tagNonHumanGarden of Hellish Delights Ch. 04

Garden of Hellish Delights Ch. 04


John awoke to a pulsing contraction flexing around his entire body. Wearily his eyes began to open and adjust to the natural light around him.

He had a splitting headache and his body felt like he'd run several consecutive marathons. It was like the worst hangover he had ever experienced.

As his eyes regained their focus, he scoped his surroundings.

He was still in the garden, but held up to his neck in a bright green flower of just the right size to hold a person, which was massaging some kind of fluid into his body.

Oh shit... It couldn't be...

"Coo-eee!" a voice called.

Looking up, he saw a larger green flower the size of a caravan at its base, pulsating at a faster rhythm. It narrowed as the petals reached the top, where two very familiar figures were writhing together.

Nectar. He was being bathed in nectar in a plant right next to Aura's own pool, where she was still grinding away on a doped-up Tara.

"You set me up," he said. "That route was a trap, so you could kidnap me and hook me up again."

"Actually," said Aura. "The whorelip brought you here, not me."

"I've been enjoying the company of Tara here all this time." She ran a hand across Tara's face, who simply smiled dreamily in response.

"But I'd be lying if I said I didn't have a feeling I'd be seeing you again."

"I just didn't think the sisters would be as harsh as to set a nest of whorelip upon you. I mean, you can never have too many buds, but leaving you alone and defenceless with the mother whorelip... that was just pure evil, especially when you've got succubus venom boiling in your balls..." she licked her lips.

"It was the only thing keeping you conscious."

"Now then, don't fret, the nectar in there isn't the good stuff I can give you. That's just going to spruce you up again. It'll probably take another few minutes before your head stops pounding.

"But if you can't wait that long, we could always have another little romp... Tara could join in too."

"No – no way!" said John. "I'm not ending up some doped-up smackhead who can't stop grinning while his dick becomes a fire hose."

"Don't compare my pleasures to your filthy earth drugs," snarled Aura, in a display of anger that temporarily cut her projection of innocence.

"Besides," she said as her expression returned to its usual beaming self, "You make it sound like a bad thing."

John had had enough. His head had cleared and he was getting out of the personal nectar pod.

Holding the petals open, he twisted his hips and squirmed until the bulb tipped over, and he was able to slip out onto the turf.

As he picked himself up, stark naked, he gathered what dignity he had left and stormed away from the nectar plants, heading down a dark path not yet explored.

Ahead of him lay a long tunnel of foliage with ferns and thick vegetation either side. It narrowed as it went on, meaning he could end up pushing his way through by the end of it, but he was running out of options to explore in the way of paths leading away from the 'nectar patch'.

As he marched down the path, determined to find a way out, he came across an altogether darker side to the garden.

Moans filled the air, and his cock began to stir again. Looking to the sides, he could see feminine figures shifting through the foliage and swaying seductively.

Voices called out to him, coaxing him, tempting him to experience sinful wonders with them.

"Hey baby, come and help me out. I'm lonely..." begged one.

"Sweety, please... come to me... I want you... Don't you want this?" asked one stunning creature who was fondling her tits.

"Please, baby... I can pleasure you in ways you could never imagine..." pleaded another.

Instead, he pushed past, feeling a tinge of regret despite himself.

His space to manoeuvre was narrowing and occasionally, he could have sworn he felt feminine anatomy brush past him. Any doubts were soon removed when slender arms reached out and velvety hands brushed over his body, occasionally attempting to get a hold on his arms, though he easily shook them off.

A few more steps though and the tight passageway made it difficult to quickly slip past and more hands were grabbing hold at once. Moss and vegetation was pressing in with unusual density against him, but gave easily enough when he moved.

The more pressing concern were the hands, four of which had grabbed his arms – one between two.

Two more emerged from the surroundings to grip an ankle each.

Now he was stuck – John first tried to shake the hands restraining his arms without success, before trying to overpower those on his legs by striding forward; only to find they wouldn't budge.

Torsos pressed against the moss, leaving exposed breasts, bulky and firm, to push against his sides. Four more arms slithered out, hinting that whatever lay hidden in the shrubs may possess human-like limbs, but certainly didn't have a human anatomy, and headed for different parts of him.

