tagNonHumanGarden of Hellish Delights Ch. 05

Garden of Hellish Delights Ch. 05


***AUTHOR'S NOTE: Another manyeyedhydra inspiration ahoy. The breakfast eater in question is inspired by Aenictia from meh's Coils of Aenictia. Very hot story (if you're not squeamish) that's well worth checking out, though I think mine has the pleasanter ending!***

"We're going somewhere special," announced Goo Girl's voice in his head triumphantly as he strolled back.

'Please not Aura's honey pot,' John pleaded, though he found the words echoing hollowly inside his head. It seemed the slime wasn't permitting him to talk.

"No, it's not. And I'm not sure I like these feelings of rebellion," Goo Girl chided. No sooner had she said it than John felt a feeling of supreme contentment spread through him.

'Yes,' he thought. 'She's right, it would be nice to have fun.'

'...fuck, is she controlling your thoughts too?' screamed a voice inside his head, muted as if from faraway.

"Oh, ignore him," Goo Girl's voice echoed. "Give yourself to me."

His cock fizzled, and the warm hot-tub sensation seeped deeper into his body, into his brain.

Any resistance vanished as he just sank into the blissful heat, letting Goo Girl guide the way.

"Now, we're going to visit some very cute girls," she said.

As they pushed through into a clearing, groans of feminine sexual pleasure became louder again.

As he was guided through the overgrowth, John soon found its source.

Several men were busy humping away at a truly dazzling array of women. All with a fair build, rosy cheeks and light skin, a large number of girls had their legs wrapped round the men and were thrusting back.

John wandered over to one such girl, who unlike her friends, lacked a partner. As he got closer, he realised her legs, which were in the same raised position as her friends, weren't actually legs at all.

Sure they looked like legs, and at the bottom they even sported a dainty pair of feet. But between them hung a sac, a green sheath. She was another plant. A pitcher plant.

She looked at John with sad, mournful eyes.

"I'm... I'm so lonely," she sniffed. "Please fuck me."

"Easy dollface, I'll give you all the fucking you want," John said with words that blatantly weren't his.

He clambered inside, and Goo Girl permitted him to look down, where he saw a smooth, slick pussy on the girl. It was dripping a steady stream of juice onto the bottom of the sac.

John leaned forward and kissed the girl on the lips as he pulled her close with his left arm.

With his right he began delicately manipulating her left nipple, eliciting a gasp from the pitcher plant girl.

Her juices began flowing out at a much quicker rate. In no time at all, the puddle was up to his knees

"You're lucky my essence is protecting you, warlock," said Goo Girl. "If it wasn't for me, this juice would be making your balls break down every bit of your body they could to pump spunk into her."

Dammit, John didn't care about that. He was desperate to stick his still fizzing cock into the pitcher girl.

"Ask and you shall receive, stud," whispered Goo Girl.

And at that, John broke off the kiss and pulled the pitcher plant girl's hips roughly towards him, before impaling her on his cock.

With no tenderness, he began quick hard strokes into the wettest pussy he'd encountered since he arrived.

Despite the lubrication, it still did a good job of clamping down tightly and pulling him in.

"Ohhhhh," he gasped, though he wasn't sure if it was him or the slime.

While normally this kind of sensation would have left him a gibbering wreck, Goo Girl took control and started pumping John's hips remorselessly.

Pitcher plant's girl was contorting to an expression of shock and exhaustion as she struggled to keep up with him.

It felt damn good to fuck these plants silly for a change, he thought. Rather than the other way round. Even if it wasn't technically him doing it.

The girl's pussy now got a firmer grip on him, and started descending further down his member until it felt like it was trying to swallow his balls too.

It was impossible to thrust his hips back now, even if he had control of his body, and under the constant tug of her pussy, he shot his first load. Except it didn't feel like cum, it felt like...

"Me, that's right," said Goo Girl. "Just leave her to me."

"Ooh, I love being handled roughly," grinned the plant girl, with an expression that was much more sinister than a second ago.

Her legs constricted and pulled him tightly into the now-full sac. Liquid sloshed round him, and the sac began massaging his entire lower body, kneading his buttocks and working out tension in his feet.

"Oooh, she's good!" exclaimed Goo Girl. "You see, isn't this nice?"

It kind of was, he had to admit, and as he considered it, the plant girl's pussy milked another load of goo from him.

"Ohh, fuckkkk..." moaned Goo Girl's voice, which sounded a bit fainter.

She was slipping out of him and into the plant, and as it happened, John felt the air cool around him.

"I... don't know what you've eaten to give yourself spunk like this, stud, but I love it..." sighed the pitcher plant girl, who was obviously beginning to experience the effects of Goo Girl too.

"Just wait, it'll get better," said John, who was fairly sure he'd just said that himself. Possibly.

The girl was rolling her hips against his crotch, and John was able to rock his hips back and forward, carrying her waist with him.

