tagNonHumanGarden of Hellish Delights Ch. 07

Garden of Hellish Delights Ch. 07


***AUTHOR NOTE - If anyone's still following these, sorry for the delay. Real life has made it difficult to find time to just sit down and get these together.

Some of the more puzzling aspects of the Garden will be answered in the next chapter or two after this(which will be the last yay!)and Sinspawn Ch. 03 should be coming soon.

Also, manyeyedhydra fans among you might notice that this is the same certain demon that nearly caught Phil in a Succubus Summoning chapter. It's taken much further in this, forming the basis of an entire chapter, but it's with his permission and there is a potential crossover moment if you can spot it. :)


As he left, John walked with a swing in his step. At last things were going his way. He'd eliminated the risk of dying from forced sperm production, with the added advantage of a massive, wonderfully sensitive dick, thanks to the queen slug. If any vindictive sex fiend caught him, he had the fairies on his side to help him out, which meant even Aura was no longer a threat.

It was a beautiful day, with the sun shining down from... somewhere. The trees – the ones devoid of tits - swayed softly in the breeze.

Now was the time to map out the area properly, and establish any potential exit points leading back home, without having to worry about hopping from place to place while cumming inside a sex fiend. Behind him, the fairies hovered through the air, keeping an eye on him.

John got daring and ran his hand gently through the leaves as he strolled past, taking in the gentle feeling on the palms of his hands.

Without realising, he'd pulled a flower loose of its holding. The head was a bright, deep red, resembling a pair of full and pouting lips. In a good mood, he decided to help the little fellow out by putting it back with its friends. He lightly scooped it up in his hands before trying to place it back in the shrubbery.

Unbeknownst to him, while he was distracted with the flower, a second bud was hovering just behind him. Without warning, the first shot up to face level, positioning his face directly between them.

Floating on green stalks, the buds swelled and swelled until they looked fit to burst before...


A hazy cloud of something blew into his face. It tickled his skin like some kind of dusty... pollen perhaps? Spores? He suddenly became very dizzy, and his legs gave out from under him.

His brain was flooded with flashes of all the creatures that had seduced him – grappling limbs, sinuous vines, exotic lubricants all designed to drive his body into overdrive and keep him pumping for an eternity into the pussies of the most beautiful women he'd ever seen.

Fuck, he must have been mad to have tried to escape.

Something pierced through his reverie – it sounded like girlish giggling. He'd heard plenty of that – but that was usually some babe sneering at his predicament. This sounded almost... playful.

Damn, he needed release. His cock was bulging with desire and his balls felt tight and fit to blow over.

He didn't have to wait long however. Another flower head sidled up his inner thigh, raised its bloom above his crotch and began slowly sliding down his shaft. It was like a tiny silk glove being dragged down his penis.

As it reached the bottom, the plant began rhythmically contracting, while petals tickled and teased his stomach, perineum and balls.

The sensations were over-stimulating him, and it wasn't long after the plant began a suckling motion that his aroused juices were flowing out of him and into the bulb.

Whorelip, mercifully without a queen, began slithering out to suckle, nuzzle and kiss him. The affectionate plants wrapped tightly round his limbs, holding him to the affections of the plant.

As the dust settled, John began to regain control of his senses. He was supposed to be exploring, not fucking the wildlife!

With a steely sense of determination he tried to pull himself up. Fighting against the restraints of the whorelip's embrace made it extremely difficult – especially when kisses began being planted in exceptionally sensitive areas to distract him. Summoning the last of his strength, he yanked himself upright... into the path of the flower heads.

Again they exhaled and a cloud of dust surrounded his face as he fell back down again, overcome with lethargy and limpness in all but one area of his body, while a heavy warmth spread through him. He was content to lie back once more and enjoy the feeling. The fairies were keeping an eye out to make sure it didn't get too desperate.

The plant sucked harder on his cock now and pulled it through into a hidden cavern deep inside the plant. One that was filling up with a deeply sticky sap; a sap that intensified the delightful sensations brought about by the plant.

He bucked his hips involuntarily at the unrelenting attentions of the plant and before long he'd come.