A couple slid over his chest, sensuously gliding over his pecs, while a third reached his crotch, cupped his sack and gently fondled his balls, occasionally dragging a fingernail across his perineum.

The fourth went for his cock, and began gently pumping his shaft.

"A man..." breathed one voice.

"We need a man..." sighed another.

"Please help us..." added a third voice.

"Don't you want this?" asked yet a fourth.

John thrashed in a futile bid to escape, but it didn't even slow down the unwanted masturbation by the hand, whose counterparts gripped or stroked him with a gentle firmness.

He decided instead to save his strength and see if an ejaculation would change his captor's habit enough to present a chance to escape.

Giving up his resistance, John allowed himself to relax and enjoy the attention. A few minutes later and orgasm hit, causing a spray of ejaculate to spring into the air, landing out of sight in the deep moss beneath him.

"Thank you..." sighed a voice.

"Wasn't that nice?" enquired another.

He was forced to admit to himself that it was, catching his breath back as he lay back, held upright only by the hands, and sandwiched between a slick pair of generously endowed torsos.

Level with his head, another bulge formed in the moss, and a chin positioned beneath full, puckered lips pressed through the surface, followed by a dainty nose between a pair of smooth, pale cheeks. The face that emerged stopped just short of eyes and ears becoming visible.

"What would you have of us?" it asked.

"I just need to go," he said. "If you really want to thank me for, er, this, just let me be on my way."

"Of course, lover. But first, a kiss. To show our gratitude."

It still struck John as odd a creature in this place would be grateful to jack him off, but it wsn't a massive logic shift from gratitude for sucking out his semen. If a kiss would be the end of it, he'd have got through this encounter relatively intact.

He leaned in and pressed his lips to hers. Delicately, the half-face's tongue pressed into his mouth and slid over his. As it did so, John felt an erotic thrill spread through his body.

As he breathed in, the inside of his throat tickled as a fine pollen floated down it, spreading tingling, pleasurable joy across his body. His limbs felt ticklish and a gentle daze spread across his mind.

At his feet, a thin tendril slipped round his ankles and moved up.

"Okay, that's enough of that," he said as he withdrew. "I've got to get on with...um..."

"Yes?" enquired the luscious lips, as the arms caressed him and the breasts rubbed against him.

"Um, well, go. I've got to go and... do... something." Fuck, what was it he had to do?

"Why not just wait here while you remember? Besides, you didn't finish that kiss."

It was a fair point, he thought. It would be rude to leave before finishing the kiss.

'Oh', he noticed, looking down, that he must have got his leg tangled in some weeds when running from... whatever it was.

It was up to his thighs, but he'd easily be able to peel it off once the kiss was done with.

He leaned back into the mouth and felt the tongue return to delight his. As it distracted him, copious amounts of pollen worked their way down his throat once more, multiplying his gentle haze into deilirium. His cock, which had only just spurted minutes ago became engorged and swollen, as it was blanketed with a deep heat and need for release.

"Um..." John had no idea what had happened or how he got there, but several slender arms were doing stuff to him, while what seemed like the bodies of two voluptuous women brushed against him.

He was horny as hell, and although he had no idea how he came to be in this situation, he thought himself lucky as fuck he was.

An elegant hand was wrapped round his cock and was pumping it steadily. John lay back in bliss as the thing brought him closer to orgasm.

"Yes..." sighed hidden voices.

"We want to love you..."

"Give yourself to us..."

"Don't ever leave..."

I have no intention of, thought John as a dopey grin spread across his face.

"Ugh ugh... aaaah..."

He'd come, and as he did so, a vine that had been poised at back of the top of his leg took the opportunity to slide into his anus, the entrance to which offered little resistance as it snaked inside.

Once inside, it bunched as much of itself as could fit against his prostate gland, as it began a slow, but unrelenting massage of the secret pleasure nub.

Sill blissfully oblivious, all John was aware of was a massive boost in erection as precum began dribbling out a rate of knots.

"Oh, fuck..." The need was immense.

He had to come, but fortunately, the hand had him covered and he shot another, large load.

The pollen had now permeated his brain so much that he didn't even notice the ground open up from beneath him as the vines pulled his legs inside.

