tagNonHumanGarden of Hellish Delights Ch. 02

Garden of Hellish Delights Ch. 02


John was beginning to regain consciousness. Slowly, the dim haze before him brightened into a colourful green and pink blur.

He was sitting, or rather floating in a sitting position and his entire body felt bloated and heavy, most of all his penis, which felt like a lead weight. As his vision cleared, he realised he was sitting in a vat of deep yellow liquid. A vat with green walls.

Green, plant walls? Oh God, was he being digested by the Caressylis?

No, no, he saw the pink sky above him, but he did appear to be sitting in a large, open flower. This could in no way be any good.

That said, he wasn't having his lifeforce sucked out of him, so it couldn't be worse than the last flower.

He was in a tranquil pool, his skin wasn't burning from digestive juices and he was actually feeling quite well. At some point he'd lost consciousness in the Caressylisse's embrace but not before he'd felt very queasy. No, he was lucky to be here, all things considered.

Lining up an exit, John began swimming to get out but immediately hit a stumbling block - his limbs were moving, but he wasn't getting anywhere.

Somewhere out of his field of vision, he heard a feminine giggle laugh. Looking around he saw a young woman dangling her legs off the edge of the flower. She looked to be just out of her teen years and had a light physique, with the tenderest thighs and lightest arms, but with full, perky breasts. Unlike Venus' tributes to the female form these were merely filled out, but were no less appealing for it. Her face looked delicate, with fair, peachy skin, and light blonde curls fell from the top of her head, framing some startling blue eyes.

"What-what's going on? Where am I?" he frantically asked.

"Tee-hee, you were super skinny," said the girl.

"You mean, you mean...?"

"You need to be careful round the Caressylisses. They've got a big appetite, and when they've got someone, they don't let go..."

"But what's..."

"I found you," she interrupted. "My name's Aura, and I put you in this pool to get you healthy again. It's full of nutrients and, um... other stuff."

John reached down and felt his member – it felt nearly twice the size.

"Don't tell anyone about this place... Nurse Honey doesn't know..." the girl whispered conspiratorially.

Nurse Honey? Nutrients? What the hell was she talking about? At least he felt healthy, that was one thing. In fact, he felt better than healthy – ready to take on the world in fact. This pool had invigorated him – and added a few inches to his girth.

"I guess you're wondering how to get out," said Aura, cutting across his trail of thought.

"Er, yeah... I can't make headway from this position."

"Well then, you need to stop trying to get to the petals," she said, with a grin. "You need to let the petals come to you..."

And with that she rapped her fist on the petal she was sitting on, before jumping in. As she did, so the petals shuddered and furled inwards.

Aura and John were caught in a rising level of the nectar, while the petals closed inwards.

"No! We'll be caught inside!" said John.

"Oh, relax, we're getting out. Just wait and see."

Aura was as good as her word, and as the level rose, the pair were taken to the top of the closing bud. John was about to grab the sides to pull out, when the petals closed tightly round the pair's torsos, before starting to rhythmically contract round the two young bodies.

"Sssh-sh-sh.... We just need to have a bit of fun first," said Aura, whose pert breasts were pressed against John's chest.

"No – no, not again..."

"Oh relax, you can't run out of spunk in this gunk," she said, giggling at her own rhyme. "I could ride you forever, big boy and you'd stay in peak physical condition."

John wasn't very reassured, but he didn't have long to dispute it before Aura leaned back, resting her arms on the side and slipped her pussy over his manhood.

He instantly came. Hard.

"Oh, don't worry, that's just the effect of the nectar, stud. It's the next one you need to watch out for."

Of course, John's dick hadn't gone down, and Aura seemed determined to keep it that way as she began moving up and down over his member.

Her pussy was incredibly slick – presumably from nectar that had crept in, and it held his member in a delightful grip as she thrust up and down, back and forth and even from side to side.

John came again, using the petal walls to support himself, as he felt a prolonged gush billowing through his fleshy conduit.