Thick gunk was slopping down the inside of the plant, making his monster-sized enhanced dick even bigger, to the point he thought he could see the faint outlines of bulging veins through the petals.

His mind became sluggish, as though his brain was filling with a thick, syrupy treacle. His body was becoming heavy and soporific, and his hips were gently, slowly bucking, as if of their own free will.

Only his dick, which was swimming in sensations, felt awake. It was throbbing and pulsing from the plant's unrelenting suction, causing John to moan involuntarily. The flower at his waist gave one final squeeze against his shaft and a sudden torrent of spunk shot out of the tip to be greedily gobbled down by the vine.

Through the bulges travelling along the vine and away from him, John guessed, in his hazy state, that he must have ejaculated at least a gallon.

A gurgle came from somewhere hidden in the foliage and a pumping, squelching sound started to fill the air in a repetitive pattern of squishes and squirts.

A bright pink, enclosed flower bulb about the size of a coffin was emerging from the shrubs.

As it entered his field of vision, John realised the petals shimmered softly with a smooth, highly reflective surface. As a flood of fluid splashed against his member once more, John reasoned the plant must have been newly blossomed, or else it had never emerged from the overgrowth before, such was its flawless covering.

He began to wonder how a bloom like that would be pollinated when tender sucking enveloped his member and his eyes closed once more, as he gave himself to the pleasure.

A gentle rustling made John He force his eyes open once more, in time to see the large bulb unfurl its petals. As it did so, the slick pink flaps folded outwards and back on themselves, with the tips resting on the floor. A pair of dainty green hands latched onto the top, and began hauling a beautifully slender body out.

At first, John saw the face of the girl inside the flower. It was young and pretty – strikingly so -and her emerald eyes almost seemed to glitter in the light, while lush green hair fell about her shoulders.

As she hauled herself up, a heavy and pendulous pair of breasts followed suit, the ease of her movements seemingly at odds with their scale.

The girl leaned forward and rested her bountiful chest on the edge of the petal while cupping her face in her hands and looking at John imploringly... almost, hungrily...

And John thought he knew why.

If she was a new bloom she was probably hungry, just as with the Caressylis. Unlike the Caressylis though, this creature looked much more helpless and vulnerable.

As her eyes seemed to plead to him, the stalk at his cock vibrated softly against him and he groaned at the new stimulation. This prompted a slightly amused smile from the creature as she looked on.

It's okay, he told himself.

I can stop any time I want. The fairies are nearby to help out.

The flooded chamber of the stalk vibrated again against him, harder this time, eliciting another orgasm and another groan, as his eyes closed and his head tipped back. He thought he heard another giggle too.

I can stop any time.

With the girl's captive lost in his pleasure, a mass of creepers slithered out of her bulb towards him.

They wound quickly around his limbs, but to John's euphoric mind they were just more whorelip, come to delight him, and he smiled unconsciously at the thought.

First they wound round his arms, forcing the restraining whorelip to take its attentions elsewhere.

Then they secured his legs.

With his limbs in place, a mass of vines began wrapping round his torso, keeping him covered in a mound of vines at all times. Only John's head and feet poked out of either end. The whorelip made its getaway before the vines crushed them.

Noticing a change in stimulation, and coming down from his high, John opened his eyes and looked around. He was completely enveloped in vines.

He looked over at the plant girl with a similar look of helplessness in his eyes as the one she sported mere minutes ago. Instead she just smiled back lewdly, winked and blew a kiss his way.

As if in response, the vines carried him over so he was positioned upright at the edge of the flower.

Where the hell are the fairies? John wondered, as a hot surge of panic shot through his body.

A chorus of high-pitched squeaking caught his attention, and as he lolled his head up towards its source, he found his answer.

A small cluster of what appeared to be honeydew plants were bobbing rapidly, each one with a fairy resting on its petals. Except the fairies weren't resting – they were struggling to escape.

They were each stuck to the surface of their plant by a sticky sap, while a herd of bright red stamens coiled round their bodies and probed their most intimate places.