Now up to his mid-thighs, more vines slipped round his cock, as the hand that had thus far been pumping it moved away.

Coils slid round his cock and began pumping once more as the plant's victim, not even noticing the change of stimulation, gratefully thrust into them.

As John neared climax, impossibly thin tendrils slid down his jap's eye, all the way to his balls to begin a different kind of stimulation.

"Aaaagghhh!!!!" John's eyes went wide as he thought he was having the biggest orgasm of his life, but instead the sneaky plant was simply simulating the sensation from inside his member.

While his mind was filled with the mock climax, he was pulled deeper into the tight and moist embrace of the moss beneath him. Hands that had been gently caressing him were now firmly pushing him down by his shoulders, while the unresisting catch smiled as what felt like another orgasm consumed his mind and spirit.

As the moss devoured him, he felt exploding bursts of pleasure crackling across his entire body, prompting another extreme simulated orgasm.

Soon, the human was up to his neck, buried in the mossy demon known to others as 'claustrum lustrum' (the prison of lust). It had been assembled and brought to life centuries ago by a succubus sent to the garden to track an incubus who had fallen in love with a mortal woman and broke the regulations by trying to return her to earth.

There it ensnared even the hellspawned incubus with its sweet and gentle persuasive pleasure. Once trapped, he was to await trial a century later.

In an unexpected twist, the magicks holding together the demon faded after five year's detention, offering him an escape route.

After his escape, the claustrum lustrum was left to fester in the garden, where it was left without orders to wait on.

In other words, no one would be coming to pick John up.

Instead, John was pulled under the moss completely, as vines slid down his throat and attached themselves to his lungs, delivering oxygen; while others provided a slow but steady stream of nutrients.

Damp moss pressed against every inch of his skin not already covered in vines, causing it to tingle sensationally, before feeling in it swiftly faded.

Hair-width tendrils danced around his ear-lobe before reaching inside his ear and sidling up to his brain, wrapping round it. Once there, they began shutting off higher brain functions one by one.

John felt his mind slowing to a near-standstill before he stopped thinking altogether, and all that was left in his life was the sensational pleasure in his cock.

The claustrum lustrum had its captive completely secured. Unmoving, unresisting, unthinking, the victim lay perfectly still inside it revelling in a feeling that wasn't even there.

Without any order to follow, the claustrum lustrum simply waited – it had done the only thing it knew how to, collecting a humanoid being, and now it was up to its masters to release the catch for whatever business they had for it.

Until then, it could hold him forever.

What would be three years to a human perception of time passed, and still the cage demon held its prisoner, who had not moved an inch inside while a succulent pleasure seemed to him to be possessing his manhood, his last remaining source of awareness.

Above the claustrum lustrum, a being too pervasively arousing for even a demon such as itself was watching.

Deciding to act, a blob of blue slime dropped from above and landed on the being – which from the outside had become nothing more than a large green mound of moss.

As it landed, the blob, which was the size of a cricket ball, rapidly slithered inside the mound, as it spread out, diffusing and multiplying in size to reach as much of the mound as possible.

The effect was apparent - breasts pushed hard against the moss, as if trying to escape. Arms sprung out with rapidly clenching and unclenching fists.

The mound quivered and pulsed and a familiar mouth appeared pressed against the outside wall. The full lips pursed and then parted as a cry seared through it.

Moans that would seemingly come from several different positions inside the demon filled the air, while the mouth gritted its teeth.

The hands flew to fondle the breasts, while several of their fellows dove back inside to clutch and grab at things unseen.

After a half hour the moss collapsed and disintegrated, falling outwards onto the floor, leaving only one very green human with a very large hard-on in the middle of a, now much clearer, path ahead.

As if in anticipation, the blue blob slithered away from the remains and quickly on ahead, as if it needed to arrive ahead of him...


Bewildered by what had happened, John – completely oblivious to the fact three years had passed – set off and vowed never to take the 'wait-and-see approach again.

He had been walking for an hour when an end to the path came within view, which meant new information could be just round the corner... Perhaps even a way to get out.


His feet sank right into a puddle of mud. Oh, please no, he thought. Don't let me get this far and drown in quicksand or some shit like that.