More liquid sprayed in a jet from somewhere in the silken folds of her pussy, the stimulation tipping him over the edge as he fired another load of thick gunk into her.

"...just one more...." said a faraway voice in the back of his mind.

"Shit, better make sure I can get out of this stuff," he though as a flash of panic crossed his mind.

Looking down he saw the fluid in the sac had been replaced with a bright blue liquid.

"...relax, it's safe..." the voice cooed.

John took a quick glance at the plant girl, whose eyes had now glazed over and mouth become slack, before he shrugged, cast aside his doubts and prepared for one final ramming.

This time, it was completely two-way as both partners writhed and surged together reaching new heights of ecstasy. With one final thrust, and a well-timed contraction of pussy, John fired his last explosive load into the girl.

With that, he felt a noticeable absence from his body. His limbs seemed to come alive again and his head was clearer than it had be since Goo Girl caught him.

Plant Girl was not doing too well, by comparison. Her eyes had taken on a deep blue tint, and a solitary strand of blue-tinged drool was sliding out of her slack mouth.

My God, had he looked like that?

Eventually, the face lifted up, the mouth closed and the girl looked him in the eye.

"Sorry, sometimes it takes a while to take control of the facial features."

"Oh, uh, no problem. Glad to be of help."

The girl flashed him a lopsided smile.

"And... thanks for that. That was good. No danger, and no risk of me being stuck here. I would say we should do this more often, but..."

My God, was he flirting? First time since he got here, so he wasn't doing too badly, he thought.

"Oh, who says you're not stuck here? I've still got this delectable creature's legs round you, right?" she winked.

"That's not funny..." he began before a large slithering sound interrupted him. He turned round to see perhaps the most disturbing sight since he first arrived.

A giant wormlike creature, the size of a house was towering over the two of them. A deep, fleshy pink, the thing was coated in a transparent slime that slipped down its body.

The whole thing was a round mass of coils, like a snake, and it was undulating obscenely.

"That's the Queen Slug," said Goo/Plant Girl. "And she's the reason we're here."

"Don't tell me you set me up too?"

"Guilty! I get a luscious new body and several thousand guaranteed fucks a year, and you get to be breakfast for the Queen Slug."

"Don't worry, it's not permanent, and you will get out. But trust me, you'll love it," she winked.

"I told you you needed to have more fun."

Looking back at the slug, he saw something descending from the top of it, and as it approached he saw it was a female form, also covered in slime, but with a faint scaly outline.

As she approached, he could see her eyes had no whites, pupils or irises, they were just covered in a kind of shiny scale.

As she reached down to scoop him up, Goo/Plant Girl finally opened up the pod and gave him room to move.

He peered for a closer look and saw her eyes were incredibly reflective. All the colours of the rainbow danced in them, and more besides. Everything else faded away until the eyes were all that was left, shooting their beautiful lights into his brain.

He didn't know it of course, but he was now at the top of the slug.

"Let me love you..." said his captor, her words gently swimming into his ears.


"Tend to you..."


"Feed from you..."


His captor toned down her sparkling eyes, before they flicked away to reveal two pale eyes, with pink irises, and John returned to consciousness.

As he looked down, he saw he was caught spread-eagled with his wrists and ankles smothered between two rolls of grotesque, fatty flesh, while biological processes beneath him shifted liquids around, massaging his body in the process at the back and sides.

Meanwhile, the most beautiful woman he had ever seen hovered over him. She was, he realised, the business end of the slug, and from the waist down, her figure became just rolls of fat-like mass. But the top of her...

"Let me love you..." she said.

"...yes..." he sighed.

The woman lowered herself, and a hole opened at her midriff, as it glided noiselessly towards his crotch.

His cock was plunged into a spongy, fleshy prison, as soft masses of flesh rolled against it, while her bed of coils pulsated around him.

The pussy grew increasingly slippy, as lubrication sprayed against his dick which was hard as iron, thanks to the attention of its fleshy vice-like grip.

A white stream of lubrication bubbled out of her pussy, covering his torso. The flesh around him began contracting and shifting, massaging it into the areas of his body it reached.

"This will make it so much more pleasurable, lover," she sighed.

Her pussy began pulling his cock in further, kneading it with soft muscles, buried somewhere behind the tissue.

Another jet of oil squirted inside it, this time right against his glans, nearly blowing his mind with stimulation.

The slug woman slithered slithered between his thighs as she rocked her hips backwards and forwards against him, adding to his pleasure.

Her arms embraced him, and she rubbed against him, sliding slickly along the oil now covering his body.

"Ahhh," she sighed. "Isn't this nice, stud?" "I could do this all day..."

Soft flesh fell against the sides of his head, and he heard gurgling liquid sounds coming from deep within.

As she rose up again, strings of oil dripped off her body and as another jet hit his cock, John tensed and prepared for the inevitable.

Sensing his climax nearing, the muscles in her pussy began kneading his cock more and more insistently.