Some were trying to push themselves away from the pad, while others had given up the fight and were lying back as the stamen explored. A select few were actively humping back against the appendages of their captors.

John was on his own and the realisation kicked him into action as he began struggling against the column of vines covering every inch of skin.

The vines weren't too strong and under normal conditions his own force might have been enough to pry them apart.

But whatever liquid his body had been forced to soak up seemed to have sapped all his strength as his muscles – which might as well have been water balloons – were just too weakened to move with any force.

Sensing his movements, the girl giggled again and tossed her flowing hair back with her hands before the vines started to move around her prize. A mass of them pressed into his back, rubbing gentle circles between his shoulder blades, while those at his front pressed their tips to his flesh and started tracing idly round his stomach, as if their owner was contemplating her next step.

The flower bulb round his cock pulled itself away with an extremely wet squelch and as it did so, a trail of semen flew through the air in an arc from John's glans. As it landed, the bulb sank to the floor and followed the trail, sucking up all the fluid like a faithful dog hoovering up the crumbs from its master's meal.

After so much time spent covered in the thing, John's shaft now felt noticeably exposed – a feeling that was soon taken care of by a pair if vines that snaked round it, pumping the shaft and flicking the head. In comparison to the flower's relentless suction, the new stimulation was unpredictable, causing John's penis to twitch during the occasional brief interval when the vines relaxed their grip.

The vines upped their tempo – pumping and flicking, rubbing and squeezing and John's brain was having trouble keeping up with what they were doing.

John squirmed aimlessly at the feeling, only amusing his captor more, and after only a couple of minutes of overbearing stimulation he shot his load. The manipulations had been too much, too intense and his dick was paying the price. It tingled and ached – a strong message to his head that the 'fun' had to stop, or else serious pain would follow.

Mercifully, the last ejaculation seemed to sate the vines, which ceased their ministrations.

"Please," John begged of the girl. "I can't take any more..."

The girl frowned as if genuinely confused at his predicament and held out her arms with a hopeful look on her face.

The vines brought John against her body, and she wrapped her open arms like a mother comforting a child who had scuffed his knee. Some of the vines retreated from his body, allowing her to press her arms to his flesh. Raising her left arm, she brought his head forward and lightly placed a kiss on his forehead. It left a sweetly numbing tingle in its wake.

Then, in a very un-motherly gesture, the girl sank down so she was face-to-face with John's member. Leaning forward, she began sucking daintily on John's testicles, spreading a feeling of warm tranquility through them as she did so.

She then dragged her tongue up his shaft, from base to tip, spreading a pleasing heat along it. All the aches and protests of his member melted away in the process, as she sank her mouth over the head and lowered her lips down his shaft. She deepthroated John, leaving his entire girth in a pleasantly warm chamber before she came back up.

Without pausing for air – and why would she need it, John thought – the girl began an alternating licking and sucking of the glans.

It throbbed delightfully at the sensations and spurted heavily into her throat. The girl deepthroated once more and milked every last drop of come down.

John felt dizzy and his head reeled. The Queen Slug may have enhanced his member but he'd just shot more loads in the past hour than he would have in a fortnight back home.

His cock though, told a different story – the girl released it and left it exposed to the air for the first time since his capture.

It tingled and throbbed – far from begging for the stimulation to stop it had changed its tune and longed for nothing more than the feel of a warm, wet and juicy orifice to plunge into.

The girl rose and stepped back into her flower, and beckoned to John with a knowing smile. In his addled state, John just smiled back as the vines roped him in to join her.

He kept up his simple smile even as she embraced him and planted several kisses on his face, each one rendering him even more docile and compliant.

One by one, the vines repositioned themselves to loosely circle the couple, as the pink petals closed around them. The girl pushed John.back against the petal and prepared to mount him.

As she sank onto his member John closed his eyes in bliss. Her body was warm and her skin soft, but her pussy was hot, wet and tight as it closed its moist walls tightly...

Inside, something that wasn't a normal pussy tugged and pulled at John's cock. His glans popped through another tight orifice that sealed so tightly he didn't think it would be possible to get out.

