already shot his fourth load – this couldn't be good for him – why did he say no?

"Then relax, my little warlock, enjoy my un-di-vi-ded attention," she said, smiling as she emphasised each word. And with that, John felt his legs quiver and another orgasm flow out his body and into his captor.

"Oh, that's nice," she said with a satisfied smile.

"P-please...." murmured John. "T-tell..."

"Oh alright," she said with a sigh, as her pussy plant ceased its motions and gripped his member in place.

"Well, I know you humans insist on names, so you may call me Venus; as in flytrap," she winked.

No shit, thought John.

"You see, you may not have noticed it, little warlock, but you're not on Earth anymore."

'Oh shit,' he inwardlycursed. 'A botched transportation.'

"Your little mind would boggle if I told you where you really were, but let's just say you're in a garden where the plants have certain... appetites." This did not sound good.

"Some, like moi, can only pollinate with one ingredient. And that ingredient is only formed by a cocktail of two things: our own distinct sap, and," Venus licked her lips for emphasis, "human semen." Oh shit. Succubus, succubus, fucking succubus. He was a dead man.

Venus could see his worry, and stroked his cheek softly.

"Oh, now don't worry, I'm not a succubus. But I am partial to your fluids...

"You've already been attacked by lust bugs, which made you come to me for some loving, you silly little thing," she said in a disturbingly motherly tone, before giving him a brief peck on the lips.

"And now that you found me, I mixed my aphrodisiac sap into your cock to give you a good time, and in return you've been pumping that nutritious cocktail into me, and helping me grow."

She leaned closer and whispered lasciviously. "You should feel lucky to have experienced it, you know. We've already had dozens of hunters try and extract the sap from other Caressylisses to sell on and I'm letting you sample it first hand."

John didn't want to know what happened to the hunters.

"Y-you're here now though, right? Grown-up. You c-can let me go?"

"Oh, I could.... but you're just too much fun. I want more of you."

"But I can't just keep producing cum - won't I die?"

Venus the Caressylis pondered this for a moment. "No, not unless I get carried away. Besides, don't you want more of me?"

To emphasise, she began another full-body massage.

With a grunt, John lowered his head in shame. There was no point denying the obvious truth. "Yes."

"Okay then. Now, I'm going to give you something very special we reserve only for those we're very close to. Or prey we want to stop getting away. It's called a Soul Kiss."

Before John could ponder it, Venus wrapped her arms around him, pulling him close and began nuzzling his neck, while the pitcher resumed its treatment on his cock.

This time though, as his cock was pulled in, he felt something soft and moist, almost tongue-like, push through an opening and slither across his jap's eye, before lapping under his glans.

The sensation blew his mind, and as he shot his largest payload yet, he saw a soft white light glowing in his field of vision, as he soon lost all feeling in any part of his body but his penis. A dopey smile spread across his face as his entire world became light and the constant lapping organ pleasing his dick.

He came again and again. And again and again. And if anyone could have seen through the now furiously writhing mass of creepers surrounding his body, they would have seen him shrivelling up to skin and bones. All the while, the most brilliant vision of voluptuous beauty held him close as she came in symphony again and again.

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