Unable to delay his pleasure any longer, John shot a ropey string of semen into the milking pussy.

Very soon afterwards, her pussy wall relaxed, letting his dick flop out, as it pressed against his stomach, cushioned against yet more rolls of flesh. It was still hard of course.

Meanwhile, the coils released his arms and legs. It didn't matter any more -- he was too tired to try and run.

"Ohhh, did you enjoy that, lover?" she asked.

John simply nodded back, too exhausted by his exertions to give a full and detailed response. Instead, he let himself just lie back on the comfortable coils beneath him.

"Don't worry baby," she cooed. "Most men can't muster up much of an answer after I've got to know their bodies..."

"Want to go again? With my special oils, you'll be ready to go all day long."

The question was redundant -- he knew that, she knew that, and as she slid down the front of him, her pussy wall gaped even further open, while the folds massaging his body forced his legs together and arms to his side, as flesh rolled against the sides if his thighs and hips.

The queen slithered forward again, but this time his feet were drawn inside the walls of her pussy, as rhythmic contractions drew him in.

"Wait, what are you doing?" he said, rising panic in his voice.

"I'm going to love you intimately," she said. "Just go with it. I'll only completely swallow you if you ask me too..."

John was now up to his knees in the pussy, which seemed to have little buds further down that teased and tickled him with every contraction, while the sweet oil was kneaded into his skin, making his dick twitch with anticipation.

Soon he was in up to the top of his thighs, and his balls slid in, little fireworks went off in his brain, as tension built inside them.

But that was nothing compared to what happened when his cock slipped in. The massaging attentions of the vaginal walls were one thing, but when he was in far enough for it to brush past the polyps it took all his effort to stop exploding.

He mustn't. He mustn't let the bitch take him. But fuck it felt so good. Ten times better than before.

"Once humans have soaked in my oils, and let themselves release in me, they find the next time's muuuch better," said the queen, with a sly smile on her face as she ruffled his hair with her hands, before firmly gripping his head and pushing him further in.

His arms, which had been pinned to his sides, offered no resistance against sliding in and before he knew it, the pussy was sliding up past his shoulders and was lightly circling his neck.

Now fully inside, the chamber contracted around him, and a multitude of orifices began to close on protruding parts of his body.

His fingers were sucked inside several, as were his toes, giving the feeling of lustful mouths sucking on them.

Meanwhile his cock was pulled into its own little reservoir which squished against it, with a squelch he could hear from outside.

All these sensation was driving him nuts, and he couldn't contain himself any longer as he fired another jet of semen into her.

As he did so, the walls began contracting in, folding tightly around him like a second skin, one which started to squeeze and undulate.

"Time for a treat, warlock," she purred.

The queen slid round to look him in the eyes and as she did so, her own eyes again became scaly and luminous.

John was again caught by them, like a deer in headlights, and felt himself slipping away once more.

His body ceased its writhing at her ministrations and fell limp, allowing them to continue unfettered.

All his thoughts ceased, and as he fell into a deep slumber, the last thing he was aware of was the membrane round his cock eliciting several more slow and leisurely orgasms.

He awoke partially, hours later, where he was still in the chamber. He felt like it was just floating on a sea of bliss, and even had he wanted to avoid the sensation, he'd lost all feeling in his limbs.

Every so often, he felt a piece of something -- was it semen or something else? - lazily flow out of him and into the queen.

"Are you ready to give yourself to me, my beautiful?" she asked.

John was too relaxed to answer, and just sighed, prompting a giggle from the queen.

"I'll make it easy on you then; one blink for no, two for yes," she said with an amused grin.

With all the energy he could muster, John blinked twice. He didn't ever want to leave this bliss.

"Oh, good. You will enjoy feeding me, I promise," she said. "And I shall reward you handsomely for it."

And with that, a hole opened at the bottom of the chamber, which sent John down into the depths below.

In his euphoric state, he was content to slide through her private tunnels spraying ejaculation after ejaculation as he did.

Eventually, he landed in a second chamber, with a sickly sweet smell filling his nostrils. He awoke when a tube descended from the ceiling and slid down the length of his shaft. What should have been a dark chamber was lit by a luminous fluid lathered against the walls and dripping from the ceiling, covering John in an eerie pink glow.

Gripping tightly, the tube round his cock began vibrating heavily, but for once John didn't find the sensation bringing him to orgasm. Instead it just made him harder and harder. Jesus, he was unnaturally hard, and as the tube lifted off, after several mind-numbing hours, he saw his dick had grown to what couldn't have been less than 12 inches.

With the extra length, he found he was wider, and the whole thing just felt so much meatier. He was so horny too -- he wanted to leap the tube right there and then to see if he COULD get off on it, but it had long since retracted to whatever infernal organ it came from.

Once again, the chamber collapsed, letting him fall through another fleshy tunnel.

This one was much shorter however, and in no time at all, he was out, lying on the grass with a large boner, a raging lust and a massive sense of confusion.

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