He didn't want to. The orifice was filling with a warm fluid and as it was kneaded into his member by the plant John recognised the sensation from earlier. It was the same sap used by the flower bulb. The girl that was smiling so beatifically at him right now was nothing more than an extension of the plant, used to secure its food source once and for all. But as the heaviness and soporific feelings settled over him once more, John couldn't care less.

His dick squirted a load of ejaculate into the girl's pussy, causing her to gasp and smile back as she batted her eyelashes. She leaned in for a deep kiss and as she did so, John felt a blankness drift blissfully across his mind as he squirted into her again.

He hadn't even noticed as the pod closed around him, leaving a soft pink glow from the base of the bulb. He hadn't noticed as the petals tightened until the couple were just a single mass in a very tight and smooth pink skin.

He hadn't even noticed as the pod ascended into the foliage above.


Again and again John squirted and squirted into the eyes of his green lover, over the course of several days.

A dim sense that maybe, just maybe, he shouldn't be here started to form as the days drew on, but that tended to disappear with a look at his companion's eyes and a spray of ejaculate.

Over time though, the feeling grew and solidified into the realisation that he had been suckered once more by the garden's traps and wiles.

At one point he thought he could hear movement below, and he felt as much as saw a bright light from the ground, followed by muffled voices.

"Is is mah arren – ah hike oo um ow ear un rewas," came a young girl's voice, who didn't sound old enough to have finished university.

She might have sounded young, but she might be able to free him at least. John opened his mouth to shout to her.

"He..." he began, but got no further before a soft hand closed over his mouth and silenced him.

Without any other means of attracting attention, John thrashed and bucked against the walls of the flower in the hopes the motions would at least draw the young woman's gaze.

It didn't. Or if it did, she just didn't care. It was probably too much to hope to meet another do-gooder like Tara. This latest unknown was probably chuckling at his predicament.

The girl in the pod meanwhile was obviously amused by his thrashings and after a giggle at his expense, she began bouncing in his lap – the orifice that was tightly closed round his glans preventing her from ever breaking contact completely.

John groaned and sank back, defeated, against the petals as another heavy payload shot along his shaft and into his captor and more sap was rubbed against his glans. She had won. He had faced demons that defeated men in the overworld, escaped mind-controlling slugs the size of behemoths and a prison that looked like it held demons for millenia. But in the end, he had been trapped in the garden because he hadn't looked where he was going. The dumb bastard. The dumb, dumb bastard.

His new conqueror was admiring her prize. Basking in the pink glow of the pod, she slid her hands across his torso and licked at his shoulder. Vines swarmed round him to tickle him in exposed spots but he had taken on so much of the sap she had secreted that all he could do was moan in pleasure at their touch.

Time no longer had any meaning – what was the use of it now? - and the only indicator it was passing in the first place was the periodic spurting of his dick.

Eventually, he found it to be most enjoyable, and he gave himself fully to loving his new wife, for that's what they were to intents and purpose – a couple.

Which is why he was most perturbed one day to see streamer-like pink glyphs glide in seamlessly through the walls of their private chamber and start circling his beloved.

They coiled like flat, insubstantial snakes round her arms, effortlessly dragging them from around him and to her sides.

Then the magical ribbons bound round her torso and sank into her flesh.

Pivoting in his lap, his lover groaned and struggled against the bonds as her eyes closed.

John recognised the symbols on the glyphs – they indicated a spell designed to completely overwhelm the senses of the target – be it through inflicting a raging hunger, incite a base rage or scorch the body in liquid pain.

But the pink hue also told him it was a potent sex magick, and the complexity of the symbols indicated it was a higher level one at that. Only a skilled witch or warlock could have summoned them – or a high-ranking demon.

Which meant he'd been found. Hellspawn had homed in on his location and were preparing to get him out – most likely for their own ends.

His beloved was squirming in the grip of the spell, her tight hold on his glans spasming randomly, causing infrequent bolts of pain.

Eventually the muscle dilated, the grip loosened and the spell took its chance to lift the girl off his member and drop her against a petal wall.

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