It was like a tap had been opened and he wasn't sure he was able or even wanted to turn it off.

Eventually it subsided, though Aura continued her rocking motion regardless.

"That's the nectar again," she said matter-of-factly, "They say nectar sex is the best in the universe, never mind He... here."

John thought she might have been about to give away their location but before he could enquire he shot another load in.

Christ, so soon. Again the constant gushing ensued, and he was sure he counted a good thirty seconds of continuous, violent ejaculation.

He was finally having an effect on Aura though. Her head was tilted back, and she was giving out short, sharp cries. She struggled to regain her composure before looking him in the eyes.

"I should warn you – I'm a squirter," she said ominously.

Before John could raise an eyebrow, a thick gushing stream poured back into HIS cock, flowing down his jap's eye, and straight into his body.

His mind was having trouble taking in the reverse orgasm, but he was sure of one thing. It was nectar. The gunk made him dizzy, light-headed and little yellow spots began dancing in front of his eyes.

Through the haze, he saw Aura giggling at his predicament. She seemed different, she was glowing... radiant...

'My God,' he thought. 'She's beautiful. So... so... beautiful....'

And with that, he unleashed another explosion. Had he been able to count it, he would have counted a good, long minute of pure ejaculation.

As his thoughts faded into the background, he thrust limply into her pussy, which by now had become very hot, sticky and seemed to bubble with liquid nectar round his cock.

The feeling was setting off fireworks of ecstasy in his mind.

"There, there," she grinned. "Let me take care of you."

Aura wrapped her slender arms over his shoulder and round the back of his neck, pulling him closer while the petals tightened. She locked tongues in a long, deep kiss, before breaking off and locking eyes with entranced warlock.

"Oh, you're going to love this..."

Over the next hour, John was swept up in climax after climax, until he eventually lost track of time.

Aura rode him remorselessly for hours upon hours, pumping her happy prey full of nectar, while he delivered orgasm after orgasm into her tight pussy, each one longer than the first, and coming in more rapid succession.

After an hour-long ejaculation, his next climax finally hit the limit imposed by the wonderful naroctic, and he hit an orgasm without end.

Sperm was pumping out at what seemed a rate of knots and yet his dick never paused, or wavered. Not once.

"See, isn't this much nicer than forcing pleasure from someone," she said, with a loving smile, as she gyrated her waist along his shaft.

"Guuhhh...." was all John could say, his face a slack, stupid grin.

He didn't care - he felt like his body had BECOME one long, never-ending orgasm. With the most beautiful creature he had ever seen...

Any semblance of an interval had ceased, and he was one long torrent of pleasure. There was no fatigue, no nauseousness – just pure, unending bliss with the most beautiful, innocent young woman in the world.

He loved her, adored her, he would worship her and kill for her. But he didn't have to. All he had to do was lie still in her embrace as she took pleasure in his body, while she poured unending pleasure in his.

Perhaps this was what heaven felt like, he wondered as he gazed adoringly into her cute, young face.

She smiled back with a face purer than the driven snow, while her blonde curls gently bounced with the motion of her hips.

Her face then contorted as if in discomfort, before she let out a loud moan.

"Agghh... yeah..." she groaned. "I'm so glad I found you..."

At that moment another blast of nectar spurted down his dick, as the pervasive element slid down any gap in his stream of semen that it could to reach his balls, his bloodstream and his brain. It had happened 12 times by now.

"Don't worry, I'm never letting go of you..."

Eventually, however, she did. Aura began stirring, before she was lifted clean off his cock.. A stream of nectar spewed out. What? Why? What was going on?

Soon a pair of arms scooped under his shoulders, round his torso and lifted him away.

"Aura..." he moaned pathetically.

He was rising higher into the air, nectar dripping off him, and Aura staring up at him from the pool, looking very cross indeed.

Looking up into the face of his rescuer, he saw a young witch, dressed in a lush green robe, with a Level 2 Levitation charm casting the ghostly outline of wings behind her.

"You need to be careful," she said. "Aura has an addictive personality."

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