He was sinking fast, but whatever he was in wasn't quicksand though. What ever he was in was blue. A deep blue, like... Jell-O?

He was now up to his waist, but it seemed the deeper he got, the faster he sank – almost like the slime was pulling him in.

Before he knew it, he was up to his shoulders, and as he tried to move to get out, he found his limbs slow and sluggish against the thick constitution of the slime.

The gunk was doing a good job of keeping him warm, and even in the steamy garden of Lust, he could feel a marked difference in temperature above slime, and temperature below.

It was getting warmer too. The slime was bubbling around him like a hot-tub, as ripples in the sludge massaged away knots of tension he'd built up running.

Soon he was content just to lie back and bask as the bubbles made him ever more comfortable.

He wasn't at all dismayed by the steady stream of bubbles that began flowing rapidly past his cock and balls. It was just a slimy bog – it wasn't like it KNEW it was raping him.

Nor could he muster the energy to protest when goo gathered round his dick and begin a steady pumping action.

He wasn't being abused, he wasn't drugged, so John was quite content to just tilt his head back and let it happen.

It wasn't long until he shot to a satisfying climax under the goo, which elicited a single, loud pop as a larger than usual bubble hit the surface.

Soon after, he saw a large lump rise to the centre of the pool, just in front of him.

As it did so, the surface level dropped, and as the bulge stayed at its original height, more goo fell away to reveal a voluptuous feminine outline.

The form leaned closer, as more goo fell away to reveal more definition. A stunning figure emerged, with wide, tapered hips set below unnaturally large breasts. They were the kind you'd see on porn stars with ridiculous-looking implants, but they held a naturally rounded and perky form.

A mane of slime fell from her hair.

"Mmm, thank you for giving me form," she purred.

"I've been waiting to move for so long..."

"I... I...." was all a bewildered John could stammer.

The figure leaned down to press bright blue lips to his ear.

"You know, since you... gave me form, I have to repay you," she whispered.

As the goo dropped to waist level, John was left floating in the pool but without anything supporting his back.

As he began to topple backwards, a wall formed behind him to support him.

"I want you close for this," mewled the goo girl, as she sidled her own waist towards him.

The girl shuffled forward and pressed herself to John's torso. As she pulled him close with her arms, he found himself actually falling into her impressive rack.

He brought his arms up to push her away, but found his hands simply sliding through her shoulders, until his biceps were enveloped.

"Mmm, anyone would think you WANT to be captured..." said the girl.

"Now, let me please you, master."

A gentle sucking and bubbling motion began sweeping up and down his dick, as the goo surrounding it grew even warmer.

"Whoah. Hold on, you think I'm your master?" exclaimed John, who was now firmly stuck in and to the girl.

"But, of course. You gave me form. I must please you," said the girl.

"OK then, let me go. That would please me very much."

"No, master. Resistance is just a pretence you humans have. We both know what you really want; deep down, is pleasure."

"You're my master. I must please you."

The bubbling increased until his entire member felt like it was stuck in a jacuzzi – was becoming a jacuzzi - and the goo flexed itself powerfully round his prong.

He felt bloated and heavy, and for some reason his buttocks were REALLY comfortable

In a matter of just a few minutes, he shot a long, thick load into the girl – he surprised even himself with it. It lacked the duration of that he'd shot into Aura, but it was much thicker than he was accustomed.

"If.. if you make me continuuuueeee... continue shooting semen, I'll die..." he managed.

"Ohhh, poor little warlock. You have me so wrong," cooed Goo Girl.

"You're not pumping semen out, you silly thing."

Er, what?

"You're pumping out me... In a sense. My essence is slipping into you, and I'm just sucking it back out. Don't worry, babi, you're not losing semen!"

"My essence is an aphrodisiac, one that will have snuck in through your rectum, which is relaxed right now thanks to my... warm-up, so you wouldn't have felt it. From there, it's been circulating round your body and coming to rest in your testes, keeping your cock nice and stiff."

"In fact, you should see what your testicles look like right now – they'll be the size of beach balls!"

"Now my essence is simply circulating into you, and out through your luscious cock," she sighed as she rocked back to emphasise the point.

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